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  1. bindian

    Valve stems

    I won the bid on Big Iron for 4 new 16.9x28 tires from Mahindra with the rims. All 4 tires are mounted all the same direction. So I thought I could mount one as is and have the tire shop swap one. I will resale the other two. The wheel and hub are not at my tractor's settings, so today...
  2. bindian

    Bypass Hose

    After 14 years of owning my 6520, I found a design feature I do not like. I had leaking radiator hoses. While snooping around for the leaks, I found a 2.5" long hose going from the water pump to the thermostat housing. It's about 1.25" in diameter. It was leaking also. So today, I removed...
  3. bindian

    Axle Breather

    Anyone got one of these........... I need to replace this one......... MahindraUSA has none and doesn't know when they will. hugs, Brandi
  4. bindian

    Foor Deck

    For those whose tractors have rubber floor mats, take them out from time to time to clean out the dirt to stop this......... In lieu of removing the rear fenders to get this floor out, I will cut the floors across where the front of the fender is. Then I can treat top and bottom sides with KBS...
  5. bindian

    Gas Pressure

    After having a Mig welder for about 5 years, I finally bought a tank of 75/25 gas and a roll of unshielded wire. I figured my Hobart manual would tell me the pressure, but nothing is there. What pressure do I dial in to send to the torch? Do I just crack the bottle open, like acy., or open it...
  6. bindian

    Armstrong Ag Land Plane

    I finally put the 3PH arms on and hooked up my new 8 foot land plane. I do love what it does. I pull it with my 6520 Mahindra 4WD, in mid range 3rd gear. Sometimes I need to down shift to first gear. At that time, dirt is going over both blades. I will be welding a hitch plate on the back...
  7. bindian

    Amco 9 Foot Offset Disc

    You can read all about it here............. $2200 firm. hugs, Brandi
  8. bindian

    Backhoe Boom Cylinder Leak

    I figured I would share my plan to rebuild my backhoe's (Bradco 511) boom cylinder. The cylinder is enclosed in the boom structure. To get it out, I had to dig a deep pit so the rod could be removed while leaving the cylinder base installed, buried inside the boom. I have rebuilt all the...
  9. bindian

    Mobile Fueling Station.

    I have have been wanting to make more diesel storage and an easier way than lifting 5 gallon jugs of fuel. I picked this aluminum L tank last spring at a RB Auction. I used home cut 2x4s and 2x6s over 4 inch (actually 4.5 inch) square skids. I brushed on 3 coats of Copper Naphthenate 8%...
  10. bindian

    Gooseneck Hitch On Grapple

    I got tired of swapping my grapple for my loader bucket to move my gooseneck trailer while stacking lumber and moving logs around the sawmill. So I welded a receiver tube to the grapple and welded up 3/8" plate to make a ball mount. hugs, Brandi
  11. bindian

    Boom Gouge

    I gouged the side of the boom, when I had to upright it with my loader bucket. Post #38 It is about a 10th of an inch deep. Should I blend out the gouge and weld a bead over it, or just blend it...
  12. bindian

    A Project I Had Not Planned On Doing

    I have a Mitsubishi MS070 excavator. Caterpillar rebadged it as a CAT E70 when they bought out Mitsubishi. Anyway, I am forced to rewire the whole machine because of old wiring that got too hot and melted. Some wires are just so old, the insulation is falling off. I have burnt steaks showing...
  13. bindian

    Ford 5900

    I found a Ford 5900 with a Grade Master land plane. The owner wants $9700. I am thinking of offering $8000 and juggle from there. As you can see, the Grade Master has the adjustable scarifers and cost over $2000 new. Also the suitcase weights cost $$$-$$$$ when you can find them. Also the...
  14. bindian

    24 volt relays

    Wasn't sure where to post this question. I'm installing a 24 volt diverter valve on my CAT E70 excavator. The relay has a "resistor" in it. That's what Amazon called it. I'm not sure which is the ground terminal 85 or 86. I think it is 85. Can anyone tell from looking at this diagram on...
  15. bindian

    12/24 volts

    I am thinking about buying this valve to run my thumb on my midi excavator... 12/24 VOLT DC 13.2 GPM SAE 8 SOLENOID OPERATED DOUBLE SELECTOR VALVE Surplus Center insists it will run off of a 12 OR 24 volt system. How is that possible? I will be using it in a 24 volt system. hugs, Brandi
  16. bindian

    New To Using MIG

    I finally got all my welding ducks in a row and welded my first job today with my brand new Hobart 210 MVP. I have only arc welded in the past, and mostly in high school ag class. So that is ancient history. Anyway, I had scraps cut and was gonna practice and play around, but I broke the tack...
  17. bindian

    Faulty, Low Pressure Warning Lights Illuminated

    My faulty and low pressure warning lights, just right of the green healthy light on the upper panel, came on yesterday evening. These lights are hard to see, as the top of the steering wheel blocks them from me. I noticed they were on. But my low oil pressure light was out.:confused: I knew...
  18. bindian

    My Place: a CAT, Mahindra, and Ducks

    I got tired of adding posts and photos to my various project threads, so I started a "master" thread here. One last time, here is a link to flood photos from the last two weeks.......... post #6351. It's...
  19. bindian

    Caterpillar Diverter Valve

    I bought a E70 Caterpillar excavator. I'm in the planning stages of putting a hyd. thumb on it. But I'm having a long search for a valve. I need at least 17.2 gpm with 4,000 psi and 24 volts. I gather there are coils I can add to use a 12 volt valve and convert it to 24 volts. Any help...
  20. bindian

    Click, click, click

    My 6520 didn't wanna start this morning. It did the same thing Sunday, so I made sure to let it idle at 1000 rpm for a while before shuting down. It just went click, when I turned the key to start. I tried it again and, click, click, then it started will plenty of starting...
  21. bindian

    Welding while wearing contact lens

    Back in high school agriculture class, I learned to arc weld. Back then, we were told to not wear contact lens while welding. With today's auto darkening hoods, can you wear contacts with no effects on the contact lens and you eyes? hugs, Brandi
  22. bindian

    Caterpillar Rotary Joint

    Two weeks ago I bought a Caterpillar E70B. It's my first excavator. Besides changing a couple of lines and loose linkages on the bucket, I don't have much to do, except TLC and changing fluids and filters. Today I found out why the two lines to the rotary (swivel) joint wore out early. The...
  23. bindian


    In 2010, I bought a 2003 Dodge Ram 3500 dually. Earlier this year I replaced all 4 shocks with Mopar replacement shocks. I told my Dodge parts guy I didn't like them. He told me he can still warranty them, just bring them in and they will replace them. My
  24. bindian

    1000 Hours

    My 2007 Mahindra 6520 4WD hit 1000 hours last weekend. Only problems I have had, besides operator error:o, is replaced the hydraulic pump drive pulley and replaced the 90 degree fitting going into the steering cylinder. I do have a few seeps, but every "experienced" tractor I have ever seen...
  25. bindian

    Brake Controllers

    My brake controller might be ready for replacement. Intermittently, with no trailer connected, I get "NC" lite up. It should be no lights. The brakes, when connected work fine. What controllers do Y'all prefer? Which controller is the industry leader? hugs, Brandi
  26. bindian

    My Daughter's Fence

    My daughter usually comes up with unique requests for her birthday. She now asks for a fence across the back property line of her home. Not any wooded fence, but a wire panel fence. Something like this. So, this last weekend, my Son and I loaded up the truck and drove to Manor. The first...
  27. bindian

    Corn Sheller

    I am wanting to grow field corn for my growing duck raising endeavor. I will be buying a corn sheller and was wondering if any American made electric corn shellers are on the market. I would even consider an old one powered by a tractor. Not really wanting hand cranked, but might go that way...
  28. bindian

    3PH Pins

    Does anyone know if Mahindra makes a Cat 1 sliding end............just the sliding part...........of the left lift arm to fit my 2007 Mahindra 6520? As you can see in the photo, my new (to me) Ford Model 101 3 bottom plow's left hitch pin is too short for my Cat 2 swivel ball. I cut 1/4 inch...
  29. bindian

    Ford Model 101 3 Bottom Plow

    I just bought this Ford Model 101 3 bottom plow. It was near my house, so I jumped on it. I have a couple of questions. I read somewhere on TBN how to measure to know if you have a 16 inch or other size. The plows are about 16 inches apart and the share is 38 inches long. How do I tell...
  30. bindian

    Duck and Dog Fencing

    I started putting fence posts in 2 years ago along my driveway. I cut the posts myself on Lee's goat farm (Weldingisfun). Lee loaded them with his Mahindra's loader after I limbed the trees. Since I did so much work, I was treated to a vension supper. Yum. After I got the logs home, I cut...
  31. bindian

    Plow size

    The last few hours I have been searching plow sizing per tractor or per horsepower. I found a lot of information on 30 hp tractors. I have a 6520 Mahindra (57 PTO horspower) 4WD with loader and a backhoe subframe for a Bradco/Mahindra 511 backhoe. Without the hoe it weighs around 10,000...
  32. bindian

    Shell Transmission/Hydraulic Fluid

    I ran out of Shell Spirax S4 TXM fluid and I am needing to add fluid to my Mahindra. I usually buy it by the case at the local oil distributor. TSC has Shell Rotella HD Trans/Hyd. fluid. Is this Rotella HD fluid compatible with Spirax fluid? hugs, Brandi
  33. bindian

    Loader Valve Spool Stud

    Last Sunday, I broke the threads off of my loader valve's "up" rod end adapter that threads into the spool. I thought it had came unscrewed, as it had before. I took the boot off to find it broken here......... Yesterday morning I used a left handed 1/8th drill bit and spun the threads out...
  34. bindian

    Last Payment

    I'm in full blown party mode right now with mister Royal.:D Just paid my bills and made the last payment on the Big RED Beast.:cool2: Yippee!:thumbsup::licking::dance1::cool2::drink::tractor::cloud9::salute::proposetoast::soapbox::number1::jump::hyper::applause::wave::checkeredflag: hugs, Brandi
  35. bindian

    Tractor Outfits

    Guys and Girls, I am a first time Grandma as of August 7th.:cloud9::cloud9: It is also my daughter's first child.:cloud9: I bought a green:o onesy from TSC for my Granddaughter, Chloe, but I am looking for some RED outfits.:thumbsup: Now, show me your Kids or Grandkid's tractor...
  36. bindian

    Backhoe Bucket Grader Blade

    I have had the idea to make a 6 foot grader blade fit my BH bucket teeth for a long time. I proofed the idea with some treated 2x8s and bolts. It worked great until I swung it into a tree. So I ordered a cutting edge (and bolts) from KingKutter that fits both their box blades and rear blades...
  37. bindian

    Mahindra Ad in Texas Farm Bureau Monthly Newmagazine

    Years ago, I sent a copy of my Texas Farm Bureau monthly news magazine to Martin at MUSA, telling him that Mahindra needed to advertise in it.:thumbsup: As all other tractor brands advertised there. Well, the Sept. 6, 2013 issue came out with a full page Mahindra ad.:D Yippee, Mahindra does...
  38. bindian

    800 Hour Service Light

    At 804 hours, today, my service light came on. The green healthy light is on. I don't remember getting the light except at the 50 hour mark. This is just a routine scheduled service light, right? All engine parameters were fine at shutdown. I just put her in the barn and raised the loader...
  39. bindian

    Amazing Find.............a Drag Harrow

    I was checking out another Amco disc when I stumbled across a fork lift pallet with a pile of harrow and a spreader pipe on it. I inquired on the price and got them down to $500 for this 10 foot drag harrow. Only thing wrong with it, besides being used is the spreader pipe has been left in the...
  40. bindian

    I need a longer trailer

    I loaded my recently rebuilt offset disc up Saturday afternoon, along with the tractor and took it to the scales. The disc has to be unhitched and the tractor backed over the tongue to get the tractor's front tires on the deck, to stow the ramps and lower the loader bucket. Tractor and disc on...
  41. bindian

    Paint Guns

    I wasn't sure where to put this, so I put it here. I am rebuilding/repairing a 9 foot offset disc and I am at the painting stage. I need a paint gun to paint all the nooks and crannys on the underside. I have used numerous paint guns painting aircraft in the past, and I even owned a Snap-On...
  42. bindian

    $100 Skid Steer Forks

    I found used Skid Steer Forks at the last RB Auction when I went to look at the equipment, the Saturday before the auction. I never found these forks in the online inventory. I had to return on Sunday to register for on site bidding and asked. I was told these forks were sold in the...
  43. bindian

    Amco Offset Disc

    I am not sure what model Amco offset this disc is. I do know it was built in Yazoo City, Mississippi. I am thinking:confused3: it is a vintage F42 model Heavy Duty. It is 8 foot 6 inch wide with 24 discs that are 22 inches in diameter. The discs are on about a 9.5 inch spacing. It is suppose...
  44. bindian

    Skid Steer QA Bale Spear

    I have been needing a bale spear, but thought store bought ones were priced too high. So I decided to build my own. I started with a Skid Steer QA Adapter Plate I bought at a Richie Brothers Auction for $65. Then I added 2x2 inch square tubing with 1/8 inch thick wall for a frame. Then I...
  45. bindian

    Going slow

    I usually drive my 6520 around my place in 3rd gear mid range (7th) and now it seems like I have the brake on, but the park brake is off. To take off in 7th, I need over 1500 rpm. Now, 1st gear mid range (4th) is taking more rpm to "get up and go". Any ideas?:confused2: I have shifted down...
  46. bindian

    Bradco 511 Swing Cylinder

    My 2007 511 BH has a leaking swing cylinder. Anyone have any experience with removing one? Or can it be rebuilt while installed on the backhoe? hugs, Brandi
  47. bindian

    My tractor's new ride

    After searching used trailers for over 2 months, I finally decided to buy new and brought it home today. 24 foot +5 foot dovetail, 22,500 pound dual tandem Top Hat trailer. It has so many neat features, I am still finding something extra. I upgraded from my 20 foot, 14,000 pound trailer...
  48. bindian

    New Sound in Neutral

    This morning I worked the Big RED Beast in the rain for an hour, then left it outside to "wash itself off". This afternoon after moving a culvert around, with the transmission in neutral it would make a ticking, scrapping sound. Like something was rubbing. It would quit when I put it in gear...
  49. bindian

    Instant Pond

    I've been wanting to dig another pond. You can read about the first one here with an island for ducks. With 11 days off, I figured I could get'r done. First photo shows me clearing topsoil away. The 2nd and...
  50. bindian

    Insurance costs

    In recent emails, I had been given a cost of $750 for my tractor liability insurance in my new start up business....Big RED Beast Excavators. Now the Farm Bureau agent just sent me quote of $2806. My question is what insurance do Y'all have and how much do you pay for digging in the dirt...
  51. bindian

    Bad QDs?

    I don't know if my problem is bad QDs on the remote or a relief valve:hissyfit:. When I hang the backhoe's bucket on a root or walk the tractor with the hoe, if I do it in an excessive amount of time, the remote lower QD pops off.:pullinghair: This QD is the type that pushes on and just pulls...
  52. bindian

    Business cards

    I am moving forward with being serious about a side excavating and all around construction tractor business. I am trying to decide what photo to use on a business card. Which photo below should it be? Oh yeah........the business name is Big RED Beast Excavators. I'm kinda partial to the one...
  53. bindian

    New Grapple

    I picked up my 72 inch grapple on Friday. It was shipped to my local dealer with no freight charge from (Skid Steer Attachments Pallet Forks Hay Spears Bobcat Cat John Deere Mount Plate) I love it. It has recessed grease fittings on all pivot point, massive (I think 1.25")...
  54. bindian

    Shell Donax/Spirax S4TXM

    I bought 5 gallons of Shell Donax/Spirax S4TXM today. The sales clerk carried it out and put it in my truck. When I moved it from the tailgate up to the front of the bed, I saw there is no label at all. Nothing on the bucket at all to say it is not hog fat. Has anyone else seen this on a...
  55. bindian

    Hydraulic Auger Mount

    Back in 2007, when I bought my Mahindra 6520 and 511 Backhoe, I modified the backhoe to run the Danuser Hydraulic Auger. It has worked well on the backhoe since then. Now, I want to run some new fence lines and have decided to move the auger to the side of the loader bucket. I drew out a lot...
  56. bindian

    Mahindra Website Reformat

    Is it my computer or is the Mahindra USA website too jumpy?:confused: I tried to go there to read up on the new 6110 tractors and each time I try to move the page jumps to another page.:confused2: hugs, Brandi
  57. bindian

    Mahindra Contest

    Here is a link to a Mahindra contest on Facebook. Mahindra USA | Facebook Don't worry, I do not do facebook. The link was sent to me. hugs, Brandi
  58. bindian

    New regulations could threaten farm transportation

    I am not sure if this is the right spot for this. Please contact your Congress Critters on this important issue. Please spread the word. hug, Brandi Texas Agriculture Talks | New regulations could threaten farm transportation Jul 25 2011...
  59. bindian

    What I did this Weekend

    I won the bid to clean out a friend's small pond of muck.:D I wished I had a mini ex. and a skid steer loader with a wheeled dump bucket to work it, as the pond (I call it a lagoon) had turf all around it and is "Y"shaped, along with a brick retaining wall besides a covered patio. I had to move...
  60. bindian

    Mahindra's other vehicle

    I want one in Red!:thumbsup: hugs, Brandi By VIVEK RAGHUVANSHI Published: 4 May 2010 16:07 Print | Email NEW DELHI - Defence Land Systems India, the locally based defense joint venture between Britain's BAE Systems and domestic...
  61. bindian

    Cedar post fence

    A couple of months ago, I asked (in the South forum) where I could get cedar posts cheap. Lee (Weldingisfun) offered to let me take all I could cut down and trim.:thumbsup: I will be using these cedars for a fence from my barn along my driveway and curving past the pond. Back on April 10th I...
  62. bindian

    Power Steering Leak

    I had a power steering fluid leak, on the Big RED Beast, right at the 90 degree bent line going into the inboard actuator fitting. It was a pin hole that cannot be seen, but really sprays when turning lock to lock. I think Top Flight's computer parts page said $24 something, but adding shipping...
  63. bindian

    New Year

    I pray all Y'all have a wonderful Happy New Year!!!:D hugs, Brandi
  64. bindian

    "Spare Parts"

    I found a set screw on my forward magnetic plug when I was changing transmission fluid.:eek: I am thinking this was dropped during installation and another one installed.:confused: The service manager where I bought the 6520 (he has opened his own shop now) thinks it goes on a shifter indent...
  65. bindian

    Don't know how this happened

    While changing transmission fluid today, for the first time. I notice a bolt missing on the right tractor subframe for my backhoe.:( I had the backhoe already off to mount the 3PH arms and the brushog. When I got a mirror to look up in the hole, I saw that the bolt was sheared.:eek: It...
  66. bindian

    No dump trailer

    No problem. My ML275 loader and 6520 can handle the job.:cool: I had to repair my washing machine gray water drain line and really had fun doing it. My 6520 is just a Big RED Beast when it comes to this type of work. My only regret is that I didn't buy a 7520. But I can wait and see how the...
  67. bindian

    Fan Belts

    The belt I installed last January when I R&R my hydraulic pump pulley came apart last week. The belt is still making a loop, but the outside seperated from the tooth side. This just with under 100 hours on it. Makes no sense to me.:confused: hugs, Brandi
  68. bindian

    Newer Engines

    Anyone heard how the newer pollution equipped engines are holding up? I heard a rumor of them clogging up and starting to line up at the dealer's service departments. I am hearing all brands are having problems. Also, I left some sad news...
  69. bindian

    My Dad

    My Dad passed away on April 30th. He was in the hospital for a collapsed lung with fluid around it. The fluid was removed, but came back. Lung cancer was suspect. I was there when he died to talk with the hospital medical director on treatment options. He was sitting up eating lunch when I...
  70. bindian

    Backhoe  Mahindra/Bradco 511 backhoe

    My backhoe's hydraulics went dead this evening. I was packing the dirt back at the dam over a water trough supply line. With the backhoe's bucket, I would lift off of the stabilizers and wiggle the boom a little to pack in the clay better. I guess I over did it, as my hydraulics went dead...
  71. bindian

    Big Red Beast down

    Today while down in my pond digging, (see I finally started my pond) in the Projects forum) my 6520's fan belt pulley came apart.:eek: I hope Mahindra has one in their Houston warehouse! I heard a ticking ealier, but couldn't fit the noise, even with putting a screw driver to the hyd. pump and...
  72. bindian

    I finally started my pond

    It took my Mother dying to get me off my butt and dig my pond. The cementary she is buried in has a large pond with an island and several ducks and geese. Even a Mud Hen! So I told my daughter it was digging time. We had mallards when I was little and now I will have them again. Along with...
  73. bindian

    Kubota manufacturing locations

    My friend has a 18 horsepower Kubota tractor she bought about 6 months ago. Her front axle casting broke while mowing. She says her tractor was made in the U.S. I heard some are made in the U.K. Where are all the Kubota plants? hugs, Brandi
  74. bindian

    Slow Tire Leak

    Two weeks ago, I had two small punctures patched on the left front tire of the Big RED Beast. The holes were two inches apart and I am sure caused by nails in some old 2X4s in an old burn pile I spread out and repiled. The problem now is the left rear tire. It leaked down so slow, I didn't...
  75. bindian

    Oil & Fuel  Locking Fuel Cap

    Anyone know where I can buy a locking fuel cap for my 6520? hugs, Brandi
  76. bindian

    Wobble pump

    I changed fuel filters on my Mahindra 6520 today. On the forward filter assy., there is a primer to pump while cracking open the banjo fitting to bleed the air out. On pre WWII aircraft, this was called a wobble pump, but was used to prime the engine to start. It was sweet just kneeling there...
  77. bindian

    Stuck in the mud

    Well, I finally did it. I stuck the Big Red Beast good.:mad: All the way up to the axles. All 11,100 pounds.:eek: The backhoe frame was sitting in the mud. When I deployed the backhoe bucket to lift the rear end up out of the mud. The bucket just went down into the muck. My neighbors...
  78. bindian

    Wooded loader platform

    Hey Y'all, I need to build a temporary work platform for my FEL bucket to install barn siding on the back of my barn. I don't have but 20 feet to the fence behind the barn and cannot get my Mahindra 90 degrees off the barn's backside with the backhoe even turned to the side. You can check...
  79. bindian

    Agricredit online auctions

    Agricredit is having online auctions. Agricredit is financing my Big RED Beast.:cool: When I thought I might be facing medical retirement last year, I called them and asked about possilbe deferrment payments. They said they would work with me, just keep in contact. So this equipment must have...
  80. bindian

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas from Brandi and the Big Red Beast TIS THE SEASON .....JUST CLICK AND ENJOY ..... >>
  81. bindian

    Mahindra Announces Two New Models in 25 Series Line

    I just found this................... 5525 and 6025 Offer SUPERIOR Performance at a great Value Mahindra USA recently introduced two new models in its 25 series of tractors the 5525 2WD and 6025 2WD models 肪oth available now. The 25 series is a line of 2-wheel drive tractors for heavy-duty...
  82. bindian

    7520/6520 Battery cable(s) chaffing

    I went over to my Mahindra dealer today to see what all new stuff he had and get some non 20 series broucures. He has some new 7 foot Mohawk rotary cutters in and some 7 foot Modern box blades in. The Modern line is nice as it is all galvanized. Anyway, while we were talking about what all they...
  83. bindian

    tractors and Christmas decorations

    I installed a lighted cross up on my barn yesterday. I used my loader bucket as a work platform. I have include some pictures. hugs, Brandi
  84. bindian


    I was invited out to MahindraUSA in Tomball today by Brenda Bradshaw. If you don't know Brenda, she goes by the user name Jsupport here and is MahindraUSA's online Customer Relations contact person. I think we hit it off from the start, as she is a friendly "people" person. She is a sweety.:)...
  85. bindian

    Happy Thanksgiving

    I want to wish all of y'all a Happy Thanksgiving! :) Weather permitting, tomorrow I will be back on the Big Red Beast digging out stumps. Or whatever else I feel like doing.:cool: hugs, Brandi
  86. bindian

    6520 4WD tire pressure

    What is the max tire pressure I can run in my Ag tires on front? :confused: The book says 30, but yesterday while moving a whole sweetgun tree I noticed they were almost flat.:eek: I had the trunk caught in the bucket just above the roots and about 40 feet of tree hanging out the other side...
  87. bindian

    My pole barn...a solo affair

    I started building a 30 X 44 pole barn a year ago June. I built it myself, except for roofing it. I had injured my arm and needed surgery. So the day before surgery I scheduled a barn roof raising. All my friends came over and put the metal on the roof. Here are a few photos of it. I did...
  88. bindian

    BH Cylinder line fitting damage

    Well, working the burn pile today with the BH thumb got me in trouble. A branch bent the line fitting to my bucket cylinder. :mad: My first thought was $$$. Then I thought, why didn't the line break at the cylinder. So I locked the boom up and disengaged the remote and finished filling the...
  89. bindian

    6520 changes

    Has anyone seen the latest verison of the 6520? My dealer has one. Mahindra moved the fuel filler neck from beside the seat down to the tank just in front of the step. Now you can fill her up from the curb! I didn't try it, but it looks like you could hit it while climbing onboard if you...
  90. bindian

    One more dead tree gone

    My Dad has been bugging me to take out a large dead oak tree in his front yard. Yesterday I dug down about 7-8 feet all the way around it and finally got it pushed over. I went back today to cut up the trunk and get the root ball out of the hole. Once again, I had to dig a slope and roll it...
  91. bindian

    lost my steering wheel

    Today, while digging a large oak tree up with 116 hours on my 6520, my steering wheel came off in my hands while I was reprositioning the BH. :mad: I am glad I wasn't driving down the road in 12th gear when it came off. :eek: It was simple to reinstall. :) But please, Mahindra support...
  92. bindian

    Mowing  Seat adjustment lever & mowing

    Standing while mowing, I sometimes hit my calf of my seat adjustment lever when moving around between sitting and standing. :( Has anyone thought about bending it out of the way? Has anyone tried to bend it? :eek: hugs, Brandi
  93. bindian

    Cut Oak Boards

    I have several large oak trees that I will be cutting and taking to a one-man sawmill to be cut into fence (corral) boards. Is there any oak tree varieties that do not do well cut for fence boards? How long do I dry them before nailing them to the posts? :confused: hugs, Brandi
  94. bindian

    Used 5005 for sale

    From the Houston issue of American Classifieds................Used Mahindra 5005 w/ loader,50 HP, only 240 hrs. nice shape $10995 (281)445-0090
  95. bindian

    Oops........neutral saftey switch?

    I just cleared brush for about two hours and turned over 98.7 hours. I took a break and it wouldn't start. I always leave it in neutral. Now all I get is just normal prestart lights, but no green neutral light. I even messed around with the pto and clutch levers, but nothing. Is there...
  96. bindian

    Cloth Seat Covers

    I know this problem won't affect y'all up north. :rolleyes: It is short pant weather down here now and I was wondering if any one sales cloth seat covers for our seats. Mainly the tractor seat, as the BH seat is smaller and short pants usually cover all the vinyl there. But down here, that...
  97. bindian

    BH Actuator Bleed Down

    With a little over 80 hours on my 6520 and 511 BH, how much lovernight actuator bleed down should I expect? My bucket drops several inches and of course the boom is on the lock. But my outriggers bleed down an inch or more and that doesn't seem right. Glad I engage the boom lock, cause it...
  98. bindian

    Transmission/Hydraulic Oil

    I sold my Ford 3055 in February. Gone Mahindra Red and bought a 6520 4WD. I still have 2 & 1/2 gallons of Ambra Multi G 134 Oil with the New Holland brand on it. If any of y'all live near Conroe or Willis Texas, send me a PM and you can have it for free. hugs, Brandi
  99. bindian

    Oil & Fuel  Transmission/Hydraulic Oil

    I sold my Ford 3055 in February. Gone Mahindra Red and bought a 6520 4WD. I still have 2 & 1/2 gallons of Ambra Multi G 134 Oil with the New Holland brand on it. If any of y'all live near Conroe or Willis Texas, send me a PM and you can have it for free. hugs, Brandi
  100. bindian

    PTO Pump

    I am thinking about buying a PTO Pump Kit for my 511 BH. I don't like having to run RPMs over 1700 :eek: to get BH performace from my 6520. :( I understand the PTO Pump in the kit puts out 14 gpm. However, my dealer tells me the PTO Pump Kit is not available for my 6520, but for the 6000...
  101. bindian

    Stumps R Us

    Just wanted to let y'all know I got 48 hours now on my 6520 4WD with no problems. :) I have mostly been digging up stumps and trees. The BH hoses and cylinders get warm only when digging up really big stumps. I'm digging in a lot of red clay that is wet right now. Anyway, here are a couple...
  102. bindian

    6520 4Wd has arrived

    Well guys, My 6520 was delivered Tuesday afternoon. :) I am still dragging a nasal infection around, :mad: so I have only put 4 hours on my Red Beast. Mostly digging up stumps with the BH. My 6 ft Mohawk rotary mower was delivered yesterday, so I gave the loader a short work out. She...
  103. bindian

    Tractor Reliability

    A lot of the questions that I have seen in this forum might be asked to dealer's mechanics and parts people. Find a dealer that has mutliple brands (and models) and talk to the mechanics and parts counter folks when they are not busy and inquire what brands and models seem to have the most...
  104. bindian

    Two week wait

    My Mahindra salesman told me Friday afternoon that it will be two weeks before my 6520 4WD, loader and backhoe will be in. Yeah!!! :) I can not wait to get it. :D I could have had one off the dealer's lot, but that one didn't have the skid steer bucket option :( . So I am waiting two weeks...