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  1. vtsnowedin

    Hydraulics get the job done.

    I think you guys that are into hydraulics projects might get a kick out of what I'm working with. The pictures show a pusher that creates 400 tons of jacking force and we are boring a four foot diameter pipe under four hundred feet of interstate highway without stopping a single commuter. I...
  2. vtsnowedin

    Tree vs. power line.

    I have fun posting every good thing I do with my tractor here so it is only fair if I post a full account of my screw ups. My neighbor widow wanted some trees close to her house cut so she would not have to worry about them being blow over and onto her house. No problem I think I can use the...
  3. vtsnowedin

    Food plot 2015

    I want to use this ground as a food plot for deer but also build up it's fertility in case I need it to grow food for us human doomers. Probably will not ever need it but there is no harm in having it in the best shape possible and the deer will certainly appreciate the effort. :D Here is a...
  4. vtsnowedin

    Budget counter weight.

    Having more time then money and a lot of junk lying around I decided to build a counter weight for the 5045E on as low a budget as possible. Having a steel 55 gallon drum in hand and a few old hardened bags of mortar mix, or cement etc. That has become the plan. n o great revelation here .I'm...
  5. vtsnowedin

    Everything Attachments

    Thank you Ted very interesting. 2 million lbs of steel a month :shocked:!!! I'm glad I don't have to write that check.
  6. vtsnowedin

    Sales pitch for time share condos

    My better half brought me a letter the other day and asked if I wanted to play the Yes/No game again. It was a promo we had seen before where they promise you some good "prize" for showing up and listening to a sales pitch for a time share condo. We had made out OK on one of these before and...
  7. vtsnowedin

    Everything Attachments

    Hey Ted just a suggestion for the suggestion box. Next time you and Peanut break out the video camera do a walk through video of the production floor. Show off the laser cutters in action etc. Perhaps follow a piece of steel plate from stockpile rack through to finished product all painted...
  8. vtsnowedin

    Deer on the move.

    Spring is here and in the late afternoons I've been seeing quite a few deer that have made it through the winter. This evening with a storm coming in we counted over fifty deer in an eighteen mile drive into town. One bunch was twenty five all coming out from a winter yard area and into fields...
  9. vtsnowedin

    food plot and soil improvement.

    I want to plant some food plots and do it in a way that improves the soil biology so that the same ground might serve as a food production plot in the future if some of the doomerish predictions come to pass. At any rate having the ground more capable for production then it is today is a good...
  10. vtsnowedin

    Tiller  Harrows Vs, tillers.

    So I'm thinking about spring while the thermometer falls past zero yet again. This spring I want to put in some food plots plus do a better and bigger job on my gardens. I have a two bottom plow but don't have any working harrows. My first thought was to get a set of used eight foot three...
  11. vtsnowedin

    back up generator pulls it's weight.

    Winter storm Damon came through here this week and knocked the electric lines down for several days. I lost power for one night then had power for a few hours then lost it for two whole days. I pulled out my Honda 4000 contractors generator and rustled up some cords to run freezer, fridge and...
  12. vtsnowedin

    Georgia , good places to live?

    I have a daughter that is looking at a job northeast of Atlanta. The rent or own search has begun. Any advice or pointers from members living there would be much appreciated.
  13. vtsnowedin

    I broke my three point hitch.!!!

    Well it's time to fess up. Last winter I was pulling logs up from the lower woods. The logs were blow downs and as big as I wanted to cut them. I was using a hook on the 3PH draw bar to pull by so I could pull them free then back up and hook close and raise the 3PH to keep the butts from...
  14. vtsnowedin

    Sold my 312 today :-(

    Well the 312 blew the bearings on the mower deck last spring and I didn't have the time to fix it. So I went down to my dealer and bought a new one and the 312 sat all year in the shed beside it's snow blower. Not needing two riders I offered it to a friend of mine that likes such projects and...
  15. vtsnowedin

    New Flood insurance rates?

    Just wondering if anybody here has had a big increase in their flood insurance rates as they phase in the Biggert-Waters act of 2012. It has made a lot of property in my New England town worth as much as 75% less then they were appraised for back before the real estate market crashed in 2008.
  16. vtsnowedin

    Threw off a chain!!!!

    Not snow removal but I thought it would be of interest here. Yesterday I fired up the 5045E and drove it over to the back forty to skid back some firewood logs that had blown down. They are down in a hollow by a brook and about a half mile from my house. There is about a foot of snow on the...
  17. vtsnowedin

    A frame for eight foot Fisher plow

    I'm in need of a A frame that fits and older style Fisher plow . The pin holes at the tractor end of the A are 25 inches c-c. If you have one kicking around I'd swap a $100 bill for it if it's not too far from cental VT. I'd also consider the Blade if you have that as well if priced according...
  18. vtsnowedin

    Snow Attachments  Looking for an A frame

    Well when I went to the classifieds section I found you have to be a dealer to place an add. Seems strange? Anyway I'm in need of an A frame to fit an old style Fisher plow Eight foot. These are 25" c to c of the pin holes. Any reasonably sound piece will do just price it accordingly. I'll...
  19. vtsnowedin

    The rock of the day.

    As I'm mowing/brush hogging my fields I come against protruding rocks that have been annoying me for years. I actually had some of the fields memorized back in the day and knew where each rock was when I was mowing with a team of horses. Now that I have the JD it really torques me if I forget...
  20. vtsnowedin

    Is this kubota priced right?

    I've been driving by this Kubota for a couple of years and it looked like a well set up machine for what the owner was using it for. It recently got parked on the front lawn with a for sale sign on it so curiosity got the better of me and I stopped tonight to see what the story was. It is: A...
  21. vtsnowedin

    5045E first warrenty work

    While plowing a food plot the other day I noticed that there was a tear in the dust boot on the gear shift lever. Having been through having water enter a transmission via this route years ago I wasn't letting that go even a day. I stopped at my dealer L. F. Trottier & Sons at their So. Royalton...
  22. vtsnowedin

    Pulled out a Kubota today

    Middle of the storm and I had just got back from a run into town when the phone range. Teenager up the hill calling for her mother. "Can you bring your tractor up? ours is stuck in a ditch". Be right up. I'd just plowed them out two hours ago so there wasn't much need for them to be plowing but...
  23. vtsnowedin

    Bucking and winging back

    We had a couple of 3 to 4 inch snowfalls the last couple of nights and there is a storm in the mid west that might give us a swat so I thought I had better push some banks back to make room. Mine is not too bad but the road out to the last neighbor runs between cut banks or over short sections...
  24. vtsnowedin

    Bent cracked loader arms

    Reading through several of the snow removal threads I keep coming across references to bending or racking loader arms while pushing a front mounted plow or even cracking welds and breaking loader mounts. I thought I'd try to pull the subject into one thread and get some real experiences from...
  25. vtsnowedin

    Glow plug question

    A quick question. Do all Kubotas have glow plugs and how do you use them? A neighbor just called and cant start her Kubota ,a B2600 I believe. It -20F so that is not surprising. She has now plugged in the block heater DUH! and will try again in an hour but using the glow plugs if equipped would...
  26. vtsnowedin

    Snow Equipment Buying/Pricing  8 foot fisher plow for 5045E

    I scored a 1995 eight foot Fisher plow with wings yesterday from Craigslist for $600. It came off a Ford F250 and had all the parts except for the cutting edge and the shoes. All put together it spans nine feet ten inches and at full angle clears seven feet ten inches which is very close to my...
  27. vtsnowedin

    I D these three.

    Last week I went down to my towns Old Home Days celebration and ran My tractor in the parade as the newest tractor in town. I thought you guys would like to see some of the competition for the oldest. :) 082512092546.jpg picture by vtsnowedin - Photobucket
  28. vtsnowedin

    Soft cab for a JD 5045E

    Well winter approaches and not wanting to wait for the last minute I ordered a soft cab for my 5045E today from With shipping it comes to just under $1900. A lot less then a hard cab if you could even get one from the factory and I'll be able to take it off in the summer when...
  29. vtsnowedin

    Two Hats and a drawbar !!! :-)

    Well I stopped in and signed all the papers today and they delivered my 5045E to my dooryard. While I was there they gave me my choice of two JD Hats and threw in a Cat 2 3PH draw bar ,a cat one hitch pin. A set of Cat 2 to Cat 1 bushings and a hand full of hitch clips. The tank was full of...
  30. vtsnowedin

    Insurance  What insurance do you carry on your financed John Deere

    Driving home last night my better half asked me what insurance I needed to take out on my new 5045E (If it ever gets here). I've tried to think about every option and possibility on this tractor and have got right down to the length and threads per inch of the hub extension bolts but insurance...
  31. vtsnowedin

    Snow Attachments  Best chains for 5045E?

    One of the main jobs my new 5045E will have to do is move snow on a road with 12% grades and break out roads for sugaring in the spring. A good set of chains are a must and I'm starting to shop for them now to not leave it to the last minute. I've searched through the forum and have found some...
  32. vtsnowedin

    Comparison  Apples to oranges or Green/Blue/orange

    Having just gone through the tractor shopping experience and using some of the available sources here at TBN & as well as several manufacturers web sites I have to say that what is available leaves something to be desired. It is very hard to research and compare tractors and...
  33. vtsnowedin

    Your favorite pole barn plans?

    I need to build a new cold storage barn for the equipment I already have plus the tractor that is on it's way and the equipment I will buy to go behind it. This is not my first project as I have built the house I live in and the sugar house and two hunting camps so I have some ideas about how...
  34. vtsnowedin

    horsepower vs. durability

    While I'm waiting for my 5045E to get here on a slow boat from India I've had time to read through all of the brochure and spec sheets on the 5 series tractors. One question comes to mind. Does increasing the horsepower of a given block by changing the turbo and injector settings reduce the...
  35. vtsnowedin

    Ordered a 5045E

    :D Well I moved off the fence and ordered a 5045E with a 553 loader with the third function plumbing. Got it with a brushhog and set up as wide in the rear as possible. They say they can have it for me by late June. Round figures it was 30K and zero percent. I better not quit my day job. :cool:
  36. vtsnowedin

    312 My first JD

    :)Well I just became a John Deere owner for the first time and I have started off with an oldie but a goody. It is a 1978, 312 with a cast iron Kohler engine and came with the snow blower as well as the mower deck , wheel weights and chains. It came with a home made anvil bungee corded to the...
  37. vtsnowedin

    Comparison  Less hours or more features JD

    While trying to overcome a bad case of sticker shock from looking at a new 45 to 55 HP 4X4 tractor I have been casting around the net looking at what is available used. I came across these two for similar money. What do you think is the better value? Tractor #1 JD 5105 4wd with a 521` loader...
  38. vtsnowedin

    Comparison  JD 5045E vs.NHWM45 vs. KUbota MX4700

    I'm looking to buy my first new tractor and perhaps my last one. I would like to get it right. I'm currently looking at and getting quotes on three tractors. All around 45 HP with loader 4x4 with Ag tires loaded. etc. They are: John Deere 5045E with a 553 loader. New Holland Work-master 45...
  39. vtsnowedin

    vtsnowedin first post

    :cool: Hi Everybody. I'm looking for a new (To me) tractor in the 35 to 60 HP range. My last tractor was an 880 David Brown 2wd with loader. That was several years back and I hope to move up to a 4X4 with a cab.