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  1. GeneV

    3 pt hitch Ratchet Rake

    I found this vid while searching for ways people modify their ratchet rakes
  2. GeneV

    Anybody heard of ProWorks attachments?

    I'm shopping for pallet forks, stumbled on ProWorks. I can't find much info on the company or any reviews online other than a few posts on a JD forum that didn't get me far.
  3. GeneV

    Pricing pallet forks

    Guys, I'm finally grown up enough to buy real pallet forks instead of the bolt-on mess that came with my tractor. I'm looking for 36" forks, and the cheapest ones I found with a headache rack was at Titan for $660. These. Is that a good price for pulling the trigger, or should wait until...
  4. GeneV

    20' x 20' storage shed recommendations

    Guys, who here had a large metal storage shed built or put it together yourself from a kit? I'm sure quite a few of youz, so here I am asking. I'm needing like a 20' x 20' shed, with a big enough entryway to get my scut in there to drop off the backhoe, and stuff like that. Don't need it...
  5. GeneV

    Gas powered Tesla

  6. GeneV

    What wattage for *cheap* electric demo hammer

    Hey guys, anybody got experience buying/using <$200 demolition hammers, like Vevor brand? My main question is what watt to get, I see 2200 watts, and 3500 watts. Main usage will be to break up an old concrete post from a flagpole, that sort of thing, also to break up concrete blocks into...
  7. GeneV

    Ignore list?

    How many of youz have an "ignore list" going here, and if you do, how many people do you have on it? And f/u question, what would be the reason for putting somebody on your ignore list?
  8. GeneV

    Wood snow plows/pushers

    Hey guys, I stumbled on some interesting snow management vids, dudes building snow plows and pushers from wood, which strap right onto the loader bucket. Obviously not something to take on the street, but for doing your own driveway, seems legit.
  9. GeneV

    What's that, you're too lazy to go plow your driveway?

    I got your solution right here bud:
  10. GeneV

    "today's posts" vs "new posts"

    What's the difference? I see the same posts listed, unless I'm missing something.
  11. GeneV

    mulching leaves with Gator blades on the Bradley mower, open vs closed chute vs bagging

    My 1st full year with the Bradley, played around with various ways to get them leaves off the lawn.
  12. GeneV

    zero-turn mower, turning around w/o wrecking the grass

    Guys, last fall was my first time with the stander mower, never had a zero-turn before, and quickly learned that zero-turn doesn't mean I SHOULD zero turn coz it tears up the turf. What I mean is you know mow one direction, turn around for the next pass opposite direction. So off to youtube I...
  13. GeneV

    wood chipper/shredder mod to increase chip size

    Guys, anybody done such a mod? I got a Dirty Hand Tools 3" chipper/shredder, but the chip size it makes are tiny, almost fit for compost. I'd live to increase chip size, make it more usable for mulching. Is there usually an adjustment for the anvils in there? I don't know much about the...
  14. GeneV

    60" mower deck for Massey Ferguson GC17xx

    Anybody looking for the 60" driver-over MMM deck for their MF GC tractor? Excellent's 2018, but it's hardly been used coz I mow with another mower. It had the service @ 50 hrs, and the blades are still's ready to go mow. Comes with deck storage wheels I made for it.
  15. GeneV

    I modified my Bxpanded backhoe thumb

    Finally decided to do something about my debilitating BOD condition. Of course I'm referring to bucket overbite disorder, so embarrassing! I'm not quite done with it yet, I got to clean up these ugly welds (I suck at welding), and weld some more in some areas. And then I got a big field test...
  16. GeneV

    Who want to chat about plasma cutters?

    Who's got one or uses one? I'm thinking of getting this one: I've been reading comparisons and watching some youtube reviews, that one seems to be a hit.
  17. GeneV

    built me some brush forks

    Hey guys, long time no chat! Finally had a chance to use some of that steel which my Bradley mower shipped in, so I built these debris/brush forks with it. Yesterday's test run went great!
  18. GeneV

    I love watching stuff like this on youtube

  19. GeneV

    home-cooked electrode holder

    Made a new one for myself out of a 5/8" screw. Total cost: $4 for the 3/4" cpvc pipe, for the handle.
  20. GeneV

    Changing coolant yearly or lack thereof.

    So, found something interesting today. I changed coolant last year on my GC1710, used this stuff: I had no intention of changing coolant this year, not as though the tractor is a daily driver or anything. Anyways, today I stumbled on my el cheapo coolant tester, so since it's in my hand...
  21. GeneV

    Telescoping stabilizers for Massey GC17xx series tractors?

    Is there such an animal? Turnbuckles are for squares!
  22. GeneV

    48" Bradley stander mower

    Came in yesterday. Big surprise coz I was told I wouldn't get it til early next year...pretty psyched I'll get to mow with it this year! Gonna mow with it today actually, if I could figure out how to get it out of that shipping cage.
  23. GeneV

    Another cart, oversized debris bucket, carry-all on the 3ph, or something else maybe?

    What up, I need some ideas for hauling bulky things. I'm selling my garden tractor, and the fella is wanting my 14 cu ft dump cart too as part of the deal. This one: This got me thinking on replacement options. Option a) Another cart. This was kind of the eventual plan anyways, because...
  24. GeneV

    GC17xx front wheel camber

    Look at that front right wheel, what's up with that? Should I be concerned? Everything seems to work fine.
  25. GeneV

    page advance on mobile version of TBN

    Hi, is it possible to put in a page advance at the top of the page as well? Kind of a pain to have to scroll to the bottom of the page to go to next page or last page.
  26. GeneV

    X-cord for welder

    Found this 50' cord for the welder on Ebay, best deal I ever saw on these, anywhere: Heavy Duty ETL Welder Extension Cord 8AWG 50 Foot Cord 50A 3 prong | eBay
  27. GeneV

    CMP Attachments 3pt dethatcher

    I just got it delivered last night, have yet to put it together. Anybody use one, and if yes, u got any pointers? I must say, the package job left a lot to be desired lol!
  28. GeneV

    scut ride comfort while mowing, R4 vs turf vs R14

    Anybody with input on that? I got R4 tires on mine, worked great for all the brush/tree/dirty work I had to do on my property. But now that I got that mostly done, the GC is now used more for mowing, yet I find the ride sux on my uneven ground. Compared to it, my garden tractor is way more...
  29. GeneV

    Hey cut/scut people with with snow pushers, tell me stuff

    I want one for my massey scut. Tell me what you got, what size, what cutting edge you got, etc. Curious if having a back drag impedes how much snow it collects when going forward.
  30. GeneV

    ssqa snow plow build under way

    I'm gonna take this snow/dozer blade I used with the craftsman gt, gonna use it on the massey tractor. The mock up: I got my ssqi mount plate from Titan. Great plate, nice and snug fit on the loader. $105.
  31. GeneV

    6013 vs 7014 vs 7018

    Other than the storage requirements with 7018, what are the key differences and specific benefits of each? I just picked up 2 lbs of 5/64" 7014 to try on thin material.
  32. GeneV

    DYI fume extractor ideas

    Guys, who built their own welding fume extractor? I put this one together on the fly yesterday, using a wet/dry vac. It works ok, but I'm not super thrilled with it. Here's it here: I was thinking one of those inline duct fans with ductwork could work. The 6" ones move 240 cfm. Would...
  33. GeneV

    220v outlet for welder powered by (2) 20 amp breakers

    Sorry guys, I didn't find an electrical section on TBN, so posting it in welding section. I'm getting a 160 amp stick inverter DC welder. It's a 110/220 dual voltage, so could run on either. To make a long story short, how would it run on a 20 amp 220v circuit compared to a 20 amp 110v...
  34. GeneV

    GC17xx, coolant change

    Somebody be a pal and do a quick in-service on it. What's the procedure, are you flushing and what are you using (distilled or no?), what coolant are you using and how much does the radiator hold?
  35. GeneV

    can't upload pix

    Anybody else having issues this morning uploading pics in their message? Usually when adding photos, I hit upload and see a countdown of it uploading. Nothing today. I'm on google chrome, btw.
  36. GeneV

    Should I hack the back end of this sucker off, or no?

    Previous owner welded a hitch receiver tube on the bucket. Personally, I've yet to move a trailer with it, the only use I had for it was wrapping ratchet straps around it for lifting stuff. Looking to add hooks for that purpose, regardless. Anyways, I'm not thinking to remove the whole...
  37. GeneV

    hooks for bucket

    What size hooks are you guys welding onto your buckets? Is 3/8 big enough or should I go bigger? I just have a little massey scut, I'm not going to be doing anything crazy with it.
  38. GeneV

    Why none of these scuts have flat face quick connect couplers for the loader?

    Why are they all ag type? I watched a few videos of flat face couplers, those things stay cleaner by design, less oil comes out of them when disconnecting, and most important, they seem way easier to connect because the male connect just pops in w/o having to pull back on the retaining ring on...
  39. GeneV

    teaching myself to glue metal together

    Got this idea off the youtubes: The claim made by another youtuber, once I fill in all 4 quarters, I'ma be a welding rock star! :cool2:
  40. GeneV

    Question on wire size for a 120v / 90 amp fcaw.

    Hey, I got a Century FC90, it can run 0.030 or 0.035 wire. I need to weld 1/4". From my very limited knowledge, normally I'd want to use the 0.035" wire if I had a normal 220v welder. But, since this little guys 120v rated max 90 amps, would I be better off using 0.030?
  41. GeneV

    Buying a ssqa plate

    Howdy, I got a massey scut with a ssqa loader for the bucket. I'm looking to buy ssqa plate to weld a plow onto it. Are they all the same size, and if not, what dimensions should I be concerned about? Also, need recommendations on material thickness. Would you say 3/16 is adequate for...
  42. GeneV

    Vert welding w/ flux core wire 120v welder

    Hey, I'm a total green at this, playing around with my century fc90. Who's got pointers on laying a vertical bead? Or any pointers otherwise for a little 120v flux core welder that's cool too. :)
  43. GeneV

    wanted dead or barely alive: beat to **** ratchet rake or equivalent

    ...equivalent, as in the bucket rake they used to sell TSC. I don't care if it's beat, busted, missing straps...I'm gonna hack up this sucka anyways, looking to fabricobble it into something else. Just needs to be cheap enough to be worth the purchase.
  44. GeneV

    Worksaver Electric Grapple

    Curious if anybody got experience with this thing.
  45. GeneV

    Mulching options for Massey Ferguson's mmm 60" deck, 2325.

    I did some googling on this, searched this site as well. So far, I'm finding nothing for an actual mulching kit for the deck. Not even mulching blades for it, which is strange, you'd thing there would be at least an aftermarket option for mulching blades. Anyways, I'm wondering if anybody...
  46. GeneV

    Wheel spacers, GC series tractors.

    Hey for those of you with wheel spacers on GC17xx or 2400's, how big did you go with them? I understand if you go too wide, they'll interfere with the mower deck. Also, where did you get them and how much you pay? I know Bro-tek has some for our tractors.
  47. GeneV

    loader joystick mod

    I wasn't happy with having to lean forward to operate the loader joystick. A little bit ago, I heated it up with a torch and bent it so it would be closer, but it was still farther out than I wanted it. So, I bought a Volkswagon gearshift extension on Amazon for $10, installed it today. It...
  48. GeneV

    a Steiner tractor/loader/backhoe

    Check this guy out: Steiner 4x4 Tractor W/ Loader And Backhoe - YouTube
  49. GeneV

    loader snow blade on scut, yey or ney?

    Curious on thoughts, mounting a snow plow on loader arms. With ssqa, so convenient and all, but who'd be concerned it would put a strain on the loader arms with the side loading from the angled blade?
  50. GeneV

    Hey, piranha tooth bar people!

    Yes, I know, the piranha tooth bar is the cat's meow per all accounts. I need some input regarding a particular application, clearing tall thick grass and cattails, how's it with that? Specifically, does it cut through that stuff or just grab it and pull it out by the root? I have a ratchet...
  51. GeneV

    My garden tractor is 26hp, my scut tlb is 22.5, how come?

    I'm sure this has been answered before, but just gimme the quick&dirty. Why scuts are powered less than some garden tractors?
  52. GeneV

    How capable are case 600s?

    Like case 648, that's the one with power steering, right? But none of them was 4wd I think. I was looking into those before I got my tractor, but I was worried about how old they are now. I know ingersolls where the later models, but they're old too. And no fwd. Is anybody here using...
  53. GeneV

    First time plowing the driveway with tractor, had the Snow Edge mounted on bucket.

    First, the rachet rake's snow edge. Overall impression, it did what it was designed for, let me plow snow with my bucket without scratching up the blacktop. I watched the one video they have on youtube for some pointers, and did the same thing they were doing with it...curled the bucket down...
  54. GeneV

    GC17xx people, how's all your 3ph stuff stowed up when the backhoe is on.

    Can somebody take a pic of how your 3 point hitch stuff is stowed/pinned up when you have the backhoe on? Mine came with the lower lift arms and top link off the tractor. I understand I gotta pivot the pto shaft guard up, but aint for sure do the lower lift arms fit outside or inside it? The...
  55. GeneV

    Zejula advertising page redirect on mobile site

    Just want to see if anybody else is having this issue on the TLB's mobile site, or is it just that my phone caught some bug or something. When I'm on this site on my phone, will be looking at a thread, all of a sudden the page redirects to a Zejula advertising, which is an ovarian cancer med...
  56. GeneV

    Roudebush Equipment for GC17xx filters and such.

    Anybody order from Roudebush before? I compared their pricing to Jack's, about the same or less by a few bux. Here's the whole filter service pack in one click: Massey Ferguson GC17 Filter Service Pack – Roudebush Equipment
  57. GeneV

    Skid plate for GC series tractors

    Is there an option offered by MF for an underbelly skid plate for GC17xx tractors? The only aftermarket option I found was from Bro-Tek, I dunno if I like their design much. Also, they emailed me a few days ago saying they're filling current new orders only in spring 2020?!!
  58. GeneV

    mower deck dolly

    I build this mower deck dolly, as inspired by another poster on TBN. I had a 1" chrome rod laying around, leftover from another project, so went hunting for a 1" axle bore wheel. Surprisingly hard to find those, but I finally tracked them down on Ebay, from a vendor from England. Low and...
  59. GeneV

    Mowing  Are we allowed to sell on here? I got a GC series MMM deck to sell.

    Hi, if this is not allowed, my apologies, mods please delete. I got a nearly new 60" drive-over deck I'm selling, Model 45-0440 that goes on GC17xx tractors. Wanting $2300. I'm in the Chicago NW burbs.
  60. GeneV

    Yes, this is yet another backhoe dolly post.

    I got me a GC1710, and the dude I bought it from also threw in a backhoe dolly he fabbed up based on the bxpanded dolly. The thing is, it doesn't function like the bxpanded dolly. Namely, it's not as simple as setting the bucket down by extending boom, pins come out, retract boom and...
  61. GeneV

    GC17xx tractors, clearing snow with the bucket.

    Guys, for those of you with a GC17xx tractor who use the loader for snow management, I need input on whether you truly need rear ballast. Look, I know the theory is sound that a ballast box or something else hanging off the back (or at the very least, loaded rear tires) is called for and all...
  62. GeneV

    A couple things I noticed underneath my GC1710

    I was under there looking for zerks to hit with the grease gun, noticed 2 weird things, well 3 actually. First is, the manual says there's a brake pivot to lube, but I just couldn't find that zerk. Is there one for that or do I just smear some grease on there? Also, the zerk I did find on...
  63. GeneV

    GC1700 hydro trans groaning when pushing the forward pedal, is this normal?

    The pedal is kinda hard to push, too. I dunno if this is normal or not, somebody educate this here tractor dummy. Here's the vid.
  64. GeneV

    That wobbly, uncomfortable, rotating tractor/loader/backhoe seat...hate it!

    Hi, new guy here! I have a new [to me] Massey GC1710, and I really dislike that rotating seat, bigtime. I hate how high it puts me on the tractor, hate how it wobbles and shifts while I'm mowing my less than level lawn, and also frankly, not a big fan of the rotating function either. I'm...
  65. GeneV

    New guy into

    Hi, I'm Gene, I'm from IL, Chicago area. I'm 4 days into a Massey GC1710, my first tractor (other than garden tractors). Overall I like it, with all the things I don't like about it having to do with the seat...I hate the seat. I'm here to talk about that seat lol, and all other tractor...