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  1. Ledgemere Farm

    1978 John Deere 850 Questions

    I’m looking at a John Deere 850, 2wd that is in decent looking condition, but it has 2300 hours. The steering, clutch, brakes, hydraulics work ok, R1 tires are 50% and it comes with a Deere 262 grooming mower and 45 blade . is that a lot of hours on that model, how hard are parts getting to be...
  2. Ledgemere Farm

    Cultivating Sweet Corn With an X530?

    It does a pretty decent job and easier than a hoe. I also have a Farmall Cub and 140 with cultivators
  3. Ledgemere Farm

    How To Remove The Backhoe on a Mahindra 1635

    I’ll post a video of how to reattach it, when I put it back on
  4. Ledgemere Farm

    Augusta Maine TYM Show

    Below is a link to an external YouTube video I took yesterday at the Cuvic Center. They had about 30-40 tractors, demos, drawings for a free tractor and I got to meet Stoney Ridge, Hamiltonville Farm & Tonys Tractor Adventures. Great guys who are all doing brand deals with TYM TYM Tractors W/...
  5. Ledgemere Farm

    Mahindra Tractors Getting It Done

    Below is an external link to my YouTube video about different types of snow removal equipment Best Implements For Removing Snow?
  6. Ledgemere Farm

    John Deere Tractors & Equipment 1964-1972-ish

    Below is a link to a YouTube video I made about some of my favorite tractors and equipment. It’s not clickbait, it’s a bunch of photos and a couple short slideshows and videos that John Deere sent to its dealers to promote their machinery. I’ve got an extensive library of tractor brochures that...
  7. Ledgemere Farm

    Video on Lawn & Gardens TV Commercials & Dealer Brochures

    The following is a YouTube video I put together on a snow day about Vintage Lawn & Garden Tractors/Equipment Advertising . The link will take you to YouTube. Thank You for watching if you choose to do so.
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    1958-1964 Farmall 140 Brochure

    1958-1964 IH Farmall 140 Brochure
  9. Ledgemere Farm

    Farmall Super C Advertising

    The Farmall Super C Brochure
  10. Ledgemere Farm

    Farmall & International 460,560 & 660 Tractor Advertising

    The Farmall & International 460, 560, 660 Tractors
  11. Ledgemere Farm

    Farmall 200, 230 & 240 Advertising

    The Farmall 200, 230 & 240 Tractors
  12. Ledgemere Farm

    5 Reasons Why I Chose Mahindra

    Mahindra Tractors: 5 Reasons Why I Think They're GREAT!
  13. Ledgemere Farm

    Mahindra 1635 200+ Hour Review

    Mahindra 1635 Shuttle Shift Tractor - A 200-Hour Review
  14. Ledgemere Farm

    I Love To Buy The Same Thing Twice

    IH Farmall Super C Frame Weights & Hydraulics
  15. Ledgemere Farm

    I Knew Better, But I Did It Anyway

    IH Farmall Super C Saturday
  16. Ledgemere Farm

    John Deere Repaired My 2017 Gator With Repeat Shift Cable issue

    John Deere Gator XUV 590 Shift Cable Broke AGAIN and Here's How to Fix it
  17. Ledgemere Farm

    Titan Attachments Quick Hitch Initial Review

    Titan Attachments Quick hitch- A Total Waste Of Money?
  18. Ledgemere Farm

    How To Perform Annual Maintenance on Your 3-Point Hitch Finish Mower

    Complete Annual Sitrex 3-Point Finish Mower Maintenance!
  19. Ledgemere Farm

    A Comparison of Two Tractors -Cub and A-140 models

    Farmall Cub vs. Farmall 140 IH Tractors
  20. Ledgemere Farm

    You Won’t Believe It, But A Lot of Folks Don’t Know This

    How To Attach A 3-Point Implement To Your Tractors
  21. Ledgemere Farm

    Watch This Before You Buy?

    Mahindra Tractors-Buyers Beware?
  22. Ledgemere Farm

    Compact Hay Equipment

    I see lots of advertisements, Tractor Tools Direct, Yanmar, etc., but I’ve never actually seen a real review or met anyone who owns compact hay equipment. Any feedback on that? I totally understand people not wanting old abused machinery, or buy a big tractor, but again, never seen one and...
  23. Ledgemere Farm

    1950 B Issues

    Johnny Popper Won't Pop (Pop) maine farm
  24. Ledgemere Farm

    Kohler No Longer An Option on L&G Tractors?

    I’ve done a bit of researching online and couldn’t readily find out why, but my GT 225 came with a very good 16HP Kohler. Seems like all the new John Deere L&G equipment comes with a Briggs or a Kawasaki. Why are Kohler no longer an option? Thank You
  25. Ledgemere Farm

    Everything I Know About The John Deere B

    Everything I Know About The John Deere B in retrospect, I should have said more about Powr-Trol
  26. Ledgemere Farm

    1950 John Deere after being parked for years

    My cousin was a Vietnam vet who recently passed away after years of suffering from health issues related to agent Orange. He and I, along with my brother who also passed away about the same time, participated in a couple yearly parades. My cousins widow approached me rece and told me he had...
  27. Ledgemere Farm

    Farmall Super C and Fast Hitch Disc

    A Harrowing Experience-1953 IH Farmall Super C & C-36 Disc
  28. Ledgemere Farm

    1948 Cub & 100 Spreader flinging compost

    Spreading Manure With 1948 IH Farmall Cub and 100 Spreader
  29. Ledgemere Farm

    John Deere X530 Hydraulic Lift Lever Replacement

    My lever snapped off, it seems to be a common issue, has anyone replaced theirs and how difficult was it? As in can you replace it from the top or must you get at it from underneath?
  30. Ledgemere Farm

    (My Opinion) Top 5 Attachments to Buy With a New Tractor

    Top 5 Attachments to Buy With A NEW Tractor-farm solutions
  31. Ledgemere Farm

    Cub Cadet XT3 Initial Review

    2022 Cub Cadet Enduro XT3 GSX Walkaround & Initial Review
  32. Ledgemere Farm

    Changing the Oil in an XT2 SLX 50

    How To Change Oil In a Cub Cadet Enduro-Oil Filter Secret-farm solutions
  33. Ledgemere Farm

    5 Options You Need To Buy With Your New Tractor

    5 Things You NEED To Buy With Your New Compact Tractor
  34. Ledgemere Farm

    Mahindra 1635 Removing Snow

    Mahindra 1635 Front Box Blade Snow Management?
  35. Ledgemere Farm

    John Deere A,B,G,H &M Tractors

    John Deere A,B,G, H & M Tractors
  36. Ledgemere Farm

    Wood Splitter From Tractor Supply Opinions?

    My Yard Machines croaked after 22 years, so I got this: #Tractor_Supply #County_Line Wood Splitter Review wood lot
  37. Ledgemere Farm

    John Deere Row Crop Tractors-1970

    I’ve been collecting these since I was very small. This is one of my favorites-3 minutes of 20-series tractors
  38. Ledgemere Farm

    Where Do You Get Your Points and Condensers From?

    The quality seems to be hit or miss these days. Steiner has a good quality starter switch, just wondering where the masses shop?
  39. Ledgemere Farm

    1978 International Cub

    #Farmall Tractor Week, Day 5-1978 #International_Cub IH
  40. Ledgemere Farm

    1956 Farmall 200

    #Farmall Tractor Week, day Three-1956 #Farmall_200 IH
  41. Ledgemere Farm

    1953 Farmall Super C

    #Farmall Tractor Week, Day Two-1953 #Farmall_Super_C
  42. Ledgemere Farm

    A Day in The life of a small farm

    A Window of Opportunity-A Day In the Life of a #smallfarm maine farmer
  43. Ledgemere Farm

    Don’t Buy A Farm Unless You Understand A few Things

    Don't Buy A #Farm Unless You Understand This (small farm)
  44. Ledgemere Farm

    Putting chains on a Max & 1635 (and other stuff)

    The JD was just. “Out”
  45. Ledgemere Farm

    How To Find Your Tractor’s Birthday

    How To Find Your Tractor’s Birthday-Johnny Cash Wrote a Song About Mine #Farmall
  46. Ledgemere Farm

    Tractor Implements You Need For Your Small Farm or Homestead

    Tractor Implements You Need For Your Small Farm or Homestead
  47. Ledgemere Farm

    John Deere XUV 590 Oil Change

    Definitely an improvement over the XUV550, but still a bit of a pain… John Deere XUV590 #Gator Oil Change
  48. Ledgemere Farm

    Farmall Super C Battery Replacement

    #Farmall Super C The Positive And Negative Battery Change IH
  49. Ledgemere Farm

    John Deere 5103 After 7 Years

    John Deere 5103 5003 Series #JohnDeere farm solutions
  50. Ledgemere Farm

    1948 John Deere A Will It Run?

    1948 John Deere A Will It Run?
  51. Ledgemere Farm

    John Deere X530 6 Year Review (X580)

    #John_Deere #X530 6-Year Review (sorta) X580 homestead
  52. Ledgemere Farm

    Putting Your Tractor To Bed For The Winter

    I intended this for those of you who hibernate them until Spring. I understand some do it differently, it’s just how I do it. 😊 #Farmall Friday How To Put a Tractor Away For The Winter IH
  53. Ledgemere Farm

    Cub Cadet Enduro XT3 4-Year Review

    this is my brother’s baby. He’s owned it 4 years, mows about 4?acres and snowblower where he can’t get his plow truck.
  54. Ledgemere Farm

    Installing A Snow Blower on an XT3 Enduro GS

    I put this on for my brother who has cancer and can’t do it himself. I’ve never seen or installed one on a Cub before.
  55. Ledgemere Farm

    1953 Super C Plowing

  56. Ledgemere Farm

    Cub Cadet XT2 SLX50 Review

  57. Ledgemere Farm

    How To Install A Mott Flail Mower on A Farmall Cub

    It works pretty well for 9 HP.
  58. Ledgemere Farm

    Farmall Cub-Still a Good Small Farm Tractor?

    #Farmall #Cub-Still A Good Tractor For Your Small #Farm?
  59. Ledgemere Farm

    July 2021 Farm Tour

  60. Ledgemere Farm

    Maschio Gaspardo Sickle Mower

  61. Ledgemere Farm

    Buy or Bale My Own?

    A small farmer looks at pros and cons of owning your own equipment. Why I’ve decifed to sell my haying outfit and buy in my hay going forward.
  62. Ledgemere Farm

    Sitrex HM300 HayBob Review

  63. Ledgemere Farm

    Sitrex HM300 Haybob Review

  64. Ledgemere Farm

    1635 Tedding and Raking Hay

  65. Ledgemere Farm

    1961 Farmall Cub and McCormick C-23A disc (in link)

    My father with his dog, Sailor and my great-grandmother, Ethel during WWII. After the War, Dad ran a small dairy farm for many years here in Limerick with a Farmall Cub tractor and a Model A Ford truck. He later raised broiler chickens before becoming a school bus contractor for MSAD#57. I...
  66. Ledgemere Farm

    Moovin’ Cows

    If you haven’t already, please consider subscribing to our YouTube channel. It’s about our small family farm in Maine. Thank You!
  67. Ledgemere Farm

    Cows are Great Therapy (usually)

  68. Ledgemere Farm

    Chasing cows at 3 AM...

  69. Ledgemere Farm

    Why I Chose Mahindra 1635

    Don’t get me wrong, I like JD and Kubota, the JD salesman has been a family friend for 60 years. Sometimes, I worry about parts availability, but my Mahindra dealer has been a family friend just as long and they’ve treated me exceptionally well. I always tell people to try every tractor and see...
  70. Ledgemere Farm

    Do Mahindra Tractors need a block heater?

    My dealer said I didn’t and I live in Maine. Let’s see... DO MAHINDRA TRACTORS NEED A BLOCK HEATER TO START IN FREEZING TEMPS - YouTube
  71. Ledgemere Farm

    3-Point Tractor Mounted Snowblower Prep

    Please consider subscribing and Thank You for watching 3-Point Hitch Snowblower Prep - YouTube
  72. Ledgemere Farm

    Snow  Mahindra 1635 Snow Removal

    Please consider subscribing and Thank You for watching! Mahindra 1635 Snow Removal - YouTube
  73. Ledgemere Farm

    John Deere Gator X590-I Review

    I致e owned it about 2-1/2 years. Only a couple quirks. One of my first videos, so be kind🤪 John Deere Gator XUV 590-I Review - YouTube
  74. Ledgemere Farm

    John Deere XUV 590I Review

    Hoping this helps some of you in the market. John Deere Gator XUV 590-I Review - YouTube
  75. Ledgemere Farm

    What痴 the Difference Between a Lawn, Yard and Garden Tractor?

    Good Morning, I get this question all the time and hope this video will help. Thank You for watching The Difference Between a Garden, Yard and Lawn Tractor - YouTube
  76. Ledgemere Farm

    John Deere E-170 2-Year Review

    Hello, I was hoping this would be helpful for those who are in the market for a new 100-series John Deere John Deere E170 2 Year Review - YouTube
  77. Ledgemere Farm

    Common CUT Reasons for No Start

    5 reasons. If you LIkE and SUBSCRIBE, check the bell icon, you値l get updates as I have more troubleshooting tips in queue Thanks for watching! Why My Tractor Wont Start in 90 Seconds!!! - YouTube
  78. Ledgemere Farm

    Tractor Reviews

    Good Day All, I’m a Disabled Veteran-become-farmer who recently started a YouTube channel where I’ve e been reviewing products I actually use. I have a Max 26XLT and a 1635 SST. I’d be honored to have you check it out and watch my Mahindra videos. Thank You! How to Choose a Compact Tractor -...
  79. Ledgemere Farm

    I put this buying guide together and hope you値l find it helpful

    We have a small farm on which I run two Mahindra tractors. Please check out my video and I’d be honored to have you Like and Subscribe. Thank You How to Choose a Compact Tractor - YouTube
  80. Ledgemere Farm

    Sickle Bar  Shout Out Of Thanks To Ken Sweet

    Bought sight unseen, was delivered quickly and Ken promptly attended to a couple minor issues which were immediately resolved. I had hesitation over buying something from someone so far away, but I knew he had an outstanding reputation, so I took a chance. I am more than pleased with his level...
  81. Ledgemere Farm

    Buying Advice  Which Mahindra tractors are made by Mitsubishi?

    I have a Max 26 XLT, Mitsubishi, reminiscent of my old Cub Cadet. My brother has a 1526 Mitsubishi. Which other models are Mitsubishi?
  82. Ledgemere Farm

    Oil & Fuel  John Deere 5045D Tachometer

    My tachometer wouldn稚 work until the tractor had sufficiently warmed up. I recently performed the transmission/hydraulic oil interval and now the tachometer works perfectly every time. There was some water in the oil. Coincidence? Does the tachometer have anything to do with hydraulic fluid?
  83. Ledgemere Farm

    Buying Advice  Opinions on 2011 5045 D

    I figure these have been around long enough now for folks who have used them to have sound opinions. I baled hay this summer with my old Farmall 340 Row Crop, but the JD dealer I use told me he just took in a good 5045 D with loader. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank You
  84. Ledgemere Farm

    Buying Advice  Frontier Sickle Mower

    I知 sure someone has asked this before, but who makes the Frontier sickle mowers? They look like Gaspardo? Thank You
  85. Ledgemere Farm

    International 364

    Just wondering if this is a machine to avoid? I know theyæ±*e British and weren稚 made long. I知 looking at a second-owner machine in great shape with only 800 hours. I just don稚 want a white elephant. Thanks
  86. Ledgemere Farm

    Mahindra E350

    Is this the same as an International 364? Does anyone have one and what are your thoughts? Thanks
  87. Ledgemere Farm

    Troy Bilt vs Cub Cadet XT1

    I don稚 see many differences between the Troy bilt super bronco and the Cub xt1. What痴 the advantage of one over the other
  88. Ledgemere Farm

    Which Cub?

    I致e been looking at new CC to replace my 1999 John Deere GT. I want a garden tractor, with a 50 or smaller deck but am confused by all the sizes and specs. I do want differential lock and a garden tractor transmission. I知 mowing and pulling a heavy DR vac so a K46 is out
  89. Ledgemere Farm

    Used Kubota L3940 TLB or Mahindra 1526 TLB?

    Kubotas a 2010, Mahindra is new with long warranty. Kubota has. 9' Woods backhoe. Trading in a 2003 JD 4110 hydro TLB with 54" QH blade. Which should I choose? Obviously, Kubotas used with 497 hours, waiting on both dealers to give me trade in nub era, but on the surface, same price for either...
  90. Ledgemere Farm

    Detergent or Non-Detergent Oil in Old Tractors?

    I've read it's fine to run detergent oil in old engines, but my older brother tells me I'll mess it up because the engines were made to run on SAE 30. Specifically, I'm talking about a '48, '53 & '56 Farmall Cub, SC &200. Thanks
  91. Ledgemere Farm

    Farmall Super C 12v with electronic conversion

    I have a 12v 1953 SC that I'm installing a Precision Electronics ignition in but can't get spark. The instructions are a little sketchy and I've wired it accordingly. I found YouTube videos for a pertronix ignition install and the instructions are way different. I understand the differences...
  92. Ledgemere Farm

    Thinking about trading in 2003 JD 4110 TLB for new 1533 TLB with Grapple Bucket

    The 4110 has served me well and I love it, but I've outgrown its usefulness now that I've started expanding the pastures. Just wondering what everyone's experience has been with Mahindras, especially this model. I've really become dissatisfied with JD quality and the ridiculous pricing as of...
  93. Ledgemere Farm

    1948 JD A New to Me

    I've acquired a family heirloom that starts beautifully and has had a ton of recent work done to it, however, I'm new to antiques and I have a couple questions: When going uphill, the tractor slows to a crawl but doesn't bog down. Clutch going? It has the standard dual front wheels, set in...
  94. Ledgemere Farm

    D140 or D160?

    Just trying to decide which one to get. They both have a 48" deck, though the 160 has the ELS engine, larger tires and the same transmission as the x300. Reviews are pretty good on both. I'm only using it to cut 1-2 acres of reasonably flat lawn. I have a farm and bigger tractors to do...
  95. Ledgemere Farm

    Realistic Price For 2004 JD GT225?

    I was thinking about hocking my GT225 since I have 6 machines... I prefer 60's 70's and 80's tractors. It has 200 hrs, wheel weights, chains, 42 thrower and 54 deck off from a 325. I was thinking of starting at $2500. Is that unreasonable? It has been meticulously maintained and never...
  96. Ledgemere Farm

    1969 John Deere 112 Patio

    Is there any way to tell what the original color was by the SN? The tractor was repainted green and had a new hood installed at some point. There is now lots of white paint showing underneath the green. I was thinking of painint the hood yellow and redoing all of the white, but it would be...
  97. Ledgemere Farm

    John Deere 214

    I know where I can get a 1975 (ish) 214 with a 46" mower, tiller, 37A tiller and cab for $600. Everything works and runs. Machine has been maintained, but needs a little cosmetics and some minor tinkering. The cab needs one new window and the blower needs a new sprocket among other things. I...
  98. Ledgemere Farm

    John Deere 325 Lawn & Garden Tractor

    I just picked up a used 325 with a 54C mower, 42" snow thrower, 48" blade and 30" tiller. It runs great and seems to be in good condition. Anyone have one of the newer 300 series? Any quirks that I should be aware of? Thanks!
  99. Ledgemere Farm


    I have had two Homelite Rangers that I used for limbing, brushcutting, etc. (don't like the Stihl for that). They have both been stolen. I couldnt find another. All I could find was a 38cc 16" that appears similar. It has some weird device on the side for making quick chain adjustments w/o...
  100. Ledgemere Farm

    What's up with JD?

    My dealer say sthere's alot of backbiting going on at Deere right now. I know one dealer was told by Deere they ddint have enough floor space. The Dealer had been in business for a long time. They sold out to a "chain JD dealership" that is building a bigger place down the road. Just curious...
  101. Ledgemere Farm

    John Deere Walk Behind Snow Blowers

    I dont want one, but I am curious: Who makes them? Is JD in or out of the snowblower business? I used to own a TRS30 (or 32, I don't recall now). I hated that thing. I was always working on it. The only good thing I liked about it was the Tecumseh engine. Just my opinion, sorry in advance...
  102. Ledgemere Farm


    I have a local dealer (whom I like) that sells Stihl ( I like Stihl) anyway. They sell White OUtdoor Equipment and service what they sell. THe dealer has been around for a long, long time. I prefer John Deere and Cub Cadet, but was considering a second lawn tractor for my son to use (if he...
  103. Ledgemere Farm

    5.5 HP B & S running funny

    I have a 5.5 Briggs on an MTD chipper. I have used this thing mercilessly for 9 years w/o any hitches. Lately, the thing only runs with the throttle just about on choke, but not quite. It won't idle well. The thing starts right up, but like I said, you have to have th ethrottle just about...
  104. Ledgemere Farm

    Snowblower for John Deere 100 series?

    They are advertised as two-stage, while the "thrower" on my current GT is single-stage. The LA140 I have is 23 HP compared to 16 on my GT 225. Should I get a two-stage for the LA140 and can the single-stage on the GT? The GT bogs down in deep snow, but otherwise, works really well. I live in...
  105. Ledgemere Farm

    So, what's the problem with Troy-Bilt tillers?

    From MTD. Everyone bashes them, but not much talk about why. Specifically, why would one discourage another from buying a new machine from Troy-Bilt? Engines by Briggs & Stratton...pretty easy to buy parts for that. MTD sells the tiller parts and they can be had online by other vendors as...
  106. Ledgemere Farm

    John deere "L" series mower

    anyone have one? I say on one at Lowes teh other day. It seems OK. The attachments don't seem as rugged as the ones on my GT, but then again, they are LT, not GT...
  107. Ledgemere Farm

    I wonder how long it would take to smash this in...?

    not long in the woods at my place...
  108. Ledgemere Farm

    Why don't manufacturers just keep updating the same model # instead of changing them?

    like car manufactures do? Like the Ford F-series has been changed who knows how many times since 1948, but its still and F-series. how do you keep up?
  109. Ledgemere Farm

    So... why are the headlights in the front?

    And not in the fenders where they would actually do some good? Sorry if this is a repost, but with daylight savings time in effect, I am back to cursing about my loader blocking the lights. All of our OLD tractors have the lights in the right place, so why are th enew ones not?
  110. Ledgemere Farm

    Electric Log Spliter

    One of my brothers is looking at the 6-Ton models sold by Northern and DR. He wants an electric one so he can use it in his cellar. I see they are rated for 6-ton. Does anyone own one? Most of the gas jobs are like 20 ton. I have been skeptical of 6-ton actually being able to split any...
  111. Ledgemere Farm

    Rake  How Much Should I Ask For a Used Landscape Rake?

    I have a 7 year-old Kodiak landscape rake, 60" with guage wheels that I no longer need. Does anybody know what a fair asking price might be? I think new I paid a little over $700 for it. Thanks!
  112. Ledgemere Farm

    Does Synthetic Make Your Tractor Start Easier?

    Just a general question. I have never used sysnthetic, but was wondering if it would ease start up during cold temps?
  113. Ledgemere Farm

    Deluxe 3PH

    My 3PH does not have telescoping lower links. I was going to borrow the links from my brother-in-law's Kubota to see if they would fit on my Cub. Anyone purchase a set of adjustable lower links? I almost hate to speculate on how much they might cost...
  114. Ledgemere Farm

    790 vs. 4110 vs. 4115

    I have been researching the specs on all three. While I would prefer hydro, I kinda like the extra weight and HP of the 790. I do not care about folding ROPS. I want a loader & hoe. I clutch and shift now with a Cub Cadet and a Farmall. The 790 seems like more machine for less money. What...
  115. Ledgemere Farm

    Price Check  Fair Price for a Used CC 7260 4WD

    I am listing my Cub for sale with a Bush Hog loader and a double stack of wheel weights (about $400 worth). It has R1 (ag) tires, a 9x3 syncro-shift, and two-stage clutch. Machinerylink lists the tractor in good cond. at almost $10k. I was thinking of listing it on TBN for $10750. Does this...
  116. Ledgemere Farm

    Chipper  Danuser 4" Chipper With Feed Roller

    Danuser 4\" Chipper With Feed Roller The Case-IH dealer I know sells Danuser (SP?) chippers. The model I was looking at was a 4" with feed rollers. Asking price was $4700. I did a search, but came up nil on this chipper. Has anyone had any experience with Danuser? I know absolutely nothing...
  117. Ledgemere Farm

    Backhoe  OEM or Aftermarket Backhoe?

    Something tells me OEM would be better in terms of design fit for tractor model and ease of attaching/detaching. Just looking for some feedback. Thanks!
  118. Ledgemere Farm

    Backhoe  Bush Hog 650 Backhoe

    Just wondering if these are any good? Anybody have one? Thanks?
  119. Ledgemere Farm

    Selling Your Tractor on TBN

    Just curious, but what has been your experience with using TBN's Classified? Seems to me it would be a good place since everyone who visits the site is interested in tractors!
  120. Ledgemere Farm

    JD 4115

    I thought I might want a larger tractor than my Cub, but my land is realy wooded and hilly, so larger doesn't =better for me. I have a Farmall 200 which can aptly handle all of my large tractor needs anyway. I have decided to trade or sell my Cub. I want a better loader (quick...
  121. Ledgemere Farm

    B2410 vs. B7610

    I have been reading the specs on both of these and they seem to have the same engine. Looks like the 7610 is just a spartan 2410. Is this correct? The price difference is less than 2k.
  122. Ledgemere Farm

    TC24 vs. DX 24

    Sorry if someone else has already made this comparison, but what is the difference besides paint? I looked at both the New Holland and Case-IH recently and the NH is 3k less.
  123. Ledgemere Farm

    Tires  Loading Tires

    I am going to have my tires loaded because frankly, the weight box is a pain in the petoot. Should I get tubes too? I am thinking that I will not be happy if I spend $240 to get my tires loaded an then the tire breaks a bead and my calcium runs out on the ground. Quote for tubes and...
  124. Ledgemere Farm

    Cub Cadet 7530 and 7532

    Anyone own one of these? I tried one a while ago, but was wondering if anyone could offer a review?
  125. Ledgemere Farm

    Trading Tractors

    Just wondering; Did you trade in your machine because you needed something different, or because you were bored with what you had? I am thinking that in my case it's both.
  126. Ledgemere Farm

    Chipper  DR Chippers $1499

    I just noticed that Country Home has these on sale. They are refurbished. I saw that a JD dealer in Fairfield has them for $1800 & something new. The salesman said he had sold a couple and the new owners were pleased. I only have a half acre or so to clear out and I don't want to spend a...
  127. Ledgemere Farm

    Can't quite make up my mind...

    Can\'t quite make up my mind... John Deere dealer insulted me with their trade-in offer ($6500)for my Cub. Kubota dealer offered me close to Blue Book ($10,500)on it. That pretty much narrowed down my color choice. I know that I want an L-series 4WD. I am comparing the L-3130 vs. the 2800 &...
  128. Ledgemere Farm

    990 2WD

    I have been thinking about upsizing a little. The Farmi winch is a little heavy for my Cub Cadet. Wheelies on motorcycles are cool. Wheelies on tractors are not. I have been looking at Green and Orange. I need more PTO power and a heavier tractor to run a winch and a hydraulic-feed chipper. I...
  129. Ledgemere Farm

    Kubota L3130 2WD.

    I have been thinking about upsizing a little. The Farmi winch is a little heavy for my Cub Cadet. Wheelies on motorcycles are cool. Wheelies on tractors are not. I have been looking at Green and Orange. I need more PTO power and a heavier tractor to run a winch and a hydraulic-feed chipper...
  130. Ledgemere Farm

    Chipper  PATU DC 65 Chipper

    I saw a used DC 65 at the New Holland dealer. Anyone have one of these? It appears to be a self-feed model and it decent shape. Thanks.
  131. Ledgemere Farm

    Cub Cadet 7260 250 Hour Review

    Just to keep the Cub Forum going... I have a 1998 7260 gear drive that just turned 250 hours (have another tractor and garden tractor so, seat time gets diveed up). I had two junky batteries from Cub, I replaced them with first an old NAPA, then a new John Deere this year. Not a big deal. I...
  132. Ledgemere Farm

    What Ever Happened to Mid-Mount Implements Anyway?

    My Farmall manual has a whole list of mid-mount implements that were designed for it in the 50's. They include: planter, mower, grader blade, cultivators, hiler, etc. Most any tractor (that I have seen) of this vintage had some mid-mount attachments made for it. How many can you get now? A...
  133. Ledgemere Farm


    Anyone have much luck w/ 3PT cultivators? I had a set given to me, but it's hard to watch where you are driving and watch the cultivators at the same time. I have noticed that the seat on my Cub Cadet is almost too far down and forward to watch a rear implement closely.
  134. Ledgemere Farm

    New Farmalls

    Figured it was time for a new thread... Saw a new CASE-IH Farmall at the fair yesterday. I don't recall the number designator, but it looked to be around 45 HP. I need to come up with some good excuses to convince my wife WHY I would possibly need ANOTHER machine.The argument for keeping one...
  135. Ledgemere Farm

    Gas Engine CUT?

    Anyone buy a NEW CUT with a gas engine? If so, are you satisfied with it?
  136. Ledgemere Farm

    Tractor ride anyone?

    First one out the door gets to drive! New GT
  137. Ledgemere Farm

    Did you buy your tractor out of need or want?

    I bought my Farmall because at the time, I was living on the farm and I needed it for mowing/raking/tedding/hauling wagons, etc. I bought my Cub Cadet because I was getting married and I wanted it before I had to explain and/or fabricate reasons why it was needed
  138. Ledgemere Farm

    Which attachmant do you use the most? Favorite?

    Just curious. Mine is the loader. It's of course, a loader , but it's also: jack for front of tractor boom hoist "junk" hauler grader brush piler (with forks on) bucket truck/staging place for kids to ride (kidding)
  139. Ledgemere Farm


    NICE lOOKIN\' CUB ON E-BAY Cub Cadet Looks like a pretty sweet deal.
  140. Ledgemere Farm

    Bought 10 new Deeres in 18 months...

    You'd think we owned stock in Deere, but... Brother #1: JD 5105 w/loader Brother #2: JD 5103 w/loader Brother #3: JD 2210 w/loader and blower Brother-in-law #1: 1972 JD 4320 w/cab Father: LT160 Nephew #1: LT160 Nephew #2: L120 w/10 cu. ft trailer and JS63C Myself...
  141. Ledgemere Farm

    Sleeve Hitch

    Does anyone have one? There is one that fits my GT, but I was wondering how usefull they are before I spend the 200 bucks. I see that Allied makes 4 or 5 attachments that would fit. Thanks.
  142. Ledgemere Farm

    Tried one of these today...

    Mitsubishi Cub 7500 Now, if I can just convince my wife why I need two tractors...
  143. Ledgemere Farm


    My brother got three quotes today on a 2210 w/ 54" mower, 210 loader and a snowblower. quote #1: $17000 quote #2: $15858 quote #3: $15500 Yikes!
  144. Ledgemere Farm

    John Deere 330

    Saw a 330 over at the JD dealer this morning. It is in original and very good condition. Has the cultivators on it. They are still black with some of the decals showing. Now, if i could just convince my wife that I needed it for cultivating those 6 rows of sweet corn...
  145. Ledgemere Farm

    Who Makes a Good Walk Behind Self Propelled Mower?

    I think I might need a new 21" walk behind. Who makes a good one? I have a broken John Deere JS63. I broke it myself, so I can't blame anyone else. Are these just as good as say a Toro or a Honda?
  146. Ledgemere Farm

    I think I just Destroyed My Walk Behind Mower

    Been too busy mowing everyone else's grass and mine got away from me. I put down dome fertilizer and then we got a couple of days of heavy rains. Whoosh! Instant hayfield. Anyway, I forgot about a stump that was down by the brook and I nailed it with my John deere JS63 walk behind. Engine...
  147. Ledgemere Farm

    FORD 1700 4 x 4

    Saw a 1980-ish FORD 1700 4 x 4 w/ weights and turf tires for $3850. Looks to be in decent shape. I think this is below "blue book". Anyone have one? How good are they?
  148. Ledgemere Farm

    Reese hitch on bottom of weight box?

    I was thinking of bolting one of those small bumper-mount Reese hitches to the bottom of my weight box for hauling the wood splitter around. Anyone have a trailer hitch on their weight box? I hate taking it off just to move the splitter. Maybe I need ANOTHER tractor w/o the FEL???
  149. Ledgemere Farm

    DR Field & Brush mower

    Anyone have one of these? DR Field mower
  150. Ledgemere Farm

    Is this factory paint??

    I saw this. 656 Hydro
  151. Ledgemere Farm

    OK. I am sold on hydrostatic

    My brothers all call me "yuppy" now, but I am totally sold on hydrostatic transmissions. My new Deere has "twin touch" and it sure beats ridng the clutch!
  152. Ledgemere Farm

    Bet the Home Depot doesn't do this...

    Bet the Home Depot doesn\'t do this... JD dealer sent me a "thank you" letter in the mail and two quarts of oil and a filter. Also got a gift certificate to Blue Seal, a full tank of gas and free delivery. How can you go wrong with that?
  153. Ledgemere Farm

    Mowing  Things I Learned my First Day of Contract Mowing

    1. Make sure you take the gas cap out of the cupholder and put it back on the tank after refueling. 2. Make sure you take your cell phone out of your pocket and put it in the cab of your truck before you hit it with the mower. 3. Make sure you call your wife and tell her you won't be home...
  154. Ledgemere Farm

    Programmable GST

    My brother-in-law just got a new 4330 with GST. It had alot of hesitation between gears. Noticed in the OM that you can program it through the intellipanel. Why would you want a hesitation between shifts?
  155. Ledgemere Farm

    Cub Cadet Commercial

    Anyone have input on these? I know where I can get a walk behind for a decent price. I have never seen one though and wonder about parts availabilty. thanks.
  156. Ledgemere Farm

    Cub Cadet Commercial

    I have an opportunity for a CC Commercial walk behind. Anuone have any experience with them?
  157. Ledgemere Farm

    Ballast  42lb quick-tatch weights

    Anyone know if you can hang the 42 lb weights off the back of a JD CAT 1 weight box?
  158. Ledgemere Farm

    John Deere lover's dream!

    John Deere lover\'s dream! I am currently in northern Mississippi w' the Air Nat'l Guard. Been driving around alot and have seen more green machines than you can shake a stick at. I have never seen agricultural tractors so actively involved in road construction before! Good thing I...
  159. Ledgemere Farm

    Got a new GT 225 today

    Just got a new GT 225 w/ a 42" mower, bagger, snowthrower w/ weights and chains, and a 10 cu. ft. cart. The dealer is prepping it tomorrow. They gave me all of the manuals. Also gave me oil and a filter for the first change out. Can't wait to get it home.
  160. Ledgemere Farm

    Can't make up my mind...

    Can\'t make up my mind... Can't decide on whether to get a JD x-485 or a Kubota B-1500 for mowing and sweeping . I work for the phone company and am doing all of their yard work after hours. Have a few small sites to do by push mower, but also have a pole yard, garage and general office with...
  161. Ledgemere Farm

    Price Check  Ballpark price for a BX 1500 or BX 1800

    Hello all, Been trying to decide which small tractor to get for my yard care business. I have a big tractor that is strictly going to be used for loader and rake work. I need a small subcompact with a mower and a sweeper to handle some of my big accounts. Can anyone tell me what a BX 1500 or...
  162. Ledgemere Farm

    X Series

    Anybody have one? I am looking at getting one with a broom for my mowing business. Thanks.
  163. Ledgemere Farm

    I-Match. What do you think?

    Anybody have I-match? How about an I-match review?
  164. Ledgemere Farm

    Who owns FRONTIER?

    My brother gave me his latest copy of the FURROW magazine which had a bunch of advertisements for FRONTIER equipment; blades, rakes, snowblowers, etc. They are what appears to be JD green. Does JD make them or are they just marketing them?