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  1. robstaples

    PTO Snow Blower, hydraulic drive, on Frt Loader Q?

    I have two tractors L39TLB and BX2680 and two hydraulic front snow blowers, commercial Loftness 60” and front mount Ariens 48” converted to hydraulic motor. I built my rear pto pump , tank, etc. First, in all setups I got good snow removal performance. I started with pump on back of L39 and...
  2. robstaples


    I am lucky to have a nest in my front yard and see them most every day, depending on season. This is the sixth year for the pair we have named Marge and Fred, after my parents. I installed ptz cameras and towers to get a better view. Marge on the left is bigger than Fred. Fred has a band on...
  3. robstaples

    Pressure Testing welds on hydraulic line

    Looking for direction or recommendations on how to pressure test a 3/4 inch Aluminum schedule 80 pipe with out getting hydraulic oil in a possible leak... making the repair that much harder. Pressure will be limited by over pressure releaf at 1500 psi The application is rear pto pump feeding...
  4. robstaples

    Floppy bucket on BX 2680 or Compressible hydraulic fluid---NOT what's wrong

    My single cylinder bucket seems to have a loose connection between the shaft and the pressure plate , for lack of better words. The part of the cylinder that moves when oil pressure is applied. See video and frozen frames of video in pics. My strain is lifting the weight of the bucket. It made...
  5. robstaples

    Light weight - 117 lbs - reconfigurable Forks for BX size tractors

    I have a Bradco 4 k fork and they weight about 400 lbs. With my BX FEL L344 , that did not leave much room. I had a blank シ inch Quick connect plate waiting for another use. So I purchase the smallest set of premade forks by for $135 plus shipping and 2 pieces of higher strength...
  6. robstaples

    Remote Wireless Controlled Lawn Sprinkler Valves

    I have a 24 zone wifi controller by Bluespray connected to a hard wire mesh of rain bird valves on traditional system. My longest run is approaching 200 ft with 18 ga solid direct bury cable. In Bluespray, you set up programs of what valves and how long and then calendarize when programs run...
  7. robstaples

    Questions for Kubota BX 2680 owners with FEL

    I have a new BX2680 and just added a FEL LA344. With out the FEL, it drove fine and no noticeable effect of 4wd. With a load of dirt in the 54 bucket, when I turn , it feels like I can feel the gears in the front end not grinding but engaging. With going really slow it seems like I can count...
  8. robstaples

    Kubota BX2680 with Curtis Deluxe Cab Installation and added lights

    I am in the process of switching from a Kubota B3350 cab to a BX 2680 with cab. To save a little money and to more easily add custom lights, I decided to do the install. The short story- Curtis and Kubota did a fabulous job! And read all the instructions,...First! Hard to do! The cab came in...
  9. robstaples

    GCK60-26BX Grass catcher info needed for custom mount

    I am switching to a BX2680 model from a B3350. ( Unit too big) My B unit has the GCK60-30B catcher. The base blower is the same, just the mount system. Because to the larger B tires, the blower was hung further back. I am planning to copy the Kubota design and have bought some tractor...
  10. robstaples

    Re-lined snow blower impeller with HMWPE

    Several years ago I lined the impeller and shute with slippery plastic, High molecular weight polypropylene. At the time , I bought a 4ft piece and had to heat weld two pieces to get a piece long enough for the impeller liner. It lasted 3years and recently broke and jammed. This time I bought...
  11. robstaples

    Buying Advice Downsizing from B3350 to BX2680 or BX23S

    I love the B3350 cab model with A/C and heat. I pickup my grass with the rear pto driven bagger. Works great using the 60 deck. But the machine is too heavy (2400lbs) and constantly tears up the lawn. Not full sun so weak grass. DPF issues have been solved for me but I know I will take a hit...
  12. robstaples

    Set of 10 Kubota factory lights for sale

    Added a cab to my L39 and replaced the ten lights. All work and Amber have replacement LEDs inside. Lights and with factory connections: 2 head with brackets 4 spot with 2 kinds of brackets 2 turn signal --mount thru hole. all ten ( head and spot pictured twice) for $50 plus shipping...
  13. robstaples

    Anyone into helping neighbors

    Great Work! FYI the leggings are brown. I have a nesting pair in front yard so lots of pics.
  14. robstaples

    Add a cab, get a lift platform---re-purpose a ROPS

    Last year, I added a Laurin cab to my L39 that replaced the factory ROPS. With no interest found in the ROPS parts, they hung around. I needed a platform to get to a camera so I tried the plane roof liner( sheet metal and ribs) and found I need side rails for safety and comfort. I cut down...
  15. robstaples

    B3350SU Regen issues continue

    I stopped by my dealer and photoed my service bulletins. The most recent sb is about the rear axle leaking. My serial number is 50512.
  16. robstaples

    B2650 Grass catcher?

    I looked up my bagger . it was $2400 ish model GCK60-30 BA fits my machine you can see how it mounts below:
  17. robstaples

    Kubota L39 cab replacement and free ROPS

    I've finished my Laurin cab installation. I added extra lights and replaced the factory lights with LEDs. Looking forward to deep snow. I can't bring myself to cut up the ROPS without a serious try at a new home. I don't have a project requiring the steel either. So, see the pictures and...
  18. robstaples

    Adding Laurin Cab heater issue

    I had planned on telling my experience when I was done. But I've come to this group for several issues and I have another. The heater core threads were BSP (british standard pipe) and I got my parts from McMaster Carr and they fit the engine. Thanks to KWentling and rScotty However, I have...
  19. robstaples

    Adding a heater to a Kubota. Metric Threads?

    I'm adding a heater core and the recommendation dedicated coolant ports have plugs. They are close to a 3/8" NPT but I only get 2 turns and they stop hard where the plug goes in all the way. I'm looking for the right thread size rather than deform the brass adapter. It's approx 19 threads...
  20. robstaples

    Adding a new Lauren Cab to Kubota L39tlb. What to do with old ROPS.

    I'm in the process of installing my new Lauren Cab. I see no future in ever returning it to original ROPS. Does anyone need replacement ROPS support members? I'm reusing the tupperware roof but it seems a shame to scrap out the tubular supports and subroof. I suspect they're only good for an...
  21. robstaples

    Chipper Kubota L39 TLB needing 12v for attachment

    I've just added a BearCat pto chipper and need 12 v for the controller. I've previously tapped the battery for a snow blower but I was wondering if anyone already solved this issue like from tapping the seat or the side console for 12 volts. Key switched would be nice. Most power is key...
  22. robstaples

    3-Point Hitch PTO Output for wood chipper

    I was wondering about the PTO power out rating on tractors. To use my tractor as an example, it's rated at 39 hp gross and 37.4 hp net with a max pto at 30.5 hp. It makes sense that the sum of the power users can't exceed the source. And I would expect some mechanical losses in the drive...
  23. robstaples

    Chipper Under powered PTO Chipper

    I was wondering if anyone could comment on having a PTO chipper with a recommended pto hp of 35-60 powered with 30hp. Or under powered from recommended. The unit has an intelligent feed system that supposedly slows/stops the feed to let the cutter catch up. My speculation is that the max...
  24. robstaples

    Bald Eagles nest monitoring needs Technical Support

    I need some engineering support. My application is putting a camera on the top of a pole to watch a bald eagles nest. I have various options for poles and cameras. The camera I want to use is 17 lbs and the one I have up now is 9 lbs. This will be in addition to the one I have up now. So I...
  25. robstaples

    Modifications to Front FEL hydraulic snowblower on Kubota L39TLB

    A couple of changes to my Loftness front hydraulic snow blower. I changed the hydraulic motor from an OEM 4.9 cu inch to a 3.6 cu inch. This was because the L39 has a maximum flow of 11 gpm at its front aux. This gives me a maximum rpm of 686 (measured) at engine rpm of 2650. The performance...
  26. robstaples

    Mini gantry crane

    I thought I'd show my latest completed project- don't get many-. I have a 10x10 beam down the center of my building (colored gray in upper part of picture) I wanted to be able to move my MMM and snowblower and other things in and out of the garage door. Tractor takes it the rest of the way...
  27. robstaples

    Home made fume exhauster

    I needed to remove fumes from various weld positions in my shop. I had an older craftsman base cabinet that I was done with and a 1 hp sawdust blower. I cut the bottom of the drawers out and left support for some rock filters. I purchased the fume tubes from someone on this forum and added...
  28. robstaples

    Snow Attachments How to not break the hoses from a L39 TLB to a Front mount Hydraulic snowblower

    I want any mechanical ideas on how not to break the hoses or fittings when I inadvertently raise the FEL and tip all the way down-- Picture A. I'd like to take the slack out of the hoses and mount the cushion valve but too short and I'll break them on some numbingly cold day when I forget I...
  29. robstaples

    Floor jack not holding under pressure

    My 3 ton floor jack will move its entire range with no load. When I tried to lift my tractor to add chains, it would " slip" and not lift. No oil leakage in its life at least where I stored it. I'm giving it away but thought "working" would be nicer. What is the most common failure for...
  30. robstaples

    Cracked my 36" backhoe bucket removing small stumps

    I would like some welding advice on the carelessness with my new thumb. I was pulling out 5" buckthorn stumps ( live-fresh cut) . Grabbed them at the top and pinched with my foot peddle and wiggle and pulled toward me (Must have been the fatal mistake for crack 1).. and Voila broken bucket...
  31. robstaples

    Trailer hitch for vacuum equipped Kubota B3350 series

    I needed a trailer hitch on my new Kubota and I don稚 like modifying original equipment in case it doesn't work. Below is what I came up with. It pins in to the 都tand pipes of the collector. So when I take the vacuum off, I will have to put the stand back in the vertical pipe frame. No...
  32. robstaples

    3 Point Hitch Snow Blower Conversion to Hydraulics

    Thanks, I just ordered one. I extended my 3 pt so I could test my rebuilt and modified Arians 48" snow blower. We only had about 3 inches but everything worked as expected. I convert to hydraulic motor and widened it to 54", added electric chute and spout control. Had to get out and use a...
  33. robstaples

    I can't believe I broke my new machine-- Kubota B3350

    Brand new machine bent already. I have a prince type pto hydraulic pump that hangs on the rear 6 spline pto shaft of the tractor. I had used it before on my L39 for my front quick attach hydr snow blower. Trying to convert to my new cabbed B3350, it was a tight fit with the smaller 3 pt...