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  1. MtnViewRanch

    OEM rear remotes

    Can someone tell me what size & type the fittings are on the hoses that go from the hard lines (at the hard line) to the female QDs in the cast iron bracket? Haven't had any luck in the hydraulic forum. :( Thanks ;)
  2. MtnViewRanch

    Kubota OEM remotes

    Can someone tell me what size & type the fittings are on the hoses that go from the hard lines (at the hard line) to the female QDs in the cast iron bracket? Thanks
  3. MtnViewRanch

    For those of you that have nothing else to do

    My wife saw this and thought I should share.:shocked: Hayman - Crazy Farmer in a Bale Of Hay HD - YouTube
  4. MtnViewRanch

    L48 3pt linkage

    Does anyone know what L model or Grand L model would have the same 3pt hitch linkage as an L48? :confused3:
  5. MtnViewRanch

    Auto save

    How do I find and access the auto save feature for posting? :confused:
  6. MtnViewRanch


    Is it just me or does anyone else have to preview their post before they can insert any smilies? I can PM and insert smilies no problem and the actual smilie shows up. But when posting, I have to preview before I can insert any similies and they show up as code. Can this be changed-corrected, or...
  7. MtnViewRanch

    Kubota OEM rear remotes.

    Would someone please get me the center to center distance from left to right between the Kubota factory rear remote outlets in the cast iron housing. Doing some research and I need to get that dimension. Thanks
  8. MtnViewRanch

    3rd function valves

    What do you guys think is a fair price for an electric 3rd function diverter valve? I have heard some prices thrown out there, but they seem high to me. Maybe I'm still living in the past. Those of you that have bought them and installed them yourself, how much extra stuff did you have to buy...
  9. MtnViewRanch

    OEM top link length.

    Will someone please post the lengths of the OEM 3pt top link from center line of pin to center line of pin collapsed and extended for any of the following tractors CT335, CT440, CT445 or CT450. Just doing some research. Thanks ;)
  10. MtnViewRanch

    Mahindra Website

    Why do these guys put up wrong information on their website? I just don't get it, this is not a small company, but they seem to not proof read their stuff. There have been and are mistakes from earlier changes and additions, but when they list out the flagship of the fleet so to speak (cab 8560)...
  11. MtnViewRanch

    Remotes, what type, how much $ and why?

    For those of you that have hydraulic remotes. What are the uses that you intend to use them for? (Top & Tilt) Grapple :confused3: What type did you get, factory, aftermarket, with float, with detents, electric? :confused2: How much did the valve cost? :eek: If you had to buy more than...
  12. MtnViewRanch

    Factory headlight switch

    Anyone with either a 2815HST, 3215, or 3215HST have a 3 position headlight switch? The owners manual says that the headlight switch is 3 position. Off, dash-running lights, head lights including all lights. Oh and a dimmer switch for the high-low beams that I don't have either.:( My 3215HST...
  13. MtnViewRanch

    Box Scraper  Sizing a Box Blade

    Seems like there is always someone asking about what size of a box blade that they should buy. There are always exceptions, but I think that in general one should get a box that covers their tire track width or up to 6" wider total width. (3" each side) It is my opinion that you should be able...
  14. MtnViewRanch

    How many "TnT" owners

    I was just thinking about my "TnT" set up on both of my tractors. I would be lost without them. A lot of you talk about how much you use your hydraulic top link, but not all that many mention the hydraulic side links. I tend to use the side link more than the top link. In fact if I could only...
  15. MtnViewRanch

    Ballast  Front End Weights

    I was just wondering if any of you use the front end weights. And if you do use them, did you have to buy them separately or did they come with the purchase of your tractor? I know for awhile Mahindra included them with the purchase of a tractor, with some of the models anyway.:confused: I don't...
  16. MtnViewRanch

    3215HST improvements

    Thought that after about 10 months of owning my 3215 I would share the what I consider improvements that have been done to it. To start with, my dealer installed a canopy, a Mahindra factory rear remote, and exchanged the Mahindra OEM spring seat for a 7520 OEM suspension seat for a minor up...
  17. MtnViewRanch

    Tractor Sizing  Most popular size tractor

    This might be best answered by dealers, but anyone can put their 2 cents in. What do you feel is the most popular size tractor sold that we talk about here on TBN? 20hp, 30, 40hp, bigger? Scut, cut, utility.:confused: I have no idea, was just thinking about it. To me something that is 60" wide...
  18. MtnViewRanch


    Well, after 3 months of doing next to nothing with the new 3215HST at my Moms and over at my Brothers place, I finally got to put it to work, out at MtnViewRanch.It looks like it will be quite the little work horse. I have made a few changes since purchasing, added liquid to all 4 tires, put on...
  19. MtnViewRanch

    New 35 Series

    Have any of you seen or heard about these? MahindraUSA 35 Series They look like they are going to be a pretty nice machine. When can we expect to see these at the dealers?
  20. MtnViewRanch

    Yesterdays work

    I know that a lot of you do this all the time, but it is uncommon for us. Just thought that I would share some pictures of some of the work that I did yesterday. We had some snow this last week :D and unfortunately it broke a lot of tree limbs :( in the area that needed to be cleaned up. First...
  21. MtnViewRanch

    New U series tractors

    Has anybody seen any of these yet? Website shows them, but no prices and no FEL. :( Looks like they are a more deluxe tractor than the R series. :cool: Do any of you dealers know anything about these yet?
  22. MtnViewRanch


    I have been looking at an R4944 with loader for quite a while now and was wondering what any of you thought that they might go for. The dealer has had this thing for more than 18 months now and I have never even seen any body else look at it. Not to say that they don't, just never have seen...
  23. MtnViewRanch

    Grading  Road Grading

    Well, while some of you are plowing snow, I graded our road that we share with 3 neighbors. I use the Road Boss Grader when the ground is a little damp so that the redistributed dirt packs better.;)
  24. MtnViewRanch

    Martens Harrows

    Did some harrowing this past weekend using my 15' eight bar 3ph Marten's spiked tooth harrow. Noticed during a few of my stops that I had lost a few spikes.:( Figured no big deal, I will just get in touch with these guys and buy some replacements. Well, Mr Martens will not sell me any,:eek: said...
  25. MtnViewRanch

    7520 Owners

    If any of you have made a belly pan- skid plate please post some pictures of it. I just did an oil change and realized that the bottom of the tractor has gotten pretty beat up. I guess that I have been a little harder on my little guy than I thought.:rolleyes: My biggest concern is that the...
  26. MtnViewRanch

    7520 working with dirt

    Thought that I would post a few pics of some of the work that I got done this past weekend. Scraped and moved a lot of dirt, not sure how much, 100's of yards, maybe close to a 1000.:confused: Was working some slopes with gullies that were up to 6-8 feet deep. I wanted to get these filled in so...
  27. MtnViewRanch

    Box Scraper  Gannon Rollover Box Blade Scraper

    Thought that I would post some pics of my scraper so that they would be here for future references. I am not sure of all the sizes that are currently available, this one is an 81" cat 2, weighs in at about 1000lbs. Rollover scrapers work very good I believe, but everybody does not agree. They...
  28. MtnViewRanch

    Types of implements, polling questions

    We were talking today, and wondering, what type of implements did most people buy, how much did they pay, and were they happy with the implement ( implements )that they bought? Just trying to get an idea of what everybody gets for their tractor. So, here are our questions, and there is no need...
  29. MtnViewRanch

    Types of rear remotes

    I was wondering today, what type of rear remotes does everybody have? When I say what type, what I mean is, how many positions and do they have detents? Do you have 3 position ( up, closed, down ) or 4 position ( up, closed, down, float)? Do your valves have detents to hold control levers in...
  30. MtnViewRanch

    Questions about 1540

    I have been considering a 1540 for a smaller tractor to use for various uses that my Mahindra 7520 is a little to big for. I have 2 dealers within 35 miles of me and I am getting 2 different stories from them about how I want the tractor set up. This is what I was asking for from dealer 1...
  31. MtnViewRanch

    Spiked Tooth Harrow

    I have been thinking about getting a spiked tooth harrow with a 3 point hitch to go over my ground after I've disked it. Hoping to smooth-even the ground out. Do any of you use one, and if you do, are you happy with the results? Does anybody use the adjustable angle spikes, or are they not very...
  32. MtnViewRanch

    Pressure Washer Repair

    I had gotten tired of fighting with my pressure washer trying to get it to work. You know if you have had a similar problem, pull the trigger to start washing and only water comes out, not with any pressure. You let off the trigger, pull again and sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. It gets...
  33. MtnViewRanch

    Local Dealers

    I was wondering, how many of you have that dream dealer? You know, the dealer that brings out different tractors for you to try out at no charge, so you can really see what one you want.:) You buy a tractor from them and they throw in the 1st service with pickup and delivery. Tires filled at no...
  34. MtnViewRanch

    7520 wheel weight pics

    Thought that I would post some pics of industrial wheel weights that we installed last week. Installed 4 sets, 1 set inside and 3 sets outside. I don't plan on taking them off. I have been thinking of maybe 2 more sets. Then I might not have to load the tires. Unfortunately I have had to wait...
  35. MtnViewRanch

    3215 questions

    Has anybody actually bought one of these? The dealers say that they are great, the pictures look pretty good. I haven't seen or read about anybody buying one though. If anybody has one, how do you like it and what other tractors did you consider before you bought? Thanks for your thoughts. Brian
  36. MtnViewRanch

    Flail Mower  Used flail mower prices

    Checking if anybody knows what used flail mowers have been going for. Looking at a 90 inch cut that needs about $300 in repairs I'm guessing. And a 102 inch cut that looks brand new on the underside, still has paint on the cutters. The owner says that the 102 inch was from Cal Trans. The paint...
  37. MtnViewRanch

    Top @ Tilt hydraulics

    I have a question regarding pilot operated check valves on T & T hydraulics. Why would you need these? If you install your new hydraulics with your new control valves, there should be no leakage. Or is there something that I am not understanding? I have T & T on my tractor without POCV's and I...
  38. MtnViewRanch

    Rear remotes for 7520

    Mahindra dealers, would any of you know if there are additional rear remotes available? If they are, could you tell me what I should expect to pay? Thanks in advance for any info Brian
  39. MtnViewRanch

    POWERHOUSEBOY and 7520 (regarding cowl holes)

    Hi guys, another happy 7520 owner here. Thought I would ask you guys about the 4 holes on the right side of my cowl. I know that your tractors are some of the first ones made. Do your tractors have these holes, or anything fastened to them? 7520, did you ever get your wheel weights? Do you...
  40. MtnViewRanch

    New Blue 7520

    OK guys, don't be too hard on me, I had to go <font color="blue">blue</font>. Long story and we don't need to go there at this time. I looked at Massey, Mahindra, Kubota, New Holland, John Deere for more than 2 years. Ended up looking at New Holland and Mahindra when I was finally able to buy...