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  1. tradosaurus

    Home incinerator project

    I've researched ideas for a home incinerator to use outdoors. The only purchased item that comes close to what I want is $2300 and $1300 shipping. I have this burn barrel but because it's difficult to get the ash out, rain causes the ash to rust the bottom of the barrel I need a big...
  2. tradosaurus

    Cowboy Coffee? Mmmmmmm

    I made cowboy coffee using an enamel 3 qt coffee pot I bought off of Amazon. If you have a gas stove its easier to control the boil. I have an electric stove and have watch it like a hawk as I adjust the temperature from a boil to a rolling boil (generally High setting to about 3.5 setting on...
  3. tradosaurus

    Zero Turn front tires

    My front tires keep losing air (slowly) and I'm tired of putting air in the tires. I have to use a foot pump because the valves are difficult to access. Anyone use solid tires on the front of their zero turn? Front Solid Tire Puncture Proof
  4. tradosaurus

    What is this?

    Found this item hidden away from the previous owner of the house. What's your guess?
  5. tradosaurus

    Big Tex 14ET - 18 Ft trailer for sale ($6500)

    Big Tex 14ET Big Tex 14ET-18dual axle trailer rated at 14,000 lbs. 2-5/16" coupler, 12,000# Drop Leg Jack- Side Wind Against Bed Nev-R-Adjust Electric Brakes on All Hubs Spare Tire Mount (Front) Have Title and is currently registered for the road. Everything works. Located in East Texas.
  6. tradosaurus

    Broken fan blade

    Out on my 2021 MX5400 in my woods cutting brush and had a small stick come up underneath and shear off all the fan blades. I'm within my 2 year Kubota warranty but I would be surprised if that covers it. I'm pretty sure my home insurance will cover it but will see where the repairs goes...
  7. tradosaurus

    Sticker shock

    I received an email from Kubota about their 84 mo, 0% financing on L60 tractors so for sheets and giggles I built a L4760 HST w/ cab on their website. After adding all the options I would like I came to $76,500. Woah.
  8. tradosaurus

    MX5400 and Top N Tilt kit

    Anyone with a MX5400 that has installed an aftermarket Top N Tilt Kit? I'm wondering what size I will need. I have two rear remotes; one is a double acting valve and the other is a Float detent valve. At a loss to what I need.
  9. tradosaurus

    What if....?

    I mulled over the possibility of selling my tractor and maybe implements and just hire out jobs as I need. I bought a L3301 back in 2019 and in two years after I sold it I put 100 hrs on it. Most of that 100 hrs was making a walking trail through my woods. I then upgraded to an MX5400 and...
  10. tradosaurus

    Bad Boy 4035 Tractor?

  11. tradosaurus

    New MX5400 has arrived

    I was fortunate that the MX5400 was already on the lot. Dealer had to order the remotes, 3rd function and install which took about a month from ordering. I'm attaching the build sheet with additional options not listed in the Kubota build site. Used Equine discount (20%) and my ag exemption...
  12. tradosaurus

    Upgrade seat in L or MX?

    Anyone upgrade their seat in the L series or MX series tractor?
  13. tradosaurus

    Operating tractor in 4wd all the time?

    Bringing a discussion from a Kubota thread here. I've heard different opinions on operating a tractor in 4wd. My last L3301 which I only racked 91 hrs before selling I kept the 4wd engaged all the time. 100% of my work was on dirt or grass. I'm curious what of others opinions and...
  14. tradosaurus

    Widening tires

    Before I am to take possession of a MX5400 I talked to the salesman and he said he would recommend widening the front tires as widening the rears would put them outside the front bucket footprint. I am going with R1 tires and the rears will be filled. I wasn't aware you could widen the front...
  15. tradosaurus

    MX5400: Help with options

    I'm going through the Kubota website and building my MX5400 with options. I decided to wait on the TopNTilt kit and not do the draft control or the bolt on cutting edge (I will get through Everything Attachments). Biggest question is should I go for 2 or 3 rear remotes? Here is how the...
  16. tradosaurus

    L3301 4x4 HST tractor and Loader - $20,500

    L331 4x4 HST tractor and Loader - farm & garden - by owner - sale I am selling my L3301 with bucket. Comes with grapple, 3rd function, loaded rear R1 tires, cutting bar on the front of bucket. I have about 91 hrs on the tractor that I bought new from Texarkana Tractor 2 yrs ago. I will be...
  17. tradosaurus

    EQuine discount and 0% financing?

    Anyone ever get both promotions on a tractor?
  18. tradosaurus

    Is now a good time to sell used tractor?

    Been mulling over selling my L3301 Kubota with 91 hrs and upgrading to an MX series. I'm only 2 yrs into my 5 yr Kubota loan. Seems like used tractor prices are elevated.
  19. tradosaurus

    PTO generator selection help

    I am looking at buying a PTO generator but all the information on youtube and post is confusing. I need someone to explain the sizing, the operation, and hookup without using too many acronymns and as if they are teaching a 6th grade class. I have a Kubota L3301 tractor with 28 PTO hp. I'm...
  20. tradosaurus

    Backpack blower vs handheld?

    I have a Ryobi handheld blower that works great but after about 20 minutes of using it it really wears on my shoulder. Not trying to spend a lot of money but I did notice the local hardware/appliance...
  21. tradosaurus

    Bxpanded Hydraulic Pressure Test & Adjust Kit

    Got my Hydraulic Pressure Test & Adjust Kit from BXpaned in the mail today. Came with pressure gauge and 3 shims. Where the **** do I connect the pressure gauge? I'm assuming it's the quick disconnect with the white rubber cap? As that is what the instructions that came with the kit indicate.
  22. tradosaurus

    Ideas to protect the hydraulic filter?

    I bent my hydraulic filter for the second time. Completely exposed on the "passenger" side of the tractor. Anyone have any ideas how to protect it from being damaged? I was thinking about welding a schedule 40 pipe so that the filter sits within the pipe but I could still get an oil filter...
  23. tradosaurus

    3 pt won't raise/lower with load

    Went to use my rotary cutter and the 3 point won't raise and lower it. I checked the adjustment dial under the seat that controls the pressure of the 3 pt hitch. That didn't work. I saw a dark puddle on the ground under the "passenger" side of the tractor where the hydraulic valve is located...
  24. tradosaurus

    What is this wire?

    I was performing my 50 hr maintenance on my L3301 and noticed a wire with two ends hanging loose. I was under the "passenger" side of the tractor. Anyone know where the two ends attach?
  25. tradosaurus

    Price check on L4060

    I am going to check out a Grand L4060 with HST at the Kubota dealer where I bought my L3301 6 months ago. What price range should I expect on this tractor? I know I'm going to take a hit on trade in but I am understanding the tractors are valued by hours and not age necessarily.
  26. tradosaurus

    Red is gas, Yellow is Diesel!

    Well I finally made the mistake of putting regular gas in my tractor. I have two 5 gal cans that are colored yellow that have diesel and three 5 gal cans colored red that I have non-ethanol gas for my zero turn. I woke up after my nap yesterday and bleary eye went to fill up the tractor that I...
  27. tradosaurus

    Echo chainsaw won't tight chain

    I had to bring my Echo chainsaw in under warranty a few months ago because the tightening screw was stripped. After it was fixed I made sure to be careful not tighten it too much. Today the chain was loose and the screw would tighten anymore. I'm wondering if I am doing anything wrong? I'm...
  28. tradosaurus

    Fuel gauge reads empty but half tank remaining

    I was doing work in the woods with my L3301 and noticed the fuel gauge was getting close to empty. I stopped the rotary cutter and drove back to my driveway. My fuel tank holds about 11 gallons but I was only able to get 5 gallons in the tank by visual inspection through fill hole. I hope...
  29. tradosaurus

    transmission oil filter price. $67 Getting ready for the 50 hrs service. This price seem extreme for a transmission oil filter for my L3301 HST. What is the Wix compatible number?
  30. tradosaurus

    2019 Honda Pioneer 700-4

    Just bought a 2019 Honda Pioneer 700-4. I traded in a 2011 Yamaha Grizzly 450 EPS. I wasn't planning on buying a new side by side but it seemed like new...
  31. tradosaurus

    XTreme Duty 72" Box Blade

    I ordered this today from Everything Attachment. Looking forward to having ability to graded driveway, make trails, and have ballast. Just be aware that some orders will take 6-8 weeks for delivery.
  32. tradosaurus

    Zero turn turf tires

    Having used my 60" Toro zero turn with turf tires I'm thinking about changing the tires to more of an Ag tire. I've noticed that the turf tires tend to make ruts as I'm changing directions, especially if the ground if slightly wet with dew...
  33. tradosaurus

    Stick or MIG

    Never welded in my life. I was going to buy a MIG/Flux welder but guy at work whose welded quite a bit convinced me to get a stick welder. Probably going with Commander Stick Industrial Welder 225A AC / 15A DC, 23 Volt Input All my welding will be outside and I don't want to have worry...
  34. tradosaurus

    Bolt on hooks

    I recently installed two bolt on hooks from Kens bolt on grab hooks The hook were high quality. Two things to remember: 1) Drilling 4 holes took nearly 1 1/2 hrs. I'm sure this was due to going through 2 plates of metal on the bucket. My wife and I took turns. I used an electric drill...
  35. tradosaurus

    Should I upgrade?

    I finally got to use my new L3301 w/bushhog and grapple. I felt like it was underpowered when I needed to push over 3" trees. The bush-hog worked fine and I liked the small frame to get in and out of trees. I'm wondering if I should look into to upgrading to the L4701? I would get a bit...
  36. tradosaurus

    how much ballast for L3301?

    Now that I have bought my first tractor I've been researching tractor ownership. One item I see is ballast. I'm getting the rear wheels filled so would just carrying around a box blade in the back be enough ballast for most of my work? Or would I need to buy a 3 pt ballast box?
  37. tradosaurus

    Picking up a L3301 and RCR2660

    Will be picking up a L3301 HST with R4 tires and RCR2660 rotary cutter next week. The cutter had to be ordered. Will be adding a quick hitch, filled rear tires and 3rd function.
  38. tradosaurus

    Price check on L3301

    AFter reviewing price check threads within the last 6 months it seems like prices have gone up. Last Friday I was quoted $22,000 for a L3301 HST w/LA525 FEL and quoted for the following attachments: Bushhog - RCR2660 - $2900 Quickhitch - QH15 - $425 Box Scraper - BB2560 - $1100 Claw Grapple...
  39. tradosaurus

    Bradco groundshark - BC72GS - $8k

    Bradco Groundshark BC72GS - farm & garden - by owner - sale
  40. tradosaurus

    Starting over

    I was on the verge of buying a New Holland T4.65 but after talking with a few people at work that have tractors I realize that the size and the cab were unrealistic to what I would be using it for. I'm now leaning toward a smaller tractor without cab as my tractor use would be intermittent and...
  41. tradosaurus


    I went to a local tractor store and was asking about used tractors when one of the salesman showed me a new 2018 T4.65 New Holland, 4WD, Cab, FEL. What I liked about his listing of features was that this tractor automatically regens so that your tractor isn't down for a period of time going...
  42. tradosaurus

    Used Kubotas selling for original prices?

    I've been looking at pre-DEF Kubotas from years 2013 and later. I noticed one tractor, M5040, is selling for $31,000. It was mfg from 2007-2010 and sold for $24K-$30K with FEL. Why would someone sell a used tractor for same price the paid almost 10 yrs ago? I also looked at a M7040HDC with...
  43. tradosaurus

    Used 2014 TYM T554 with Loader

    Looking at a used 2014 TYM T554 with loader and 400 hrs. The price is at $25,000. Seems like I could get a new one in the same category with loader for about $6,000 extra? Also I was told that this year model doesn't go through regen mode although it is a Tier 4.
  44. tradosaurus

    Buying Advice  For Sale part of the forum?

    Is there a place on the forum for members to buy and sell?
  45. tradosaurus

    Buying a mower and 40 acres of trees

    I moved into this place about a year ago. First time living in the country. 4 acres of grass and 40 acres of trees. I bought a 60" ZT which I like but I can see the need for a tractor to cut and move trees as the need arises. I'm not interested in clear cutting but cutting down dead trees...
  46. tradosaurus

    Newbie and 45 acres

    The title is a bit misleading except for the newbie part. :) This is obviously my first post. I am in the process of purchasing a house with 45 acres of mostly dense pine trees. There is about 3 acres to be mowed around the house itself, however the ground isn't the smoothest. No hills or...