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  1. mikedodd

    Need advice on regulator for Yanmar L100 10HP diesel generator

    I have a stand-alone 6KW generator powered by a Yanmar engine model L100V6EA1C1AA (Engine Number: M29254). It has worked fine since 2013, but now the 15-amp fuse between the battery and the ignition switch and regulator blows instantly when the key is turned to Ignition. I traced-out the wiring...
  2. mikedodd

    Homemade finishing mower height adjuster

    I have a 4-foot 3PH finishing mower for my BX2360 subcompact. Adjusting the height involves, for each of the four wheels, removing a hitch pin, dropping the wheel and its pivot shaft, then rearranging spacers on the 1" pivot shaft. It's a messy process with the grease on everything. I wanted a...
  3. mikedodd

    looking for quick-adjust check chains

    I have a Kubota BX2360. Shortly after buying it and joining this forum, I saw an ad or announcement for quick-adjust check chains, but I have lost the information. Essentially each was a bar sliding in a housing with holes through both for a pin to set the length. The benefit was how quickly...
  4. mikedodd

    New member and BX2360 owner

    Hello to the group. My wife, Louise, and I took delivery of a new Kubota BX2360, and are looking forward to using it to finish landscaping our new house and to put in a garden next spring. This forum ought to be a great help, because we're both tractor newbies. Regards, Mike