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  1. JDeerekid

    Gc1725m tire chains

    Told my buddy that spacers are a good thing either way, just odd that his dealer said chains would fit without any spacers when you can clearly see they would not. Thanks for the picture and the recommendation!
  2. JDeerekid

    Gc1725m tire chains

    My friend bought a new tractor last year mainly for snow removal. It has r4 tires and wanted to put chains on the rear tires for traction. Bought a set of chains the dealer recommended from Got the right rear installed no problem. Went to put the left rear on and there isn't...
  3. JDeerekid

    Block heater for 4340C???

    Does anyone out there that has a 4340C or similar have a block heater installed?? If so was it dealer installed or did you do it yourself?? I would like to put one on my 4340C as I don't like starting it cold when it is below zero. It does start fine but it don't like it. It there a part#...
  4. JDeerekid

    Backhoe  Used Farmtrac 4007 backhoe Help

    My neighbor has a farmtrac 270dtc with a 4007 model backhoe that he doesn't use very often anymore. He has offered me use of the backhoe if I could put it on my tractor a Montana 4340C. It is a subframe mount so I will need to either buy or fabricate some mounts for my tractor. My questions...
  5. JDeerekid

    Flail Mower  Help Flail Mower Model???

    I finally joined the flail mower group. I just picked this mower up which I was told is a Motts/Alamo flail mower. I have no idea what model it is and there is no tags on it to tell me. It measure about 77" wide. I hooked it up and it runs ok but it does vibrate alot on startup and you must...
  6. JDeerekid

    Where in the US can I get a trailer cheap???

    I am getting closer to purchase a trailer to haul my tractor and things around. I am by no means looking for a cheaply built trailer just a good trailer for the best money. I know in my neck of the woods we pay a slight premium price as most trailers are bought out west or south and resold...
  7. JDeerekid

    How to prepare large area for hay seeding?

    I have been approached by a buddies father of mine to see if I would prepare approx. 25 acres of his property to put into horse hay. I haven't seen it yet but will this weekend. My questions are: Am I biting off more than I can chew? I will be doing it all with my Montana 4340C with 2...
  8. JDeerekid

    Planters  Ford 309 Planter Plates

    Does anyone know where I can get Plates for a 2-row Ford 309 Planter. This planter is in mint condition and looks brand new but it does not have plates with it. I am looking for plates to put in sweet corn. Here is a picture of one. I don't have pictures of the one I am looking at. Thanks
  9. JDeerekid

    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating  Lets See Pictures of Your Snow Piles Made by Your Compact Tractor

    With all the snow we have been getting this year I have made some relatively high snow piles. I didn't really need to because I have the rear snowblower, but I like doing it just to see how high I can make it. What I would like for all of you to do is take a picture of your tractor and your...
  10. JDeerekid

    Linking PhotoBucket pictures to your own website???

    I know this is an odd question to ask on this tractor site but I know some of the members on here have there own websites and also use photobucket. My question is I am building a website for my uncles business and there is a page that he wants to show a bunch of pictures. Right now there are...
  11. JDeerekid

    Montana 4340C Problem - need help ASAP

    Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp:eek::confused: Up till now I haven't had a problem with my tractor but now it will not start. It is arould 20 degrees out maybe a little colder and I went out to start it cause it is my snow plow machine and it started right up fine. I let it run to warm up about 15 minutes...
  12. JDeerekid

    Quick-Tach SS Plate

    I am looking for a quick-tach plate for my tractor so I can mount a plow blade to it. Been looking on ebay and wondering what other think of this one and if anyone knows where to get one cheaper. eBay Store - ATVxpress: SKID STEER PRODUCTS, TRACTOR PRODUCTS, SHOE CHAIRS
  13. JDeerekid

    2008-2009 Tractors in Snow Pics and Videos

    I know there are other threads with winter snow pics and tractors in the snow, but I figured we could start a new one for this winter season. We can all add and update the thread with pics and videos throughout the winter. So hear are some of my tractor and snowblower. We have had quite a few...
  14. JDeerekid

    Snow  Montana 4340C Playing in the Snow

    Well I was out plowing and blowing out a few driveways that I am doing this year and got some video. We had alot more snow last week but we had a alot of rain in the last few days so it doesnt look like much. We got about 8" all together but I cleaned the driveways twice with about 4" each...
  15. JDeerekid

    Montana Tractor Roll Call

    I figured that we can give everyone and update on all of our tractors:) And of course pictures would be appreciated:D Model[s] tractor owned - 4340C Date tractor purchased - 2/27/08 How many hours on tractor - 180+ Reason you bought - Wanted larger tractor for snow removal, bush hogging, and...
  16. JDeerekid

    Challenger made by Iseki

    The slot for the 3pt hitch is labeled as Position Control, that is suppose to be the lever for the 3pt hitch so I dont understand why it is not working. The empty slot next to it is for the optional draft control. I am wondering do you have 1 or 2 knobs below the seat. One some tractors that...
  17. JDeerekid

    Challenger made by Iseki

    Very nice looking unit. Now from what I can tell you have 2 sets of rear remotes to control hydraulic functions of implements. The controls to those remotes are the 2 levers on the right side rear(labeled 1 & 2). Then you have a set of power beyond ports on the right rear of the tractor that...
  18. JDeerekid

    Challenger made by Iseki

    When are we going to see pictures of the new to you machine. I am curious about the way you said the 3pt is controled and the extra hydraulic outlets are controlled.
  19. JDeerekid

    L3010 HST Service

    My neighbor asked me to find someone to service her tractor for here. I told here that I would do it for here just buy the oil, filter, etc. Her tractor is a L3010 HST. She doesnt have a manual for it because her father bought it at an auction for her and it didnt come with one. Also I dont...
  20. JDeerekid

    Land Clearing for my neighbor

    Just thought I would share some pictuers of what I have been doing on my spare time. My neighbor approached me last year about clearing off a large chunck of his property that had been overgrown with tall weeds and brush. At the time all I had was my ford 8n with the 5ft bush hog and I said I...
  21. JDeerekid

    What lights would you recommend?????

    I am looking for a rotary amber lightbar like the ones that people use on plow trucks to put on my tractor. I would like a mini light bar off some sort with dual rotating lights. I am thinking something with magnets as the part of the roof is metal so I won't need to make any mounting plates...
  22. JDeerekid

    Questions on 3rd Function Kit

    I know this has been talked and posted about numerous time and I have gone and searched everytihing that I can find about them. I have come to the fact that I want the W. R. Long Electric over Hydraulic Valve Kit. I have a Montana 4340C tractor that I will eventually put a grapple on and a...
  23. JDeerekid

    Farmers Almanac Predictions

    Just wondering what everyone out there thinks this winter is going to be like. The farmers almanac is predicting a colder, wetter, and higher amounts of precipitation this winter for most of us. Do any of you out there have predictions based on the past or your experiences. One thing my...
  24. JDeerekid

    John Deere Show on RFDTV -friday 8pm

    Just wanted to let everyone know that on RFDTV they are going to have an hour and a half show to showcase all of their new products for the year. I just saw a commercial for it while watching the farm report.
  25. JDeerekid

    Anyone have a roadside veggie stand????

    I just wanted to share a project that I have done this year for some supplemental income to pay for tractor. This year I grew around 3 acres of sweet corn that turned out excellent with all the rain we have gotten this year. Along with that I made my garden way bigger that it used to be and...
  26. JDeerekid

    Received package in the mail today

    I went to the mailbox today to see that I got a box from Montana Tractors. Inside it had a nice looking envelope with special cool looking paper that was card saying thanks for buying a Montana. It also have a Hat, a cool key chain, and a t-shirt. My only dissapointment is that I am not going...
  27. JDeerekid

    Very Deep Plowing...Why?

    I was just messing around on YouTube and came across some videos that had some huge 2 bottom plow looking thing plowing using 2 or more tractors. What is the purpose for this? Why not use a regular plow with multiple bottoms and use 1 tractor. Does it still leave a hardpan bottom. Is it a...
  28. JDeerekid

    Tires  Whats best product for loading tires

    I am wondering what is the best and most cost effective product to load my rear tires with. I have a montana 4340C with a loader. I dont feel tipsy on it but I was wonder if more weight would give me better traction. Tires are R4's. I know I don't want calcium because of corrosion. Had my...
  29. JDeerekid

    Silo goes TIMBER in storm

    Yesterday we had a really nasty storm come through with very high winds, rain, and hail. Luckily my property sustained minimal damage. Just a couple branches fell. About a mile or so north of me sustained the most damage, many trees down on top of cars and houses. Whole trees uprooted, many...
  30. JDeerekid

    3-Point Hitch  4340C 3pt Hitch problem or not?

    I just put my bush hog on for the first time on this tractor and ran it for about 20 minutes before I started hearing a noise in the 3pt hitch. It is only when I lift it. It sounds like when you lift for loader all the way and hold the lever, it whines. I checked the hydraulic fluid level and...
  31. JDeerekid

    Plowing, Tilling, and Planting with the 4340C

    Been doing some work with the tractor and lovin every minute of it. Don't have any pics of plowing but some of the fields afterwards. Some pics of tilling some wet dirt, had to go out and try it, didn't get stuck but came close. Wish I had the r1 bar tires but just have to wait for it to dry...
  32. JDeerekid

    Planters  Looking for parts for a my new old JD 1240 and 494 planters

    I recently purchased an old JD 1240 4-row planter and a JD 494 4-row planter. My father went up to the local JD dealer today and they told him that we can get new seed hoppers for the 494 but not for the 1240. Why is this the 494 is older but can still get more parts. Oh the 1240 is plateless...
  33. JDeerekid

    Tiller  Tiller vs Disc...Need Help to decide

    I am in the process of plowing alot of ground for some crops for my neighbor and myself. The problem is I don't have a disc anymore. The one I used was my grandfathers and he got rid of it before I could get my hand on it. Anyway I am either going to buy a new 7 foot kk box frame disc or a...
  34. JDeerekid

    New Tractor Commercials on TV

    I was just wondering what everyones thought on the different tractor brand commericals were. The last couple of days I have seen 5 different tractor brand commericals multiple times within an hour on different channels. John Deere, Kubota, Case, Massey Ferguson, and Mahindra. I also want to...
  35. JDeerekid

    Planting corn questions

    My neighbor has approached me about growing corn on his land. This because I now have a large tractor and he has about 60-80 acres that he thinks he is going to make money on. The land has just been bush hogged for as long as I know of which is about 20 years. His plans are to grow corn and...
  36. JDeerekid

    Toolbox for Cab tractors

    Has anyone every built or bought a toolbox for there cab tractor. I was thinking of building or buying a box of some sort and putting it on top of one of the fenders inside the cab for tools extra pins and that sort. Maybe even put a little cooler on the opposite side. Pictures please if...
  37. JDeerekid

    Looking for a new brush hog for new tractor

    Hi, I am looking for a new brush hog for my new Montana 4340C and would like some opinions of what people are using, likes and dislikes, and cost. The tractor is 43hp sync reverser. I figure I will go with a 6ft min. Can I go bigger? I have looked and priced at my local dealers. - John...
  38. JDeerekid

    Front Grill Guard for 4340C

    I was just wondering if there is a factory grill guard or after market grill guard for the Montana tractors. I would like to purchase one because I have noticed when lifting snow that some falls down on to the grill. I just dont want anything heavier like rocks or dirt to fall on it and...
  39. JDeerekid

    Finally bought my first new tractor

    I went to my local Montana dealer yesterday after alot of research on different compact tractors to see if I could get a loan for a new tractor. They called me today and said I got the loan and they are gonna deliver the tractor thursday night. I am getting a new 4340C with loader and rear...