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  1. npalen

    Trailer Lights Gurus--Got a Question. Installed these lights on my little utility trailer and everything works correctly except the tow vehicle lights have to be on for any trailer lights to work. That wasn't the case with the old...
  2. npalen

    Drought In Western US and Canada

    What are conditions in your area?
  3. npalen

    Lawn Irrigation Water Damaging Trees and Shrubs?

    The picture shows recent damage to a "Burning Bush" shrub from mineral laden well water. We have been pumping this well for the last 45 years to irrigate about a half acre of fescue and trees. The water has always had a tendency to cause minor discoloration and damage to trees and shrubs in...
  4. npalen

    Makeshift Temporary Anti-rotate For 3PH Drawbar

    Perhaps not worth posting, but just a simple way to keep the drawbar from rotating while moving a small trailer. Would like to see your method or perhaps aftermarket devices for doing the same.
  5. npalen

    Any HVAC Experts On Board? Lennox?

    Have a new Lennox mini split AC/Heat Pump installed for our 12' x 14' sunroom that has glass on three sides. The problem is accurate control of temperature as it has to get two to three degrees above the set point before the AC kicks on. Then it will freeze you out until it gets a couple...
  6. npalen

    Tech School Electronic Equipment Auction

    Bit of an odd request here: This auction is local and wondering if someone could recommend a couple oscilloscopes for an electronics amateur to bid on. Thanks for any help. Edit: I had to...
  7. npalen

    Anyone identify these electrical connectors?

    Trying to identify this type of connector so can make up an adapter for 12 VDC power using two of the pins. The pin size is about 1/16" and the thread OD is about 15/16". These are cables for my Johnson machine laser receiver. Anyone care to hazard a guess?
  8. npalen

    Is this truly a double acting hydraulic pump system?

    Double Acting Hydraulic Pump 12V Dump Trailer Pump 1 Quart Metal Tank/Reservoir | eBay Is it power "up" but only gravity "down"? I notice that some of this type of unit have a pair of poppet valves while others have a directional type spool valve with a solenoid on each end. Also, I see only...
  9. npalen

    Controlling A Hydraulic Solenoid valve With PWM

    Machine Control System, Laser Land Leveling System | eBay Products | CANAMEK This company, Canamek, in Canada sells a relatively low cost laser controlled grading system that interfaces with a simple 12 VDC off-the-shelf on/off switching solenoid valve to automatically control the grader...
  10. npalen

    Have Not Seen This Type 3PH Stabilizer Previously

    This is on a 3PH backhoe application.
  11. npalen

    Opinions On This Dump Trailer?

    H&H Trailers | 4.5x8 Homeowner Dump - H&H Trailers - The Handyman Dump Trailer Would be used primarily for lawn clippings, tree branches etc hauling a couple miles to the landmill. Occasional use for dirt, sand, rock etc. Is the narrow wheel tread a concern. Lists for $3,000. Would probably...
  12. npalen

    Measuring Power Consumption Of 230VAC circuit?

    P3 International P446 Kill A Watt EZ Electricity Usage Monitor - - I've used this device for measuring kilowatts consumed on 120 VAC circuits and wondering how it could be used to measure the consumption in one leg of a 230 VAC circuit. I had a one ton mini-split heat pump/AC...
  13. npalen

    Remote Wireless Controlled Lawn Sprinkler Valves

    In installed my underground lawn sprinkler system back in about '76 when finances were tight. As a result, the system consists of a manual valve next to each of 21 popup sprinklers. It was initially set up with seven zones with three heads each but over the years I've changed a number of...
  14. npalen

    Kubota-Land Pride-Great Plains Expansion In The U.S.

    Great Plains Expanding Into Salina Lighting Plant This is at Salina, KS. Roy Applequist, the founder of Great Plains, developed and began building the Great Plains grain drills back in the 70's. They own and operate several manufacturing facilities in North Central Kansas including the former...
  15. npalen

    Is HVAC Cycling Too Often? (AC)

    Wondering if my house AC is cycling too often? (short cycling) The attached photo is a screenshot off my tablet which is running an app called "Intelligent Clamp Meter". The app connects via bluetooth with an amp probe attached at the house breaker panel. The left column is amps and the...
  16. npalen

    Might Mahindra Seeding Buffalo Grass

    Mighty Mahindra Seeding Buffalo Grass Google Photos Seeding a football practice field in North Central Kansas. I was concerned whether the little 3015 (30 HP) would handle the twelve foot drill. It really surprised me with not needing to engage FWA even going thru a bit of mud in one spot...
  17. npalen

    Antique Machinery-What Is This Part?

    Found this trophy while boxblading in a field. Someone thought it was a ratchet for wagon wheel brakes but doesn't look like a ratchet to me. Anyone?
  18. npalen

    Any Electronics Gurus Out There?

    The picture is a closeup of one of the output LED clusters on the laser receiver shown in the thread below. It would be interesting to automate the manual system by picking up the signals from the receiver output LED's to control a solenoid valve. The solenoid valve would basically duplicate...
  19. npalen

    Dual 3PH Tilt Cylinders--Plumbed In Parallel?

    Was just thinking about this and wondering if anyone has done it. I assume that dual tilt cylinders are normally plumbed each with its separate remote valve. If plumbed parallel into one remote, the result would seemingly be a floating action side to side. What would be the pros and cons for...
  20. npalen

    Inexpensive Laser Grading I've been playing around with the Johnson receiver on my box blade for a couple weeks now and I'm encouraged by...
  21. npalen

    Source For Thin Utility Pliers?

    Would anyone know of a source for thin jaw utility pliers as shown in photo PLIERS-1 below? I run into a problem when trying to tighten garden hose connections occasionally where a thin nose pliers would help out. I once had a pair of ceetee (crescent brand) narrow jaw pliers that disappeared...
  22. npalen

    What's The Catch--Dewalt Tool Package?

    22 2-Volt Max Lithium-Ion Cordless Combo Kit (1-Tool), (2) 2Ah Batteries, Charger, Bag, w/ Bonus Cordless Jig Saw – Scarfiv Too good to be true but what is the catch?
  23. npalen

    Plugs For Quick Couplers

    Messin' around on the lathe today and made a couple of these out of 1" delrin rod. I know they can be bought for about four bucks apiece but needed something to do. One groove is for retaining in the female and the other is just a finger grip. Got to thinking that this would be a project for...
  24. npalen

    Deere Mower Deck on Front End Loader

    I'm seeing glimpses of this on Deere TV ads but haven't found it online yet. Anyone familiar with it? I'm curious how they are driving a mower deck on the FEL.
  25. npalen

    Help Idenifying Char Lynn Power Steering Valve?

    Eaton Char Lynn 291-515-1 Hydraulic Power Steering Valve 291 515 1 | eBay Wondering how to identify flow rating (gallons per minute) and displacement (cubic inches per revolution) of Char Lynn steering valves similar to this? They usually show a nine or ten digit number on the nameplate...
  26. npalen

    Laser Machine Grading--Inexpensive Alternative? I was reading the current discussion about leveling fill with an FEL which lead to thinking, once again, about laser controlled grade leveling and sloping. The issue with automatic hydraulically controlled...
  27. npalen

    Portable CNC Cutting Machine--Need one for TBN members.
  28. npalen

    Home Depot DK2 Light Duty Trailers Any Good?

    TRAILERS — DK2 I am considering one of these for light duty trash hauling. I like the light weight of about 450 pounds empty making it easy to manhandle for hooking up to a tow vehicle. Anyone familiar with them? My existing trailer is about the same size but the deck is 2x8 pressure...
  29. npalen

    4IN1 Bucket with Grapple? PICS

    Picked up this 4IN1 bucket locally at auction just recently. Not sure what I'm going to do with it, anybody need one? It is made by Land Pride to fit Kubota BX models and doesn't fit the bucket mounting on my B9200 so decided to add a top link bracket so it could be mounted on the 3PH as...
  30. npalen

    Cylinder Within A Cylinder? Page 20 in this parts book shows a cylinder design that I don't recall seeing ever. I assume the idea is to get additional force within a confined...
  31. npalen

    What is this shaft?

    Am I the only one who doesn't know what the transverse splined shaft is for? (The one to the left and above the normal PTO shaft in the pic)
  32. npalen

    Now These Are Some Nice Tractors!

    mini tractors 219 - YouTube
  33. npalen

    Autosteer For Compact Tractor Retrofit?

    I think that it is about time someone came to market with a consumer grade gps autosteer retrofit kit for compact tractors. Seems like it would "open up a whole new field". Anyone hear of new developments in this area?
  34. npalen

    Electronics Gurus--Off Topic Question

    Wondering if the solid state relay shown would be appropriate to power a clothes washer? It would be used in conjunction with the drain monitor to kill power to the washer if the drain overflows. DiversiTech WS-1 Wet Switch Flood Detector: Household Alarms And Detectors:
  35. npalen

    Wire Brush Prep For Paint--Will It Stick?

    I'm prepping for repainting the roll bar on my B9200 Kubota. I've sanded most of it with coarse grit for good paint adhesion. There are some areas, however, that are difficult to sand so have wire brushed. I'm concerned that primer and/or enamel won't stick well to the wire brushed surfaces...
  36. npalen

    Does Amazon Charge Sales Tax?

    What has been your experience in your state?
  37. npalen

    Should FEL and Remote Hydraulics be affected by the Hydrostat?

    Kubota B9200 HST tractor I've noticed, on occasion, that the operation of the remote hydraulics is affected by what the hydrostat is "doing". Spinning the wheels in mud, for example, will prevent the top link cylinder from operating when the SCV lever is moved. Is this just my imagination--are...
  38. npalen

    Over The Top Loader (video) - YouTube Literally "over the top".
  39. npalen

    Service Tractor-pic

    Did we forget anything? :)
  40. npalen

    Loader Valve Is Restricting Flow--Need advice I have this valve on a Westendorf FEL new just this Spring. I'm having a problem with the valve passing a maximum of only about one third of its 12 GPM stated flow rate. This is on a Mahindra 3015 (30HP) with a pump rated at 7.9...
  41. npalen

    Valve Lash Adjustment on B9200 Pic

    Been putting off checking the valve lash and finally got "arountuit" today. It was interesting in that three of the valves were excessively loose in the neighborhood of 0.025". These three were near the "radiator end" of the engine. The three farthest from the radiator (at number 1 and 2...
  42. npalen

    What Is The Value Of Regen On The FEL?

    That may be a bit rhetorical as we all know it allows for fast dump and bangs against the stops to shake out stubborn material. I've noticed, on my loader at least, that the bucket cylinder rods are extra small diameter 1" where the lift cylinder rods are 1 3/8" diameter. The bore on the...
  43. npalen

    Running The Tractor In A Closed Space

    Wondering if any of you fellas run an exhaust hose out the door when working on your tractor in a closed space? My garage workspace stays about 80F degrees even when 100 degrees outdoors and would like to keep the doors closed so wondering about exhausting outside. I also have a large exhaust...
  44. npalen

    Auto Throttle Advance? Pic

    I notice what appears to be a second position for throttle control on my Mahindra 3015 (30HP) and wondering if this was for an auto throttle control for the hydrostat? I've thought about trying to jury rig a cable(s) attached to the hydrostat pedal that would increase RPM as the pedal is...
  45. npalen

    Why Video An Inexperienced Operator?

    Just something I've noticed about YouTube videos: So many times it appears that the operator is demonstrating a new product but doesn't have any experience with it. A person would think that after spending dollars to design a new product and put it on the market, they would want to "put their...
  46. npalen

    3RD Function--Poor Man's Version

    Needing hydraulics back to the top link cylinder and been switching hoses between the FEL and top link cylinder. Kind of a pain and the dripping couplers like to make a mess and it takes time. Had this Shoemaker P/N 3169 valve on hand so decided to make use of it until possibly installing...
  47. npalen

    Caster Wheel Attached To Rear Of Skidsteer?

    Until recently I had not seen a caster wheel mounted to the back of a skidsteer. I'm under the impression that they are used to take weight off of the two rear tires of the skidsteer. Anyone familiar with this? Pics?
  48. npalen

    Quarter Inching Valve on FEL?

    Was reading a bunch of old threads on Kubota's inching valve on the 3PH. It occurs to me that this is simply a mechanical method of controlled "bumping" any hydraulic valve to get a small amount of cylinder movement. With this in mind, it would seem that such a system would be useful for the...
  49. npalen

    HydraSnap Quick Coupler For Front End loader Hydra-Snap for 1 Series Loaders Parts | Westendorf Having a Westendorf TA-111 loader installed on my Mahindra 3015 (30H.P.) and wondering about the HydraSnap. Have any of you folks used it and what are your thoughts even if you haven't...
  50. npalen

    Earth Mover, Ballast Box, Dump Box Combo--Pics

    I added a 2.5" bore x 6" stroke cylinder and hinges to this box that was formerly bolted to the 3PH carrier to facilitate load dumping. I had been using the TNT top cylinder to dump the rigid box but not getting enough dump angle especially on a slope. The box will carry about a 1/2 cubic...