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  1. wild bill

    Any ideas what this is? BX 2360

    After mowing the lawn for the first time this season, my wife found this. It is a block of hard rubber, 2x1 1/2x1 inches. There are no mounting holes, paint or signs of wear. I showed it to my dealer and no one had a clue. I was using a BX 2360, RCK 54-23 deck and a GCK60-23 grass catcher...
  2. wild bill

    Chipping willow branches

    We have a dozen weeping willow trees and I am constantly picking up debris from these trees. Several times each year, I have to rake the branches and whips into windrows and then move them to the burn pile. I have been looking at chippers/shredders and am concerned that the flexible whips might...