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    Weird GFCI Tripping Problem

    I have a strange problem with my GFCI outlet tripping in my garage. The GFCI is on a side wall of the garage and sometimes when I flip the light switch over the garage sink (located on another wall) to the off position, the wall GFCI trips off. The sink light is a florescent with LED conversion...
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    What is eating my soaker hose?

    I have soaker hose buried under the sawdust mulch around my blueberries. For the second time something has pulled out the hose and chewed it into multiple pieces. Any idea what does this and why?
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    Pants with tough knees?

    I blow through the knees on jeans in no time. I'd like to find a pair of work pants that have a leather or other durable material reinforcing the knees. I know that Carhartt sells pants with double knees, but for the extra cost over single knee pants, I don't see that as a good alternative. I...
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    Anyone built a cheap metal carport?

    I've got a small fiberglass camper that I'd like to keep covered. It is only 17 feet long, but it is 9 feet high with the air conditioner. So I notice that I can buy a metal carport kit from Home Depot or Lowes for sub $1000 including shipping to the store, but these all have 7 foot walls. I can...
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    Anyone get a cool tool for Christmas?

    OK. I'll go first. I got a parachute bag that is perfect for my collection of "drywall" screws, that I've come to love for just about any wood joining task. Really closes up tight and compact, but opens up to show all the available screws...
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    No more aluminum gutters?

    I was at Home Depot today to pick up some downspouts and elbows and they had two choices - plastic and galvanized steel. Really? Is aluminum that expensive these days? Those old steel gutters always rusted and looked like [email protected] after a few years, so I went for plastic, but I'd prefer aluminum...
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    How much to pay a neighbor for electrical help

    I mentioned to a neighbor that I needed to replace my service panel (breaker box) and because he is a retired electrician he said he'd be glad to help me. So the day came and we hit it for about 7 solid hours. There was no discussion of compensation, though of course I planned to do something in...
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    Well with Air Volume Control instead of Bladder Tank

    I recently bought a house with a well and I'm getting to know the system. It has a conventional pressure tank set up but uses an air volume control instead of a bladder in the tank. I replaced the controller and as a result let all the air out of the tank. Now that I have replaced the...
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    How to remove drywall with wiring underneath

    I'm going to replace my service panel which is recessed flush in the wall. The good news is that my neighbor is a retired electrician and will be helping me. The bad news is that he wants me to strip the 3/4" drywall from floor to ceiling in the stud space above and below the current box. I'm so...
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    Sprinkler driving me crazy - valve won't open

    I moved into this house a couple months ago, so I don't know the history of the sprinkler system. It has 12 zones and zones 1 through 11 work great. Zone 12 isn't working. I used A 24 VOLT AC transformer to manually energize the valves to identify which valve controls zone 12. All valves are...
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    Natural gas conversion - where to feed the gas

    I'm converting a small gas generator to allow for it to be able to run on gasoline or natural gas. Most of the commercially available kits add a small venturi between the between the carb and the air cleaner. This causes packaging problems and messes with the choke linkage, so I'd like to apply...
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    Natural Gas Powered Portable Generator?

    I just bought a house that has a natural gas line. I'd like to get a portable generator that runs on natural gas because it doesn't get stale and it is an endless supply, unless the "stuff" totally hits the fan. There are lots of dual fuel portable generators available but the second fuel in...
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    Ford Ranger is Officially Back

    Ford announced the 2019 Ranger today at the Detroit Auto show. I also see that a diesel for the F150 has also been confirmed. New 219 Ford Ranger Midsize Pickup Truck '|' Back in the USA - Fall 219 '|' First-Ever F-15 Diesel Offers Best-in-Class Torque, Towing, Targeted EPA-Est. 3...
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    Edsel Loader Backhoe

    Has this been posted before?
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    Anyone add a trailer camera to an OEM dash display?

    I pull a small travel trailer and I've found that it is really handy to feed the camera video feed from the back of the trailer to the Pioneer head unit in my SUV. I've got it wired so I can just switch the video input from the trailer to the back up camera with an A/B switch. The head unit...
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    Selling House and Failed Septic Inspection

    I'm selling my house and have a purchase agreement contingent on passing appraisal, home and septic inspections. Everything passed until today when it failed the septic inspection, which is required by the county to pass the title. The house is 50 years old and I've lived here for 27 years with...
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    What to do with old Ford wrenches

    I've got some old wrenches that came with Ford cars back in the day - monkey wrenches, open ended wrenches, a ratcheting band wrench. I've listed them on eBay for a long time and no takers, even for $5. What would be a good way to dispose of them short of selling them for scrap?
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    Looking for a Harbor Freight Pump Gas Cap

    I've got a 3" gas water pump from Harbor Freight. Unfortunately, the gas cap vibrated off and landed on the engine. I arrived to find a melted plastic pancake. An email to HF was met with a "Sorry, parts no longer available" message. The OD of the threads on the gas tank are about 2 1/4". A...
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    Capgun Criminal

    I'm selling off a bunch of stuff and I posted a miniature 1960's cap gun (about 6" all in) on eBay. I got a notice that any toy gun must have an orange tip. OK , so I stuck an orange eraser tip on it and re-photographed it. So, tonight I get a notice from eBay that it has been removed from...
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    Lookee what I found Stihl 015

    My neighbor sticks things at the end of his driveway that he doesn't want any more. When I saw this chainsaw, I almost passed it by, but it included a bag full of chain oil bottles and 2 cycle mix cans, so I thought the saw deserved a closer look. Sure enough, it starts right up and idles...
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    Need Help - How to drill out a hard bolt?

    I'm replacing the flex pipe on my Escape where it attaches to the 3 bolt flange at the catalyst. Unfortunately in spite of precautions, I've broken off two of the studs. The bolts are very hard and I'm not having much luck drilling them. I ground off the "head" of one of the studs, but it won't...
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    Watch Out for UPS Shipping Pricing

    Here is a tip if you are shipping something large but light - UPS has adopted something called dimensional pricing, meaning they calculate the price based on both dimensions and weight and you pay the higher of the two. It might sound trivial, but I send a package recently and paid $35 for UPS...
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    What Do I need to Know to Sell Air Guns?

    I'm down sizing and getting rid of "stuff". I have an air rifle and a couple of air pistols to sell. Where would one advertise these? I think Craigslist and eBay don't allow firearm advertisements. How does one ship a air gun - any postal regulations to be aware of? My home state is Michigan.
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    Anybody Dumpster Dive, Here?

    I got a kick out of this article. I've been know to pick up the odd thing off the curb and regularly scrounge metal at a recycler, but this guy takes it to a whole new level. The Pro Dumpster Diver Who's Making Thousands Off America's Biggest Retailers | WIRED
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    Battery Tender Plus on Sale at Costco

    My local Costco (metro Detroit) has the Battery Tender Plus on sale for $30 starting November 28. This is a pretty nice charger / maintainer that comes with both alligator clips and a ring terminal lead for easy connect. It has a ten year warranty, for whatever that is worth (though Costco...
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    Kubota B7100 Heater

    I use my B7100 a lot in the winter to plow snow. Last year was especially cold and I finally broke down and bought a golf cart enclosure as shown in this thread But since then, I've been thinking it would...
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    Hiring Brush Hog Work

    I volunteer for a local state park at the fringe of the Detroit Metro area. We want to cut back the brush about 5 feet on each side of a 4 mile long paved trail. I think that it would require an offset bush hog to avoid having to drive over everything first. A couple of questions: 1) What type...
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    Radio Shack Shipping

    Here is a tip. I like to make electronic projects as a hobby, but find the local Radio Shack carries fewer and fewer real electronics components. They do sell on line, though. So, I priced out a resistor: $1.21 plus $6.99 shipping plus sales tax. Hmmm, expensive resistor. So, I cut and paste...
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    New Ford Transit Replacing Econoline

    It looks like Ford is coming back swinging with the new full size van offerings. There are multiple cab lengths including chassis cabs, high medium and low roofs, van and passenger wagons, even a diesel offering. This would probably make a great Class B motor home or a chassis for a Class C...
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    B7100 with Golf Cart Cab Eclosure

    Here in Michigan we have been having nasty weather, so I decided to spring for a golf cart enclosure to keep the worst of the weather off me. I purchased this Classic Accessories Two Man golf cart cover off Amazon for $78. One trick to know is that Amazon often advertises a certain number of...
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    Learned a Lesson at the Post Office

    This is somewhere between a rant and a public service announcement. :laughing: I try to printout postage labels at home, then just take the package to the post office. There is a shipping discount and it saves some hassle. So, today I weigh a package on my handy dandy HF scale (which has in the...
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    Snow Any way to plumb a B7100 for a heater?

    I'm going to drape a golf cart enclosure over the canopy of my B7100 and I was thinking that it might be neat to add some heat. I realize that it has no water pump, but I can pick up an automotive electric auxiliary water pump off eBay for about $50, a heater core for $15 and add a pancake...
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    Accidently Left Key on - added 100 hours to hour meter

    As the title says, I have an hour meter on my lawn tractor that I wired to run when the key is on. Some idiot (me) left the key on and I now see an additional 100 or so hours clocked. Has anyone explored what it takes to reset an hour meter?
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    Has Anyone Installed Their Own Split System AC?

    I'm thinking of replacing my split system AC system myself by buying through a place like Alpine and having a contractor do the refrigerant part. The system is a 1972 Sears (really) set up with an A coil in the furnace and the compressor / condenser on a slab outside. Amazingly, the current...
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    How to Choose Replacement Car Parts

    I've got a 2004 Taurus nearing the 100,000 mile mark. It has been a great car needing just tires and brakes. So I figure it probably needs spark plugs, new serpentine belt, PCV valve, coolant, etc. I like the convenience of Rock Auto, so I start looking for parts and for every component they...
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    Anyone Ever Pull Out a Tree with a Car?

    Tree Removal with Car Fail - YouTube
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    What is a Fair Mark Up on Repair Parts?

    This is sort of a gripe and sort of a question. I recently had a wheel bearing replaced on my truck (Ford Escape) and they charged me $265 just for the bearing ($465 total). I can buy that assembly for half that at any local parts store or even less on the internet at retail. I am talking about...
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    Any VW Mechanics here?

    I'm hoping someone has some insight into diagnosing a no spark condition on a VW. Vehicle is a 1995 Vanagon (Eurovan) with the 5 cylinder engine that my friend owns. The vehicle was running when parked, but has sat for about 5 months. My mechanic days ended with points and condensers, so please...
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    Best way to protect from weld spatter?

    I need to weld a couple of nicely machined axle spindles into an attaching hub. What would you guys do to protect the machined surface from weld spatter? I'll be welding close to the surface that the seal rides on, so I really need to protect this area. Stick welding with a tombstone. Thanks...
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    Best Glue for Metal to Glass?

    I have a sliding window in my camper and I broke loose the aluminum handle that lets you slide the glass back and forth. The old glue was black and rubbery when I sliced it off the glass. Anybody have a recommendation for a strong metal to glass glue? There is a 1/32" or so gap between the...
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    How to Cut a Precise 2.75" hole in 1/2" Mild Steel Plate

    I need to cut a 2.75" diameter hole through a slab of 1/2 thick cold rolled steel. I'd like to have an accuracy of a couple of thousands on the final ID. The good news is that I have a 6" lathe with 3 and 4 jaw chucks. The bad news is that I rarely use it and consider myself a rookie. My...
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    Welding advice

    Let me start by saying I'm a rookie welder, with a Lincoln 225 AC tombstone I need to weld together two pieces at right angles (heavy walled pipe onto a plate), both are mild steel 1/2" thick. After it is welded, I need to machine the weld high spots on the pipe flat on a lathe. What rod type...
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    Calling All Gear Heads -Need Brake Drum Help

    I'm adding brakes to a trailer made by UHaul, so it is a little of an odd duck. They used 93 Camaro sealed front hubs for wheel bearings on a 4.75" bolt circle. My problem is that I need to find some brake drums that will slide over the hubs (like the rear drums on a RWD truck) that are 10"...
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    How to exit a drain pipe from a hillside

    I need to exit a 4" plastic pipe from a french drain from a hillside that is also part of my lawn. I'm trying to think of a design that is not a trip hazard, won't get hit by my mower, won't clog up and isn't too ugly. If I just cut off the pipe at the same angle as the hillside I have a trip...
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    Shingles Vaccine Now Approved for Age 50+

    I thought I'd pass this along. If you don't know what shingles is, look here: CDC - Shingles Photos - Herpes Zoster It is a really nasty skin rash that can affect anyone that had chicken pox as a kid. People over 50 are most susceptible. I've heard it described as like sticking your arm in a...
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    Finding a buried plastic pipe

    My house is built half way down a hill and in recent storms I've started getting a little water in the basement. The grade near the house is OK and I have downspout extensions, clean gutters, etc. It occurred to me that the 4" corrugated plastic pipe that drains the foundation used to stick up...
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    Traction B7100 Front Tire Chains

    I'd like to run front chains on my B7100 with turf tires. The reason I have not up to this point is that there is a very tight clearance between the tire and the steering knuckle. I'm concerned that if the chain came off or was loose, it could catch the knuckle and cause come expensive damage...
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    Anybody ever heard of Fordlandia? It seems that in 1929 Henry Ford invested a billion dollars (2011 dollars) to build a rubber tree plantation in the middle of the Amazon. He built it like a little American town with a hospital, school, worker's houses, and paved roads. Bottom line, never...
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    Automatic Craigslist Search?

    I recently got rid of a dead tree by posting it as free firewood on Craigslist. I was amazed at the number of responses within minutes. Someone told me that people have some automated way to search Craigslist and notify them of a new post for something they are interested in. Something about RSS...
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    Class project - adapter for small motor

    OK, this is really off topic. I need to adapt 20 plastic propellers to fit a small electric motor shaft. The hole in the propeller is about 6 mm and the motor shaft is about 2mm. This is for a 4th grade class studying electricity, motors, etc. The propeller fit doesn't have to be dead accurate...