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  1. SpringHollow

    Useful attachments adapted to PT ?

    You could always bore out the tube if you were sure you wanted to go this route. If the shaft of the yoke is removable, you might be able to replace it or possibly turn it down if you have a lathe or know someone who does.
  2. SpringHollow

    PT filters

    My 1850 has the Deutz filter housing.
  3. SpringHollow

    I have a 29hp 4 wheel drive tractor for our 20 acres and front tires are always flat

    The UltraSeal products are great. Gempler's sell it. It might be rebranded MultiSeal. Used to get flats all of the time. I have not added air to any of my treated tires in I believe 5 years.
  4. SpringHollow

    Protection from or Deterrants for Deer?

    I thought I had posted this before but I do not see it. We had some garden plots as part of an apartment community garden. Deer were eating everything so I put up in the center of my plots a traditional bird feeder filled with dry cow's blood (sold as a fertilizer). The feeder kept the rain...
  5. SpringHollow

    Is it time to consider electric?

    The Makita aftermarket batteries I have gotten were not very good. I am a big fan of electric (battery) mowers but when you need 6 batteries, $500 each does hurt. Almost makes sense to just buy a second mower and have spare parts. I did that for some of my previous battery mowers. I now have...
  6. SpringHollow

    PT 1430 mower

    My PTO solenoid valve routinely sticks if it has been unused for an extended period and I end up having to dismantle the valve cartridge and clean (technically they say this can not be done but works for me). I do not know if you have a similar setup or not. Ken
  7. SpringHollow

    Is it time to consider electric?

    Ouch, those Ego batteries list for $500 each.
  8. SpringHollow

    Useful attachments adapted to PT ?

    It is not uncommon to have a hydraulic fitting loosen during shipping as well as from operating a tractor. Ken
  9. SpringHollow

    Hydraulic winch and other general PT usability questions

    I almost always use multiple pulley setups and normally I only have trouble if I am not careful about how I run the rope through them or tangle them up when putting them away. Ken
  10. SpringHollow

    Useful attachments adapted to PT ?

    I have started my tractor in below freezing weather and it takes a minute for the engine to run smoothly. But it can move forwards or backwards. It is not normal to have a 3 - 4 minute delay to pedal movement. But everything responds slowly until the oil warms up. So I can be moving...
  11. SpringHollow

    Useful attachments adapted to PT ?

    Here's how I added my extra hydraulic circuits:
  12. SpringHollow

    Hydraulic winch and other general PT usability questions

    Where you should in particular use a strap instead of a cable is on any tree you are trying to keep alive such as the tree you are connecting the winch or a pulley to. The cable can crush the cambium. Ken
  13. SpringHollow

    Hydraulic winch and other general PT usability questions

    I now use what is closer to a 10 gallon or so plastic drum. My rope is 300' long.
  14. SpringHollow

    Hydraulic winch and other general PT usability questions

    I would recommend using a strap around the tree instead of a cable. A rope bag or large container is the best way to handle the rope - just stuff it in and pull out as you need it. It works extremely well. I have been doing it for years without any tangles etc. Ken
  15. SpringHollow

    Hydraulic winch and other general PT usability questions

    You can also get chokers with synthetic line attached to the metal rod.
  16. SpringHollow

    2001 PT425 Kohler CH25 Oil Leak - Pull The Engine

    I always figure the extra cost on parts is what we pay for the amazing help Terry provides. Ken
  17. SpringHollow

    Couple of tricks for your failed Fuel Shutoff Solenoid on a Deutz

    I am not sure that they still make the original solenoid. Some Deutz sites at least are now selling ones made in China. The reason the original one works so well is that it has two coils, one high power one to pull the shaft in, and a lower power one to hold it. The cheap ones only have the...
  18. SpringHollow

    PT1850 in Sacramento

    I saw that there is a PT1850 listed in the Sacramento Craigs List. Just in case you are interested. Ken
  19. SpringHollow

    PT425 towing mode??

    Spark plugs are cheap - I would replace them just to eliminate one possibility. Sorry if I missed that you did. Did see that you cleaned them.
  20. SpringHollow

    Heres a solution to one of my problems

    I posted this a while ago:
  21. SpringHollow

    Hillside brush cutting power and stability 425/1430/1445

    I find turf tires to be better for pretty much everything except mud and deep snow.
  22. SpringHollow

    Deutz Timing Belt

    That is my understanding as well.
  23. SpringHollow

    How I got out of the woods

    Excellent idea - thanks for posting!
  24. SpringHollow

    A question about the PT1460

    Woodlandfarms regularly adds ballast to his tires - thorns, metal spikes, etc.
  25. SpringHollow

    Well, then this happened

    That sucks. Well, if we never used them, they would never break.
  26. SpringHollow

    A question about the PT1460

    I have always heard to fill to the top of the rim. That would be more like 75 - 80%. Ken
  27. SpringHollow

    More 1845 Problems

    These Shockits are pricey but nice for really difficult connections: You can find them for around $120. Ken
  28. SpringHollow

    More 1845 Problems

    Many flare wrenches will not fit over the hose in order to slip on to the nut. Ken
  29. SpringHollow

    A question about the PT1460

    From my experience, Power Trac if anything low balls their lift capacity and on a good day, it can actually do a little more than what they say. This is on well used machines. I would think a new one would be as good or better.
  30. SpringHollow

    Steering cylindar leaking oil

    That is not a bad price for parts and labor - the parts are pretty expensive. The shipping hurts.
  31. SpringHollow

    Steering cylindar leaking oil

    Just curious - How expensive of a repair was it?
  32. SpringHollow

    Stump Cutter Teeth

    Unfortunately, I have never gotten the wax to work for me. Ken
  33. SpringHollow

    Stump Cutter Teeth

    My recollection is that PT now supplies them with removable teeth. Ken
  34. SpringHollow

    Steering cylindar leaking oil

    That rod could easily be original. Easy enough to compare to the other side. Power Trac's cylinders are hand made. Ken
  35. SpringHollow

    Steering cylindar leaking oil

    PT will sell you a kit to rebuild them. It really is not hard. Here is a link from one of my rebuilds: The seals were not available from my local hydraulic shop. Ken
  36. SpringHollow

    Hydraulic winch and other general PT usability questions

    You will want a much longer rope than 50' unless you are pulling extremely short distances. I have a 300' length of the 1/2" rope so that only gives me a 150' double line pull. I have an ~8 gallon plastic barrel with handles that I stuff the rope into instead of coiling. That method works...
  37. SpringHollow

    Hydraulic winch and other general PT usability questions

    By the way, my rope and winch are now 15 years old and still fine. It has been a worthwhile investment. I can not say the same for the electric winches I have bought. Ken
  38. SpringHollow

    Hydraulic winch and other general PT usability questions

    I have very little concern about my using the self-locking pulley since the rope location is always different, the rope is over rated, I seldom use it, and I never use it in a single line pull situation so the stress on the rope is even less. In the model winch you are talking about, if you...
  39. SpringHollow

    Hydraulic winch and other general PT usability questions

    I have not used those other pulleys so I can not say. I have had mine for a number of years and have not had to replace any. My winch is pretty old and does not have the rope lock so the locking pulley was necessary. The setup they now have looks similar to what one sees on small sailboats so...
  40. SpringHollow

    Hydraulic winch and other general PT usability questions

    I liked these winches a lot and contractors, farmers, etc would see me using it and want one themselves. So I became a dealer so I could get them for them. If they were interested, I let them borrow mine and then they could either buy from me or someone else. I did not really charge beyond my...
  41. SpringHollow

    Hydraulic winch and other general PT usability questions

    Look at the portablewinch web site - they carry the appropriate rope, pulleys etc. When I bought mine, their prices were reasonable. It is extremely important that you use low stretch rope.
  42. SpringHollow

    Hydraulic winch and other general PT usability questions

    I would much rather have a capstan winch with rope than a steel cable winch. It seems like a much safer and more versatile setup than a traditional winch with steel cable. It is very important to use the correct low stretch rope. Check out I have done a fair amount of...
  43. SpringHollow

    1430 for sale with grapple and large bucket...1200 hrs location Indiana

    Some pictures and a price you would like to get would likely increase interest.
  44. SpringHollow

    Hydraulic winch and other general PT usability questions

    I have used the units from and they work well for pulling out logs but it will be a fair amount of work. Have you asked for a quote from anyone who has the proper equipment. Sometimes, it makes sense for large jobs to let someone else do it or to rent the proper equipment...
  45. SpringHollow

    Power Trac pricing

    Unfortunately, the resale value on PT's is not very high since most people do not know what they are. Ken
  46. SpringHollow

    Electric Grease Gun-love it

    I have a Makita one - they are certainly not an absolute requirement but they do make the job easier and faster.
  47. SpringHollow

    PT Boom Mower / Mounted String Trimmer

    a hydraulic sickle bar might be an easy solution
  48. SpringHollow

    Replacement tires

    I can not remember - have you tried the Gempler's Bullet Proof tire sealer? It has worked extremely well for me. Ken
  49. SpringHollow

    Replacement tires

    Those R14's look nice
  50. SpringHollow

    Pipe Wrench only option?

    I had to use a pipe wrench on my PT cylinders. And yes, my FEL would leak rapidly when the o-rings etc leaked. Ken
  51. SpringHollow

    What did you do with your Power Trac today?

    I forget who originally posted this but here is a real old hose list for the PT1850
  52. SpringHollow

    425 - model year changes and price check

    Most people think a slope is much steeper than it really is but I have played a little on 45 degree slopes with the 1850 when at my brother's place.. (And yes, I know how to measure angles - I even have slope indicators mounted to my 1850). If the grass is wet, I end up crabbing when going...
  53. SpringHollow

    Who Makes Their Own Hoses?

    I make my own hoses. For obvious reasons, they always break when you need them so the investment is worthwhile. My tractor is all hydraulic and I am often using it when shops are closed.
  54. SpringHollow

    Snow Plow Edge

    I have done it with PVC as a test and black iron pipe. Ken
  55. SpringHollow

    PowerTrac Owners by State 11-1-15, updated 10/25/2021

    I could not send you a text file so here you go - there were a lot of blank lines! PowerTrac Owners by State updated 10/18/2022 Arizona 425 ALANZIEGLER California 422 PHILS 425 RAINBOW 422 EGB6550* 1430 BBABINEAU* 425 HOGI 1445 PONYTUG Colorado* 425 CATSCO* 2425 ROCKOS74 Connecticut* 180...
  56. SpringHollow

    Updated Pricing on Power-Trac 10/15/22

    You might want to let people know where you are located.
  57. SpringHollow

    42” forks

    I like the idea of using an old pallet jack - saves a bunch of steps! (y)
  58. SpringHollow

    Anybody replace the stock seat on a 422 or 425?

    My suspension seat is probably shorter than many padded seats.
  59. SpringHollow

    Anybody replace the stock seat on a 422 or 425?

    With no ROPS, you have a ton of options. Here is a link to my modification but I would go with a full suspension seat unless pedal reach is an issue with one. I am not familiar with the 422/425 seat setups. Ken
  60. SpringHollow

    PowerTrac Specific Modifications

    Split rubber hose works well too. I used that until I learned to duck.
  61. SpringHollow

    Total newbie putting an order together for a PT-1430

    The gas portable winch is nice because you can use it for hours and the length of poll is only limited by how long of a rope you buy. Mine is 300' Since it is gas, you can still winch even if your vehicle is dead. I have not used my electric winch since getting the gas one.
  62. SpringHollow

    Total newbie putting an order together for a PT-1430

    Implements really depend upon individual needs. I would buy a gas powered Portable Winch instead. While not their mini-hoe, I use a fabricated swinging mini-hoe with thumb a lot for firewood, moving things etc. I also have a fixed mini-hoe that digs 5' deep but I rarely use that one. A...
  63. SpringHollow

    Rolled it over

    Broke mine as well. Ken
  64. SpringHollow

    Well. Finally….

    Congratulations on a nice looking shop!
  65. SpringHollow

    425 60" mower motor

    The belly mowers tended to have a higher RPM PTO. It is fairly easy to buy the appropriate PTO hydraulic mower at a place like Surplus Center and attach it to a 3Pt mower with a PTO coupler.
  66. SpringHollow

    Power Trac Review in JLC

    I take it the PT forks do not have a backrest - that is something I definitely would want.
  67. SpringHollow

    Power Trac Review in JLC

    Power Trac just got some great publicity. A review was posted in JLC (Journal of Light Construction). Seems like...
  68. SpringHollow

    What you don’t know…

    My brain is working slow these days -need sleep. My recollection is that when I swapped mine for flat face, I was able to get enough slack by raising the loader arms as mentioned above by M5040. I did not have to raise them all of the way.
  69. SpringHollow

    What you don’t know…

    Disconnect the other end so you can slide plenty of hose out?
  70. SpringHollow

    Flat Face couplers

    I would have to go and look. I basically picked sizes that would not restrict flow.
  71. SpringHollow

    Flat Face couplers

    I switched to flat face a long time ago. I find them to be easier to connect, easier to clean, and they do not leak oil when connecting like some Ag style do. Most of not all skid steer attachments you buy will have flat face connectors.
  72. SpringHollow

    PT1445 stalls out, won't start

    I have had the same problem several times and often the connection issue is intermittent. Things being how they are, I try to get away with it until I have time to replace it. I usually grab a car starter and hit the starter with that to get going and back to the shop. Each time I repair it...
  73. SpringHollow

    Cleaning out and reusing some old concrete fence post foundations?

    I would be tempted to vibrate in new pipe and go from there. I would think 8' pipes 5 - 5 1/2' in the ground would suffice, no concrete needed. 10' pipes if you are really concerned. Ken
  74. SpringHollow

    Bolt on blade for buckets

    I have found the Ratchet Rake to be useful when I need it for things like loosening up ground, removing grass/weeds, or pulling back gravel from the lawn. It does not stiffen the edge but it does take the abuse.
  75. SpringHollow

    Brokedown in a bad spot

    I am impressed that you could replace a line through the tunnel in an hour.
  76. SpringHollow

    Spreading just a tiny amount of road salt?

    I do not want to use salt for corrosion and mess reasons. Sand piles do often freeze. Finely crushed (1/4") stone does not hold moisture like sand does so frozen clumps can be minimized especially if you cover it to protect from snow. From what I have read, most seem happy with it for use on ice.
  77. SpringHollow

    First issue with 1430, weak drive power.

    As shown by PT, when changing the filter, you hook a hose up to a particular port on the pump and stick the end into a jar of oil (or some do it in the tank) and check for bubbles while turning over the motor with the connector disconnected on the motor (diesel models). The filter gaskets...
  78. SpringHollow

    PT diesel for sale

    The weak point is usually the ground contact of the tire against the ground similar to a 4WD truck. Wheels slip as needed when the vehicle turns. Then it is just a mattter of whether the components are designed to handle the forces prior to wheel slippage.
  79. SpringHollow

    First issue with 1430, weak drive power.

    I have no troubles opening jars etc. and always just put filters on by hand in all other applications. I am using a Rigid strap wrench to tighten the filter and then checking for air bubbles, repeating until the bubbles stop. Everything is cleaned and oiled - I have never tried it dry but that...
  80. SpringHollow

    First issue with 1430, weak drive power.

    I have always had to tighten the filter to extreme tightness (sometimes denting the can) in order to stop air entrainment. I would be thrilled to be able to only hand tighten. Tried both styles of gasket but that did not seem to make a difference. I always oil the gaskets before installing.
  81. SpringHollow

    PT diesel for sale

    I do not see how that modification would affect the pump. It will affect turning radius, lift capacity, and load on the wheel motors. I suppose indirectly it could, increased wear on the front wheel motors could create debris that then enters the pump.
  82. SpringHollow

    First issue with 1430, weak drive power.

    If my tractor is that cold, I let it warm up first because the hydraulics will be sluggish including a slower response to the pedals.
  83. SpringHollow

    Tree Grapple

    Pretty safe and quick way to feed a chipper but a shame to see good firewood get chipped.
  84. SpringHollow

    PT-425 Cold Start Tips?

    Fully charged battery certainly helps. Magnetic heaters etc help too especially if you can cover the oil tank or tractor.
  85. SpringHollow

    PT 425 motor mounts
  86. SpringHollow

    PT 425 motor mounts

    Plenty for under $25 on Ebay
  87. SpringHollow

    PT mounting plate question

    I have used an adjustable top link and broken 2 of them in half, shearing where the cross handle is.
  88. SpringHollow

    Wheels for PT-1430

    I made wheel adapters and have used different rims on mine. They stick out further but not nearly as far as the outer wheel of a dual wheel setup would be. But that gives me more room for tractor chains.
  89. SpringHollow

    PT mounting plate question

    The tabs stick past the plate on my 1850. The bottom of the plate I believe is angled back away from the forks if I remember correctly. Ken
  90. SpringHollow

    Got a 1430, looking for pallet fork recommendations

    I highly recommend adjustable forks. Ken
  91. SpringHollow

    Charging valve / hydraulic accumulator

    I never notice anything cycling. What does it sound like, just a change in engine RPMs? Ken
  92. SpringHollow

    Chaining down a Power Trac

    Some officials would say you need 4 tie downs plus one for each implement. The hooks work well to keep the chains off the tractor. Ken
  93. SpringHollow

    Chaining down a Power Trac

    Yes, they welded them on for us. I bought the tractors used (used is an understatement) and had them delivered sight unsee to Tazewell to have PT go through them and repair what needed to be repaired. At that time, I sent the weldable hooks to them and they welded them on. A very easy thing...
  94. SpringHollow

    Chaining down a Power Trac

    The chain hooks do come in handy for quickly securing the PT and sometimes even for controlling a load. I had the factory weld them on to the front and back of mine and Carl's tractor. Ken
  95. SpringHollow

    1845 v. 1850

    You do not need a separate set of wheels - just remove the outer ones.
  96. SpringHollow

    Pto rpm question

    A 6.4 cubic inch motor will give you 540 rpm at wide open throttle (15 GPM) on the 1845. So something in the 6 - 6.5 cu in range would be good. Surplus Center is a good source. Here is a very useful set of calculators: Ken
  97. SpringHollow

    Pto rpm question

    The "PTO" is just a pair of hydraulic connectors on a high flow, high pressure circuit. You have to pick the appropriate hydraulic motor for an implement to get 540 RPM. This is not hard to do when adapting conventional PTO implements. Obviously, PT picks appropriate motors to get the right...
  98. SpringHollow

    Does anyone use aw32

    Engine oil is used as a hydraulic oil in many of the older pieces of large construction equipment and is the spec in PowerTracs.
  99. SpringHollow

    PT1850 Wheels (Rims)

    I can see where going from 8.5 to 12 would cause a problem.
  100. SpringHollow

    PT1850 Wheels (Rims)

    The offset on mine was very useful - more (further from the motor) than PT's so chains go on easier and it gives me a wider stance on hills. The negative is twice the ground pressure because I am running singles instead of duals. A member here told us of a deal where the complete wheel (tire...
  101. SpringHollow

    Moly grease

    Lately, I have been using Lubriplate 1200-2 Lithium Grease. I had been looking for quite a while after seeing many praise it and finally got a very good deal on 3 cases. It is thinner than what I have been using (Mobil 1, Marine, etc) but it does not seem to separate like many of the others...
  102. SpringHollow

    PT1850 Wheels (Rims)

    For when running single wheels, I made hub adapters to use the new wheels that I had purchased. I have not had to go back to duals since doing that but it is an easy swap if I need to.
  103. SpringHollow

    Selling my 1850.

    The year, hours, and pictures would likely increase interest. Ken
  104. SpringHollow

    PT1850 Tilt Seat Mercury Switch Adjustment

    I do not know if you have any flow restrictors in that system or not. If so, you could make them less restrictive. Too responsive would be a problem because of the bouncing around the tractor does. The system definitely needs some dampening in order to work properly. Ken
  105. SpringHollow

    PT1850 Tilt Seat Mercury Switch Adjustment

    What he said - just tweak them and check.
  106. SpringHollow

    Facebook group ??

    Hey, I resemble that remark!
  107. SpringHollow

    Marketing: Power Trac vs Ventrac

    There are slope mowers scattered around the country but we do not know where you are located so ..... Ken
  108. SpringHollow

    Going to Tazewell tomorrow to buy.....

    I do not think you can compare a PT to a CUT of equivalent HP and expect that they will handle the same. I routinely do 20° or more with my tractor but it struggles if i am pulling a large wagon loaded with wood. The midsized CUTS I have owned (45 HP vs my 60 HP) would not have had a problem...
  109. SpringHollow

    PT 422 fuel tank

    I assume you have tried the weld a nut etc to get them out. If you are looking at replacing the heads, do you have anything to lose trying to remove the head and drill them out with a left hand drill bit sized to just miss the threads? Half the time it comes out once you drill part way...
  110. SpringHollow

    Going to Tazewell tomorrow to buy.....

    The filters are standard items. The PT's are not the best at ground contact. I use a box blade with mine and as long as I am not too aggressive. I certainly plow uphill on driveways steeper than that and 500' is not very long. It would likely work best to repair the driveway while driving...
  111. SpringHollow

    PT 422 fuel tank

    I also recently had an injector hose leak and do the same thing.
  112. SpringHollow

    Power Trac Real World Loader Lift Capacity

    You will do a PT pucker if you overload or will not be able to lift it.
  113. SpringHollow

    45 degrees is steep

    Carl's and my tractor were used to mow the sides of ammo depots
  114. SpringHollow

    How many teeth should I add to my 4 in 1 bucket/tooth mount style-Beast Mode

    Personally, I prefer the Ratchet Rake vs a bolt on one. Ken
  115. SpringHollow

    PT Stump Grinder feedback

    I reversed my heavily used one and did a bunch of hardwood stumps - worked real well and was not that hard on the machine. Ken
  116. SpringHollow

    Deutz 4 cyl. diesel start, stall, run slow, stop, repeat

    Fortunately, the Deutz engine's fuel system is self priming so air in the fuel lines is not a problem.
  117. SpringHollow

    Question for 1460 owners on center pin lubrication

    That grease setup is much nicer than trying to reach the top and bottom fittings that mine has. Ken
  118. SpringHollow

    Oil & Fuel Online Manual for Deutz Diesel?

    I replaced the fuel pump on mine once.
  119. SpringHollow

    Oil & Fuel Online Manual for Deutz Diesel?

    I believe on mine, you can hear the solenoid throw. Ken
  120. SpringHollow

    2430 for sale (SOLD)

    If it includes the 2430 back hoe (or if it doesn't), you might want to say it explicitly.
  121. SpringHollow

    1460 poor traction, gets stuck easy

    1460 is a lot heavier - might cause some issues in certain applications.
  122. SpringHollow

    9K lb winch mounted to 2 inch forklift receiver

    If just for an occasional log, pulleys and a long low stretch rope works well.
  123. SpringHollow

    1460 poor traction, gets stuck easy

    I believe for the 1850, they recommend 8 - 10 on the rears and 12 - 20 on the fronts.
  124. SpringHollow

    How many teeth should I add to my 4 in 1 bucket/tooth mount style-Beast Mode

    My PT1850 has 7 teeth on the grapple bucket which is the rock bucket that PT added a grapple to. Ken
  125. SpringHollow

    How many teeth should I add to my 4 in 1 bucket/tooth mount style-Beast Mode

    I agree with Woodlandfarms (but will never admit it to him). Anonymous
  126. SpringHollow

    PT1850 Replacement Tires

    I must be lucky. Half my time on the tractor is spent in the woods including driving through piles of branches and I have not had any sidewall punctures that I know of. There are a few places that have slices in the rubber. Ken
  127. SpringHollow

    Deutz glow plugs / helical heaters 2011 engines 14XX, 24XX, 18XX PTs

    Very nice write up, by the way. And I like the glow plug icon on the LED lens. Ken
  128. SpringHollow

    Deutz glow plugs / helical heaters 2011 engines 14XX, 24XX, 18XX PTs

    To be clear, I buy them when I see them for $30 on Ebay. A year can go by without them being that low. There were a few months a couple of years ago where someone had lots of stock that they were getting rid of at $30 - the golden age of glow plug deals. Seen a few before and a few since. Ken
  129. SpringHollow

    PT1850 Replacement Tires

    I have the originals plus some turfs on sale at Surplus Center.
  130. SpringHollow

    PT1850 Replacement Tires

    4 ply, with and without Gempler's
  131. SpringHollow

    What did you do with your Power Trac today?

    Here they call it crusher run, ie. stone that has gone through the crusher but has not been sifted so it still has the fines.
  132. SpringHollow

    What did you do with your Power Trac today?

    Pulled out 4 wagon loads of firewood today before the trails thawed in the sun. The last two loads were getting questionable as the top surface of the trails thawed. Installing my duals might have let me get another load out. I would have been in trouble early on with the narrow front tires...
  133. SpringHollow

    Power Trac 425/1430 feel/size compared to SCUT/CUT

    FYI, If you can weld and do plumbing, you could convert your flail mower to run on the 425. Ken
  134. SpringHollow

    PT 180

    Do they tear up grass when turning etc?
  135. SpringHollow

    Planning a PT-425

    I disagree - a mini hoe comes in extremely handy for small jobs you would never rent an excavator for. Most are not digging basements with their mini hoes. If you have a thumb on the hoe, that is a huge plus. Even better if it swings. Trenching with the mini hoe goes pretty quickly if not...
  136. SpringHollow

    What did you do with your Power Trac today?

    I much prefer the plastic pallets until they break. Pain to dispose of a plastic pallet vs burning a wooden pallet for heat. The other negative is they are slippery so I often have to strap down a load that would not slide on a wooden pallet. Normally, I try to avoid wooden pallets because...
  137. SpringHollow

    PT 180

    Nice looking skidsteers but twice the price of a PT. Are tracked machines still maintenance intensive relative to wheeled machines? I suspect they have gotten a lot better over the years given the popularity. Ken
  138. SpringHollow

    PT 180

    What is important for an accurate calculation is the surface area of the tire that is in contact with the ground. That area is difficult to know for sure since it depends upon the tire, the pressure, and the ground. Ken
  139. SpringHollow

    PT 180

    You might be able to modify the wheels with hub extensions to accept another set of wheels in order to have duals. I do not know if the wheel motors could handle the stress from the increased leverage of the outer wheels. Attached is a picture of such a setup for an older 1850 that I bought.
  140. SpringHollow

    PT 180

    I do not own a PT180 but you can not put duals on it. These tractors do have a much softer impact as compared to a normal SCUT plus the articulating steering dramatically cuts down on damage. I would add a metal frame to the forks that things can lean against. It would be even nicer to have...
  141. SpringHollow

    Planning a PT-425

    Welcome to the forum. There are lots of very nice helpful people here. I find pallet forks and lifting boom to be extremely useful. Depending on where you live, shipping can get expensive if splitting your purchases up into multiple purchases. Ken
  142. SpringHollow

    Slope mower tires and wheels

    Here are pictures comparing the two different ways they did the wheel motors on mine (older machine then newer): Ken
  143. SpringHollow

    Slope mower tires and wheels

    They have had several different ways of mounting duals. Instead of long bolts and a spacer ring, here is how it was done on the older PT1850 I bought: Ken
  144. SpringHollow

    Slope mower tires and wheels

    They are not spacers but adapter plates to allow a non-PT wheel to be used. I had purchased some inexpensive tires mounted on wheels after being told about them here. Here are pictures of the adapters installed on the wheels and how much offset is provided by the new wheels. Ken
  145. SpringHollow

    Hauling logs off hillside, Kubota or Power Trac?

    Mine certainly comes in handy for carrying logs either in a mini hoe or grapple.
  146. SpringHollow

    PT1850 for Sale

    Saw a PT1850 for sale on Ebay. Not cheap but it did have some nice implements.
  147. SpringHollow

    PowerTrac Specific Modifications

    Sure, here you go:
  148. SpringHollow

    Used PT1850's

    The older 3 pt PT1850 is very different. The wheel motors are inset into the tractor body, some of the electronic controls are mounted to the motor, and the duals are held on very differently. The disc brakes are visible too. Ken
  149. SpringHollow

    Used PT1850's

    You could look for years and not see a used PT1850. I recently bought an old 3pt style one and now I see there is one on Ebay with some nice attachments and two on Power Trac's website. What a time to be alive! Now someone please go and buy them so I stop thinking about them!!! Ken
  150. SpringHollow

    Increasing PT1850 FEL Tilt Range

    If you don't take pictures, it did not happen. You could always try fooling us with this one:
  151. SpringHollow

    Increasing PT1850 FEL Tilt Range

    Here it is in action:
  152. SpringHollow

    Increasing PT1850 FEL Tilt Range

    I have never been happy with the tilt range on my PT's FEL. It may be only an issue with my bucket since it is a Lackender bucket, not a PT bucket. My original tilt range was 90ー which let me either carry things well or dump well but not both. So I made bolt-on adapter plates to extend the...
  153. SpringHollow

    V-Plow for FEL

    The plow has springs so it can flop up and down some. But I do not hang it from a chain. It is mounted to the quick attach on the FEL.
  154. SpringHollow

    PowerTrac PT-116

    There is an old Power Trac for sale on Ebay (search for PowerTrac PT-116). It is different than any I remember seeing; powered by an 18 HP gas engine. It is always interesting to look at how they have changed over the years. Ken
  155. SpringHollow

    PT-1850 on the HIll!

    The boom mower should have some controls with tilt etc. Also you need shut off needle valves installed on the FEL lift and tilt cylinders (needle valves circled in picture). I purchased the boom mower and never used it because I did not have time to do commercial mowing so I sold it. Ken
  156. SpringHollow

    Used PT1850

    On mine, the bucket level indicator is just a pivoting tube with a rod through it. Mine is currently disconnected but here is an earlier picture that i just labeled for you: Ken
  157. SpringHollow

    Used PT1850

    FYI There is a used PT1850 on Ebay. Do not see these very often. Been stored outside from the looks of things. Price seems high to me for sight unseen. Ken
  158. SpringHollow

    Update on why my tractor broke in half

    I would suspect the stresses are greater when fully turned one way or the other. But I find it hard to believe that the tolerances are such that 1/4" makes a significant difference. But maybe. Remember, the main intent of these machines is mowing and most of us use them for significant load...
  159. SpringHollow

    Replacing another Wheel Motor.

    Sorry, Moss, mine also has a baffle at the returns - labeled in the first picture - if you look, there is a gap behind it. The tunnel is also labeled and will act somewhat as a baffle. More visible in this picture: Ken
  160. SpringHollow

    Replacing another Wheel Motor.

    And another
  161. SpringHollow

    Replacing another Wheel Motor.

    Here's a picture
  162. SpringHollow

    Used PT1430 for those looking

    I am not sure if it is ok to post this here or not. If not, Moss can delete it. I happened to notice there is listed on Craigslist a used PT1430 in Cedar Rapids. It is painted a bizarre color but might be a nice opportunity for someone out that way. I know nothing about this particular...
  163. SpringHollow

    Walking Beam Trailer

    This modified AgriFab trailer works fine behind mt ATV, my Tractor, or my small hay wagon being pulled by my tractor. I just replaced the axle with a longer one and added some spacers. Not sure why they did not make it a walking beam to begin with. They were so close to what was needed. I...
  164. SpringHollow

    electric fuel pump on 425

    You mean you do not want it to look like this: Ken
  165. SpringHollow

    *FINALLY* Going to Tazewell

    And a better front view: I did not recognize the tractor at first since it is moderately clean. Who knew it was red instead of clay colored!!! Ken
  166. SpringHollow

    *FINALLY* Going to Tazewell

    Here is a better view: I had them angle them to work better for tying down to the trailer. Ken
  167. SpringHollow

    *FINALLY* Going to Tazewell

    OK, I will be the one to say it. The chain hooks come in handy too when you get the tractor stuck. Ken
  168. SpringHollow

    Power Trac TV commercial from the 90's

    I have the older stump grinder on my 1850. Usually, I take the duals off to limit the amount of lawn damage. I have a few movies but all you can see are the chips flying away since it was taken from the operator's seat.
  169. SpringHollow

    Buying Advice Considering Power Trac: Slopes and other questions

    My brush hog has chain links to help minimize thrown objects but they do not stop very heavy objects like a rocks and broken blades. Ken
  170. SpringHollow

    Wood storage

    Hi Moss, Here is where I bought my benders: The Original DY-Series High Tunnel Hoop Bender The small 12' x 28 building is about 8' + tall with the way I constructed it. Here's a picture with the wood I am burning now on the left and the green wood I am stacking now on the right. The...
  171. SpringHollow

    Wood storage

    I hate bending under tarps to get wood - kills my back. So I use two homemade hoop buildings made using chainlink fence top rail. This is an old picture with dried wood. For green wood, I stack it with a vertical pallet between rows to help with air flow. In the center, it gets stacked 6 -...
  172. SpringHollow

    Weird electrical puzzler - breaker pops, the PT1850 runs better until it's shut off

    From the manual for what it is worth: Ken
  173. SpringHollow

    decent moisture separator

    Sorry for the delay - I never got a notice of a post for some reason.I would say about 10' of pipe to the Franzinator. That was a "no-weld" Franzinator. I tapped the inside of the 3/4" nipple to accept pipe as well. Here are a few more pictures that would help if one is making one. These...
  174. SpringHollow

    decent moisture separator

    Pretty humid where i am; water just pours out of the tank. So I disconnected the compressor plumbing from the tank and instead ran it to the "Franzinator" I built on the wall. It is amazing how much water it separates our by cooling the air and reversing the direction of flow. Perhaps you can...
  175. SpringHollow

    Suspension seat upgrade

    You are a genius!!!! And the rounded profile does not snag on branches in the wood. Version 1 - blends in with the barn: Or for tractor parades or loader work out in the open:
  176. SpringHollow

    Oil & Fuel Help needed finding the air bleed port

    I use a Rigid strap wrench on mine and the bag. Sometimes I use the coated bendable aluminum funnels. They can come in handy. Here is an example: PIG Form-A-Funnel Flexible Draining Tool - Large, Model# 18714 [Misc.] - Fuel Funnels - Ken
  177. SpringHollow

    Treadle to hand control conversion on 1430

    Making the aux pto function easier does not get any better than this: Lots of advantages too - you can always leave the quick attach connected, easier to make the...
  178. SpringHollow

    Oil Recirculation in closed loop system

    Okay, so I decided to take a break from the heat and figured I should learn how to make one of these GIF's (I hate MossRoad). Took way too long but now that I have it figured out, I could make a nicer one in much less time.
  179. SpringHollow

    Treadle to hand control conversion on 1430

    This was from about 8 years ago - like new from a very large warehouse that closed down. They had thousands of pallet racks and shelves. We picked up 3 loads and distributed them among us. I have a few outside and some in my barn. I cut some down in height. They hold a lot of evenly...
  180. SpringHollow

    Wheel Adapters for PT1850

    Here are pictures with chains on: The setup is working nicely so far. Ken
  181. SpringHollow

    PT on Craigslist

    Do not see them very often so I thought I would post one I happened to see. Ken
  182. SpringHollow

    Wheel Adapters for PT1850

    JJ let us know of a wonderful deal on some 24 x 12 - 12 tires and rims. I bought some and really liked the 4-ply Turf Tires. I was just buying them for the tires but one of the items on my wish list was to modify some...
  183. SpringHollow

    The downside of a tilting seat

    The mercury switches are angled and are basically limit switches. When tilted, they make or break contact which then control the hydraulic solenoids which control the supply of hydraulic fluid to the tilt cylinder. I used to have problems with it suddenly tilting but it works pretty well...
  184. SpringHollow

    Snow V Snow Plow on my PT 1850

    Even with my CUTs, I mounted the plow on the loader arms for that reason, to rapidly pile snow high and to push back piles. The negative was, since I did not have quick attach on the loader, the plow stayed on the loader for 5 months of the year so no bucket for 5 months of the year. With the...
  185. SpringHollow

    Snow  V Snow Plow on my PT 1850

    People asked for pictures so here are a few. There are additional pictures etc on my PT 1850 site: PT1850 with V-Plow
  186. SpringHollow

    Oil & Fuel Changing hydraulic oil in 425 power-trac

    In case there is any doubt that there are metal filings in there look what is on the tank magnets: Ken
  187. SpringHollow

    Hydraulic Question on Reducing PTO Pressure and Flow

    Hi JJ, I apologize in advance for the length of this post. I thought I would get your input on some general hydraulic flow questions and am posting it in the forum so others can learn from your input if needed. If you do not know some of the answers, I am not asking you to spend time...
  188. SpringHollow

    Swinging Backhoe/Grapple

    A few weeks ago, I unburied some things in the barn. One was a swinging backhoe that I had bought a while ago and forgot all about because I did not have my welder yet. It was a small prototype that never went into production. I purchased it to use as a grapple for lifting logs. A 6" bucket...
  189. SpringHollow

    Added Additional Hydraulic Circuits on PT1850

    I have been wanting to do this for a very long time and finally got around to doing it this summer when I had a minute here and there. Finished it a few days ago and it works well. Now I can use the auxiliary lever to control the quick attach system and the joystick to control lift and tilt or...
  190. SpringHollow

    Good Deal on 1759 Filters for PT Diesels

    I saw a good deal on hydraulic oil 1759 filters for my PT diesel engine, I assume they are used on more than the 1850's. 18 filters for $101 including shipping. He has a bunch for sale. Search on Ebay for Napa 1759 Ken
  191. SpringHollow

    Protected Valve Stems

    I have been planning on welding pipe or metal to keep my valve stems from ripping out. I have never had this problem but it has happened frequentoy to others. Before i put my expensive sealer in, i figured i had better do something. Searching for metal valve stems, i found these recessed...
  192. SpringHollow

    What is the correct control valve for my plow

    I really am lacking in knowledge when it comes to understanding hydraulic control valves. I just purchased a used V-snowplow. It is an older style which uses a double acting hydraulic cylinder on each half of the plow. I think double acting is the correct term for: provide pressure to one...
  193. SpringHollow

    LED Lights

    I finally got around to installing my LED work lights. I am quite pleased with how they work. PT1850 LED Lights Here's a couple of pictures showing the difference:
  194. SpringHollow

    Releasing Pressure to hook up attachments

    Just a quick post in case someone never thought of it. BobRip mentioned releasing pressure to hook up attachments. Since the high presure connects are too expensive, i just replaced my quick attach connections with standard flat face. Still, sometimes i need to hold the lever all the way up...
  195. SpringHollow

    PTO Solenoid Valve Repair

    My PTO was not working. After much troubleshooting, I concluded the PTP pump worked but the control valve was not. Here is a link to the repair of the solenoid valve which saved me almost $300: PTO Solenoid Repair Ken
  196. SpringHollow

    Gantry for Barn

    Well, i finally got a chance to build my gantry for the barn's shop. Took 2 days for a friend and I to build it plus painting time. I had bought some used 20' i-beams a few years ago and welded them up to make ~ 32' long side rails. Every 16", i welded on 3/16" or 1/4" thick (can't remember...