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  1. Happy Gilmore

    I picked up 28" millstone of some sort today

    I picked this millstone up today, don't really know anything about it, other than the owner found it on an old farm he purchased years ago. It'll be cool yard art. It's 28" in diameter and 10" thick. The center is 5"x5". Not granite, sandstone maybe? Any thoughts on it?
  2. Happy Gilmore

    1927 Worthington Lawn Tractor Ford Model T

    Are any of you guys/gals familiar with this quasi tractor? It's a production model "doodle bug" essentially, built off of a Model T. I went to look at it today and going back for another look tomorrow. It appears complete and I can pick it up for $1k. Do I need it, no, but it sure is neat.
  3. Happy Gilmore

    How about a wannabe made in USA thread?

    I'll start with this one, Ingersoll Rand air compressor caught my eye when I saw the USA red, white and blue logo. Further inspection, yep, visual trickery to a degree, "assembled here" of course. China and Mexico components. Then the electric motor......... "US Motor" you know when you...
  4. Happy Gilmore

    Dirt Moving  Yanmar C25R Track Dump

    Picked up a Yanmar C25R tracked dump today, hours unknown as the the tach / hour meter broke at 900hrs. I gave $1500. I believe it's gray market. It has brand new tracks on it and seems to run pretty good. Left drive sprocket is worn, right is good. I'm supposed to be getting a junker...
  5. Happy Gilmore

    Ford 6610 with dual range synchromesh transmission, looking to buy, ANY CONCERNS ON T

    Quick question, I'm looking at purchasing a 1990 Ford 6610 2wd, 2000 hrs, brand new 18.4-34 rears, barn kept straight machine. I can purchase for $7000. A great price. My only concern is I know nothing about the transmission, I believe it's a DUAL RANGE SYNCHROMESH, lever off the right side of...
  6. Happy Gilmore

    Added a Stihl MS661 C-M to the saw herd.

    My 046 was my biggest saw and I've been wanting this one for a while, so why not. It's pouring outside, so yeah, living room floor picture.
  7. Happy Gilmore

    Dirt Moving  Pulled my first stump with my new to me KX121

    As the title reads, today was the day. I'm new to excavators and I've worked small stumps out with my loader bucket, but that's about where my experience ends. I figured I might as well pull what needs pulling. and pulled a 36" oak stump, just under a year from dropping the tree. Took over an...
  8. Happy Gilmore

    Ford Tractor photo thread, lets start one!

    Let's start a photo thread with current/older Ford tractors. I'd say Ford/NH transition tractors to be included as well. Post year and hours. I'll start with one. 1994 Ford 4630 with 1402 hours
  9. Happy Gilmore

    Finally got the excavator I've been wanting!

    Today was a good day! I've been dreaming about a Kubota KX121-3 for many years and today after over 2 years of steady searching I got my excavator! 2011 KX121-3ST with cab heat/AC, 6 way blade, 24" QC bucket, factory thumb and 932hrs. It's a one owner/operator machine and...
  10. Happy Gilmore

    New Cupola

    I got my new cupola put on the garage today!
  11. Happy Gilmore

    I picked up a new PTO powered chipper

    Took a little trip on Friday to pick up a used Salsco 826 PTO powered chipper. It was one owner and in great shape. I currently have a Salsco 627XT, but thought I'd give the 826 a go. I hooked up the 826 today and I think it's a safe bet that I'll be selling the 627XT.
  12. Happy Gilmore

    Dirt Moving  Bought a John Deere 95 9 foot rear blade

    Picked up this John Deere 95 rear blade today. It a 9 footer and real solid, almost no wear on reversible cutting edge. I'm going to pick up a couple hydraulic pistons to add to it
  13. Happy Gilmore

    Cool old sickle bar mower.

    I picked up a nice old McCormick Deering horse drawn sickle bar today. I've been wanting one for the front yard for a long time! It's a nice one!
  14. Happy Gilmore

    Picked up a 1986 Ford 4610 today

    I have an addition to the fleet, a 1986 Ford 4610. I took a ride to look at it yesterday and decided I had to buy it today. I bought it from the original owner (still had bill of sale from May 1986) and he told me about the day he purchased it, pretty cool. 2400 hours on the clock, rears are...
  15. Happy Gilmore

    Ferri TD42 boom mower

    I just purchased a new Ferri TD42 boom mower. I'll be using it for mowing along the stone walls, ditches, pond and roadside. No pictures, as it hasn't been delivered to the dealer just yet. Spring is around the corner, looking forward to it!
  16. Happy Gilmore

    New Bro-Tek skid plates on the BX

    I installed Bro-Tek skid plates on my BX1500 today. I made it this far without wrecking my HST fan, didn't want to roll the dice anymore.
  17. Happy Gilmore

    Adding a winch to 7 ton trailer

    I am thinking about adding a winch to my Cam Superline 7 ton 20' full tilt deck over equipment trailer. I've got a friend suggesting a Warn M12000. It will be a general use winch depending on whatever situation may arise. Any thoughts?
  18. Happy Gilmore

    Mowing  Picked up a new to me F2680E today

    Brought home a new toy, err tool today, a Kubota F2680E with 72" rear discharge deck. It had 187 hours on it and was stored indoors. Everything looked great on her, so home with me she came for $10,300. Hopefully this will cut my current 5 hour mowing time down a bit.
  19. Happy Gilmore

    Finally ordered a new trailer

    I just placed an order for a trailer today. I've been looking used for a while, not much luck for what I want. I ordered a Cam Superline 6CAM820DOTT. Cam has one they're currently building and my dealer says it should be here in 2 weeks or so. My days of not having a trailer and borrowing...
  20. Happy Gilmore

    Snow  BX2763 plow picked up

    Found a nice little BX2763 plow with hydraulic angle yesterday on CL yesterday. The fella was asking $550, but I was able to get it for $425. No pics yet, but the cutting edge looks to be nearly new. Some surface rust here and there, but that's to be expected. I picked up the quick hitch for...
  21. Happy Gilmore

    60W Incandescent bulbs

    I was picking up a few things at Walmart this evening and noticed they had Sylvania A19 traditional 60W incandescent bulbs on clearance. A 4 pack was $1.00. I haven't seen much around in these bulbs since the govt. phaseout began last January, especially 60W, which used to be the most common...
  22. Happy Gilmore

    Oil & Fuel  Shell Rotella HD Universal Hydraulic Fluid any feedback?

    My father always ran NH fluids in all of our Ford tractors. I've used up the last of what he had last year. Any feedback on Shell Rotella HD for the hydraulic systems on a 4630, 5610 etc? I noticed TSC had 5 gal. pails of it in stock for $59.99.
  23. Happy Gilmore

    Oil & Fuel  Transfer tank water separator recommendations please, just got a new GPI 12v pump

    I have a 50 gallon transfer tank that I keep my diesel in. I've been using a hand crank pump, but just picked up a new GPI 12V 15 GPM pump to replace it. Tractor Supply had it on sale for $249.99, but it was open box and cost me $237.50. I want to add a water separator / filter. What do you...
  24. Happy Gilmore

    Miller CST 280 used opinion

    Found a used Miller CST 280, the guy selling says he's going through a divorce and is asking $700, haven't seen it, but he claims very good condition with leads. He also has a Miller Suitcase X-Treme 8VS for $700, supposedly with new guns and a bunch of wire. He says he wants to get rid of...
  25. Happy Gilmore

    Getting ready to seriously consider a used KX121-3 or KX040

    I've been seriously thinking about purchasing a used lower hour (2000 hrs or less) KX121-3 with a cab. It'll be for general use on the farm, not really looking to travel with it. I'm thinking I'd like to be $40k or less depending on the machine. The newer KX040 is gonna be a bit more than...
  26. Happy Gilmore

    Picked up a little 1" pump on CL today, has a Honda GX31 engine

    Was perusing CL today and happened upon a little 1" water pump for $80. It has a Honda GX31 engine on it, I ended up paying $50.00 for it, figured it was worth the money. It had no gasoline in it, put some fresh gas in her and it fired right up and idled nice. I pulled the pump assembly apart...
  27. Happy Gilmore

    Got a new combo hitch, it's Made in the USA!

    After some looking around I settled on a new USA made combination pintle - 2 5/16" ball hitch. It's made by Wallace Forge in Canton, Ohio. Looks to be very stout and well made.
  28. Happy Gilmore

    Picked up a new tool box today

    Stopped in at Sears today and picked up a new tool box for $699.99. It's a 40" Premium Heavy Duty. The regular price is $1599, and I realize the prices go up and down quite a bit, but this price seemed very good. It's the top and bottom box pictured, just less the single drawer unit in the...
  29. Happy Gilmore

    Got my new woodstove put in today

    Picked up my new Jotul Kennebec 450 wood stove insert yesterday and today I had it installed. We ran the 6" SS liner to the top of the chimney. The old Heatilator had to be notched out for the liner and we put in a block off plate. Install came out real nice. It was a new, leftover...
  30. Happy Gilmore

    Black Friday tool related deals?? Your best one?

    I admit it, I went out on Black Friday this year. Got stuff for my kids and decided to treat myself too. I got a Werner 4' type 1 fiberglass ladder for $17.00 and a Battery Tender for $37.00, both at Home Depot. Anyone else?
  31. Happy Gilmore

    Anyon add a 3rd function to a Ford/NH 3930 or similar?

    I'm looking to add a 3rd function valve to my 3930 with 7310 loader for a grapple. Anyone install one. WR Long said they don't make a kit for it. Any ideas?
  32. Happy Gilmore

    Athol Machine Company 5" vise, one rugged bugger

    I took the girlfriend to a local animal/related items auction this evening, she actually wanted to go. I found my diamond in the rough sitting on the floor next to a bunch of junk. It was an Athol Machine Co. 683 5" vise. I tried not to act to excited about it, but carefully checked it over...
  33. Happy Gilmore

    Ford NH 3930 Shuttle Linkage

    Our 3930 MFWD with 8x8 shuttle was acting a bit on the sticky/sloppy side. I adjusted the linkage so there wasn't as much play and lubed all of the moving linkage parts with Fluid Film. I can't believe I was too lazy to perform this simple task in the past, as opposed to just living with it...
  34. Happy Gilmore

    Customized rear weights for my Kubota BX

    I found a brand new Kubota weight bracket with 3# 55lb suitcase weights on CL the other day and I had just the idea in mind. I had a bracket made up and welded to my Omni 3 point receiver hitch to bolt the weight bracket to. If I ever wanted to hang weights on the front, it'll unbolt and...
  35. Happy Gilmore

    Thinking about a BX2763A plow

    I've been thinking about picking up a BX2763A plow for my BX1500. I contemplated a BX2750 snow blower, but I have a Honda HS1132 blower, and it doesn't really get used much anymore. In the not so deep slushy snow I've found snowblowers to be less than ideal. Do any of you guys have either or...
  36. Happy Gilmore

    Let's post our Made in USA tool finds (yard sales, old store stock, auctions etc)

    Hey guys and gals. Seeing as I have an affinity for finding Made In USA tools that are no longer made here, I figured we could start a thread for new acquisitions to the collection or tool box. If you've recently discovered a tool or related item Made in USA that you purchased, post a pic or...
  37. Happy Gilmore

    Piranha Tooth Bar stump removal

    Been cleaning up around the pond lot and stone walls with the PTB, can't say enough good things about it. I spent around 45 minutes digging up a stump. I could have put a chain around it and pulled it out with one of the Fords, but it was one of those "just because" moments. The roots went...
  38. Happy Gilmore

    Our farm pond has an ancient inhabitant

    Biggest snapper I've seen in the pond yet. It was roughly 18" from front to back of shell. Any guesses as to age?
  39. Happy Gilmore

    NH 565 twine, sisal or plastic?

    Hey guys, I'm down to my last two rolls of NH sisal twine on my 565. I've been thinking of switching over to plastic. What are your thoughts? Does it knot and cut well? Pros / cons?
  40. Happy Gilmore

    US made floor jack

    I figured it's hydraulic in function, so why not. I'm looking to purchase a quality US made floor jack in the 3 to 4 ton range. Any experience, feedback or recommendations?
  41. Happy Gilmore

    Baled a small piece today

    I baled approximately 2 acres today, not much of a yield, just 108 small square. Had the first solid run with the baler this season with no bales coming apart.
  42. Happy Gilmore

    Making a barn out of shipping containers. Any ideas?

    I currently have 2# 20' shipping containers. I just ordered a new 40' container, hopefully be here next week. I'm looking for ideas or pics of putting up a barn style structure up using the containers. I'd back to back the 20's for one side and use the 40' on the opposite side. I was...
  43. Happy Gilmore

    Milk Weed problems

    Hello all, just looking for info regarding controlling or eradicating Milk Weed, we have multiple problem areas in our fields that need attention. Any suggestions or experience in killing it off. Other problematic weeds we have are Dock Weed and Queen Ann's Lace.
  44. Happy Gilmore

    Need a new battery for the BX

    The original battery in my little BX1500 finally cranked it's last amp, it's a goner. Anyone have any thoughts or preferences on a replacement?
  45. Happy Gilmore

    Lincoln Power Mig 180 Dual purchased

    Today I bit the bullet and purchased a new Lincoln Power Mig 180 Dual. I was looking at a Miller 211 as well. I think either one would suit me just fine. New to welding, even newer to MIG. I have a Lincoln 225AC/125DC stick machine and really wanted a wire feed welder as well. The LWS is...
  46. Happy Gilmore

    Picked up a nice little welding rod oven on CL

    Today I managed to pick up a nice little rod oven on Craig's List for $40.00. I'm not sure I really need it right now, but it was 15 minutes away and seemed like a fair price. What do you guys think?
  47. Happy Gilmore

    Guess what I found the other day?

    I was looking around at an old auto parts store the other day and what do I find? Unopened on the shelf for $1.75. I haven't seen it in the little 4oz metal can in years.
  48. Happy Gilmore

    Saw something today that gave me a little hope

    I was driving home today and saw a young boy sitting by the side of the road with an iced tea stand set up. It has been raining here all weekend and still was. I drove past and decided that hey, if he's got enough motivation to sell iced tea in the rain, I'd buy a cup. At $2.00 a cup, it...
  49. Happy Gilmore

    Downeaster 5 Ton Deck Over trailer opinions please.

    I'm thinking of going to look at a Downeaster 10K deck over trailer, it's got a 8x20 deck, which includes a 4 foot beaver tail. Has 6K axles, but titled as a 10K, which is what I want. Looks clean in the pictures. It's a 2006 and supposedly low use, tires and brakes are allegedly good. He's...
  50. Happy Gilmore

    Help identifying wheel weights with picture

    Wondering if anyone could help me ID the rear wheel weights I have. They are factory Ford weights. I have 3 per side on our 5610 and 10 additional. I'm trying to figure out the weight each. Thanks
  51. Happy Gilmore

    Stihl 2 in 1 Filing Guide

    I recently picked up a Stihl 2 in 1 filing guide. It has a round and flat file built in. It sharpens the cutter while taking the raker down to the proper depth all in one motion. Tried it out sharpening a 20" chain on my MS361, seems to work really well. I've always hand sharpened my chain...
  52. Happy Gilmore

    Piranha Tooth Bar

    Just finally pulled the trigger and ordered a Piranha tooth bar for my BX1500. I've been on the fence for quite a while, figured hey why not.
  53. Happy Gilmore

    BX1500, absence while mowing made the heart grow fonder

    After servicing the BX1500 Monday afternoon I put the 48" MMM back underneath her for the first time this year. All I can say is I hadn't realized how much I missed her. I've been mowing this summer with our Cub Cadet 2146 which I resurrected in the beginning the season. Don't get me wrong...
  54. Happy Gilmore

    Poor rabbit got decapitated

    I was out in the yard today and noticed an adult rabbit carcass out back. The head was ripped clean off and entrails pulled out. I was thinking a coyote, possibly last night, but I can't imagine a coyote leaving a large meal behind? Thoughts?
  55. Happy Gilmore

    Definately time for a quick tach plate for the loader

    I think it's definately time for a skid steer quick attach plate for the loader on our Ford 3930 :banghead: Changing out between forks, rock bucket as well as a 6' and 7' bucket with pins is getting to be more than old. I put the forks on today and found myself yet again wishing I had quick...
  56. Happy Gilmore

    Moving granite posts with the 3930

    Picked up and moved granite posts, boy were they heavy! 8 feet in length by 12"x16". Any educated guesses on weight?
  57. Happy Gilmore

    Almost had a very bad day

    I went out and cut my first field today. It almost got real ugly with my mower conditioner :eek: I was turning a corner and camouflaged in the Orchard Grass and Timothy was a hood off my Dad's old 1 ton. Must have blown off this past winter, I hadn't even noticed. I just started to hear...
  58. Happy Gilmore

    Kubota RTV 900 heavy duty struts

    I lucked out today and stopped into my local dealer today who is moving shop to a new property a couple towns over. I picked up a brand new pair of complete heavy duty struts for the RTV. I don't need them right now, but it was a deal I couldn't refuse for $60.00. Regular price is $236.25
  59. Happy Gilmore

    Wrapped up a nice length of fence wire today with the JD 709

    I decided to do a little perimeter mowing around the fields this afternoon with the John Deere 709 rotary mower. As luck would have it I picked up a 20 foot length of heavy fence wire and got it wrapped up around the blades and stump jumper. Decided against doing something completely stupid...
  60. Happy Gilmore

    Picking up on new member posts

    I often find myself playing the guessing game as to if the original poster of a thread is a new member. Don't ask me why, just do I guess. You can usually read the title of a thread and based on its content just kinda tell. I am a fairly new member as well, not knocking anyone. As I type...
  61. Happy Gilmore

    If I hit the lottery

    I can always dream right?
  62. Happy Gilmore

    Haying in Southern New England let's start a thread

    Hey guys and gals (no pun intended) I figured I'd start a thread for hay farmers in Southern New England, namely Mass, CT and RI. A general discussion would be cool, informational and hopefully fun. Interesting points, not limited to; general location, equipment used, type of hay harvested...
  63. Happy Gilmore

    These shades of orange just go together

    Spent a little time out in the woods today :D Maybe it's just me, but Stihl orange/white and Kubota orange are the perfect color combination in my opinion. Somehow I attached the same pic twice
  64. Happy Gilmore

    Motorola Talkabout handheld radios for the farm.

    Does anyone use the Motorola Talkabout radios for farm communication. I was thinking they might be good to use around the farm. Any experience? Would be nice to have a 2 way with me on the tractor or out in the woods for quick communication back to the house or elsewhere.
  65. Happy Gilmore

    Stuck the RTV, 3930 to the rescue

    Out in the back stretch today with my son, he says, Dad go into the mud, and then, that was fun go over there. Over there is where I took the RTV and that is where she got stuck. :thumbsup: After a bit of a walk back to the house (nice day anyway) we headed back out with the 3930 and had...
  66. Happy Gilmore

    Who misses good ole' Made in USA clothing for the farm or around the yard?

    I have to say some of my favorites clothing belonged to my Dad or my Grandpa. Mighty Mac coats made in Gloucester, Mass. Carhartt duck coats, Woolrich button down shirts made in USA. I'm lucky enough to fit into some of their older shirts and jackets. I still buy made in USA Redwing boots...
  67. Happy Gilmore

    Peaceful evening at the farm pond

    Took the kids down to the farm pond to throw stale bread to the fish. Beautiful Easter Evening!
  68. Happy Gilmore

    Black Jack tire repair kit, horrible customer service with a twist

    I bought a Black Jack tire repair kit a couple years back for $50.00. It comes with case, plug needle, reamer and plugs. Seemed like a nice rugged kit and had gotten good reviews. I've used it a few times with good results until recently when the needle broke trying install a plug on a tire...
  69. Happy Gilmore

    Picked up my first welder today

    I picked up a welder on CL today. It's a Lincoln 225AC / 125DC machine. I payed $180 for it with a couple helmets, gloves, old rod and chipping hammer. Tried it before buying, seems to work well. The seller saids it's around 20 years old and he just doesn't weld anymore, never really did...
  70. Happy Gilmore

    Picked up some chicks

    Yesterday morning we picked up a half dozen chicks locally, the feathered type, lol. I've thought about getting chickens for quite some time. Well, I decided hey why not. We got 3 Rhode Island Reds and 3 Barred Rock. They'll be in the basement under the heat lamp for a while, but we're...
  71. Happy Gilmore

    RCK48-15BX mulching or Gator blades

    Hey guys, looking to get some Gator or mulching blades for my RCK48-15BX deck. Any suggestions? No luck on search.
  72. Happy Gilmore

    BX2711 quick hitch for BX1500

    I just picked up a new in the box BX2711 quick hitch for my BX1500 from my local dealer. It was old stock and although I don't currently have a snow plow or snowblower for it yet, I couldn't pass it up for $200 cash complete with everything. If I remember correctly they were priced at $600 new.
  73. Happy Gilmore

    5 gallon pail of oil, need pump recommendations

    I'm looking to get a lever style pump of good quality for dispensing oil from 5 gallon pails. I have a simple plunger style currently which I'm not thrilled with. Any thoughts
  74. Happy Gilmore

    Stick welding class, taking one finally

    I just signed up for an arc welding class at the local vocational school. The class runs one 3 hour night a week for 8 weeks. I've been wanting to take a basic welding class for many years now and finally decided to give it a shot. I'm really looking forward to it as I've never welded before.
  75. Happy Gilmore

    Ford NH 3930 Electrical issue with fuel shutoff solenoid, help please.

    I have a 1995 Ford NH 3930 MFWD. The fuel shutoff solenoid is not closing when turning the ignition off. I've been having this issue for quite some time. On occasion it will shut off with the keyed ignition, however most times I shut it off manually at the pump. The solenoid wire remains hot...
  76. Happy Gilmore

    My two Kubotas

    Here's my RTV and BX1500. My two most used tools on the farm.
  77. Happy Gilmore

    Low 40s and sunny brought out a couple oranges

    Spent the afternoon out and about in the yard with the Kubotas. Decided to hook the rotary mower to the BX1500, mowed a bit of overgrowth, burnt brush, and got a good jump on some pre-spring yard work. Thought I'd post a pic of the pair! Ended a stressful weekend on a positive note.
  78. Happy Gilmore

    Wood Stove Insert for the fireplace, suggestions please

    I'm looking into getting a wood stove insert to be installed in my fireplace. My home is a roughly 1500 sq ft cape with an open stairwell in the center of the home. I've been averaging $750 a month this year heating with oil. Thermostat is kept at 67 degrees. The house was built in 1950 and...
  79. Happy Gilmore

    Picked up a new mag drill for my Valentine's Day present

    After scouring CL for months I finally bought a magnetic drill. I picked up a Unitec ECO.32-T with manual and a few extras including a 1/2" chuck. The OP bought it a few years back for a project car build and was clearing out some things. He claims it only has a couple hours run time. Looks...
  80. Happy Gilmore

    Bolt on cutting edge for BX

    I have tried searching the site as well as google for information on purchasing a standard bolt on cutting edge for my BX1500 loader bucket. I haven't had much luck. I'm not looking for a tooth bar, just a straight bolt on cutting edge. Any feedback is much appreciated, thank you.
  81. Happy Gilmore

    Kubota RTV 900 Worksite, getting delivered Monday

    Hi guys. Getting a new machine for the farm delivered this Monday. I picked up a 2011 Kubota RTV 900 Worksite model with 75 hours. Has the hydraulic dump, canopy, plastic windshield, spray in bedliner and a couple other options. It looks about as close to new as a used machine could. I...
  82. Happy Gilmore

    Ford 95 3930 rear amber lights

    I need to replace the rear amber fender lights on my tractor. I'd like to stick with vertical 2 stud with original brackets. I'm thinking LED, can anyone recommend something good quality with close to the look of oem. The oem which was made by Signal-Stat is approx $120 just for the left...
  83. Happy Gilmore

    Greetings from new members

    Greetings Tractorbynet members, I'm new to the forum and wanted to say hello.