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  1. Pixguy

    Is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame a joke?

    I've been noticing the inductees being inducted into the RRHOF and who during the 60-80's still haven't been and I think it's a total joke. They should just change the name to the Music Hall of Fame. Seriously, Dolly Parton in before Foreigner or Boston? There are many more that weren't rock...
  2. Pixguy

    TBN being hacked?

    I received both of these McAfee screens while on TBN today. I could only hit upper tab in order to remove.
  3. Pixguy

    Calling all residential electricians

    Hi all, I'm looking to add an outlet to the double switch plate I have in this toilet room so my wife can get in a nightlight. I knew I'm supposed to use a gfci outlet in a wet area so instead of adding in an old construction outlet below, I decided to put in the combo switch/outlet shown below...
  4. Pixguy

    Kubota making generators?

    So I was doing my first 50hr filter change on my RV Onan generator and I see this Kubota tag. A 1.5 liter diesel 10,000w genny. I knew Cummins owned Onan but I didn't know Kubota was being used to manufacture some engines for them.
  5. Pixguy

    My Home Funky

    This what I'm seeing on my iOS tablet all of a sudden starting last night. What's up? Yes, I rebooted my device.
  6. Pixguy

    What are you OCD about?

    So I think we are all obsessive disorder about something, tell me what your quirky ocd tendency is all about.
  7. Pixguy

    Can you believe this story?

    Read this story and tell me this isn't crazy. Michigan car owner sued after Jeep kills mechanic during oil change on edit for those who cannot or won't go on the dastardly Fox News A Michigan man who left his car at a dealership for an oil change and tire rotation is being sued after his...
  8. Pixguy

    Extension cord question

    Ok, you'll clearly see I have no electrical experience. I have my motor home plugged in at the storage unit. It appears to be only 15amp gfi outlet and I have a short 14 10' extension cord plugged in to keep batteries up. No problem with this setup. Then after a trip, instead of backing it in...
  9. Pixguy

    Groan thread closed..Why?

    So another joke thread gets closed without an explanation. Is there a mod who doesn't like humor? Did someone go over the line but all of us suffer? An explanation would be nice.
  10. Pixguy

    Are you this old?

    Are you old enough to remember the connection?
  11. Pixguy

    Water or plumber experts?

    So my Kohler toilet was running (2 yrs old and chain must've caught up) so I removed cover to fix and I see this film and white particles floating. I expect to see rust with iron water but never saw this. I have a whole house filter as well as a salt water softener. Is it salt and what's the film?
  12. Pixguy

    Newbie looking for critique

    I have a couple of tractor projects I'm looking to do so I bought a 110 140V mig welder. My budget and future needs dictated that welder so here we go.... I grabbed a pic of steel I had and started practicing going gasless. I really have little knowledge of settings. My first try. A few...
  13. Pixguy

    Horrible News. 3 brothers die.

    3 Ohio brothers die after getting stuck in manure pit 3 Ohio brothers die after getting stuck in manure pit My heart goes out to the family. Three sons in one day. 💔
  14. Pixguy

    Let's talk mattresses!

    Our pillow top orthepedic mattress that was $1600 15 years ago needs replacing. Please tell me about your experience with the Purple brand and the like. I can get warm and wake up hot and some sweat so I'm not wanting a foam mattress that cannot be cleaned. There are others I've layed on like...
  15. Pixguy

    ZTR or Rider?

    My lawn company dropped me two weeks ago due to losing employees to a competitor and I've been mowing my 1 acre lawn with lots of buildings and berms with my heavy duty 20yo Cub Cadet rider. My lawn specs. Very hilly 12' hills with steep grade, which I've mowed across but lean way over and have...
  16. Pixguy

    Pandora streaming to older stereo?

    I have a commercial store that I'd like to stream music over the existing speakers. If I let the employees control the stereo I'll have rap music blasting. I have SiriusXM in other locations but this store is having trouble seeing the satellite so as I also listen to Pandora on my cell and car...
  17. Pixguy

    Culvert fail

    To eliminate a sharp hill and rock lined ditch which was a nightmare for mowing, I installed a 12" culvert. I dug out all loam and dark soil lined with sand and installed top just 4-6" below surface. I know it's not below the NH frost line and expected some heaving but thought it'd just rise a...
  18. Pixguy

    Tire wobble on my GC2410

    So it appeared my front left tire had some play it so with further inspection it looked like a tie rod was shot. But then looking further, one or both of the steering mech brackets are bent. I do work my machine hard but can't imagine where that could get bent. Should I replace the whole thing?
  19. Pixguy

    Lawn irrigation questions

    My one year old lawn/home is browning up already due to the unusually hot weather here in the northeast and although we're not looking for a lush green lawn, I'd like a lawn not completely dead so I'm ck'ing out adding sprinklers. I've previously done two systems so I'm fairly confident of...
  20. Pixguy

    Poulan Chainsaw not starting

    I have a 4yo 50cc Poulan Pro that I couldn't start last year so I used a smaller one for the few limbs I had to trim. Today I had a downed tree due to high winds and tried to start the Poulan again and had no luck. The saw has maybe 10hrs on it. The plug appears clean and gapped correctly, air...
  21. Pixguy

    Salt/Sand shed. Anyone build one?

    I'm done with the tarp over the salt and sand pile and would like to build a lean-to shed to eliminate the shoveling snow off the tarp and grabbing the tarp with my snow blower. I'm thinking inside dimensions of 8X12' with 2' overhang in front. Three sided with wood and a tarp in front to stop...
  22. Pixguy

    Attn. Plumbers Residential home question

    Ok, a gc is building a home for us and the waste pipe has been run in a full basement and there is an area where the master bath line is dropped at a 45° to drop below the main duct that runs along the support beams. The drop is approx. 30 and then takes a 90° turn. My question is coming from...
  23. Pixguy

    Mid PTO lever issues on GC 2410

    Hi Folks, It appears my rear chains were bit to bulky at the overlap connection and has bent up my mid pto lever. It is still operable but the lever doesn't move easily so I control with other lever. After looking at the Agco parts book, I believe it is part #6254179M91 which is called the...
  24. Pixguy

    Hydro leak

    Through the summer I致e noticed the fluid on my mat under the forward/reverse pedals. I致e looked close and even tighten all the joints but I知 still getting the leak. Any ideas?
  25. Pixguy

    New garage and home build

    The wife and I are building a new ranch home as well as my detached 34X42 garage. I've posted the latest garage plans and wanted some input before I give the OK to proceed. The rear man door will move closer to large overhead door so I can use that corner. The windows on the side will be...
  26. Pixguy

    How to grade a road that has "ripples"

    I maintain about 1500' of private road and although it is in fairly good shape, I still can't eliminate the ripples that I get after raking it. Much of the road is a 14 percent grade and my small scut and york rake doesn't eliminate the washboard ripples. I believe one of my problems is that by...
  27. Pixguy

    Propane Direct Vent question

    My wife and are drawing up plans for the next home which will be one story as we get closer to 60. My question is how far can the direct vent pipe run horizontally to outdoors? How far from doors or windows? I've installed 3 stoves against an outside wall but never in the middle of the room...
  28. Pixguy

    Quirky and OCD tendencies..... Anyone else have them?

    So as I get older and reflect on myself, I'm starting to see some tendencies that could be considered OCD. Here's a few. 1. When I wired my home (town allows it and liscenced brother oversaw it and did panel work) I ended up putting all the switch and receptical covers on with all the screws...
  29. Pixguy

    Oil & Fuel  Damaged fuel line on MF2410

    I smelled fuel and noticed a fuel sheen on the driveway today while cleaning off the almost 12" we got overnight. I parked it and saw fuel coating the left side of the engine but saw no leak. I started the engine back up and saw diesel spraying out the fuel line just below the metal clamp...
  30. Pixguy

    MF Snowblower also Kubota and Rad 2360 trouble

    Well, I've returned to snow country in time for the nor'easter and my blower has some troubles. First, my driveway is a very steep 400' drive so when I scrape to pavement I now see I've been wearing down a plate on the bottom front right of the blower. It's a replaceable plate that bolts onto...
  31. Pixguy

    Racing RPM's

    I just had an experience for the second time this week. I'm scraping the gravel road with my rear blade and snowblower loaded but not engaged and all of a sudden the engine races and the rpm needle maxes out. I got it back to the house, shut it off, restarted it and a few seconds later it did it...
  32. Pixguy

    Why doesn't my quick attach line up?

    OK, I bought a saltdogg sand /salt spreader that instead of putting it on my F-150 truck, I've decided to put it the 3pt. hitch. I ordered a 3pt. hitch receiver and a 3pt. quick attachment so that I can blade the gravel road and quickly throw on the spreader. Both are supposed to be cat1. So...
  33. Pixguy

    Snow Attachments  Homeowner Sand/Salt spreader buying advise

    I'm stuck up in the snow this year so I'm looking to add a spreader for my steep 400' paved driveway and 650' gravel road. The scut front blower and rear blade that I have does a good job on both surfaces but hand spreading the sand and salt is both a hassle and somewhat treacherous on an icy...
  34. Pixguy

    Whoaa. What country do i now live in?

    When I went to bed last night I fell asleep in the US and TBN was written in English but I'm not sure anymore. So then I refreshed a few times and a thread from Hydraulics fought through. There's hope yet!
  35. Pixguy

    Happy Independence Day!

    To all the Americans on TBN, especially our veterans, Happy 4th of July. A nice song from John Wayne and friends. John Wayne 197
  36. Pixguy

    QUIZ. How well do you know your country?

    I got 23 out of the 25 right.
  37. Pixguy

    2410 Need Front end part number

    Hi fellow 2410 owners. I did my 250hr service today and noticed a boot that is torn on the steering shaft. The clips are fine but something must have ripped it and my local NH dealer didn't return my call today. Anyone have a blown apart chart and part number?
  38. Pixguy

    Electric Heat in ceiling?

    OK, I went to look at a home today with my son and his wife in MA that they are very interested in to buy. It's a gambrel with about 2400sf. and built in '72. One thing that I've never seen is how the heating system worked. The first floor was forced hot air but the second floor bedrooms had...
  39. Pixguy

    Backhoe tooth broke

    My GC 2410 has done jobs that push its limits before and breaking granite from this wall was just another challenge. I did succeed in pulling 4 attached pieces from the wall but this last one took a tooth out. It looks like the tooth is welded. Does anyone have a source where I can order...
  40. Pixguy

    Ipad bluetooth to headphones issues

    I received a Bose wireless Bluetooth headphones for Christmas and I'm having problems. The iPad doesn't see the headphones to pair them but my iPhone does pair with no issues. I'm not sure that it's the tablet as I also paired an older cheaper set of headphones on it last year. Yes, the blue...
  41. Pixguy

    Happy Thanksgiving

    I haven't seen a thread yet for Thanksgiving so let me start it off. Happy Thanksgiving to all TBN'ers and your family!
  42. Pixguy

    Halloween pictures of your kids or G'kids.

    I thought we could share the scary kiddos pictures. Here's my Grandkids tonight. 10yr old(boy) and 4yr old princess(Elsa from Frozen I believe) Let's see yours.... :jack-o-lantern: :wonderwoman::batman: :jack-o-lantern:
  43. Pixguy

    Identify this scat game.

    On a walk today,I came across these droppings that looked larger than deer droppings. There were reports of beer in the area but growing up in the city, I need some help. Yes, that's my key and it didn't pass through the animal. :D
  44. Pixguy

    Pool equipment techs?

    I received a call from my BIL (brother on law) in FL who cares for my pool in FL during the months that I'm away. I changed the pool over to a salt pool last January, got the chems all set and everything seemed fine. The pool is only a year and a half old and I'm not sure but I think the pump...
  45. Pixguy

    2410 lower lift arm replacements

    My lower arms are bent and although they work fine, I'd like to get replacements for them. Anyone have a good source for them?
  46. Pixguy

    Aluminum boat weld question

    Ok, it'll be obvious quickly that I have no experience in welding, never mind welding aluminum. I stored my new pontoon in my 24X36 garage (I know, never big enough) along with my tractor this winter. Two weeks ago when I was grabbing my rake sitting on the tractor to go down and work along...
  47. Pixguy

    Busted Snow Blower Driveshaft

    Well, I've busted plenty of shear pins on my gravel road but never a drive shaft. As you can see by the photos, it busted at the joint and because it's a welded piece it won't be easy to repair. I have the 2410 scut with the 2360 blower. I may try calling the Kubota dealer because my dealer has...
  48. Pixguy

    TBN viewing issues

    Anyone having issues viewing TBN lately? IE, Win7 This is what I see, showing only the very last post. I see everything as normal on my iPad but not my laptop
  49. Pixguy

    HVAC question

    First, i am a fairly handy homeowner i had to be as im no Brad Pitt. ;)I roughed the new home and my brother, a licensed elec tied in the panel. Bear with my explanation. We have a home with 2 split systems, 1 is 3 ton EMI I believe and the MB is 1.5 Bryant due to it being upstairs. The two...
  50. Pixguy

    3750 Switch

    I'm posting for a friend who owns a 3750DT who needs a new headlight/flasher dash switch. The dealer was no help. Can anyone help with a part number?
  51. Pixguy

    New to me chipper vac hose?

    Hello, I've been given a Troy Bilt chipper vac, model#47261 and I'd like to pick up a hose attachment that did not come with it. The ditches along my driveway would be a lot easier with this new toy. Any sources for the hose, attachment and handle?
  52. Pixguy

    Ipad emoticons?

    Other than doing the :;-): thing, are there any emoticons in store for us occasional Ipad users?
  53. Pixguy

    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating  Snowblowing up steep grade issues

    If you look at the photos below, you will see that I have 400' of pure fun, especially in the winter! So, going downhill with my scut tlb and front mounted blower works real well, but coming back uphill sure is tough. I have also loaded the rears. My issue: I have BH mounted to give me more...
  54. Pixguy

    My new Garage/Barn project

    26X32 Garage and Barn for my stuff with second floor for storage and guests. Started digging for footings on monday and completed tuesday. He ended up hitting ledge on the back corner, but we'll tie into that as it won't be moving anytime soon. Hopefully the weather allows for pouring...
  55. Pixguy

    GC and leave Quick Hitch on

    I'm looking at buying a QH for my GC2410TLB and wondered if Pat's QH or Harbor Freight's hitch can stay on while leaving my BH on. :confused: I'm assuming not, but wanted your opinion and/or experience. Thanks
  56. Pixguy

    Almost ready to start my Barn/Garage

    I'm waiting for the snow to melt and the frost to dissipate, but by May 1st the footing and frost walls should be poured so the 26X32 structure can begin. Can't wait. :) This photo was taken last weekend and most of the snow is gone, but not all the frost. Back corner will be at the post...
  57. Pixguy

    Loss of hydraulic fluid

    When changing my lines from the Quick Connect back over to the FEL, I accidently hit the nipple at the end of the male connector (never thought I'd be writing that sentance, lol) and about a half a cup of fluid squirted out before I could connect the two. Of course the loader dropped. It worked...
  58. Pixguy

    Can you catch like this?

    Seeing that the regular baseball season will start soon, have you seen this great catch?? Ball Girl Makes Incredible CatchVideo P.S. Go BoSox :thumbsup: -
  59. Pixguy

    Trailer for both boat and tractor?

    I have a 22' bowrider, 4200# that I had stored at a local marina so I never bought a trailer. Now I recently bought a MF SCUT tlb that is close to 4000#. Has anyone bought or built a trailer that I can use in the summer moving the tractor around and then mount bumpers or skids to winter the...
  60. Pixguy

    Newbie...Can I dig my own footings?

    I have a SCUTtlb and I've been lining up the framer to start building my new 26X32 equiment garage in the spring. After 2 local guys have not gotten back to me with pricing to dig my footings and frost walls, I'm asking myself, why not just do the job myself? My questions would be: How deep...
  61. Pixguy

    Hot Bucket Bath

    Can anyone tell me how much wood I would need to get a nice hot bath like this guy?? :shocked:
  62. Pixguy

    Newbie 2400 BH mistake

    I wanted to add my york rake this am, so after taking my GC 2410TLB out of my 7' garage, I proceeded to pull the BH pins and start to negotiate the BH out of it's cradle. Sure, I've only taken it off twice, but after playing with the stick controls for nearly 5 minutes and nothing budging I...
  63. Pixguy

    New Photos of 2410TLB

    :dance1: Here are some photos that I was asked to post. And my first trench for a conduit line.
  64. Pixguy

    BH question

    Here are newbie Bh question(s)...... Have had my GC TLB for only 1 week with about 4 total hrs. life BH experience, so given that. Today I was digging a trench down an incline on the edge of new ledge-pak driveway in very rocky soil. One problem I was having was the machine sliding when I was...
  65. Pixguy


    Hi all, I'm a new Massey Ferguson 2410 TLB owner and will take delivery next saturday! I'm looking forward to playingon my land and getting jobs done on my time frame.:thumbsup: Thanks, Bill