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  1. vic654

    installed trac-vac

    i finally got around to installing the trac vac i had on my old kubota BX.It was pretty easy retro fit i had to buy a new boot to fit the mower deck and bought a new half of pto so it would fit my distance on new tractor. Is was a lot easier than i thought only took about an hour once i had the...
  2. vic654


    Has anyone here used the moweraxle before.It looks like a good thing for moving my 7 iron deck.The deck weighs a ton and is pretty difficult to move by yourself.Love to hear some feedback or any other ideas thanks vic
  3. vic654


    I am looking to get a backhoe for my 3720 cab.I have been looking at the jd 375 and the woods bh80-x.I am looking for some thoughts on these or any other brand i should be looking at. I am also wondering what people thought about the three point hitch or the 4 point subframe units which would...
  4. vic654

    3720 delivered today

    Hello evryone new member here.I have been looking at site for a couple months and the info i found here helped me in my purchase of my 3720 cab.I have the front snowthrower the 72" auto connect deck and the 300cx loader.I played a little bit with it today and i am very happy with it the heat is...