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  1. Big Barn

    Photos Not Displaying

    I am unable to view photos on TBN. I use iPad and iPhone with Tapatalk. I CAN see photos on forums other than TBN using Tapatalk. Anyone else having this problem?
  2. Big Barn

    Tweco Tweco Little Star

    Hmmm. That seemed funnier in my head.....sorry.
  3. Big Barn

    Moisture on Gate Closer IR Sensors

    Anyone else out there have trouble with rain and other moisture interfering with infrared sensors and preventing their gate operators from closing? My problem has gotten progressively worse over the years. I have to wipe them off even on foggy mornings. I’ve tried anti fog household products...
  4. Big Barn

    Welding Web Down?

    Looks like WW is down. It’s been over a day now. Minnesota Dave or anyone else have any insight?
  5. Big Barn

    Welding Helmet Light

    Other members have posted good results adding a LED light to their helmet. The lack of natural light this time of year (in the Northern latitudes) prompted me to give it a try. I picked this up as it was readily available and easy to return if necessary from my local Canadian Tire store...
  6. Big Barn

    Turntable With Track System

    I got this turntable from a sandblast outfit today. Should make a good portable fixture table for welding and yet to be determined tasks. The table is 1/4” steel 30” diameter with 1/4” holes for securing fixtures. Sealed bearings on the table axle as well as the four rollers. It weighs 90...
  7. Big Barn

    Mag Switch Labor Day Sale

    Just in case anyone was in the market .... boomerangle – Mag-Tools
  8. Big Barn

    Big Barn’s Retirement Farm Shop

    I have decided to start my own shop thread rather than unintentionally highjacking other’s. My plan (partially because I’m lazy) is to to present it in a casual totally unstructured format. This also lets me off the hook if I start to ramble..... I may highlight a certain aspect of my...
  9. Big Barn

    Swage Block Stand

    Of interest (or maybe not) to those with an interest in blacksmithing; I made this stand to hold my two swageblocks. I used 3”x.25 square tube for the legs and 2x3x.25 angle for the horizontals. I wanted the design to allow the blocks to be positioned either flat or on edge depending on...
  10. Big Barn

    Homemade Plasma Cart

    Here’s a cart I built for my 100 amp Miller plasma cutter. Torch holder Omnidirectional cable strain relief.
  11. Big Barn

    Free Advice

    I know many of you realize the benefits of health and fitness, but I would advise against purchasing one of the many sale priced Thigh Masters available as a Valentine gift for your loved one.
  12. Big Barn

    Another Hooker Bender Weekend

    I spent the better part of Sunday bending these hooks for a barbell rack I’m building for my gym. I used 3/16”x2” flat bar and formed them with a 2”D radius on my hydraulic press. Uniform repeatability was less than perfect but rectified with “massaging” a few of them. 3/8” holes...
  13. Big Barn

    Miller Plasma Cutter

    I have to admit that I frequently comment on how Miller exaggerates the cutting capacities of their machines compared to Hypertherm whose cutting specs actually seem to be realistic and sometimes even underrated. I picked up this used Miller 1251 plasma cutter last fall but it wasn’t until...
  14. Big Barn

    Swivel Base for Dry Cut Saw

    I managed to get a little shop time in this past week to build a mobile bench for my Makita dry cut saw with a swivel base to keep long stock parallel on the infeed and outfeed roller tables. The outfeed table detaches and the remaining unit is moved easily “wheelbarrow” style.
  15. Big Barn

    You CAN Take It With You

    Great news everyone. I can’t remember where I saw this pic I saved but looks like this person (RIP) is giving it a shot. [emoji481]
  16. Big Barn

    No Thanks, LWS

    No Thank You LWS to your Black Friday Deals. My LWS (which shall remain unnamed) sent out an email with their “incredible” free 4.5” grinder offer. They have their abrasive grinding discs at UP TO 81% off. Which basically brings their pricing in line with other quality discs (Klingspoor...
  17. Big Barn

    New (to me) Welder

    I picked up this mid 1950’s 180 amp Forney buzz box last night for $40. Today I attached a new 50 amp plug, removed the cover and blew out the dust. I had just enough time to fire it up before coming in to make dinner. This is what an old $40 AC transformer welder can do: 130 amps...
  18. Big Barn

    Welding Fabrication Setup Squares

    I came across a pair of FREE cast iron table saw extensions on the weekend. I used them for making welding setup squares based on the ones available from Fireball Tools: Cuts were made with bandsaw, abrasive cut off saw, and angle grinder with zip cut wheel. I...
  19. Big Barn

    Doctor’s Exam Room Table

    So I’m at the doc’s this morning for a prescription renewal. Looks to me like his new exam table can double as a coffin. [emoji28] That can’t possibly be a good sign.......
  20. Big Barn

    Cherish What You Have

    I quite realize there is nothing new to say in this regard so perhaps this is more of a reminder to myself as to others. My daughter is in New York this morning for an interview. She just phoned to remind me that today would have been her mom’s fifty fifth birthday. (She passed away 14 years...
  21. Big Barn

    2019 AG Calendar

    Salesman dropped off the 2019 New Holland AG calendar this morning. (Thanks Brad !)
  22. Big Barn

    Swing Away Barbecue Mount

    This build it yourself project will be presented in reverse order as it was built 10 years ago and dismantled today. I wanted to be able to use my barbecue year round by standing inside my kitchen. I needed to make it swing 90 degrees so I still had door egress and have the option of outdoor...
  23. Big Barn

    Hi Lift Pallet Jack for Adjustable Height Weld Table or?

    I picked up this high lift manual pallet jack this morning. It’s an older model but “low mileage” as it was only used in the home garage of a heat pump installer. (and only 10 minutes away from my house) It has 30” of lift with a 2200# capacity and can only be used with an open bottomed...
  24. Big Barn

    Finally Ditching the Oxy-Acetylene Tank Rental

    My mother used to refer to some people as “slow”. I realize now it was probably a sideways reference to ME. [emoji15] I’ve been renting my oxygen and acetylene bottles from the same LWS since I was 15. (I’m 67 now). I’m too embarrassed to tell you how much the current annual fee is...
  25. Big Barn

    Fabtech Canada 2018 Toronto Canada

    Anyone going ? June 14-18 I think. I'd LIKE to but living on the wrong coast makes for an expensive trip. I'd rather spend the same amount of money and attend the next Vegas U.S. show. Maybe I'll just YouTube the highlights in a couple of weeks and buy new innovative gear with the money I...
  26. Big Barn

    Loader  Makeshift Loader

    We have several wheel loaders on the farm but none at the maintenance yard where my house is. I had some garden clean up to attend to and was too lazy to walk to the other end of the farm to get one. I made do using the yard forklift and the snow bucket from our telehandler.
  27. Big Barn

    Cordless 18V MIG

    New 18V Rechargeable MIG Welder I know, I know. Little early for April Fool but thought it was funny....
  28. Big Barn

    HD Table Commissioned For Local Strip Bar

    Not really, but.... I just finished building this 2' X 8' bench for the (future) sheet metal/blacksmithing area of my shop.. BukitCase (Steve) having seen the partially finished version sarcastically commented that it would be better suited for an entertainment center. hmmmm....Also I was...
  29. Big Barn

    Welding Course Prices

    There is much mention of the value of taking beginner welding courses at Community Colleges. I've attached a photo/ad of what's available in MY area. $795 for 30 hours for any ONE of three processes. :( I've never taken one as I dont "do well" in classroom environments.* * True story...
  30. Big Barn

    Getting The Most Out Of Your Welder

    Over on Welding Web they're forever commenting (I'm being polite here) on how HF/110v/eBay/6in1 welders are only good for door stops. This got me thinking. There's probably a myriad of "alternate" uses for our welding machines. Perhaps you innovative fellow TBN'ers could add your YOUR ideas...
  31. Big Barn

    Fabtech 2017 Las Vegas

    Anyone planning on going to Fabtech in Las Vegas this November? FABTECH 216 - FABTECH Terry EDIT. Sorry. I can't seem to be able to correct the date in the title. S/B 2016
  32. Big Barn

    Spark Test Chart

    I found this chart on "anvilfire". Thought it might be handy. Terry
  33. Big Barn

    Blacksmith Shop/Shelter?

    I've been thinking about making a freestanding shelter for a blacksmith setup. Still in the contemplation stage so I thought I'd throw it out there for everyone' s opinions and ideas. All suggestions appreciated. Thanks. This is a photo of the rear of my shop where I am removing a palm...
  34. Big Barn

    World Ag Expo-Tulare California

    Anyone going to this is February 2016? Or been in recent years? I haven't been since my daughter was born (14 now), but used to go every second year. World Ag Expo | February 9-11, 2016 / International Agri-Center Terry
  35. Big Barn

    11 Million Dollar Home / Only One Welding Plug

    Victoria Willis Point House For Sale Has Its Own Helipad (PHOTOS, VIDEO) Found it interesting that this new home (in my area) boasts a shop/garage but mentions only ONE welding plug (prob 110v). My shop is slightly smaller but has SEVERAL 50 amp weld plugs. Plus I'm probably happier (and...
  36. Big Barn

    Plasma Cutter Rant

    I don't know about the rest of you with plasma cutters, Miller and Hypertherm in particular, but I just hate the work/ground clamp cables they supply with small and medium sized machines! HATE!! Organized cable management is near impossible and every time you use it it takes awhile to...
  37. Big Barn

    New (to me) Welder)

    Saturday was a pretty good day for me. Traded a couple of wire feeders ( feeder units only) for this Miller Syncrowave 200. Still on warranty, 13 hours on the meter, 10 lbs aluminum rods, full (small) 60 cu ft argon tank, misc. consumables. AND enough change to take my daughter out for dinner...
  38. Big Barn

    Ford Tractor Manuals

    I've been 'housecleaning' my shop office for the last few days and came across these 3 operator manuals for 1960-1970 era Ford 2000-5000's. The tractors must have been used as trade ins as all equipment sold privately from the farm included spare parts, filters, owner and service manuals with...
  39. Big Barn

    What Does A Good Welder Look Like?

    Thought this was kind of funny:) Edit: Can't seem to be able to delete one photo. Maybe because I have two Millers?
  40. Big Barn

    Another New Member

    Hello. I know I'll gain great knowledge from this site. Hope to be able to give some back. Terry from Victoria, B C. Canada.