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  1. 300UGUY

    Ethanol vs non ethanol gas

    I have been using E10 out of the local pumps. For my small engines, I always buy the 93 octane premium. I assume it痴 E10. I bought a gas powered log splitter, with a Kohler engine. It has a warning, no E15. I am going to look into what I知 buying, and maybe change gas stations. I知 thinking...
  2. 300UGUY

    Battery minder on a generator ?

    I am thinking of putting a battery minder on my whole house generator. Can I leave it on while the Jenny is running? I think I can, but I would like some other thoughts .....
  3. 300UGUY

    D&G Deere dealer now selling Kubota?

    Just heard this today. D&G are a large chain of John Deere stores, in Michigan. I found it surprising, I noticed that come up on Google as Kubota Dealer. These guys sell big iron, big combines, all green unti now? This also puts a much smaller Kubota dealer about a mile away in a bad...
  4. 300UGUY

    TBN merchanduse?

    I'd like to get a TBN coffee mug, any chance of TBN selling them? I know its not a high profit item....:)
  5. 300UGUY

    Illinois cop that committed suicide...

    This may not be the right forum for this, so if it needs to be zapped, I understand. I have been reading the news of the cop in Illinois that committed suicide. Reading his list of crimes and unethical behavior is pretty shocking to me. It leaves me with a bunch of questions: How did he ever...
  6. 300UGUY

    Roofing nailer

    I need to repair the roof on a commercial building I own. The shingles on one side a getting pretty funky. The other side already had a 2nd covering of shingles and looks ok. I plan on putting a 2nd roof on the bad side, I don't want to do a tear off, as I plan on selling the building in a...
  7. 300UGUY

    Trailer hitch on 99 Suburban - will it fit a 2002 1500 pickup?

    Looking for a trailer hitch for my 2002 1/2 ton chevy pickup. A local has a hitch from a 99 Suburban for sale, anybody know if it will fit?
  8. 300UGUY

    Weather forcing people to move?

    We have had 2 pretty stiff winters here in Michigan, and most of the north. I had 2 neighbor's move into town last year, they both bought condos. The winter was really the last straw for them, they just could not handle it anymore. And I have several friends that are talking about moving to...
  9. 300UGUY

    Snow Decisions?

    I waiting until tomorrow to plow out my property and the neighbors, I want to have all the snow down, I don't care to do it twice. What do you guys do?
  10. 300UGUY

    Basement floor prep

    I might be working on putting a concrete floor in the basement of a building. Floor is 1500 sq ft. To get it to a full 8 ft, I need to remove about 16 in of matieral, over the whole surface. Access is only a staircase. One problem is the volume of matieral. My calculation is about 74...
  11. 300UGUY

    Longest power outage?

    I was just thinking about checking my genset out, it's a propane unit, 15kw. The longest I've been out is 7 days. Consumer's power, in Michigan.
  12. 300UGUY

    "Programming error"

    I have been trying to access a thread, "Good Morning" , on rural living. I keep getting a error - it says that the website has a error. I can get on other threads, but not this one, so that sounds goofy?
  13. 300UGUY

    Rust proofing effective?

    I am buying my wife a new vehicle in a few weeks, I am interested in rust proofing. Is any of it really any good? I try to buy new and drive it to death. Most cars around here are showing rust after 5 to 7 years. A lot of salt used around here.
  14. 300UGUY

    Spraying for skeeters?

    I am thinking of having my yard sprayed by Terminex. To go out into our yard is tough, the skeeters are literally in clouds. A friend of mine had his yard sprayed, and he can actually go outside without wearing a long sleeve shirt. I cannot. I have a couple of concerns: 1) How toxic is this...
  15. 300UGUY

    New Stabilisers from Mark Hodge.

    I recently had a problem with my stabilisers on my L3400, the turnbuckle came loose, and let the lift arm rub on the tire. No real damage, just a scare. So I looked for a better way - and I found Mark Hodge on this forum. He makes a real nice stabiliser package. I was impressed with the...
  16. 300UGUY

    New gas cap

    I have a Troy Bilt tiller with a 8 hp Kohler engine, and the gas cap is cracked. Any idea as to where I might find a new gas cap?
  17. 300UGUY

    Plumbing question - water pressure in shower is surging?

    I think it might be the pressure tank. I can't think of another reason for the pressure variation? The tank is about 25 years old, so it doesn't owe me anything!
  18. 300UGUY

    Roads better or worse in your state?

    I live in Michigan, and our roads have been going downhill for years. But it really seems to be hitting bottom here, no pun intended. Our roads are more like 3rd world status, and things like bridges are close behind. I know part of the reason is that we have the highest truck weight limits...
  19. 300UGUY

    Generator problem

    I have a Generac 15KW generator, it's been reliable for about 10 years. I shut it off while we are sleeping, simply to save a couple of bucks. This am, I tried to start it, and it would run itself for a few seconds, and then shut off. I checked the propane tank, so I had fuel. I checked the...
  20. 300UGUY

    Favorite Youtube vids?

    I have been watching less tv - I have Direct TV, it seems that Springsteen was right - " 57 channels and nothings on". So I started looking at vids on Youtube - a lot is tractor stuff, but also hidtory, like WW2 vids. Any recommendations?
  21. 300UGUY

    My garden greenhouse

    Pretty neat build. I saved the site, hopefully next year I can do something like that.
  22. 300UGUY

    Woods bh7500 backhoe

    I am looking at a woods backhoe, it was made for a machine that the seat turns around. What would it take to mount it on my l3400? Or is it more trouble than it's worth? What would a subframe cost?
  23. 300UGUY

    Admitting defeat....

    I am planning to sell my 1999 GMC 2500 truck. I rarely use it, putting on less than 1K per year over the last several years. It's lived in the barn, has 96K miles. I cleaned it up nice, then found that the a/c didn't work, the compressor is locked up. I think no problem, I've done a couple...
  24. 300UGUY

    Clouds of skeeters!

    My yard is uninhabitable right now. The mosquitos were bad yesterday, but are horrible today. Is there any treatment I can use, and is it safe to used around animals? Even my goats are cowering in the barn.
  25. 300UGUY


    We got called by some old friends this evening, invited out for dinner. We met them in a local restuarant. We hadn't seen them in 5 years. They are both 60. They looked terrible, both having had cancer and several other health issues. After dinner, we walked out to their car, where they...
  26. 300UGUY

    Your future?

    I was doing some work outside today, cutting down some scrub trees and turning them into firewood. My Kubota sure came in handy. I got to thinking about how fortunate I am, to have the toys to do this kind of thing, and the health to go with it. I got to thinking about the future for my wife...
  27. 300UGUY

    Overhead door

    I have a overhead door on my barn. I have one roller that is squealing, I think it is dragging. Is it worth fixing, or should I just let it squeak?
  28. 300UGUY

    Hydrualic quick connects the same?

    I noticed a ad for a pressure gage set up for a hydrualic connector, sold for bx25's. I have a L3400, will the gage work on my connectors?
  29. 300UGUY


    I try to be positive, but I am getting tired of my neighbor's. I am the only able guy in about a mile along my road. I have lived here for over 25 years. We were the youngest folks here when we moved in, and we still are. I do a lot of little repairs and assistance to my neighbor's. I've...
  30. 300UGUY

    8 GPM valve ok for a Kubota L3400?

    I am thinking of adding on a couple of remotes to my bota, and I am wondering if I could use these valves for a top and tilt operation.
  31. 300UGUY

    Not very scientific crop survey.

    My wife and I took a ride today, stopping and looking at different farmer's crops. The corn looked short everywhere, and the ears looked to be very short and thin. The soybeans looked pretty good, canopied over nicely, lots of pods with beans visible in the pods. One hayfield looked good, we...
  32. 300UGUY

    Shear pins or slip clutch on bushog?

    I was trying to whack down some russian olive on my place today, and I broke 3 shear pins. I am trying to be careful, but I seem to run into something occasionally. I know how shear pins are supposed to work, so I am not putting harder pins in. Do you guys think I could damage my L3400...
  33. 300UGUY

    Value of a 1975 chevy 4x4

    I am helping a neighbor, he wants to sell his 1975 chevy pickup. It runs, body has rust, 94K miles. Any idea at all on value? I looked online, not much data on old vehicles like that. I am thinking $1500 or B/O ?
  34. 300UGUY

    Craftsman 18 hp hard to turn over?

    I have a problem with a Craftsman mower with a B&S 18 hp motor. I put a new solenoid and starter on, it doesnt want to start. It turns over very slowly. Plenty of oil, but the battery is dead. I have been trying to jump start it with a battery charger. Is the engine simply shot? I really...
  35. 300UGUY

    Website for wife's biz?

    I am looking for info on a website for a small biz. We currently have one thru AT&T, but I am not impressed with it, and it is pretty expensive. A few things I'm looking for: 1) something I can maintain or change myself? If possible. 2) reasonable cost. The AT&T "package" is supposed to go...
  36. 300UGUY

    Superbowl Commercials

    Great game, right up to the end, but for me, the best part was the Clint Eastwood ad for Chrysler. Really great stuff.
  37. 300UGUY

    Golf carts at tractor shows.

    I went to the Florida flywheelers show today. My dad went with me, and he had his back operated on a week ago, and he can't walk or stand for very long. So I rented a golf cart. What surprised me was that it looked like 90% of the folks there had carts. Very few people walking. I've been...
  38. 300UGUY

    Unholy trinity

    I cleared out my lane that goes to the back of the property today, it had gotten hard to get tru for about 100ft. The brush is a mixture of russian olive, some sort of wild rose, and what looks like grapevine. Really nasty to cut out. I think the guy who decided to import russian olive into...
  39. 300UGUY

    Dad needs a hobby

    My dad is 76, and until recently in excellent health. He has had back surgery and is facing a long period of rehab, and basically cannot do his regular activities. I am planning to buy him a couple of scale model kits, it's something I think he will enjoy. Any thoughts on this generally, and...
  40. 300UGUY

    Does anyone work for Comcast?

    I tried to get comcast set up at a place I just bought. I want cable, phone & net. One guy answered the phone, asked my zip code, ( not a comcast guy ) I got transferred to another guy for sales. Not a comcast guy. Fine. Got all my info, transferred to Luis, from Mexico, for installation...
  41. 300UGUY

    Little Giant Extreme ladder?

    I am thinking of buying one of these ladders. What is your opinion of them? Worthwhile or a goofy gadget?
  42. 300UGUY

    Commercial property insurance

    I am in the process of buying a commercial building for my wife's business. I have not owned commercial property before. I need to get insurance on this building, but I don't seem to be getting much traction from local agents. Examples: * One agency told me that all their underwriters were...
  43. 300UGUY

    Sickle Bar  mower parts

    I was at TSC today, and they had some parts that I think are mower guards or fingers? Sickle bar mower stuff, on clearance, 50 cents apiece, the original tags were marked $11.50. I guess they aren't going to carry them at this store anymore.
  44. 300UGUY

    Forwarding phone calls?

    My wife is moving her biz from one side of the county, to a spot closer to home. The present shop is in another area code. Can we keep the same number? or forward to a new number indefinately?
  45. 300UGUY

    Wierd weather

    In the last 30 minutes, it's been very sunny, very overcast, snowing, back to sunny, now overcast again. Michigan weather.
  46. 300UGUY

    Good morning!!!!

    Just thought I'd start a Good Morning thread. Dry, and headed into the low 60's here in S. Michigan. Have a good one!!
  47. 300UGUY

    Tiller  New County Line tiller!

    I dropped the hammer today and got a new 6 ft county line tiller. I know it is not a King Cutter, but it is made by Tartar Gate, and they seem to have a decent warranty, and it is American made. The price was pretty good, $1200 and they threw in the gear oil and 2 free hats. I got a bit...
  48. 300UGUY

    Tiller  King Kutter Pro vs King Kutter II?

    What are the differences between the 2 units? I looked at the KK site, and didn't see what the differences were. The local tsc has a tartar gate KK clone. Are they any good? They also have a hawkline tiller, looks ok, probably chinese?
  49. 300UGUY

    Backhoe  Koyker KB-85

    I see 2 backhoes availible locally, a Koyker KB-85, or a MF 1710. Which would be the best match for my L3400. I really want a backoe, but don't want to get one too big.
  50. 300UGUY

    Price Check  DK35SE HST PRICE?

    I have been looking at buying a new tractor, and have narrowed it down to Kubota and Kioti. I have a price for a DK35SE HST - with loader, quick attach bucket. Price = $21,730, inc tax. The dealer is about 30 miles away, seems decent. I have a qoute on a Kubota, L3400, HST, quick attach...
  51. 300UGUY

    New Tractor L4400 HST

    I am looking at a L4400 HST, with loader. What do you think of this model? How does it compare to the Grand L? Is a price of 22,790 + tax decent?
  52. 300UGUY

    Loader for a Yanmar 336

    I have an oportunity to buy a 336, but it doesn't have a loader. Any hope of getting one ?
  53. 300UGUY

    Steam Tractor Show this weekend - Fowlerville Mi.

    This weekend there is a steam tractor show in Fowlerville Michigan. It is at the Fowlerville fairgrounds, about 1 mile west of Fowlerville on Grand River.
  54. 300UGUY

    Dark Horse implements

    I went to our local TSC in Howell, Michigan. The store has 3 different lines of 3 pt implements, King Kutter, Farm Force, and Dark Horse. The Dark horse seems to be built a little lighter on some things, for example the 4 ft rear blade, the Farm Force 3 pt pin ears are .500 steel. On the Dark...
  55. 300UGUY

    Chipper  Dark Horse Chipper?

    I was at our local TSC a week ago, and I saw a chipper that was painted a dark gray. Looked to be a 6" model, 3 point. Didn't see a data plate or anything, and didn't have time to really look at it much? Has anybody else seen one? Plan on going back later this week.
  56. 300UGUY

    Newer model Yannies - LMTC & others

    What do you think of the newer Yannies, the fx models and others with the ufo controls, are they a good buy? Are the ufo controls still being put on new Jap yannies? Or have they upgraded to something else? Are there any other non Japanese makes that have similar controls? Thanx!!