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  1. TomSeller

    Kinetic Wood Splitters, have they come of age?

    I am seeing the Woods, Oregon and Speeco triplets advertising kinetic splitters more and more, sometimes before the hydraulic models. Other brands as well. The speed intrigues me. Have they come of age and would they be worth the investment? Prices seem to be dropping a little. Woodmax...
  2. TomSeller

    Best Brand of Fireplace Insert or Wood Stove

    I am in the market for a replacement fireplace insert for one of my houses and am curious of what you think a good brand is. I suspect better wood stove brands also make the better inserts? I am looking at burning firewood not gas or pellets. House is 3000 sq ft. I found a few insert...
  3. TomSeller

    Kohler CH Series Gas Engines. Any good?

    Curious if anyone has opinions on the Kohler CH series gas engines. Specifically CH395 277cc 9.5HP I am looking at a Dirty Hands log splitter with this engine. I really wanted a Honda GX but they are made of gold it seems when pricing any new splitter with that series of engine. The CH is...
  4. TomSeller

    If they Cured Aging, What Would Happen? What Would You do?

    Would you have to work forever? No need for Social Security? Would only the rich afford it? Talk about population explosion.
  5. TomSeller

    How do you Sharpen your Knives and how often?

    Curious what everyone uses to sharpen their knives? And how frequently. More interested in hunting/utility/kitchen rather than baler knives, etc.
  6. TomSeller

    What do you let your dog chew on?

    The wife was running out of slippers that were not chewed on. I told her it was a sign of affection, but that didn't go far. So I figured I better get the new dog something to chew on. I am trying the compressed rawhide. So far so good if I take them away after a couple of hours and if I...
  7. TomSeller

    What voltage does your generator run at?

    I picked up a nice 7500W Gillette generator a while back cheap off of CL with a Honda GX engine that had a simple carb problem. With the carb problem fixed I measured the "120V output" at 110V and steady +-.02V with my Fluke 112 meter. My commercial power runs at 123V on the same meter. I...
  8. TomSeller

    Old Heatilator Fireplace Retrofit

    One of my houses has an older Heatilator fireplace that I want to retrofit with a high efficiency insert and a new SS liner up the masonry chimney to the roof. The fireplace is in the center of the house with the two heat pump forced air returns on each side about 15' away. So running the...
  9. TomSeller

    Stihl Hedge Trimmer, Which doggone one?

    I am looking at getting a Stihl professional hedge trimmer (I typically buy professional Stihl). I expected the line up to be like chainsaws where the power and weight went up with the model line. They seem to all be about the same power and weight. (Weight is obviously a design factor). Any...
  10. TomSeller

    RatX, anyone use it?

    Anyone use RatX? How well does it work? Ratx 3POUND Non-Toxic Mice and Rat Control Bag, 3 lb: Pet Supplies
  11. TomSeller

    Mortars and Rockets, Right to Ignite.

    Upcoming 4th of July and I have not bought yet. Any igniters out there?
  12. TomSeller

    Vinegar as herbicide

    Anyone use vinegar as an herbicide? What concentration? Mixed with anything? The 20% bottles seem expensive. Talking for around the garden, walkways where the kids play, etc. I use crossbow and roundup out in the fields, but don't want to use them around the house.
  13. TomSeller

    Backpack Blowers

    I bought a Stihl BR600 today as a Christmas present to myself and have already run 3 tanks of fuel through it. What a nice blower and I can understand why the pros favor it. In the Stihl line up, it seems they all weigh around 20 lbs and the 600 is at the top of the line but not that much more...
  14. TomSeller

    120 V LED Spot and Flood Lights

    Anyone have any manufacture recommendations for 120V spot and flood lights? LEDs sure seem to be the way to go for lighting. Wally World has 60W indoor/outdoor regular LED lights for $0.44 right now which gave me the thought of replacing my flood and spot lights.
  15. TomSeller

    Comfortis Flea Control, Anyone use it?

    Made from natural Spinosad It is natural and if it works as well as Spinosad and doesn't hurt the animals, I sure could see why the huge flea collar/dip/drop/bomb/spray/etc industry would worry.
  16. TomSeller

    Oil & Fuel  Kubota B21 Foaming Transmission Fluid.

    I recently bought a used B21 for a very good price. When loading it I noticed the hydraulic fluid foaming and coming out the overflow tube in the rear. I thought I had it troubleshot to an intake tube on the hydraulic pump sucking air and tightened that. All was good and I filled it with...
  17. TomSeller

    Bear Fence

    Having troubles with a black bear getting in my apple trees this year on a remote property. I have seen the bear only once and estimate he is in the 450 to 500 lb range. Judging by the branches he breaks in the apple trees, I would guess that estimate is accurate. Scat is a the 1/2 to 2/3...
  18. TomSeller

    Pulling a Boat with a Tractor

    I am in the closing process of moving and buying a 2 acre place on the water with a concrete boat launch on the property. I don't have possession yet and I don't know how steep the ramp is, but it is on the steeper side. Little bit of chicken or egg in that I don't know what size of boat I'll...
  19. TomSeller

    Garage Bridge Crane

    Does anyone have a garage bridge crane? It seems it would be very handy to move anything from any level or corner of the shop to any other, or onto a bed of a truck, etc. Bad picture but that is all I could find on google except for big industrial ones.
  20. TomSeller

    Brake Rotors. Resurface or New?

    One thing I won't work on is brakes on anything going on the road. My wife's car rear squeakers were going off and I took the car into our local garage. I got a call today saying the price for new rotors, pads, etc would be $380. I told the mechanic that this is the first brake job on the car...
  21. TomSeller

    Game Camera with Cellular

    I searched for game cams but most of what I found was a few years old. With technology changing so fast I thought I would start a new thread. I had an incident last night with someone at one of my remote properties getting into things. So far no more than a few broken things and gates left...
  22. TomSeller

    Any bets on which State will be the next doper State?

    After Colorado, Washington and Alaska which State do you think will be the next State to legalize marijuana? Don't include Oregon which is to go in 2016 and Wash DC (not a state but already legal). I am guessing Maine.
  23. TomSeller

    Best Place to Buy Rebar?

    Where has everyone been buying their rebar? Home Depot and Lowes seem so expensive. I need mostly 7'9" lengths of #3 and about 120 of them. Buying in 10 or 20' lengths makes no send due to the waste.
  24. TomSeller

    Do You Warm Up Your Chainsaw?

    Curious if people let their chainsaw warm up. I keep seeing people start them, blip, blip them and start right in cutting at full rev. I usually let mine warm for a short time. Not long, maybe a minute.
  25. TomSeller

    New Car Safety

    I had not seen this before. In talking to medics and highway police It is pretty amazing the accidents people walk away from these days. In this simulation it was expected that the driver of the 59 would have died, while the driver of the 09 would have suffered a foot or knee injury...
  26. TomSeller

    Massey 245 with Perkins AD3.152 Draws Liner into Crankcase

    A while back while backing the MF245 up to an implement a loud "whap, whap, whap, crunch, crunch, crunch" came from the engine. The engine was at idle at the time and oil was full when drained at tear down. Oil pressure was near pegged as normal for this engine. The engine had been recently...