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  1. 4get gto

    Trying to figure out WHAT BRAND this deal is ? WHO it is ? legitimate, scam, marketing ???

    Yea right. Lets mow the woods off and get the lawn on the way out. Not sure how sharp the blades will be at that point. Its sure cool though...😎
  2. 4get gto

    Beware! Yellow jackets are out.

    I got hornets. The little ones. Nasty little SOB's Trimming hedges with a hedge trimmer stirs them up quick. And they'll chase you down for about 20-30 feet.
  3. 4get gto

    CHipper for a YM 155D

    I don't believe so (on the 2stage). Of course the ratio of the pulleys mean a lot. The bigger the chipper the bigger and heavier the flywheel. Rotating mass I believe is the secret. Plus bigger and more knives. That's where all the hp is needed. All my own opinion...😉
  4. 4get gto

    CHipper for a YM 155D

    This chipper goes up to 3". Does green as well as dry in the chipper part. The dryer the better in the shredder. And doesn't like green viney stuff in the shredder. The 147d is only rated about 10 pto hp. Honestly never been a problem. It will slip/burn the belts before it runs out of power..
  5. 4get gto

    CHipper for a YM 155D

    I run this one on my 147d with no problem...
  6. 4get gto

    looking for a rebuilder for my 425 engine

    I've used these guys Very knowledgeable about the 620d. I've used myself for parts. They rebuild, sell replacement motors and parts. I believe they're in the Lancaster County area. BTW. I'm in Bangor too..!
  7. 4get gto

    Cool Nature Photos

  8. 4get gto

    Cool Nature Photos

  9. 4get gto

    K & M Low- Profile Mechanical Seat Suspension

    Have one on my Yanmar. Could use a little more travel but definitely worth it. It does rise you 1"-1 1/2" but I had to fab things differently anyway so I took that into consideration ..
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  11. 4get gto

    ?????? GROAN

  12. 4get gto

    Tire Selection B7300 front tires

    Try "Surplus Center". They "had" 20x8x10 at one time.Although they were Wanda. Cheap. I know it's not the exact size you're looking for but may be fine if you're not 4wd.
  13. 4get gto

    Harbor Freight Tools that don't suck

    In all honesty I don't think the dealers make overly great money either.
  14. 4get gto

    DIY quick hitch washers.

    Well it wasn't me.. But this guy sure looks guilty..
  15. 4get gto

    Welding Web Down?

    Yea there's guys looking for much needed help..
  16. 4get gto

    YM1100D Replacement Seat

    I put a suspension base under an aftermarket seat. Took a little doing but works great. Best pictures I have the at the moment.
  17. 4get gto

    Cool Nature Photos

    Not this is nature when they're standing on the sidewalk !
  18. 4get gto

    Sasquatch on WA traffic cam?

    Huh.... All these years I thought it this guy..
  19. 4get gto

    Headlight bulbs

    I put LED's in place of the factory HI/Lo lights maybe a year or two ago. Big difference though you don't have hi/lo. Don't need it IMO. Guessing you could do low if you added a resistor.
  20. 4get gto

    Any Tractor Guys Into Sports Cars Too?

    2 beautiful cars..:thumbsup: Here's a toy of mine..
  21. 4get gto

    It's getting cod again

  22. 4get gto

    Loader Yanmar 165D Loader Build

    Here are a few shots of one on my 147d. Different I know but might give you an idea.
  23. 4get gto

    Cool Nature Photos

    This guy won't be around much longer...
  24. 4get gto

    What's fer Breakfast?

    Old country boys breakfast. Fried eggs, gators and scapple. Lots of butter on the toast..! ��
  25. 4get gto

    Have STEINER, Will Travel

    Not mine but thought you guys would enjoy the pictures. This is owned by a University I work at for a short time.. Just took notice that's a Ventrac.
  26. 4get gto

    Any tips for buying commercial left over ZT's?

    Rebuildable only means as long as they make parts for that transmission. I have one "2" in my Woods ( grasshopper) that that's rebuildable but from what I hear there are no parts available any more. Mine's 22 years old so maybe I'm expecting to much..? I forget the name of the transmissions used...
  27. 4get gto

    YM2210 getting ready for paint BUT ??

    Thinking I'd stay with red and (their white). Was never a fan of their green frames but it works. I repaired my grill some time ago and went with semi black from their white. Changes things up a bit.
  28. 4get gto

    Let's see some homemade 3 point ballast!

    Or you could put this guy on the back..! ;)
  29. 4get gto

    GC17xx tractors, clearing snow with the bucket.

    I also have a 60" atv plow that I made up. Maybe this will give you some ideas ..
  30. 4get gto

    And just like that... My anxiety went away

    This is what they looked like when he first ordered it..
  31. 4get gto

    Need a Horn for my BX23S

    No wiring involved..
  32. 4get gto

    Generator Lights

    Some may think I'm a little nuts but I added a set of lights to my generator. I was tired trying to find a flashlight to go out in the dark with no electricity to start the generator. Doesn't happen often but once is enough. Found some 13" strip lights on Amazon for $11. Each have their own...
  33. 4get gto

    Let's see some homemade 3 point ballast!

    I made these from 200# lead rollup door weights. I have another one not shown that bolts to that one..
  34. 4get gto

    How do I get a Loader for my 336d?

    I'll add a picture of the baby of the Yanmar family. The YFL 575.
  35. 4get gto

    Suspension for zero-turn mower seat

    I got one of each. This one I put on a Yanmar And this one on a ZT. Both required some fab work to attach and height adjustment
  36. 4get gto

    Flo n Go

    14 gallon " Duramax " Flo n go. Anyone have or ever used one of these and like it ???
  37. 4get gto

    Harbor Freight Tools that don't suck

    Bought this little vise the other day. $16 with coupon and some other discount. I have a large vise but wanted something small. Always a pain to do small soldering work and such in a 6" vise. Works perfectly for what I need it for. Mind you this isn't something you're going to use for anything...
  38. 4get gto

    Seat Cover - eMax

    I think you'll like it. And your butt won't get as cold in winter either..
  39. 4get gto

    Yanmar Tractor Giveaway - Enter Now!

    If I don't get a call soon I'm going to have to go out and fix my old one..
  40. 4get gto


    I believe these were used for garage door counterweight's. They (I have two) are lead filled and weigh 200# each. They measure 32" x 7" x 3" thick. Of course I welded the bars on for 3 pt. each
  41. 4get gto

    147D Canopy Support build

    The final product.. All in all it came out well. The biggest single expense being what I had to spend for the "ROP" which I needed to attach something on. That was 1 1/2"x 2 1/2" tubing that cost me about $150. But I had to buy a 24' piece. Ended up using about 15' . The top itself didn't...
  42. 4get gto

    147D Canopy Support build

    Got the top on yesterday. The bedliner I used for the top turned out ok. I did have to add 3 /4" aluminum angle to the front and back edge as it wanted to bow in the middle a little. Everything seems like it should be good. BUT... No sooner than I monkey'ed around for a 1/2 hour installing it...
  43. 4get gto

    147D Canopy Support build

    These are the brackets that are pictures above with angles welded to them to extend out over the seat/steering wheel..Hope to have everything put together soon to get a better picture..
  44. 4get gto

    147D Canopy Support build

    No plasma cutter.. I have dimensional steel I'm using so I just got to cut to length. Have them made up. I'll get some pictures in a bit ..:D Nothing will be attached to the top horizontal bar..
  45. 4get gto

    147D Canopy Support build

    Got some side brackets made up to attach to ROP uprights. Next think is to figure what to go up and out to hold top in place. I know I wasn't going to call it a ROP :thumbsup: