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  1. WM75Guy

    Ads Blocking Screen

    Just started.
  2. WM75Guy

    Plan Has Come Together To keep Me Busy In Retirement.

    I put a plan together, now that I have retired from the medical field. Step 1, tractor too small - get bigger tractor. Step 2, now trailer too small, get bigger trailer. Step 3, now truck too small - get bigger truck. So I ended up with the NH Workmaster 75, a Big Tex 14 GN 20+5 trailer, and a...
  3. WM75Guy

    New Popup Takes Over Entire Screen

    This just started popping up, especially when I go from different tabs, such as from New Posts to Homepage.
  4. WM75Guy

    A Thread Was Added To My Watched List Without My Knowledge

    Are we being spammed internally now?
  5. WM75Guy

    Ads Showing Up When Logged In

    First it was the Summit ad in the first few posts, which I figured was intentional. That started a few weeks ago. Now additional ads are showing up between posts.
  6. WM75Guy

    Dealer Service Truck Just Showed Up

    Sitting at home working this afternoon and my wife said a service truck just came down the driveway. It was the Four Brothers NH service truck from Terrell, which is where I bought my WM75. Said he was in the neighborhood doing a recall on another tractor and wanted to do the recall work to...
  7. WM75Guy

    Replacement Battery No Longer Available For 2014 Ford Focus EV

    Looks like the early model EVs are disposable. The battery is no longer available for a 2014 model. Even if the battery was available it would cost more than the car is worth.
  8. WM75Guy

    Ads covering up the place.

    Just a few minutes ago I started seeing ads all over the place when viewing the threads. Nothing changed on my end.
  9. WM75Guy

    Video of the NH UK Factory making the T7 Series

    Interesting video showing the insides of the NH factory in the UK where they make the T7 series. A new tractor rolls off the assembly line every 4 1/2 minutes.
  10. WM75Guy

    Getting a new portable fuel tank.

    With the new WM75 having a 20 gallon fuel tank and using more fuel per hour than the Boomer 8N that I was using for mowing, I needed a better solution than 5 gallon cans to fill it up. I bought a 3/4 ton military trailer with the idea of putting a 100 gallon tank and pump system in it. That...
  11. WM75Guy

    New trailer carport

    The wife wanted her horse trailer out of the weather, with springtime storms already upon us. So far no large hail. As long as we were going to build I made room for the other trailers. It is 30'X40'X12' with 6' of metal down the sides. The posts are 8" I-beam with 12" I-beam rafters. Same...
  12. WM75Guy


    I am getting redirects when I first log in to TBN. This started a couple of weeks ago. Flash is up to date and I have never had McAfee on this computer. I can backspace back to the TBN page. It does not happen on any other website. I have WIN 10 and IE11.
  13. WM75Guy

    Grapples showed up Friday.

    Ordered a WR Long OBG1 72" Open Bottom Grapple and a HG-10 Hay Grapple with the new NH Workmaster 75 tractor. There was a delay on shipping from WR Long but they came in last Thursday. Tractor was delivered 2 weeks ago, while checking it we found a small hydraulic leak that we couldn't fix on...
  14. WM75Guy

    New Workmaster 75 Delivered

    Took delivery last week. Added third function and R4s with wheel weights. Everything else I wanted was standard equipment such as 2 remotes, radio, air ride suspension seat, and buddy seat. Still waiting on WR Long to ship the brush grapple and 10 square bale hay grapple. I did want a third...
  15. WM75Guy

    Workmaster 75 on the way.

    Signed the papers for a new Workmaster 75 with cab. Should have everything end of next week. Added R4s instead of R1s, third function and wheel weights. Wanted a third remote but they are not available yet. Also in the package is a WR Long heavy duty grapple and a WR Long 10 bale hay...
  16. WM75Guy

    Truck with GN trailer rear-ends semi at 60+ MPH.

    Somebody must be living right to be able to walk away from this wreck. Impressive that the trailer didn't suffer much damage and the load stayed in place. The damage to the truck will buff out. :laughing: Very Bad Truck Wreck! Pickup Rear Ends Semi At 6+ MPH - YouTube
  17. WM75Guy

    Micro Rain MR25 Portable Sprinkler System

    The wife was tired of dragging hoses and sprinklers to water her riding arena, 20m X 60m (66' X 198'). She wanted me to install an underground sprinkler system. I would have to overkill on the heads to get uniform and complete coverage as no heads could be in the arena. I did some research...
  18. WM75Guy

    Ads causing half page again.

    Using Win 10 and IE11. Even refreshing the page will not fix it this time.
  19. WM75Guy

    New GMC Pickup - Was The Right Time To Trade In The 2003

    My 2003 GMC 2500HD with 217K miles was a great truck but it was starting to show it's age. Trailer lights were not working, had to have the fuse block replaced. While I was at the dealership this caught my attention. Dealer offered me $10,000 for my 2003 so I traded it in. Of course I get...
  20. WM75Guy

    GE to phase out CFL bulbs for LEDs

    Hope it drops the price of LEDs even further. Walmart had a 2 pack for $4.99. I just have to get adjusted to the watt equivalent from old incandescent to LED, 60 vs 8.5. I almost had it down for CFLs and now they go by the wayside. :laughing: General Electric to phase out CFL bulbs, amp up...
  21. WM75Guy

    GM Recalling All 07/08 2500HD/3500HD Pickups For Airbags

    Just FYI for those that are not the original owner of a 07/08 Chevrolet or GMC HD pickup. Just got my recall notice in the mail. Seems they have Takata airbags and can overinflate if activated. I am to receive a second letter when parts are available at the dealers. Until then it states it...
  22. WM75Guy

    Texas Now Enforcing Trailer Inspections

    Just FYI with the new one sticker registration/inspection process all trailers over 4500 GVWR except farm trailers have to be inspected prior to registration. Trailers over 4500 GVWR always required inspection, it just was not enforced until now. Not all inspection stations can accommodate...
  23. WM75Guy

    2016 F150 Trailer Backup Assist Feature

    It will be interesting to see this in operation. While I don't have problems backing up I know some people that cannot back up a trailer at all. Ford F-150 getting trailer backup assist feature that takes your hands off the wheel | Fox News
  24. WM75Guy

    Bought a Full Pallet Load at Tractor Supply and They Charged Me for The Pallet

    Have you ever bought a pallet load of anything and they would not let you have the pallet it was stacked on? I got the Tractor Supply Company 10% off coupon in the mail. Went to my local store in Athens to buy a pallet load of shavings (normally a 5% discount), 12 4'X6' 3/4" stall mats and...
  25. WM75Guy

    IE 11 for Win 7

    Downloaded IE 11 for Win 7. Definitely faster than IE10, looks and functions same as IE 10.
  26. WM75Guy

    JD Cab model died, would not crank.

    This type of situation may already have been posted but as I had not seen it I thought I would share it with the JD owners. We were talking tractors at work and one of the guys shared this story with me. Neighbor he helps out occasionally bought a new JD cab model ag tractor. Was working in...
  27. WM75Guy

    5-20% Percent Biodiesel

    I filled up at Murphy USA tonight and noticed a new sticker on the pump. It stated the amount of biomass biodiesel may be between 5-20%. The old stickers stated contained up to 5% biodiesel. I wonder how MPG will be affected. It is still ULSD.
  28. WM75Guy

    IRS Owes Me Money - Email Scam

    Just received this email: Dear Tax Payer My name is John Smith i am an agent with the Internal Revenue Service, United States Department of the Treasury. Its has come to my attention that your tax for this year has been over calculated, that warrant for refund we are sorry for any...
  29. WM75Guy

    Custom Tiedowns

    My Big Tex only has 2 stakepockets on each side to use for anchor points. I use axle straps around the pipe to anchor straps but needed someone to hold the hook in the strap ends to tighten up. I found these 2" ratchet straps online with twisted snap hooks. I ordered on Monday and they...
  30. WM75Guy

    Front-End Loader  How Much FEL for a 10 Bale Hay Grapple

    I am considering buying a hay grapple to unload my trailer. My TC40DA with the 16LA FEL is rated at 2000 lbs which is the minimum recommended for a 10 bale grapple. Anyone using a 10 bale grapple on that size tractor? My other option is the 5 bale made by Steffen. Anyone using Steffen...
  31. WM75Guy

    7 Year Old Killed By Falling From Bucket/Run Over

    A tragic incident. Uncle lets boy ride in bucket, he falls out, gets run over and dies. Boy Killed by Uncle Driving Front Loader
  32. WM75Guy

    Boomer 8N auction

    Could be a good deal if you have cash. Wonder if its from a dealer trying to move it? 2009 NEW HOLLAND BOOMER 8N Tractors - 40 HP to 99 HP For Auction At
  33. WM75Guy

    Switched 16LA FEL to Quick Attach

    Yesterday I converted my 16LA to quick attach using the NH part. The last pin was a little tough as the bucket wanted to bind up after the first 3 came out. The bucket is at the welding shop getting the old fittings cut off and QA bracket attached. My dealer loaned me a bucket until mine is...
  34. WM75Guy

    Bought a hay trailer.

    I picked this 2 year old trailer off of CL for $1950. Hauls 3 round bales that dump individually. I am adding a spare tire bracket and retracting 4" straps next week.
  35. WM75Guy

    New Member

    Hello to all from Athens, Texas. My wife and I have 14 acres which is used for horses, a German Holsteiner mare and a Danish Warmblood gelding. I have a NH Boomer 8N and my wife has a NH TC40DA. Future plans are to have a few head of cattle when we get the place fenced.