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  1. JerryG

    Learn me about draft control

    Av8tr72, The last of Mossroad's last post where the highlighted Draft control and Position control, sums it up in a nut shell. The part about digging holes was a little a little strange but follow what he posted and you won't go wrong
  2. JerryG

    I have a Massey Ferguson 1533 year 2006 It's is overheating to a the max and past I replaced the Thermostat flush the sytem with water What else

    I know it's been a while since you posted and I hope you've got it straightened out. If not continue. From my experience your radiator is still dirty. You can do all the remedies and it will look clean in the outside and it still won't be. In the center of the fins that's very had to see...
  3. JerryG

    Massey Ferguson 135 hydraulic issue

    Hello there. I hope you have her tractor/loader working by now, if not continue. Sounds the me like you have quick connector that's not seated right. Connectors can look and feel like they are connected and still not let fluid through. On the lines going to the loader, disconnect them and...
  4. JerryG

    Advice on smoothing, leveling a field

    If you really want to level 60 acres or even a large portion of it it will be very expensive. It looks like given you said that one contractor wanted $2000 an hour your serious. I have done a lot of leveling over t he e years but this is to much for your tractor or even any light equipment. You...
  5. JerryG

    ID this snake

    Red Bellied Snake From this site below. Wish more information was given. Snakes
  6. JerryG

    MF 1260 / AGCO ST40x Moving Hay

    The 1260 will handle a 4x4 and lighter 4x5. Anything larger you can't lift. This is with the loader.
  7. JerryG

    Agco/MF Customer gratitude?

    That is what I was getting ready to say. They usually do but they give it enough time to be sure everything is taken care of.
  8. JerryG

    2001 AGCO ST35 Rear PTO

    There is a level that needs to be engaged first. I can't remember is it is to the left of and behind the seat or if it is back by the PTO shaft and to the left. That was about when they went from the seat location to the rear location. Anyway, that lever has to be engaged first. Then when you...
  9. JerryG

    Trailer safety

    I don't think people will ever learn. Here are a couple of pictures we took with my cell phone. We were on the interstate going about 65 mph when these were taken.
  10. JerryG

    Who really makes Challenger tractors?

    All the compacts are made for AGCO by Iseki in Japan. The utility size are made by AGCO but are Masseys. There are a few that have Cat engines in them for the Challenger line.
  11. JerryG

    Photo Gallery problem

    Ok, I sent two or maybe three e-mails to the administration about this problem over the last several weeks and never got any kind of response. Here is what is going on. If I click on to the Gallery tab at the top of the page, then click on My Gallery at the top of the next page. It takes me to...
  12. JerryG

    Farmking 84" mower with AGCO ST30x hst

    That would be on the big side.
  13. JerryG

    Farmking 84" mower with AGCO ST30x hst

    Is this mower a finish mower or a rotary cutter (Bush Hog type)?
  14. JerryG

    Truck camper shell / cap?

    I have a fiberglass camper shell cap on my F150. It was on the truck when I bought it, so I don't know what effect it has on mileage. It is level with the top of the cab and it has the sealed pass though to the cab. What I want to know is how does it effect gas mileage? Will the mileage be...
  15. JerryG

    Challenger MT295

    They have Iseki like the Massey and AGCO compacts.
  16. JerryG

    Challenger MT295

    I don't think that we have a member with that exact model. If we do, I don't remember them right off. I have a MF that is a couple of sizes smaller and did have the one right below that one also. Most that have these tractors will be visiting the Massey forum. I have had good luck with both...
  17. JerryG

    Challenger Tractors

    The engines and the tractors are made by Iseki, not Yanmar. They are the same compact tractors as the Massey Ferguson and AGCO compacts. They are very good tractors. The reason that you don't see many is because AGCO doesn't seem to push them very much and the Cat dealer network doesn't have...
  18. JerryG

    I wish there was a way....

    I wish there was a way to look up the pictures that you have posted. I know there has been more than once where I have posted a picture or diagram and then sometime later the same subject will come up again. Then, I post it again. There is no need to take up space on the servers. If I could only...
  19. JerryG

    Does Iseki make Agco-Allis Tractors?

    In a word, Yes. Did you get any other parts other than hoods?
  20. JerryG

    hydraulic fluid for AGCO st30x hydro

    Just go ahead and use the Permatran III / 821XL in the front axle.
  21. JerryG

    hydraulic fluid for AGCO st30x hydro

    Permatran III / XL (what ever) AGCO calls it. Just ask for Permatran. It's a good high quality hydraulic fluid. I have seen to many tractors have problems with other brands of fluids.
  22. JerryG

    New Top and Tilt supplier

    Bare-Co USA now has T&T kits for these brands. I don't know anything about the prices. I do know that they have to be sold through a retailer/dealer. Apparently, you can fill out their form on-line and they will forward it to dealer or that is the way it seems to work. Maybe if someone get a...
  23. JerryG

    JB Hunt is gone

    JB Hunt died. Here is the story. - UPDATED: Don Tyson, Jim Lindsey Honor J.B. Hunt
  24. JerryG

    Massey equivalent Agco

    The answer is both to some extent. Older dealers that have been Ag only, seem to have a very hard time accepting compact tractors. Given the sales volume that compacts have seen in the last few years it doesn't make much sense. Looks like they would be glad to pickup the extra sales, but some...
  25. JerryG

    Massey equivalent Agco

    I thought that was kind of strange after posting it, since it came out of my MF1433 / 1440 shop manual. I thought that there might have been a later print because of the lack of the 1400 series.
  26. JerryG

    Massey equivalent Agco

    AGCO ST30X = MF 1233 AGCO ST30 = MF 1235 AGCO ST40/ST40X = 1260
  27. JerryG

    AGCO PowerTran 821XL vs. Chevron 1000 HTF

    I haven't ever heard anyone say anything bad about the 821XL / Permatran. I have seen instances where other fluids were used in a tractor and then had to be switch back to Permatran. The systems slowed down, got hotter and made a lot more noise when it was cold until switched back. I have never...
  28. JerryG

    AGCO in 2007

    I am glad to hear that. I know that many times a dealer would like to order a piece of equipment for a customer which was made by a AGCO company only to be told that they couldn't because they didn't carry that specific brand at their location. It now sounds like AGCO is setting it up so that a...
  29. JerryG

    Yanmar FX-2

    Does anyone here have a Yanmar FX-2 or know does anyone know anything about that model? I am looking at one and can't find any information about it.
  30. JerryG

    Photo Gallery problem

    My photo gallery on TBN doesn't recognize me. Normally if I am logged in on TBN , I don't have to log in on the photo gallery. I am logged in on TBN, but I am not on the photo gallery and I can not log in. Is anyone else having this problem?
  31. JerryG

    Lying dealer?

    As posts are posted we see many times where someone says that a repair could have been covered by the dealer but wasn’t. Several of these posts at some point state that it was actually bailing wire or thorns etc that caused the problem, then some of the posts state that the owner caused the...
  32. JerryG

    Photo suggestion

    I was looking to see how something was made on a certain brand of backhoe a while ago in the photo section. It pertained to a certain model. That is when I noticed that most of the pictures told what was taking place in the photo, but didn't tell the model of tractor or loader etc. There was no...
  33. JerryG

    Challenger by CAT

    Massey Ferguson is one of the largest Ag companies in the world. They are one of the big three in Ag equipment. They have never marketed compact tractors the way that they should have. The Challenger is the same tractors and Cat wouldn't be selling them if they weren't up to there level.
  34. JerryG

    Challenger by CAT

    Massey Ferguson is one of the largest Ag companies in the world. They are one of the big three in Ag equipment. They have never marketed compact tractors the way that they should have. The Challenger is the same tractors and Cat wouldn't be selling them if they weren't up to there level.
  35. JerryG

    Challenger by CAT

    Challenger, AGCO and Massey tractors are all the same whether they are made in France, Brazil or Japan. There are some slight differences in the smaller tractor, but not a lot. In the larger sizes, there are different engines and slightly different transmissions.
  36. JerryG

    Challenger by CAT

    Challenger, AGCO and Massey tractors are all the same whether they are made in France, Brazil or Japan. There are some slight differences in the smaller tractor, but not a lot. In the larger sizes, there are different engines and slightly different transmissions.
  37. JerryG

    Photo Gallery question

    Muhammad, It would be nice if a link could be placed on the member’s bio page that would take you to their Photo Gallery. Is that something that could be done? I don’t know anything about how any of this stuff runs except that you and your family does a fantastic job Thanks
  38. JerryG


    Wow. Things had been loading really slow for the last day or two on TBN and this morning it was slower than slow. Then nothing. Is everything fixed now?
  39. JerryG

    AGCO ST22a

    The closer a manufacture goes in the direction of tapping more horsepower from a engine, the RPM will be turned up more. It most often is used when a few more hp is needed to market a new model. This is a larger cubic inch engine that can turn a slower RPM and still develop the hp currently...
  40. JerryG

    Harbor Freight Chain

    I was at Harbor Freight today. They had sent me a flyer showing Grade 43, 3/8" x 14’ chain with hooks for $16.99. I ask the manager if he had it in grade 70. He told me that the 5/16” x 20’ Grade 70 was the same price. I bought two of them. The sale goes through March 27, if anyone needs some...
  41. JerryG

    Montana in the News

    There was some talk about Montana and a deal in North Carolina a while back as well as something’s said about them buying another company. Here are a couple of articles.Montana Arknasas Business
  42. JerryG

    Issue with PMs.

    I am having a strange issue with the PM system. When someone sends me a PM, I get the notice in my e-mail that it is there. That is the only way that I know that someone has sent one. The icon that use to show up at the top of the page does not show up. The strange part is that when I get a...
  43. JerryG

    Agco ST 34a, Massey Fergusen1533, Kubota 3130

    <font color="blue"> they should KNOW the tractor business? </font> That is exactly what I am saying.
  44. JerryG

    Agco ST 34a, Massey Fergusen1533, Kubota 3130

    <font color="blue"> Tractors are engineered for different functions, </font> That part is true, but if a company has been the business for over a 100 years and can't figure out a small little tractor, they need to get out.
  45. JerryG

    Agco ST 34a, Massey Fergusen1533, Kubota 3130

    Amazing. Just simply amazing. A tractor isn't a tractor.
  46. JerryG

    Agco ST 34a, Massey Fergusen1533, Kubota 3130

    <font color="blue"> Is it that they are just not marketed as well as the others? </font> That is the largerst problem. Another problem is old time dealers that don't believe in compact tractors and don't want to learn anything about them.
  47. JerryG

    JD 790 from India?

    Does any one here have a JD 790 that was made in India? Or has anyone ever seen one that said made in India on it?
  48. JerryG

    SeaMonkey question?

    If anyone is using the SeaMonkey browser, what are you using for a spell check? I can't find one that will work with it.
  49. JerryG

    New Agco Sub-Compact and "B" Versions are out now

    Re: New Agco Sub-Compact and \"B\" Versions are out now No matter how much some want the old lines to come back, they are not. At least there is a company that still sells some of their parts. If it wasn't for AGCO, there would only be reproductions and we all know how many and what kinds of...
  50. JerryG

    New Agco Sub-Compact and "B" Versions are out now

    Re: New Agco Sub-Compact and \"B\" Versions are out now Those are well respected brands on the other side of the pond. We have to remember that it is a world economy now, not just the USA. MF sells more tractors in the rest of the world than they do in the U.S. I am sure that is some of the...
  51. JerryG

    New Agco Sub-Compact and "B" Versions are out now

    Re: New Agco Sub-Compact and \"B\" Versions are out now The AGCO of today has almost nothing to do with the Allis or with Gleaner of yesterday. There was a few executives from those old companies that had bought the rights and very little else. With about 100K in sales a year they put up their...
  52. JerryG

    New Agco Sub-Compact and "B" Versions are out now

    Re: New Agco Sub-Compact and \"B\" Versions are out now <font color="blue">Model for model, are they cheaper, or more expensive?? I mean surely they wouldn't be cheaper as they would be cutting their nose off....?? What about after the sale? Are warranties, maintenance and service techs the...
  53. JerryG

    New Agco Sub-Compact and "B" Versions are out now

    Re: New Agco Sub-Compact and \"B\" Versions are out now <font color="blue"> Well........maybe there is a reason they are starting to push AGCO..... </font> What is the reason?
  54. JerryG

    New Agco Sub-Compact and "B" Versions are out now

    Re: New Agco Sub-Compact and \"B\" Versions are out now Some of them has different engines but they have and are spending money to promote more and different dealers in the same towns as MF dealers. They are changing things even in the MF dealerships such as parts box, print etc. Anytime that...
  55. JerryG

    New Agco Sub-Compact and "B" Versions are out now

    Re: New Agco Sub-Compact and \"B\" Versions are out now <font color="blue"> Jerry, what's wrong with the AGCO tractors? </font> There is nothing wrong with the AGCO tractors. The problem is that they have squandered resources that could have been put to better use. The only reason is because...
  56. JerryG

    New Agco Sub-Compact and "B" Versions are out now

    Re: New Agco Sub-Compact and \"B\" Versions are out now hobbyfarm, I didn't mean anything bad directed toward you in any way. The AGCO badge is a real sore spot for me. All information that is posted is appreciated.
  57. JerryG

    New Agco Sub-Compact and "B" Versions are out now

    Re: New Agco Sub-Compact and \"B\" Versions are out now I have to say that I wish AGCO would get their collective acts together. They have spent so much money on this AGCO garbage that could have been put into R&D or something else it is amazing. They are so bent on having a tractor with their...
  58. JerryG

    Cut limbs from loader

    Check this chainsaw attachment out. I have thought about it a few times over the years. I thought that I would wind up breaking a blade. That is why I haven't tried to make one. Can't see how you could keep from messing up your chainsaw. I would like to see one actually work.
  59. JerryG

    NH TG200 Streeeeetch

    Check out this loooong TG230 from Europe. It sure would take a lot of room to turn it around. We shoot. That didn't work the way that it should have. Go down the page a little ways and click on the NH TG230.
  60. JerryG

    Challenger MT265B

    If the Cat tractor fits the bill for what you like and the dealer seems to be good, go for it.
  61. JerryG

    Challenger MT265B

    Is Mahindra still using Iseki rear axles, transmissions and dashes?
  62. JerryG

    Challenger MT265B

    That doesn't sound like a bad price, although I haven't checked prices for a while. I don't know of any problems on this tractor. I work mine, really work it on a farm everyday and have had zero problems. MF has been selling Iseki since about 1992 or a little before. The MT265B would be...
  63. JerryG

    Challenger MT265B

    I have a MF 1440. I like it a lot better than the MF 1250 that I had before. If you have any specific questions feel free to let me know. In most areas, the Cat version is more expensive than the Massey.
  64. JerryG

    Google adds?

    Someone tell me if it's just me or there is a problem. For the last few days, TBN has loaded really slow because of the Google adds not loading. I can't pull up the Google search either. No one else has said anything that I have seen. So, Is it my computer or Google? BTW, I have DSL.
  65. JerryG

    2310 or AGCO ST22A need opinions, please.

    If the AGCO dealer told you that he couldn't get the AGCO loader and BH, buy the MF. He is only telling you that so he can make more money.
  66. JerryG

    CAT Challenger vs Massey Ferguson

    Even if the price is less, it may not be the best deal if the dealer is non-responsive. You need a good dealer, even if it means going to another brand.
  67. JerryG

    CAT Challenger vs Massey Ferguson

    <font color="blue"> The CAT Challenger MT265B appears to be more similar to the MF 1533 than the 1531. </font> The 265 and the 1533 as well has he same or very similar engine, normally the 31s are smaller chassis but I haven't seen a 1531. The "B" part is what throw me off. If the 265B is indeed...
  68. JerryG

    CAT Challenger vs Massey Ferguson

    <font color="blue"> Jerry- Perkins does have a small compact engine. Do you think that Caterpiller will have that put in their compact tractors? Chuck M.</font> I don't think that they will at any time in the near future. There reason is, because the Challenger compacts as well as the larger...
  69. JerryG

    CAT Challenger vs Massey Ferguson

    None of the compacts have Perkins.
  70. JerryG

    CAT Challenger vs Massey Ferguson

    If you are talking about the 265, the 265, 1250, ST35 & the ST35X all are listed as having the same engine and as being the same tractor, but the 1433 has the same engine but isn't the same tractor. The 1533 was the replacement for the 1433.
  71. JerryG

    CAT Challenger vs Massey Ferguson

    I have lots of information on the larger 1200s and 1400s, but I don't have the crosses to the 15s yet.
  72. JerryG

    CAT Challenger vs Massey Ferguson

    You don't know what difference the B makes in MT265B do you? The straight number Cat MT265 was the same as the MF 1250. I know that when Cat first started selling these compacts, they were a series behind MF. In other words, MF had the newest models. I just wonder is the "B" is the same as the...
  73. JerryG

    What is Montana doing?

    Just a little information for those that follow Montana tractors. Montana News
  74. JerryG

    Equipment Dollys

    Several of you have made equipment dollys, here are some that are made for snow blades that I ran across. They might give you some more ideas or you even might want to buy some of these. The usual disclaimer-I an not related to anyone with this company nor am I friends or associated with anyone...
  75. JerryG

    AGCO insights?

    Not to long ago, Ratliff said that if NH was sold that AGCO would or might be interested in aquiring part of the company, but they don't own any part of NH at this time.
  76. JerryG

    AGCO insights?

    Billy, I don't know where you got your information about AGCO owning NH and CaseIH, but you need to do some more checking. Fiat owns NH and CaseIH.
  77. JerryG

    AGCO insights?

    I have had two MF compacts, a MF1250 and a MF1440. If you have any specific questions, I would be glad to try to answer them.
  78. JerryG

    Resale of modified ROPS tractor

    With all of the talk of late about some members welding, drilling and or otherwise modifying their ROPS, has anyone traded in a tractor to a dealer that has had such a ROPS? I mean one where it is apparent to the dealer that it has been modified?
  79. JerryG

    Monitor flashing?

    One of our computers is a HP Pavilion with windows 98. When in use, the screen will flash on and off. If you turn the power off to the monitor for a few minutes, it is all right for a while. It doesn't do it even everyday. Just once in while, but when it does, you can't get anything done. I know...
  80. JerryG

    Sliding Canopy and Overhead Console

    I thought that I would post a few pictures of what I have been working on. This Link will take you to My Photo Gallery in the photo section. I made a sliding canopy a while back, to shade me when I am using the backhoe. There are also two pictures of the start of my overhead console. I will...
  81. JerryG

    01 MF 1165 or 00 Agco ST45, are these identical??

    Not I haven't heard anything bad about them. The only problem that I have heard about was a MF 1140 with a broken side frame don't know all the history about that tractor, so who is to say what had happened to it that may have caused the break.
  82. JerryG

    01 MF 1165 or 00 Agco ST45, are these identical??

    The MF 1165 and the AGCO ST45 are both made by Iseki. Some of the very early Iseki's had Isuzu motors, but that was before MF started selling them. The MF 1100 and MF 1200 series have both been replaced by the MF 1400 series. The AGCO are also the same as the 1400 series Massey.
  83. JerryG

    Splined crank!

    <font color="blue">The engine is equipped with a splined crankshaft for use as a front PTO.</font> Like some of the other here, I have been looking at Kioti tractors. Not to buy one, but to see how things develop with them. (You know, competition is good) I noticed a cool thing about the DK40...
  84. JerryG

    Price Check Price Check - Massey 1433/Agco ST 35

    <font color="blue">He can get a factory rebate or something on the 40HP. </font> He would have to be, they are usually much higher.
  85. JerryG

    Price Check Price Check - Massey 1433/Agco ST 35

    Last month my dealer priced this for me. 1433-v 8x8 4 wd. big r-4 tires, 1466 loader, 5' box blade, 5' rotary cutter, $17,072 Little different from you quote. The ST40 for just $200 more! You better get it before he figures out what he did.
  86. JerryG

    L3400 questions?

    I have a friend that is looking at a L3400 and has some questions that I haven't been able to answer. I want to know if these things are available from the dealer as factory. Can you get telescopic end links? Can you get a folding ROPS? What is the seat like? Is it a suspension seat? On the...
  87. JerryG

    Steel Trusses

    In the last five years here, there are always someone building shop etc. I there not anyone that uses steel trusses with legs? In my opinion, they are the way to go. You don't need as many and they make it faster to build the whole building.
  88. JerryG

    My Home?

    Is anyone else having problems get to MY HOME? I am always logged in and up till the last couple of days, anytime I want to go to MY HOME, I just click the tab. The last few times, I have had to log in again, after clicking on the tab. Is it my computers problem or is it something new with TBN?
  89. JerryG

    L4630 / L5030 question?

    I need to know a few things about these Kubotas. If anyone can answer these questions, please let me know. In the past the L5030 has had a air conditioner problem. Has this problem been addressed by the factory? Has this problem been fixed to your satisfaction by your dealer? Is this problem...
  90. JerryG

    PTO question??

    Over the years here, several member have had the shear pin break starting the PTO. Many have discussed lowering the PTO speed before engagement. On the compact MF's that I have owned, they have a feather start on the PTO. You can start the PTO at full speed, if you was so inclined without...
  91. JerryG


  92. JerryG

    Posting suggestion!

    Muhammad, We seem to have a problem with very long URLs. Is there anyway that you could fix it to where, when you place a url that you have to place it by name only. Such as the the url thing that pops up from he bottom of the post screen. Or is it that the members are just putting in the url...
  93. JerryG

    Agco vs MF

    Yes, but from what I have seen they are all 1200's. I have spoken to a couple of dealers about it and they seem to believe that it is one of the ways AGCO is trying to keep the Cat some what different from the AGCOs and the Masseys at least as far as the compacts go. They still have a full line...
  94. JerryG

    Agco vs MF

    <font color="blue"> The MF, AGCO, and Challenger are all the same just painted different colors, built by Iseki </font> They are all made by Iseki, but most if not all of the Challengers are the MF 1200 line not the new 1400's series.
  95. JerryG

    Agco vs MF

    In a word "Iseki".
  96. JerryG

    Agco vs MF

    Fluffyone, You might ask the dealer how long he has had the tractor on the lot? About the middle of the year, MF reduced the price of their tractors about $2K. That is about what it amounted to with a loader anyway.
  97. JerryG

    Agco vs MF

    <font color="blue"> Also why is the Agco such an unknown? </font> It is not a very old company, it was started in the 1990's by men from the old Allis Chalmers and International Harvester companies. They was nothing until they bought Massey Ferguson. And now they haven't figured out where there...
  98. JerryG

    RPM vs Longevity

    Life expectancy of our tractor engines comes up here pretty often. I would like to say that the life of any engine is decreased as the rpm is increased. I am not saying that you are to run 1800 rpm on a engine designed to run 3600 rpm. What I am saying is that, if the rpm is increase to reach a...
  99. JerryG

    TBN Down?

    Was this place down this morning or was it just my computer? Looked like it was down for about 1:30 AM until 11:??.
  100. JerryG

    AGCO's new site is up.......

    Re: AGCO\'s new site is up....... It's strange how some of the old Ag dealers are handling the recent surge in compact sales. It is as though they don't have a clue that the compact sales is the only real growth area in agriculture at this time. When I was shopping back in 1999, the JD dealer...
  101. JerryG

    AGCO acquires Valtra Tractors

    They are very good tractors. I would place them as the number 2 tractor in the world right after Fendt. The good thing about AGCO acquiring Valtra is that they now have their own engines in house again. It was a bad day when Massey and Perkins was separated.
  102. JerryG

    ACGO umbrella grows

    AGCO has just announced that they are taking over Valtra tractors of Finland, which will includes Sisu engines.
  103. JerryG

    Has AGCO or at least MF left Iseki for CUTS?

    Woodbeef, The 1200's are under grounds care. Here is the page. Massey Ferguson UK Compacts
  104. JerryG

    Has AGCO or at least MF left Iseki for CUTS?

    Woodbeef, What is HP range on the MF 1300's?
  105. JerryG

    Has AGCO or at least MF left Iseki for CUTS?

    The 1200's are being replace by the 1400 series in the Americas. The 1400's have Iseki all over them.
  106. JerryG

    Has AGCO or at least MF left Iseki for CUTS?

    Woodbeef, Iseki did have their cabs shown on their site. I was under the impression that it was the same cab that was sold in Europe. I could be wrong. I should look at the parts manual for the cab and see if it looks like the ones on the Iseki site. The MF 1250 ~ Iseki TK 532 and the MF 1260 ~...
  107. JerryG

    Challenger MT200 series

    As far as I know, the only Iseki's that are used by Cat are the compact tractors. That is because of their AGCO orgin.
  108. JerryG

    Any AGCO compact owners here?

    Like has been said, the MF, AGCO and Cat are almost the same. I just traded off a MF 1250 for a MF 1440. I need a few more hp. They are very good heavy duty compacts. Their prices was dropped as of February. At least the MF were. The AGCO ST35 is the MF 1433 and the AGCO ST40 is the MF 1440. The...
  109. JerryG

    Rear remotes?

    Does anyone here have factory remotes on their MF, AGCO or Cat compact? My dealer didn't plan ahead very well on the mounting of my remotes. If you do, could you post a picture of the coupler mount on the back of the tractor?
  110. JerryG

    Bucket receivers

    I just got my new tractor and I have already put receivers on the bucket. One on each side, to put hooks in and also to put a spill guard etc. Here is a picture of how it turned out. First shot.
  111. JerryG

    New MF 1440

    I finely got my new tractor, loader and backhoe and it had a whole 1.7 hrs. on it when I pick it up. Its a MF 1440 tractor, a MF 1466 loader and a MF 1475 backhoe. Here is a picture. Without the backhoe.
  112. JerryG

    Computer help

    Could someone please tell me how to fix a problem? The problem is on a new computer that I just bought. TBN and some other sites only use part of the screen. They take up all of the screen top to bottom, but only 1/2 to 2/3 of the screen right to left. There are a lot of sites that do use the...
  113. JerryG

    Yea, finely got started........

    They have finely got started putting my new MF 1440 together. This is the middle of hay season here and I thought that I would have to wait for a while longer to get it started. It may take a week or so to finish because of stopping to work on hay equipment.
  114. JerryG

    Looking for opinions on Challenger pricing........

    All of the newer ones have tilt hoods except the 55 hp. The regular ones now have pin adjustment for the 3 point, the value models have turnbuckles still. Massey, Agco and Cat all has both model, the standard and the value. There are several things that you give up to get the value models but...
  115. JerryG


    Like has been said, I think that cosmetics is the only thing different between the AGCO and MF. They are a very good compact. I am getting ready to buy another one. You might want to check with some more MF dealers because about two months ago, there was a price decrease.
  116. JerryG

    Truck Canopy!!!

    I saw this by the road the other day and had to stop and take a picture. It is a Interational pick-up truck hood. Sorry, it was starting to get dark when I got there.
  117. JerryG

    CAT Challenger tractors?

    The entire tractor is built by Iseki in Japan. The same goes for the AGCO and MF compacts.
  118. JerryG

    Iseki -- Massey

    I took the time today to look in my AGCO/Massey sold Iseki Diesel Engine manual for the cross between Massey and Iseki. Here it is. Someone tell me if this Excel file works.
  119. JerryG

    AGCO Warranties

    I would like to know how Agco/Massey/etc. stands behind their warranties. Has anyone had a major problem that the Corporate boys have been involved in? If you have, how did they handle it? Do you think that they handled it the way they should have?
  120. JerryG

    Laptop help?

    I have a family friend that has Lou Gehrig's disease. She has progressed to the point that she cannot talk at all. Her husband and son have been looking for an inexpensive lap top computer that she could carry with her to talk to people with. Does anyone know where they could get a used or...
  121. JerryG

    College help?

    I have a daughter that is about two years away from starting college. She has been looking into different areas of financial aid. Does anyone have any information about a group called College Degree Planners, LLC. <A target="_blank"...
  122. JerryG

    Manufactures, mechanics and dealers

    This not meant as a lecture or to grip anyone out. It is also not meant at any one directly. We have been blessed lately with manufactures, mechanics and a dealer. I do say blessed because of their insight that they have been able to provide. These gentlemen have answered all of our questions to...
  123. JerryG

    Flat tire

    I have had flats on the front tires out in the field more than once. From reading here several others have too. Well, here a while back I was about a mile from the house on the farm and had a flat. Everyone knows the old story of you can walk back home and get the air tank to air it up or just...
  124. JerryG

    Danuser Post driver

    Saturday I tried out my, new to me, Danuser post driver. My father-in-law called and wanted me to help put in some posts around his bale pen. It works great even in our rocky soil. I don’t think that I will be using my post auger very much any more.
  125. JerryG

    Cool Tractor Sites

    Check out this site. It has all kinds of tractor sites on it. It has both clubs and personal tractor sites. <A target="_blank" HREF=></A>
  126. JerryG

    AGCO grows-Cat is out

    Cat will also be selling other select product from the AGCO line up. Some of these are to be from the forage equipment line up. AGCO will take over all production and support for the generation three MT’s. How ever Cat will still supply all support for the gen. 1 and gen.2 machines. When the...
  127. JerryG

    AGCO grows-Cat is out

    John, The way I took it from the Corporate E-Mail was that the tractors will immediately be painted orange and labeled AGCO. It didn't say it in so many words, but it was inferred.
  128. JerryG

    AGCO grows-Cat is out

    Latest and biggest news in the tractor world happened Monday. It was announced Monday that AGCO (Massey Ferguson) had bought Caterpillars tracked tractor line. AGCO has bought them lock, stock and barrel. Now AGCO’s line doesn’t stop at the mid size 225 horse tractors, but goes up through 425hp...
  129. JerryG

    Computer processors?

    Could some one please tell me the difference between a Pentium and a Celeron processor? As in performance, speed and over all usability. I am looking at buying a new computer and I am to say the least confused.
  130. JerryG

    Post Driver

    Do any of you own a Danuser PTO drive, post driver. If you do, have you had any problems with it? What would one in like new condition sell for in your area?
  131. JerryG

    AGCO ST SERIES (orange tractor too)

    John, I use my tractor on my poultry farm. I have 90,000 large broilers. The tractor is used to compost, grade roads for trucks, build fence and I used it to dig 2400' of ditches when I first built my houses.
  132. JerryG

    AGCO ST SERIES (orange tractor too)

    My MF 1250 has 820 hours in just 23 months.The 1200 series are fine tractors. I would buy another one.
  133. JerryG

    AGCO ST Compacts

    <font color=orange>Basically i think they are just like the Massy's but they look much better.</font color=orange> They are the same except the paint, kind of like the Boomers and the Cases.
  134. JerryG


    Bird, Didn't you say at one time that you had a Wells Ag canopy? My dealer just started carrying them. I need to buy one because I am on my tractor EVERYDAY and need some protection from mother nature. I don't want a fiberglass canopy and that was the only thing that I could find in my area...
  135. JerryG

    Rescuing victims

    I have found a real good publication from the University of Georgia about the rescuing of farm accident victims. I thought that it might be of interest to several here. It deals with all sorts of accidents that can happen on farms from tractor overturns to chemical exposure. Check it out at...
  136. JerryG

    More Space!!

    Muhammad, We could use more space in the members profile area for attachments. I have typed them in and also pasted them in and they always get cut off. A larger text window would be nice. Could this be changed without to much of a problem? Thanks JerryG
  137. JerryG

    MF 1250 Modifications

    I have made a few things to make life easier on my tractor or to make-work easier. Here is a photo of a wheel weight bracket. The holes that the bolts are in have been cut so that carriage bolt heads will fit and the bolt will not turn during tightening. I put 4-50lb. weights on each bracket...
  138. JerryG

    What about AGCO Allis

    Owen, this may be the only thing on the net about AGCO-Allis. JerryG