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  1. BTI

    Ground Cover for steep bank

    Need some help, thought you all might be able to help. We have alot of banks on our property that can only be mowed with a weed-eater. This is very time consuming, I want to kill off all of the weeds etc. We have that under control. The thing we need to figure out is what we can put on these...
  2. BTI

    848 New Holland Baler-Any Info?

    Attn Hay People... I'm trying to help a customer find a round baler. I have a lead on an 848 New Holland. It also has a monitor with it. Does anyone have any info on this baler? Thank You, BTI
  3. BTI

    What was the MAIN deciding factor in your Kioti Purchase?

    I would like to see if I could get all of the owners on the board to state what it was that caused them to "Go Kioti". Price? Dealer? Build Quality? Another owner telling you about them? Lack of a good "other brand" dealer in the area? etc. etc. The MAIN deciding factor. I know alot of things...
  4. BTI

    FYI- BE on the Lookout!

    Please be advised that on or about September 2, 2007, a DK35, s/n GT6300132, equipped with a KL351 Loader, s/n 703162268, was stolen from Lake City Equipment Sales located in Yazoo City, Mississippi. In addition, two Barrantine brand utility trailers were also taken. For more...
  5. BTI

    Used tractors---be careful

    Used tractors can be a very good value. At the same time it's easy to get "taken for a ride". Always do a search for the model to make sure you are getting what the person selling is saying it is. I use "Google" images search alot. There are some very good dealers on here selling both new and...
  6. BTI

    Helpful hint for all

    We have had dry weather in our area for a good while now. Here at the shop we have been called alot more than usual about overheating. It's been brand blind.....has effected old and new alike. If your unit gets warmer than normal, clean the screen. While you are there, with the unit off try to...
  7. BTI

    Need info on above ground storage regs

    Ohio or Federal, can't remember which it pertained to. I had an "FYI" somewhere and misplaced it. I'm not sure, but the memo said something to the effect of all outdoor storage tanks needing covered before Oct of this year. If you have info or a website about it I'd appreciate it. Thanks in...
  8. BTI

    Who Loves you guys?? OK OK other than Wallace...

    Here she is.............. She's a beauty !!!!!!! BTI
  9. BTI

    NO Tractors??

    Not exactly sure what forum to put this in but thought it might be beneficial to buyers. It looks like from alot of posts here and from what some other dealers are saying, that the spring was a little better for sales than was anticipated. There are a few dealers/companies behind on...
  10. BTI

    MMM's are Available

    MMM\'s are Available There are now Mid Mount Mower's available for DK 35's and 40's with turf tires. Goto <A target="_blank" HREF=></A> BTI
  11. BTI

    Power-trac Forum

    I think we need one!!!!!!! HINT HINT NUDGE NUDGE WINK WINK Know wut I mean. BTI
  12. BTI


    Since most rural folk have gravel drives, I thought I'd ask. What do you use to keep grass from coming up through it(cheap). Even in some fairly deep places it's coming up. Thanks, BTI
  13. BTI

    Links, dealers

    Muhammad, are you going to put in a section for dealers, manufacturers w/no dealer locator? I'm sure there are others who would like to put in a link or just address, phone number for their dealership. I have seen a few who have wondered if there is a dealer in the area, but alot of dealers...