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  1. brin

    My rooster died tonight

    Now I know what you mean about missing his crowing... Our Rooster Barney used to come and sit on a tree branch just off our front porch every morning and crow for at least an hour...then something ate him and no more Barney...I still miss him....By the way we did not buy him...he just showed up...
  2. brin

    Welder electroquted Sad...

    Be careful ...this is a good wake up call... Largo welder electrocuted on the job
  3. brin

    Large vs. Small Farm....Corporate vs. Mom & Pop

    This is an interesting article on size of farms...and which is better....large or small... Small vs. large: Which size farm is better for the planet? - The Washington Post
  4. brin

    Happy Civic Holiday to Canadians...

    Have a nice Civic Holiday tomorrow....???? I have no clue what that is...Do you all do community service on Monday or just take off ?:thumbsup:
  5. brin

    Flying Car....I want one....

    This is the first flying car concept I have seen that makes sense...really slick.. Flying motorcycle now on sale | Fox News
  6. brin

    Really good free movie on You Tube..

    I happened on this movie and I am glad I did...will keep you on the edge of your seat if you give it a chance, great acting...suspense galore..
  7. brin

    How not to shoot a gun...Or you can't fix Stupid

    Scary to see these folks trying to shoot .....funny but scary..they even shoot themselves... // Media » Guns & Weapons Fail Compilation
  8. brin

    This guy has a death wish.....cutting down tree

    I got this in an email from a friend....unbelievable...have to see it to believe is the message he sent with the pic.... " The Tree Pruner In God we trust. A friend took this picture yesterday, in Shakopee. He and one of his co-workers were driving by and had to circle the block...
  9. brin

    The Future of Farming....Won't need Tractor Operators etc.

    Imagine if this comes to pass ...........Then TBN's server will communicate with farm equipment computers directly and the computers will run this forum..and post back an human posters needed...;) Scientists reveal the future of farming | Mail Online
  10. brin

    Wrong House picked for Home Invasion

    We live in the country and the few times someone comes to our door, rings the bell...I go to the door with my pistol in my pocket and at the ready...Never know. Iowa Home Invader Chooses Wrong Home to Invade! | BuzzPoBuzzPo
  11. brin

    Welding repair to Bush Hog question ????

    OK - here are the pictures of the splits on each side of the bush hog deck...worse than I remembered...not just a slim split like I I heated each side up and pounded each down and into place, however , there is not a gap between the metal on each side of the split....they are right...
  12. brin

    Great old Pictures ..100yrs. old of American Cities...

    Hope you all enjoy these, my cousin emailed me the link.....American cities a century ago (34 photos) | MyScienceAcademy
  13. brin

    Welding repair to Bush Hog question ????

    I hit something with my bush hog and it caused a 1/8th to 1/4 inch split on each side of and on the front of the Bush Hog deck ...each split about 6 inches long...I am going to weld and fill the gap... My questions I have to take the bush hog off the tractor before I mig weld the bush...
  14. brin

    Old Photos of Indian Camps, Ranching, Cattle, Cowboys etc...Lot of them....

    These are really interesting to see how folks lived back then....I remember as a young boy my Grandfather in Kansas telling me when he first settled in Kansas he was the Indian villages....I suppose like those in these pictures...Enjoy... Photos: Frontier Life in the West - Plog
  15. brin

    Unbelievable Stunts.....2013 ....Wow ....

    It seems any one of these could kill the person in an instant...Hard to believe the human body can do some of these things.. PEOPLE ARE AWESOME 2013 - Safeshare.TV
  16. brin

    FBI makes a connection between long-haul truckers, serial killings

    I stumbled across this article....very scary how the FBI back in 2009 suspects some long haul truckers are serial killers ... " A bureau database includes more than 500 female victims, most of whom were killed and their bodies dumped at truck stops, motels and other spots along popular trucking...
  17. brin

    CD ( Certificate of Deposit ) Rates...????

    Anyone find any decent rates for up to 24 mos...? I mean above 1% interest...Sickening isn't it ..?
  18. brin

    Craigs List ad...for anyone interested in a Miller maxstar 152...$250.00

    I'm still learning on my I have all I can handle right now but I just saw this ad on Craigs list...thought some of you more experienced welders might want to see it... Welder miller maxstar 152
  19. brin

    Pond owners or want to be Pond or Lake owners....!!!!

    Just look at what this family is going through after working hard to put in a pond on their 8 Acres....I have a spring fed pond that spills into a creek, that spills into a river now what ? Wyoming welder faces $75,000 a day in EPA fines for building pond on his property | Fox News
  20. brin

    Photograher trapped by young bull Elk...Great Smokey Mountains...

    This took some guts or was guys decide... Wapiti vs Photographe
  21. brin

    Swiss cannot keep ammo at their homes any longer...

    Pretty slick form of gun control...let them keep their guns but forbid ammo possession...sound familiar...with out ammo shortage...Hmmmm ? Larry Elder: Switzerland Strips Citizens of Gun Rights
  22. brin

    Calling all Pseudo Intellectuals...Those who think they are smarter than most...Hmm ?

    Watch this and realize how smart some folks actually are....You better believe the US Govt. keeps tabs on this young man and I seriously doubt he could just leave the US without being followed ...If you watch it ..he even says Homeland Security keeps an eye on him...Just amazing how bright he...
  23. brin

    Occupations with the most Obese 10

    Overweight occupations: Truckers top list of obese workers, study says - NY Daily News
  24. brin

    Home Invasion...Short scary video...Be prepared...!

    NRA News Special Report From Ginny Simone | "The Wrong House: Career Criminal Meets His Fate" - YouTube
  25. brin

    9 Volt Battery Danger...Burned this guy's house down...

    I did not know this....Watch this short video and see how safe your new or used 9v batteries are... Kids and Character Fire Safety Introduction - YouTube
  26. brin

    Aussie V8 Chainsaw....Video

    Remember in the Movie When Crocodile Dundee said....That ain't a Knife...This is a Knife and he pulled out that huge Bowie Knife...? This reminds me of that scene....This is a Chainsaw....They do things big Down Under...;) Australian V8 chainsaw. [VIDEO]
  27. brin

    Merry Christmas...this is so cute...had to share...

    A Kids View of the Christmas Story - YouTube
  28. brin

    " Good Morning Thread " Is now on the TBN Lawn Forum..?????

    I did not see the Good Morning thread, did a search and it now resides in the TBN Lawn Forum....:confused3:
  29. brin

    just amazing...

    What started out as a hobby now has 1 million visitors a year...
  30. brin

    New Holland vs. John Deere....

    I own one of each so I love them both...but this pulling contest is interesting... new holland VS john deere - YouTube
  31. brin

    What is This Allis ???? Tractor or What ?

    Does anyone know what this was used for and if it is a tractor...LOL - only takes 90 seconds to see. Allis-Chalmers - YouTube
  32. brin

    Video History of the World in 2 minutes...Pretty Cool

    Seventeen year old Joe Bush got a high school assignment to make a video reproduction. He chose history as a theme and tucked it all into two minutes. Take pictures from the internet, add the track Mind Heist by Zack Hemsey (from the movie Interception) and then you get something like this...
  33. brin

    Here's a tractor from 1906....

    This tractor weighs 15 tons...and is only 15 hp...I think Jay Leno Said...Imagine operating this... 1906 Advance Steam Traction Engine - Jay Leno's Garage - YouTube
  34. brin

    Help needed with welding table decision...???

    I have a chance to buy a used 5' stainless steel table from a restaurant equipment auctioneer ...they just said 5' don't know the other measurement but it is $150 asking price...I just wonder...can I weld on stainless with my Mig/flux wire welder...? Can I weld to the table ...such as welding...
  35. brin

    Welding Video....1942 - Introduction to Welding

    I don't know if anyone has posted this video yet but it is neat to watch...from 1942 promoting welding as a profession, showing the different welding techniques of that era....just interesting... Title: The Welding Operator (1942) Promotional movie for welders - YouTube
  36. brin

    New health care law... FYI

    I am posting this here so more can see than if it were in the front porch or friendly politics...this is not meant to be a political post...just an informative one. It seems with the new system Docs and Hospitals are asking patients to pay their annual deductible all at one time...Here is the...
  37. brin

    Questions about a tank for my new Mig Welder...

    I have been using flux core in my new to me mig welder and have been looking for an Oxy / Argon tank...I found this one on Craigs List.. CO2 Welding Paintball Tank My question is can I use straight oxygen until the tank is empty( don't want it to blow up ) and then when I take it to get it...
  38. brin

    Fly and Soar with an Eagle....Really....

    Scroll all the way down and click on the video...then quickly click full screen in the lower right hand of the will fly with an eagle...they have a camera on his back...really neat.,\ VIDEO: Incredible footage shows bird
  39. brin

    Engine replacement question on Sears Tiller

    I have a Craftsman rear tine tiller that has been sitting for years....everything is fine on it...except the engine...I can buy a replacement engine from Harbor Freight with a coupon for $99.00 instead of rebuilding the carb and no telling what else on the old engine.... Here's my...
  40. brin

    Old Sears rear tine tiller.....thoughts ?

    I have an old Sears ..craftsman model rear tine tiller with a 3&1/2 Brigs engine that I bought in about 1982...last used in maybe 1992...anyway the engine is not locked up and the shifter works are flat and need replacing...but Harbor Freight has a 6 horse engine on sale for $99...
  41. brin

    TBN and Members deserve recognition...and thanks..

    Some time ago I read a thread where posters were discussing the price of liquid propane...and especially the price for the Gas Grill propane tanks....I had been paying $20.00 & change for a tank that was only partially full....then I saw posters saying Tractor Supply was a lot less...I just...
  42. brin

    Good morning!!!!

    Our Banty Rooster, Barney, ( My Wife named him) wandered up to our house a few weeks ago and made his home in a Japanese Maple in our front yard next to our front porch railing and it was there he crowed...constantly...but we enjoyed him.... The Coyotes enjoyed him more....I figured it was just...
  43. brin

    We have a Stray Banty Rooster...." Barney "

    The other morning we were awakened by the Rooster's call.....:confused3: Sounded like it was at our front door...Sure enough he was...My Mrs. named him " Barney " he has been hanging around and dodging our Brittany dog and a Hawk or two....He Cock a Doodle Doos a lot...:)
  44. brin

    TBN Page Fonts on all TBN pages is micro small

    Only on the TBN site is the font almost like 4pt. I need reading glasses to see it...All other web sites are is only TBN...Anyone else experiencing this...? Is there a setting I am not aware of...? All other sites are normal and I have windows 7 ---Thanks in advance
  45. brin

    50 ft. X 8ft ( to 12 ft. ) w trailer for only $650.00

    I thought I would post this , I just came across it on Craig's list here in GA. - It just seems like a good deal...just the price of the steel alone....with 3 axles...2 with brakes...looks like it needs decking.... Any of you guys need a project ..? Triple axle trailer w/brakes
  46. brin

    Interesting Picture of a Nesting Falcon...
  47. brin

    How to test any battery..AA, AAA, C or D ---Fast and Easy

    Don't know if this works ...I have not tried it yet....but I will.. How To Test a AA battery, Easiest Way For Any Battery Fast, Easy! - YouTube
  48. brin

    Fixed My Jeep Cherokee A/C ~ Pass on tip

    My AC in my Jeep started blowing hot air....I took it to the dealer they said the though it was a leak in the evaporator....under the it would cost $1300.00...but they would split it with $650 to me...I took a pass... I went to Walmart after researching products and reviews on...
  49. brin

    Welding Respirator Question...Help ?

    I have finally got my Mig welder set up and an auto darkening hood etc. but now I need to buy a please let me know if this is a good one...I am worried about fumes...don't want to kill myself and this is my first time welding myself...:confused3: Here is the one I found...what...
  50. brin

    Nice email from a friend....

    A friend of mine emailed this to me... _______________ TO: God.Com Dear Lord, Every single evening As I'm lying here in bed, This tiny little Prayer Keeps running through my head: God bless all my family Wherever they may be, Keep them warm And safe from harm For they're so close...
  51. brin

    I want one ! 130 MPH Lawn Mower...Really !

    See what ya'll think of having a lawn tractor like this....get done mowing the lawn really fast :thumbsup: Fed up with the amount of time it takes to cut the grass in your garden? Maybe you need one of these 130mph lawn mowers | Mail Online
  52. brin

    Garden question ? What animal would eat Jalapeno Peppers ?

    Here are the pictures...the evidence left behind by the pepper bandit....One of those Mexican Chiwawas...maybe...long way though....& I agree , whatever ate these is a tough one for sure. Come on somebody....what creature likes Jalapenos...?
  53. brin

    Garden question ? What animal would eat Jalapeno Peppers ?

    My wife just brought in two Jalapeno Peppers from our garden that were half eaten....seeds and all and the teeth marks are visible....Now these are hot ones...I got the hiccups from one at dinner last night....So what critter can tolerate that heat ? I have never had that happen before...Not...
  54. brin

    For Anyone Looking for a Dog....Dog Lovers !

    Here ya go...take your pick Could one of these putrid pups be the World's Ugliest Dog? - NY Daily News ;)
  55. brin

    Cowboy Poetry....

    ;) Better keep in touch. Subject: Cowboy poetry Jake, the rancher, went one day To fix a distant fence. The wind was cold and gusty And the clouds rolled gray and dense. As he pounded the last staples in And gathered tools to go, The temperature had fallen, The wind and snow began to blow...
  56. brin

    Old Barns and Old People...See if you like this like I do ?

    Old Barns and Old People - YouTube How many times have you gone down the road in the country and seen an old deserted homestead or barn and wondered what wonderful things and hardships it must have witnessed...?
  57. brin

    Happy Days Folks....!!!!

    This morning at 11:45 AM I closed on the sale of the last rental property my Mrs. and I owned...after 38 yrs. I am totally out of the rental business..It has been good to us...but not without the travails ...Where are the drum has not sunk in yet that there will be no more calls...
  58. brin

    My TC - 29 sparked and then went start ??

    I tried to start my TC - 29 this AM and everything was in neutral , I turned the key and all dash lights lit up including the glow plug light and then a spark from somewhere up front...a snapping spark sound and all went dead....I had used the tractor a week ago and all was fine...The battery is...
  59. brin

    Crazy Ants....Seriously...Anyone seen them yet ?

    This worries me....Imagine if this is true..Have any of you seen these yet....I'm in mid. GA. and I have not seen them yet..they seem to like to eat electrical wire...great ! think of our tractors..etc. When you talk to folks who live in the invaded areas, they tell you they want their fire...
  60. brin

    A relative emailed this and I thought I would pass it on...

    I'm not looking for any miracle tomorrow but I sure did need this "brick" today - hope you all enjoy reading it. My wife's cousin emailed this and it struck me how we all get too busy sometimes... THE BRICK A young and successful executive was traveling down a neighborhood street, going...
  61. brin

    Finally found a deal on a Welder...! Yeah !

    I was at my gunsmith's shop today...he is a machinist too...he can make anything....I complimented him on his welding and told him I have been trying to find a welder to buy for over a year....He said he had a Clarke...flux core machine, with a hood and wire also has gas...for...
  62. brin

    I have to share...99 ways to make your life easier....Wow !

    Just look at these neat ideas....See what you folks think...:thumbsup::) 99 Life Hacks to make your life easier! - Imeimei
  63. brin

    Price of Propane for the grill ???

    I just got back from filling my 20 gal propane tank...3 &1/2 gallons or 20 pounds...for $ does that compare with other prices....45 miles East of Atlanta, GA....I think it is high....but the exchange tanks at the convenience stores only give you 15 pounds for $ it's the...
  64. brin

    Gun Control: This speaks for itself

    Gotta Love This :)
  65. brin

    Anyone have any thoughts on attending a High School reunion

    Anybody attend any of their High School Reunions...?
  66. brin

    Help with Wife's laptop..

    :anyone: My wife's laptop is running windows 7 and is hooked up to another external monitor , so when we first got it we had it set so my wife could turn on her computer then close the lid on her laptop and use the screen on the free standing for some reason the laptop has to be...
  67. brin

    You guys and gals with motorcycles....Be very careful...!

    This victim was married to the grand daughter of some of our very close friends...he and his wife have a daughter 1&1/2 yrs. old and another on the way... Off-duty deputy killed in motorcycle wreck in northwest Harris County |
  68. brin

    How fast do you eat ? Seriously...not good for you to eat too fast...

    Everyone should chew every bite at least 28 times and swallow with water...Google for info on eating too will surprise you....Maybe you need one of these :confused3: Fork vibrates when you eat too quickly - New York News | NYC Breaking News
  69. brin

    50 ~ Facts about Your Body.....Really Interesting...

    interesting fact on our bodies Subject: Your Body Human Mysteries The Human Body is a treasure trove of mysteries, one that still confounds doctors and scientists about the details of its working. It's not an overstatement to say that every part of your body is a miracle. Here are fifty...
  70. brin

    Our Kids belong to everyone ....collectively...?????

    I don't agree with this and it scares me that we are going down this path...that this kind of thought is even present in an educator or any right thinking adult is frightening:2cents:
  71. brin

    Holy Cow ! New Nano Tech. Ever Dry....nothing sticks to it...nothing...

    Wait until you see this stuff...I want to buy some now...this new Nano tech. is going to change many things...See what you think... The Official Ultra-Ever Dry Product Video - Superhydrophobic and oleophobic coating - YouTube
  72. brin

    Retail Beef and Pork cuts....Names are changing...No more " Pork Butt " as an example

    Retail Beef and Pork cuts....Names are changing...No more " Pork Butt " as an example How confusing will this be....we will need a cheat sheet to go down the meat Isle...:) Pork chops are now ribeyes as U.S. meat industry renames cuts What's next ? :confused3:
  73. brin

    Gun Control.....Common Sense...Is Uncommon.

    A friend emailed this newspaper article to me and I had to share...All the tado about new laws to control guns....It is people not guns....or knives or bats etc.
  74. brin

    Harber Freight 25% coupon...valid today only

    Here is the link for coupon and to print it.....Only valid today...Easter Sunday...
  75. brin

    Rednecks Get 'er done !

    I hope this pastes well....a friend just emailed this to me....he is a hi-tech redneck...LOL ___________ Nicest redneck email!!! cid:024a01c8d246$6cd6cfa0$373cce0c@Maschhoff We have enjoyed the redneck jokes for years. It's time to take a reflective look at the core beliefs of a culture...
  76. brin

    OK - Here is a Mystery....Animal attack on Son's Pick up Truck

    This morning ..still son, who lives next door ( we are in the country ) called and asked me to come over and look at something...I went right over...He kept his old Dodge Dakota pick up when he bought his new one and he keeps the old Dakota in a separate open bay in a building adjacent...
  77. brin

    TBN Reported Attack Site ...came up on my screen when I tried to log on....

    This AM at 6:35 AM when I typed in the TBN URL to access the site...a warning from McAffee came up that said TBN was a reported attack site...with a button for me to click that read....Get Me out of Here...instead I clicked ignore this warning. Here is what it said when I clicked....Explain...
  78. brin

    Retirement savings ....Yikes !

    I just heard a panel discussion on the news about retirement savings and a survey was done that showed 57% of the people at or near retirement age of 65 yrs. old had less than $25,000.00 in the bank...and 28% said they had a bad view of the future and economy...Now this is not good.... Imagine...
  79. brin

    Have you ever lost a really important legal document or keepsake and then found it ?

    I have just found a very important legal document that I knew I had but had filed it away in a place where I was certain it would be safe and then I forgot where I had filed it...I had done this over ten yrs. ago...I have been looking for it for a few months now off and on and it has been...
  80. brin

    But for the grace of God....this could be one of us....

    Be sure all loads are matter how inconsequential they may seem to be...How awful this is ... Driver who lost ladder in fatal I-285 crash could face... |
  81. brin

    How many have concealed carry permit to carry a gun ?

    I have noticed lately folks posting on message boards they have a lic to carry and I have even noticed some here locally carrying holstered pistol openly...makes me wonder if I should apply....I hate to be one of the only unarmed folks out here...:)
  82. brin

    Cat B-15 ...Caterpiller is manufactureing a Cell Phone...with Gorilla Glass NO JOKE

    Cat B15 is a rugged smartphone | CNET TV | Video Product Reviews, CNET Podcasts, Tech Shows, Live CNET Video
  83. brin

    Planting bare root Wax Myrtle Trees / Bushes

    I bought 50 bare root Wax Myrtle seedlings from our State and they will be delivered the end of the week...I am going to plant them along a fence as a privacy screen...they get 20 to 30 ft. high and 20ft. I am thinking of planting them about 10 ft. apart since they grow 4 to 5 ft. a...
  84. brin

    What Child wrote about his retired Grandparents for a school assignment

    RETARDED" GRANDPARENTS Written by a third grader , on what his grandparents do. After Christmas , a teacher asked her young pupils how they spent their holiday away from school. One child wrote the following: We always used to spend the holidays with Grandma and Grandpa. They...
  85. brin

    Opinions needed about water storage & Diesel Fuel storage

    I would like to have a large tank like this , 250 gallon tank, to store drinking water in the event of a prolonged power failure or who knows what else...We have a drilled well and I have a PTO generator but if it was a real calamity I would eventually run out of diesel I was thinking...
  86. brin

    NFL - Atlanta Falcons will win.....

    Here's why the Falcons will win - by 10 points! | Mark Bradley |
  87. brin

    Here's all the old time Radio Programs for your listening pleasure..

    My cousin sent me this has all the old time radio programs to listen to....All we had before TV... Old Time Radio Shows - Listen to Free Streaming Old Time Radio Shows
  88. brin

    This is amazing video...3d on your computer...+ Amazing feats...

    This must be some new video is like you are there...How many of these daredevil stunts would you have ever attempted at any age....unbelievable... PEOPLE ARE AWESOME (DON'S VERSION) - YouTube
  89. brin

    Who is going to be the first here to buy one of these..?

    I wonder if they have these in a Truck model...? Flight Fantastic - Ralph Lauren Magazine
  90. brin

    Short video of Deer in our yard yesterday...How many ?

    This is the first attempt at posting a short video on TBN...hope it works...these Deer came wandering in about 2:00 PM yesterday...I shot the video with my little camera through the blinds on my office door...See how many Deer you can one point I counted 8 before I started filming...
  91. brin

    Giggle with Goats....Merry Christmas....

    This will make you laugh...:laughing: A GIGGLE with the GOATS Jingle Bells Holiday Performance - YouTube
  92. brin

    WWII Aviation Pictures....These are Spectacular....

    My wife's cousin sent me this link...I just want to share these really cool pictures of an awful time.. After you see all the first page pictures...then at the top just like on TBN click on the next page and the pics continue. ______ Mission4Today › ForumsPro › R & R Forums › Photo Galleries...
  93. brin

    OKk - I have found a Millermatic 185 for $200.00

    All it needs he says in a lead and gun....otherwise works a Millermatic 185 for $200.00 - I have looked and looked and so far this one caught my eye since I have heard Millers were good....What do you guys think....PS ...I don't know how to weld but intend to learn....Thanks
  94. brin

    Japanese Brain Test....This is fun for the whole family....

    OK - This is fun...give it a the link and take the quick memory test of numbers and places and find out the age of your brain.... ??????01 ???????
  95. brin

    How to open a shaken or dropped carbonated drink...soda , beer etc.

    I did not know this....
  96. brin

    This is really amazing...Lampshade made from a Pine round...quick video...

    I may have to try this...looks like a lot of fun...and I love the end result..I bet it is touchy not turning through to the outside and ruining the whole project right at the end...that's why the light....but still...toward the end very risky.. Making of a Shade - YouTube
  97. brin

    Here is what not to do or say if you shoot a burglar...geeez !

    What was this guy thinking...killed two teenagers breaking into his house ...but how he did it and what he said....Yikes...
  98. brin

    Anyone need a Low Cost Dentist....Unbelievable....

    Imagine this....Yikes ~ The Dentist Of Jaipur on
  99. brin

    Health...Cholesterol....Saturated fats have never been proven to be bad for us...?

    See What you folks think of this article claiming saturated fats are not bad for us and do not raise our cholesterol....A friend of mine had cholesterol of over 300 and had a mild heart attack...he went on the Atkins diet and ate mainly meat, cheese and protein ...almost no carbs but plenty of...
  100. brin

    The old days...No thanksgiving for this family ..what has happened to us ?

    Gee Whiz Dad, a Thanksgiving Without Turkey?! A Lesson From 1951 -
  101. brin

    Remember SWING ? Jazz ? Like Benny Goodman..Just listen to these Japanese kids

    Swing Band A Teenage band from a Japanese girl's school playing Benny Goodman. Japanese Swing. This is good! If you are old enough you will smile, if you are young, you will love it.This is music! ! ! Amazing how young they are. Whether or not...
  102. brin

    Penetrating and home made...

    My cousin sent me this email....about penetrating oils....looks like the best one is homemade... Just passing it on fyi _____________________ Penetrating Oils Machinist's Workshop recently published some information on various penetrating oils. The magazine reports they tested penetrates for...
  103. brin

    Got a Thanksgiving Turkey for 68 cents a pound...How does that compare ?

    Anybody found them cheaper..? We also bought sweet potatoes for 38 cents a pound...Just curious about prices elsewhere..
  104. brin

    What a bridge....Look at all the trucks & campers that shear their tops off...Amazing

    What a bridge....Look at all the trucks & campers that shear their tops off...Amazing Think of the costs of each one of these accidents and some of the camper trailers and motor home owners have no idea they just destroyed their Air Conditioning and TV... - Undefeated - The...
  105. brin

    One City fella's experience trying to live in the country...Too Funny !

    I read this and knew I had to share it here....see if you think it is as funny as I do... must be plenty of folks just like him. ________________ Another Farm Tractor from **** John Hofheimer Hensley Arkansas (for now) (John, whom, while I never meet, I can greatly sympathize with, sent me...
  106. brin

    My New Holland TC- 29 won't start...clicks.only

    I do all my own maintenance and some mechanics but I know nothing about the electrical end except how to charge the battery and clean the terminals.. I have not started this tractor in 6 months...I know ...not only has 386 hours on it..So here is the problem - It won't start...just...
  107. brin

    Must see short videos of cute dogs & pup dreaming...Funny stuff...

    Enjoy...this is funny as heck....see if you agree.. Sleeping dogs compilation. [VIDEO]
  108. brin

    Go Dawgs !!! Georgia Bulldogs will beat the Florida Gators....big time...

    :cool2: GO DAWGS,,,,GATORS HAVE NO CHANCE....:thumbsup::dance1:
  109. brin

    Sams today....

    For anyone interested you might want to check your local Sams Club....The Mrs. and I just bought 4 pkgs....about 15 pounds of boneless, skinless Chicken Breasts from our local Sams Club for $1.77 a pound....Some grocery stores here are charging over $5.00 a pound for the same thing....Just...
  110. brin

    Question on installing bigger Wheels & tires or just tires on Dodge Ram 50

    I have a Dodge Ram 50 Long is kind of a rare truck is a 1990 and the Chrysler dealer said they stopped making them because they run forever...they have Japanese only has 35K miles on was my FIL truck and he left it to us...but it sits so low to the...
  111. brin

    Traditional Wood Barns for tractors

    You have some beautiful structures....I will show them to my Mrs.....
  112. brin

    Traditional Wood Barns for tractors

    You have some beautiful structures....I will show them to my Mrs.....
  113. brin

    Can't post a photo and know how to do it.

    Click on " Go advanced " then click on " Insert Image" it is second row of Icons down and 4th block of Icons to the right and the 4th Icon in that block...Click the square...then browse for the file on your computer...( I am doing it again to retrace my steps )Click - select files then choose...
  114. brin

    Can't post a photo and know how to do it.

    I just uploaded this picture of my Mrs. and Me. going to the beach....let's see if it works...:) OK - I see it works...I will be available for free consultation...LOL - just let me know and I will help you fellas...
  115. brin

    Computer revolution on the way....Computers will own the world...not for me...You ?

    Corning Glass - The end of the computers as we know it If you Wonder why HP, Dell and other leading computer manufacturers believe the end of the computer as we know it is near. It's not the iPad that has them concerned about the future. It is developments like the ones Corning is working on...
  116. brin

    Anybody get any STEROID INJECTIONS for back pain lately ? Urgent this.!

    I don't know if you have heard the news but if you have gotten a steroid injection for back pain in the five state area you should probably call your Doc..right away...I don't have a link ...this is all I have gotten " Meningitis Toll Rising, CDC Says ATLANTA -- Thirty-five people in six states...
  117. brin

    New ABC Series...." Last Resort " Geez is this is the this

    New ABC Series...." Last Resort " Geez is this is the this You Navy guys, submariners and anyone else...the link below is to a Pilot of a new series on ABC ...We just watched this takes about 45 min. no commercials...about a rouge nuke sub captain....that's all...
  118. brin

    .95 Caliber ..Largest rifle ever made..2,400 grain of it...weighs 50 #

    Put aside your girly-man .458 Win Mag or your wimpy .50 cal and watch guys shoot a real gun, the largest center fire rifle ever made, the .950 JDJ by SSK Industries (Ohio). Only three were ever made. This was the lightest, the carbine version, weighing in at 50 lbs. It shoots a .95 caliber...
  119. brin

    Anybody know which one of my posts got deleted...???

    I got a PM that one of my posts was deleted....said it is usually because I offended someone...? Anyone know which post, who was offended and who reported me..? Just curious...I want to learn how to follow the rules...:confused2:
  120. brin

    Man Killed in Tractor Rollover while bush hogging...

    Sad to say but here is another careful... Man killed while mowing grass with tractor |
  121. brin

    Anyone here raise Naugas ?? For Naugahide

    I came across this and just wondered....wondered where to find a breeding pair and I suppose you would need several pairs in different colors...With this nostalgia thing...Naugahide will probably make a comeback...Take a look at this..:cool2: Once again. Where do they raise Nauga's? Are they...
  122. brin

    Dude ? vs. Daddy O...?

    I will never forget back in the late 50's making the mistake of calling my Dad ...Daddy O....Yikes ! , I learned real quick that was not accepted....Now I find myself getting sick of hearing the term " Dude " is all over TV programs and in real far I have not been called Dude...
  123. brin

    Calculate anything on this website.....Never know...

    My cousin emailed me this link...I thought I would pass it on....If you ever need to calculate anything this may come in handy ...see what you folks think.. Wolfram|Alpha: Computational Knowledge Engine
  124. brin

    I know there is a Joke thread but this is just too good to bury,..

    See if you folks agree.....I got a real kick out of this one..:laughing: The Mods will move it if it offends anyone...:thumbsup: ________________ A SENIOR‹… DRIVER'S LICENSE A man was sitting on his lawn reading and sunning, when he was startled by a late model car crashing through the...
  125. brin

    Gas with Ethanol in Small engines.....Do not run engine dry for storage.

    I just took a lawn mower in for repair to the mower shop that has been here for at least 50 yrs. and I mentioned to the owner that I ran all my small engines dry before storing for any length of time due to the ethanol in the gas...He has been repairing small engines for over 40 yrs. and he...
  126. brin

    Possom in and on our Grill on the Deck ! Now what ?

    Our dog , a Brittany, was having a fit today on our deck and when my Mrs. went to see what he was barking at she saw the heavy lid on our Grill bouncing and a bushy tail...She came and got me....I opened the grill lid with a broom handle...never know what could jump out :) So there on the...
  127. brin

    Man Killed while making BBQ out of Oil Drum.....!!!!!

    I have done this myself....I cut a vent hole in the side of a metal 55 gal. drum a couple of times to use as a burn barrel and I used a grinder with a cutting blade...but I made sure the steel drums had been used for something other than my case they were used for pickles...Here...
  128. brin

    My Murray Lawn Tractor....won't restart when hot ????

    I posted here since I figure MTD must make Murray Mowers, they make so many others, anyway....I was out cutting my grass this morning with my 20 HP , 46 inch cut Murray Lawn Tractor and realized I was getting low on knowing I would not be able to restart it I went to the shop for...
  129. brin

    I just got a Virus warning from McAfee aniti virus program when I clicked on....

    Old Goat Ranch Terry ....Do a search for that thread and be careful because as soon as I clicked on it my McAfee anti virus window came up with the Whoa are you sure you want to go there...and a danger sign....
  130. brin

    You guys from Canada are beating us.....Geeeez ! Look at this...

    Canadians are worth more than US worth higher...etc.....For the First Time, Canadians Now Richer Than Americans - US News and World Report Just remember is still too cold in Canada for me....:)
  131. brin

    grocery store ...laughs....

    My trip to the grocery grocery store There was a bit of confusion at the store this morning. When I was ready to pay for my groceries, the cashier said, "Strip down, facing me." Making a mental note to complain to my congressman about Homeland Security running amok, I did just as she had...
  132. brin

    Some really Cool Cars of days gone by....!

    Just move your cursor over the bottom of the screen once you click the link below an then click the arrow forward to see each car in the slide show...these are some of the best restored cars I have seen...
  133. brin

    Dog pics

    My Son and Daughter in law were gone for the weekend...we baby sat their English Bulldog , in the picture is Munson with our Jake, he is a Brittany...and my constant buddy and companion.
  134. brin

    Could this be true ? Mechanic cautioned me about fescue seed from hay ?

    I had a hard time with the title...I just took my Jeep Grand Cherokee in for service on the Air was not cooling enough. The Service Manager told me the condenser was getting clogged with fescue seed and the only way to clean it would be to take the front of the Jeep off...It...
  135. brin

    I give up on Tenants ! Left in the night again.

    I just had another tenant, young man 35 yrs. old had a good job as a maintenance supervisor at a big plant . He was divorced but engaged and she broke it off and he went off the deep end. He and I had what I thought to be a good relationship...he had been my tenant for a year and 5 months...his...
  136. brin

    Danger....Huge Alert !!!! Warning !

    My wife's cousin just emailed this to me...I know when I am mowing in front of our house I sometimes have to get off the tractor and pick up a discarded bottle..I have done it many times....Read this and be real careful from now on ! ____________________ Drano, Tin Foil & Water = Important...
  137. brin

    Father and two sons die in Manure pit

    What an awful tragedy...and just awful way to a Manure Pit... Pa. Man, 2 Sons Found Dead In Kent County Manure Pit CBS Baltimore I bet this was something that could have been avoided in hindsight...always 20/20 ...they just must have reacted to save one and lost 3...
  138. brin

    White margin at the top ...back again..

    I first got it today in Obed's thread home in the woods... click on the last message link in his thread and that is where I first got the white margin at the top..
  139. brin

    Barn Find....Old Motorcycles, Cars & Misc...Just unbelievable.

    This will make a grown man cry...Just imagine finding this barn and being able to buy some of these treasures at barn prices...geeez, I have tears in my eyes now after watching this...This man collected all this over a 50 yr. period... America'S Ultimate Barn Find : Video Clips From The Coolest One
  140. brin

    Dog Food Recall....FYI !!!!

    You might want to check this link out and see if you have any of this dog food...people are getting sick and some dying just from handling the food..from salmonella contamination ... Diamond Pet Foods again expands voluntary recall due to possible salmonella contamination
  141. brin

    You have to watch this You Tube...A Dog and a Roomba auto. vacum cleaner.

    This is just too funny not to share...just imagine...:laughing: The Wrong Automation - YouTube
  142. brin

    Taking the Bucket off my NH 7308 FEL ?

    My tractor is at my farm and I am thinking about buying a grapple but it will replace the bucket...I have never removed the bucket from my NH 7308 Loader. I want to be able to switch back and forth between the grapple and the loader bucket without too much time or labor...Do any of you know how...
  143. brin

    An Old Farmer's Advice

    Some of you may have seen this before...but I just ran across it again and thought I would post it...:) An Old Farmer's Advice Your fences need to be horse-high, pig-tight and bull-strong. Keep skunks, bankers and lawyers at a distance. Life is simpler when you plow around the stump. A...
  144. brin

    Beware of calls from Area codes - 809.284 & 876 - Scam Alert !

    I just got this Warning in an email from my Cousin...just passing it on... They get you to call by telling you that it is information about a family member who has been ill or to tell you someone has been arrested, died, or to let you know you have won a wonderful prize, etc.. In each case...
  145. brin

    Killing brush and weeds the easy way !!

    I bought a 15 gallon spray electric spray rig from Harbor Freight for $99.00 and a Chicago Electric jump start power pack from HF for $39 with a coupon and today the Mrs. and I put both in the pack of our pick up filled with weed, grass and brush killer and drove the farm...along fence lines ...
  146. brin

    Keep getting the message " CONNECTION HAS TIMED OUT "

    Multiple times this morning when I click on a post I get disconnected from TBN and a window comes up that says Connection to Server has timed out....Everything else on my computer is working fine and I have no problem with other sites....Just want to let you know.
  147. brin

    I had to post this....Really Bad Accident...Wake up call to all of us.

    I am just posting this because a friend of mine emailed this link to me to show me just how fast it can happen. I thought by posting this everyone could see how devastating and fast this crash happened and those of you that have young drivers might be good to sit them down in front of...
  148. brin

    Knife building?

    OK - Here is a picture of the first one I did...the other one was much, much nicer and I gave it away.....I learned on this one..
  149. brin

    Check out this big ole' bad boy!

    What a glorious tree....I have a real old oak tree on our farm...the extension agent guessed it is over 150 yrs. old...who knows but it sure is a beauty...the tree you posted is a perfect climbing tree...when I was a kid I would have climbed up that tree in a second...:)
  150. brin

    Round UP....Alternative..Weed, grass & Brush killer

    I am getting prepared for spring and summer spraying with my 15 gallon spray rig...Look what I found at Home Depot as an alternative to the expensive Round Up....I read the 2 reviews and they seem fine...This is a concentrate and the same amount of Round Up would cost abut $160.00 or so...This...
  151. brin

    A Puzzle to tell you if you are subject to Alzheimer's disease

    Hey, If I can do this puzzle you can ...give it a try...:) This puzzle is easy to put together if you are not affected by Alzheimer's disease, but impossible to do for someone with the disease. Give it a try. If this puzzle is particularly difficult for you then your physician can...
  152. brin

    Coffee ...Wow !

    Today the Mrs. and I drove to a large multi cultural farmers market and I had a cup of the best coffee I have ever had in my life ...It was Decaffeinated Colombian Coffee..all I can say is it made me into a convert...We usually drink Maxwell House Decaf....what a difference...Probably too...
  153. brin

    Just bought these clamp on pallet forks

    I did a search on TBN and found one other poster that said he bought some clamp on pallet forks on ebay for $159.00 that had a 1,200 lb. capacity ..he did not post a link but I found these on ebay and ordered them...the seller has 100% positive feedback and my FEL only has about a 1,200 lb...
  154. brin

    Next door neighbor....fenced 3/4 Acre of my farm..Tenant

    So the Mrs. and I and our dog went out to our farm this morning...drove down our road , checked our lake and pastures and we were driving back down our road to leave when my wife said " What is that fence doing over there ? " I looked and there was some field fence installed coming from the...
  155. brin

    Man Falls into Wood Chipper...Dies

    Maybe he just careless this once...Sad, how quick it can happen. California Man Dies After Falling Into Wood Chipper | Fox News
  156. brin

    Happy New Year...

    Here is a neat link to a Happy New Year Greeting you might want to send out... Happy New Year to all you folks..
  157. brin

    Harley Trike and attach.

    My Mrs. cousin emailed this to me...this was quite a project...some engineering here...see what you guys think ..
  158. brin

    Here is a project...Look what Rednecks new home is made from

    This is amazing what they did with several shipping containers that some have posted about on TBN as storage for their tractors... Redneck’s New House Email Variety
  159. brin

    Georgia Fall and Winter Thread...

    First real frost on my pastures this morning...28 deg. in my part of Walton County... I just want to see if there are enough of us Georgians to have a thread...I mean, I know Texas is big but then so are we...:laughing:
  160. brin

    Deer Hunter kills himself after killing friend by accident

    I can understand how someone could do this in the heat and grief of the moment really careful out there..We never go in our woods out here during Deer season...unless I go out myself Deer hunting but we don't take any walks...too many city folks that will shoot at anything that moves...
  161. brin

    Sad Deer Hunting Accident...Son kills Father

    I always hate to read or hear about these things...the poor kid will have to live with this for the rest of his life...Everyone be careful...also watch about falling out of your stands...a good friend of mine lost his son when he feel asleep in his stand and fell to his death. Father-Son...
  162. brin

    Turkey Cookin' - My secret..

    I always buy a bottle of white wine...Chablis or Chardonnay and I inject the whole bird ...all over...with the contents of the whole bottle...Now keep in mind all of the alcohol cooks over during the roasting but the gravy made from the juices in the pan is delicious and the Turkey is extremely...
  163. brin

    Streaming movies &TV shows ..Dish, Netflix, Hulu ???

    We just upgraded our Dish Network service and have the DVR connected to our broadband via. wifi with a sling..and I was under the impression that with Dish Networks ...Blockbuster Movie pass, Hulu ..we would be able to just click on a movie or old tv show with our remote control and watch it...
  164. brin

    Notice of one of my posts being deleted..What ?

    I received an email from Muhammad that in part stated : > "One of your posts at the discussion forum was recently removed. The reason it was removed is because we do not allow inappropriate language, crude jokes or any content that is not "family friendly." The email did not...
  165. brin

    Go Dawgs ! The Georgia / Florida game...Dawgs vs. Gators is on now!

    Get ready for the Georgia bulldogs to put the Fla. Gators in the Zoo....LOL Game is getting ready to start right now...great game coming up..big rivalry.. Go Dawgs !!!:thumbsup:
  166. brin

    Remember that satellite that recently was gonna drop a 300 pound chunk

    Remember that satellite that recently was gonna drop a 300 pound chunk ...... somewhere - maybe Canada, maybe India, maybe Washington State .... but it was gonna fall "somewhere"? And, there was "only a 1/3200 chance" that it would injure somebody? Then, NASA announced that it had fallen to...
  167. brin

    Georgia Drought ~ In competition with Texas heat thread

    Here in the Piedmont of Georgia we are in a sever drought again and my lake is 8 inches down and the spring has stopped for only the 2 nd time in over 40 yrs. We just had 2 days of a constant my area we got 2 inches. total I just wanted to give the Texas folks a little...
  168. brin

    Our Farm animals over the years...

    We have had all of these animals except the sheep but we had horses instead of the sheep...LOL :laughing: Just some fun...Old MacDonal had a farm - YouTube
  169. brin

    Original Photos from the Civil War....

    Here is a great collection of original photos from the civil war...just click on each thumbnail photo and it will enlarge....enjoy ! Original Civil War photographs
  170. brin

    "The One Bullet Hunt"

    My wife's cousin emailed this to me ...Too video but the story is funny....funny...:laughing: "World's Best Liar" This has no video to watch, so just sit back and listen. East Texas Boy from the "Big Thicket" Winner of "World's Best Liar" Competition "The One Bullet...
  171. brin

    Swiss Camper that fits " IN" your car...Pretty Cool !

    This is like The Swiss Army Knife of have to see this way to describe it except it looks really neat... Swiss Room Box
  172. brin

    New Burning rules in our conform to EPA rules

    Take a look below at the new rules for burning any debris in our we can not even burn vegetative matter caused by storm damage even in a burn barrel...this will mean folks will just pile up the branches, and trees on their property and create an eye sore and fire hazzard...the cost...
  173. brin

    2 Teenage girls just got in bad ATV accident ..being airlifted

    My wife just came into my office and had been out walking our dog when our daughter in law stopped her to tell her that someone had just come to their door asking if she knew who the parents of 2 teenage girls on a cammo ATV were or where they lived...They thought one might be our grand daughter...
  174. brin

    Friend of ours got caught up in PTO shaft !!

    My Mrs. told me yesterday that a man 40 yrs.old now who used to play on the High School Baseball team with our son was drilling post holes on his tractor with his auger on the 3 pt. hitch...and apparently while on the tractor seat with the auger rotating he reached back with one arm, I am...
  175. brin

    Ever wanted to take a look inside Google...Wow !!!!

    Take a look at these pictures and narratives ....what it is like to be an employee at Google. I am too independent to survive in a situation like that but I can see where some would just love it... Ever want to take a look inside Google???? - looks like a cool place... - dave6's posterous
  176. brin

    CD - Certificate of Deposit Interest Rates --Ugggg !

    Anybody else disgusted ? Just who is getting our money ? Just had a CD mature...the new offer is 0.85% interest for 14 months...or 1.00% for 19 months....give me a break... The Mrs. and I are at the point of even wondering how good the FDIC backing is really I Nuts or anyone else...
  177. brin

    Logger cuts of his toes...all 5 to free himself !

    This would be a tough decision to have to make...alone in the woods and trapped and have to cut all of your toes off with a pocket knife...I wonder how his trailed came loose..? Colorado logger says cut off toes to free himself - Yahoo! News
  178. brin

    Earthquake on East Coast...5.9

    Maybe a sign....who knows these thing...I am just sayin ?:confused2:
  179. brin

    40 foot Sweet Gum tree feel in my 2 Ac. Pond

    The Mrs. and I went out to our Farm last Saturday ( 5 miles away ) and when we drove back to the Pond, we call it our Lake, my Mrs. was near tears to see a 40 foot sweetgum tree had fallen into the Lake had grown just a few feet from the edge and been there for years, must have been a...
  180. brin

    Be Careful Selling with Craig's List !

    Forget about it !
  181. brin

    Portions in Restaurants 50 yrs. ago.

    With the current Obesity epidemic in mind......does anyone else remember the small portions served in restaurants years ago..There was no such menu item as a double or triple hamburger or cheeseburger. A serving of mashed potatoes was equal to an ice cream scoop full, same for vegetables...
  182. brin

    Broken Tractor...

    On my way to town this AM from the country I saw a large row crop tractor ..looked like an IH probably 100 HP or so with a disk harrow behind it disabled in the middle of a half plowed field. The left rear tire and hub had broken off - the tractor was just leaning over...had to be massive...
  183. brin

    For those Selling their home or land..

    I received this in an email from my wife's to me.. REAL ESTATE SALES TAX " Under the new health care bill - did you know that all real estate transactions will be subject to a 3.8% Sales Tax? The bulk of these new taxes don't kick in until 2013 If you sell your $400,000 home...
  184. brin

    New Years Day...HOPIN' JOHN.....

    How many of you have your black eyed peas, collard greens and cornbread on ? Y'all know it is good luck for the rest of the year....:licking::licking::thumbsup:
  185. brin

    I have to vent ! About a Tenant

    I have a Tenant who is a Plumber and single since his divorce about 15 yrs. ago..He has rented a house from me for 18 yrs. I have used him for all my plumbing work and he always paid his rent 5 to 6 days late ...but he paid it..So with this economic downturn he bought a foreclosure and I...
  186. brin

    I am in Big Trouble now ! Oh Geez ! Harbor Freight

    Harbor Freight has just opened a new store only 15 min. from my home..Uh Oh...I just used some coupons today and got some deals. Up until now I have had to order on line and pay freight which has imposed a bit of discipline but now with them so close it poses a real temptation. Today the Mrs...
  187. brin

    Ford 2000 - Buying decision ???

    I have a chance to buy a Ford 2000 with a rear scrape blade thrown in for $1,500.00 ..It looks OK...the seller says it runs good and has no problems..I have only seen a picture so far..It is a seller who is only a few miles from me so it is not a Scam...I have no experience with a Ford 2000 -...
  188. brin

    Subsoiler speculation just for fun !

    I have a subsoiler that I have used behind my JD 3020 on the farm but I want to use it at my house where only my NH - TC -29 D will maneuver well... I want to use the subsoiler to break up a garden spot for the my plan is to wait until after a light soaking rain and then hook it up...
  189. brin

    Heat Pumps and their parts availability A/C units as well

    We built our house 6 yrs. ago and installed 2 heat pumps. Today the serviceman came to do the annual winter service and as we talked he told me my units used the old style Freon that the EPA has outlawed and replacement parts were no longer available for any heat pumps or home air conditioners...
  190. brin

    Hydraulic leak...I am mad at dealer...

    I posted some time back about a hyd. leak on my TC-29 D ..I could not find the thread to continue but here is the thing.,..I finally found the leak and here is the story... I bought the tractor in 2000 and took it back to the NH dealer to have them install an FEL after 50 hrs. Everything has...
  191. brin

    My Wife Hit a Deer This Morning

    My wife left the house for work this AM was still dark and she called about 4 minutes after leaving and said she had just hit a deer. We live in the country and she saw a deer cross in front of her as she approached and slowed knowing more might follow and sure enough one came out from...
  192. brin

    Sad ..80 yr. old killed loading mower on trailer

    Elderly Powder Springs man crushed by utility trailer |
  193. brin

    PTO Shaft rusted on...Advice ?

    I have an older bush hog I would like to rebuild but first I have to figure out how to remove the PTO shaft that is stuck on the bush hog..It is rusted solid and I have been spraying WD - 40 and other sprays on it but it won't budge...Any tips ? Thanks in advance..
  194. brin

    Are there any Tractors " Manufactured" in the US anymore.?

    I don't mean assembled...I mean other than Caterpillar is there any American Tractor manufacturer left standing that still actually manufactures their tractors on US soil...Engines and say 90% of the parts ? Just curious..Thanks.
  195. brin

    Planted Fescue grass seed on Monday

    This past Monday I planted 1 acre with Tall Fescue grass is about 1/2 inch out of the soil just 4 days is Thursday and it is already coming up..I have been planting grass seed for many years and I have never heard of such fast germination...only thing I can think of it...
  196. brin

    Census Quality Survey..

    I don't know how many of you got a follow up to the census but we just did and it is supposedly for quality control and you are supposed to fill out the form again and either mail it back or do it on line at the government site. I tried to log into the government site on line and got the message...
  197. brin

    MF -35 for $1,500...Is it a good deal ?

    I was looking on Craig's list and found a MF 35 for sale for $1,500 and emailed the seller with my is the response from him..anyone have any idea as to what the cost would be to bring this tractor into shape or if it is a good price. I can handle the maintenance on my tractors...
  198. brin

    Murray Lawn Tractor 46 inch deck ..blade change !

    I spent 1 & 1/2 hrs. yesterday changing the three blades on my 46 inch mower deck...I will not wait 2 yrs. to do it again. I could not believe how worn down those blades were. I started leaving strips of uncut grass as I cut. I used a floor jack to jack the tractor up and had to use an air...
  199. brin

    Bad Storm Last Night ...wake up call !

    The Mrs. and I looked out the window at about 6:pm last night and I immediately pointed to the basement door and told her ...get in the basement and called the Dog and he beat us down the stairs. It was either a small tornado or a micro burst....but it was blowing the trees sideways and debris...
  200. brin

    How about this $25,000.00 Attachment ? Wow !

    Heavy Duty Land Clearing Harrow ...on Craig's List...Wow ! Heavy Duty Land Clearing Harrow