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  1. thclimer

    Right to repair

    Just saw this news, I sure do wonder in the end how it will all play out: Farm Bureau, Deere & Co sign MOU ensuring farmers' "right to repair" equipment US Farmers win right to repair John Deere equipment
  2. thclimer

    Boy Do I Feel Dumb

    I'm coming clean on something dumb I did just the other evening in the hopes someone else doesn't do it. So I haven't run the tractor for about a month now since this time of year I only use it for blowing snow. We get about 6" of snow during the day so when I get home from work I got out to...
  3. thclimer

    Oil & Fuel  Type Of Oil

    My friend has a L235 which about 23 years old and tells me he has never used a engine oil rated for diesel usage. He uses regular oil for a gasoline engine. Can anyone tell me if his L235 should use a oil designated for a diesel?
  4. thclimer

    TC33D Glow Plug Problem Fixed

    Well, I finally got around to replacing my ignition switch and in the process I believe I found my intermittent glow plug problem (with turning the ignition switch to the first position the glow plugs would not power up). Due to previous starting issues I had removed and disassemble the OEM...
  5. thclimer

    TC33D Will Not Start

    Here is the situation, ran little blue (TC33D) about a week ago with no problems, parked her in the garage. Last night went out to start her, turned the key and waited for the glow plug light to turn off then continued to turn the key, starter did not engage, just a very faint tic. Upon...