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  1. Bearsixty7

    Ground Beams and pouring a new slab next to an existing one.

    Ok, Educate me on ground beams and pouring a slab next to an existing one. I have poured a few free standing slabs over the years and understand compacting the ground, constructing forms, use of rebar and chairs, etc. Now I am wanting to pour a 8.5' wide x 40' long 5" thick slab beside my...
  2. Bearsixty7

    LS MT240 Regen info. thread

    Just a thread for sharing information. The first Regen was around 25hrs while I was doing some light loader work @~1500RPM in MO. Engine stumbled a little and got my attention when I saw the dash lights for "regen" and the RPM jumped up to 1800, then the "hot exhaust" light came on, that lasted...
  3. Bearsixty7

    MT240 Grease zerk or grease fitting size?

    Any one know what size grease zerk the MT240 needs? I thought I had read on here that the MT2 tractors/loaders/backhoes used an odd grease zerk, maybe BSP? but can't find the information using the search function.
  4. Bearsixty7

    MT240 14 x 5 Front wheel source?

    Any one ever buy a spare MT240 or MT235 front 14 x 5 wheel? After puncturing a front tire this weekend brush hogging, I see it would be good to have a spare tire and wheel with me. Local LS dealer can't get them and referred me to a local tire place they use and they can't get them. I contacted...
  5. Bearsixty7

    Rotary Cutter  Rankings for 5' Medium duty Brush Hogs?

    How would you rate these 3 brush hogs? I can get these 3 for about the same price. All rated for 2" dia cutting, all have 65hp gearboxes, all have slip clutches. Seems they all have different areas they rate slightly better than the others, just not sure which matter more. Bush Hog BH215 (10...