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  1. m5guy

    3 point Chipper ????

    I have the same chipper but mine is from jinma. Bought from a shop out of Tennessee. Haven't had any problems. Tighten every bolt when you get it. Mine was like $2300 delivered to a freight dock in town. I run mine on my 32 PTO hp tractor at about 1800rpm. It will chip a 8" pine tree. I mostly...
  2. m5guy

    Recommended multi-meter

    The big question is what are you using for, I mean are you a trades person that uses a meter everyday, or are you a hobby person using it a few times a year? As an electrician, I have a fluke with way more functions than the average person needs. But in my toolbox at home I have a simple bk...
  3. m5guy

    Hydraulic or HST Filter?

    I would change both filters. Mine has a napa1551 hydro filter. The larger filter is a Donaldson from the factory but I don't recall the number, I can look when I get home. I use a udt equivalent oil.
  4. m5guy

    V2203 oil filter?

    Same motor as a 743 bobcat , try that
  5. m5guy

    Crowning a stone driveway

    Land plane does a good job. Rear blade has a steaper learning curve.
  6. m5guy

    School me on PTO tiller use and depth adjustment

    Most tillers only go about 7"
  7. m5guy

    Required Horsepower per feet for cultivators

    8 to 12 PTO hp per ft. So for ease of math let's say 10hp per ft of PTO hp. So, a 5ft cultivator wants 50 PTO hp. Whatever the cultivator is must be a monster if it can do the the job at 6 to 10 mph.
  8. m5guy

    Tillers and PTO HP

    There should be a sheer pin somewhere. Use your head and it will be just fine
  9. m5guy

    Ls5030 fuel in oil.

    Bad injector?
  10. m5guy

    Getting A LS MT357

    I have 300hrs on mine with 0 complaints
  11. m5guy


    If you can get at the sending unit, fuel gauges are a resistance reading should be like 0 to 90 ohms. If you are getting a reading somewhere in there, your gauge on the dash could be bad
  12. m5guy

    Play in Loader Bracket

    I don't think you want any movement in theounting brackets. Pin isn't broken is it?
  13. m5guy

    Auger trade advice needed

    I would trade for it cause it looks neat.
  14. m5guy

    MT357 Loader flex

    I have 280hrs on my 357. If I carry a whole tree top in the grapple, like 20ish feet long, I see some flex like you speak of. I try to do things like that as infrequently as possible. I have enjoyed 2 years trouble free as well.
  15. m5guy

    1505 Diesel Running Hot(er)

    I had a grasshopper mower with a Kubota diesel started running hotter and hotter... Had a screen to keep grass out of the rad... It will also trap the grass in rad. Had to pull the rad and pressure wash it out. It was plugged solid
  16. m5guy

    Homemade wooden snowplow - thoughts?

    We have several junk auctions around here, that run every week. An old truck snow plow can be had for $100 maybe a few dollars more if it has a mount with it.
  17. m5guy

    Homemade wooden snowplow - thoughts?

    You can buy a used snow blade for the price of the plywood
  18. m5guy

    MT352 Grill guard

    Agree, it's bent, mine sits flush also.
  19. m5guy

    Betstco FH-AGL-145 Hydraulic Hoses Leaking Tractor End

    I had to change the ends on mine. They jic ends on a non jic reducer
  20. m5guy

    Seed disc

    Looks like 494 series planter. Deere still stocks them. They will cost more than the value of the planter, but if you already have the planter and it still works, why not.
  21. m5guy


    Order your rear view mirror from messicks. But buy it for a nh boomer 55. Same tractor. As for the tool box , let me know. It shows on the ls parts diagram but I have yet to see one.
  22. m5guy

    Farm fencing - augers vs post pounders

    I bought a fence pounder. I got the hd8 model from kenvove. I bought it for the same reason you are stating. I can put 10 4" posts in an hour. I have mostly clay and rocks. I run it on my smallest tractor. It needs very little hydraulic power. If your around sw Michigan I will rent you mine.
  23. m5guy

    FEL plow vs. rear blade for 1 mile of infrequent chipseal road snow removal

    Snow plow 100% better than a back blade. I've done both ways. A snowblower on the back would be better.
  24. m5guy

    What two Landpride attachments with new Kubota purchase?

    Grapple and land plane
  25. m5guy

    XR 3037 radio

    I put the $15 one from Amazon in mine. Works great
  26. m5guy


    Mine doesn't have the chains, but I think it weighs 60lbs maybe a bit more.
  27. m5guy

    Buying Advice MT3 Series Weights?
  28. m5guy

    Buying Advice MT3 Series Weights?

    I would assume you could buy the boomer weights and bracket, but I thought I saw front weights on the accessory page of the parts manual?
  29. m5guy

    Buying Advice MT3 Series Weights?

    If you want rear wheel weights you need to buy the rims the NH boomers use and buy weights from NH. Our ls rims don't have the holes to bolt the weights to
  30. m5guy

    Flail Mower TMG Industrial

    I bought a betsco articulated flail, it's pretty heavy, does a good job. I use a hydraulic top link with makes on the move adjustments easier.
  31. m5guy

    Need help identifying this rotary cutter

    Looks like an old international my grandpa had.
  32. m5guy

    How do I drain a Shaver HD10 into my tractor?

    Yes , plumb it into the fill using 3/4 hose and whatever fitting is needed to get into the fill hole on the rear end. I run mine just through the hydraulic outlets on the back using 1/2" hose, works fine, but performance might increase if I plumbed it direct into the fill hole.
  33. m5guy

    Anyone done a triple rear remote kit?

    My MT357 came with three valves, must be my dealer orders them all that way, I've only seen the NH Boomer 55(same tractor) come with less than 3 remotes.
  34. m5guy

    Backhoe no up or down

    Is there a safety pin holding it in place?
  35. m5guy

    PTO driven post driver ?

    Find a friend with a tractor with a remote, there's a good chance he wants some fence installed, might even become a side business. Me and a friend split a post driver, I had the tractor, he had the big trailer to move posts and the tractor driver. Works perfect
  36. m5guy

    Box Scraper Land Planes / Grading Scrapers

    The only thing I could complain about it is the removable scarifier teeth are cheap cast from China and I broke 2 of them, of course doin a favor for a friend. If you maintain your drive in a reasonable manner , you don't need the scarifier teeth anyway. That was the only time I used them. I...
  37. m5guy

    Box Scraper Land Planes / Grading Scrapers

    I have bush hog brand land plane. Works great. My buddy copied it and made one he pulls with his plow truck works great.
  38. m5guy

    Hooking up shaver post driver to Kubota BX24

    Man, if it would pick it up high enough to move it, it would be super handy on that little tractor.
  39. m5guy

    3-Point Hitch MT5 Top and Tilt for 3pt hitch

    For a side link look on A and I ag parts. Only place I could find one.
  40. m5guy

    Fast Source for LS Xr4155 Cat 2 Sway bars or 3 pointt parts?

    Can you tell us what you were doing to break the 3pt arm? I have been running equipment my whole life and never broke a 3 pt hitch.
  41. m5guy

    Pat’s Quick Hitch / flail mower

    My betsco flail is between cat 1 and cat 2 so a qh doesn't work. I have a qh on one tractor and I tried the pats on the other, it requires a longer top link as stated. I decided if I need to get off the tractor to connect the top link, I might as well do the others as well. Some implements are...
  42. m5guy

    Rear Finish Mower Need a 7’ finish mower

    I have a buhler farm king I bought at a sale. 7 ft. Mows nice . I think I have $500. I would buy another.
  43. m5guy

    How to evaluate a used tiller

    Check the oil in the gear box. Have them pick it up with a loader or something similar, spin the pto, make sure it feels tight. Look at the blades, that will tell you how many hours it's run. Take the cover off the chain or gear drive , see how it looks. They aren't really a technical machine.
  44. m5guy

    Buying Advice Post driver doable on xg3135?

    I have a kencove hd 8, same as a shaver. I plumbed mine right into the hydro outlets on the back of the tractor. I run it on my McCormick ct 41. A rebadged LS. Works great. Plumbed through the hydro couplers it's slightly slower than if you can dump it directly into the hydro reservoir. Still...
  45. m5guy

    Rotary Tillers

    I have a bush hog rtg 72, been tilling clay and rocks. It's held up so far. 4years in
  46. m5guy

    Hydraulic Top and Tilt help

    I have a 3 57, I bought my hydro top link on eBay, cat 1. Never thought about the side link....
  47. m5guy

    LS MT 357 lost cruise control

    Yup it's under the floor board, has 2 jam bolts that you loosen and slide the solenoid closer to the forward petal. Very simple fix. Took a minute to realize how it worked. FYI, my dealer didn't know how it worked either.
  48. m5guy

    LS MT 357 lost cruise control

    2021 mt357 hsc. 175 hrs, driving down the road and my cruise control solenoid quit working. I hit the button again and I can "feel" it grab, but won't hold it at speed. Anybody else have this happen?
  49. m5guy

    Newb looking for advice and info on a new compact tractor and attachments

    I have an LS 357, hydro top link, grapple, land plane. I use the 3rd hydro outlet for my third function on the loader, no big deal if you get used to it. The $1500 kit would be more convenient, but $1500 buys a land plane to maintain the access road. As stated a back blade makes better ditches...
  50. m5guy

    Should I even think about 2 wheel drive

    Comes down to budget, if you need more tractor and can't stomach the price of 4wd, buy a 2wd. I have 2 4wd, and 4 2wd
  51. m5guy

    Snow plow on FEL

    I built 2, one for my t250 bobcat and one for my LS 357, the tractor is way easier and more pleasant to use, the skid steer is too much power and weight, the plow blade wouldn't take it. You will want the 3rd function to be able to angle the blade. I helped a buddy put one on his Ford 1710, for...
  52. m5guy

    Value Leader WC6 Chipper Drive Belt replacement

    If there are 5 belts on the same shieve you want to order a matched set of 5, costs a little more but insures all belts are sharing the load evenly. If not a matched set, all the belts won't be the "same" size.
  53. m5guy

    Minimum HP for Flail Mowers

    I have a ditch bank mower on my McCormick ct 41, 36 pto hp. I think as stated before, it's tractor weight more than hp. I can plug the mower and smoke the belt before the tractor bogs, but if I went wider, I think it would be too heavy on the side of the tractor. I know if I get on much of a...
  54. m5guy

    Pat's Easy Change trouble

    I took my Pats off. Always had to mess with them, plus they added enough length, that my hydraulic top link wasn't long enough to reach certain implements. A waste of a couple hundred bucks in my opinion. Just buy a full QUIK hitch and save the headache. Just my opinion, of course.
  55. m5guy

    If You Were To Get A New 6 Ft Finish Mower - What Would You get?

    I have bueler farm king, made in Canada, 7 footer. Bought it at a sale. Parts are cheap and available. Built like hoss. Cut 10" tall grass, no clumps. Only thing I have had to replace is the run flat tires, they were so rotted they fell apart while I was mowing.
  56. m5guy

    Rear view mirror for mt352hc

    You do need a slightly longer metric machine screw than using the one in the cab currently
  57. m5guy

    Rear view mirror for mt352hc

    Here is the one I bought from messicks
  58. m5guy

    Rear view mirror for mt352hc

    I got one from New Holland. LS doesn't list it as an option, new Holland does.
  59. m5guy

    Free LS Tractor Cooler - Nice!

    I bought an mt357 in October of 21, I didn't get a cooler...
  60. m5guy

    Mt 357 instrument panel froze

    I have a 2021 Mt 357hsc , 40 hrs, I love it so far. Yesterday, while moving some firewood, the instrument panel froze, like none of the guages or hour meter would move. All other functions of the tractor were fine, lights, wipers , radio heat etc. Just no guages. Even when I shut the tractor off...
  61. m5guy

    Fix'n to get a Tiller

    I have a bush hog brand 72". 32 pto hp handles it in my heavy clay. I still plow, skip the disc, pull a packer behind the tiller. Next to my sure stand seeder,my favorite attachment.
  62. m5guy

    MT3 Front Axle Vent

    Mine has a vent on the opposite side that the fill port is on
  63. m5guy


    On my McCormick ct41, a rebadged LS, the top of the tank is where all the capacity is, will read full until you get to about 1/2 gone, than the Guage falls fast. I thought I had a bad sending unit until I actually looked at the shape of the tank.
  64. m5guy

    LS MT240E or MT342

    I have a mt357. Love it. Get as much hp in whatever frame size you choose. I run a 6ft tiller and it covers the tracks. Spend a little more and get a cab. Best $5k extra I ever spent.
  65. m5guy

    Hydraulic fluid for topping off and for replacement

    I use Shaeffer simplex 315 supreme. Same as udt supreme, which is the Kubota spec. Every brand calls the oil a different name. LS calls it something else.
  66. m5guy

    What痴 the highest hours LS tractor ?

    I have a McCormick CT 41 hst. Same as a ls4041. I bought it at a sale non running (bad battery). I think it's a 2008. It looks like the previous owner put it in gear and let it drive itself through the woods. Hood is smashed, fenders are so bad, the guy driving must have lost a leg. I have...