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  1. beckmurph

    Cat pic(s)

    Young cat annoying senior cat. [emoji849]
  2. beckmurph

    Safely transporting a pet

    Amazon seems to do a nice job transporting cats: Utah cat accidentally shipped in an Amazon return box, found 650 miles from home by warehouse worker Explore the Fox News...
  3. beckmurph

    Cat pic(s)

    Yes it is. Same cat and same bowl 8 months later. [emoji23]
  4. beckmurph

    Cat pic(s)

  5. beckmurph

    Push Mower

    I cut some of my Grandparent’s yard with a Toro like this one. Once or twice. [emoji79]
  6. beckmurph

    Cat pic(s)

    I think it’s broke.
  7. beckmurph

    Cat pic(s)

  8. beckmurph

    What do you drive for a truck?

    My pavement princess. I believe it could get stuck on wet grass going down hill. [emoji849] 2005 Ram 2500 with 5.9 cummins.
  9. beckmurph

    Cat pic(s)

    What’s that noise?!!
  10. beckmurph

    Cat pic(s)

    Arlo checking out a Cat
  11. beckmurph

    Cat pic(s)

  12. beckmurph

    Status of Everything Attachments

    [emoji991] Look at this post on Facebook Hickory contractor denies wrongdoing in factory dispute, seeks $1.9 million in liens against Conover company
  13. beckmurph

    B3200 hydrostatic surge

    Trying to ease up to hook up an implement and it sorta jumps??
  14. beckmurph

    Walk the dog, then post a photo

    Herder Ratter Birder
  15. beckmurph

    What's this wire for?

    Heated rear glass?
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  17. beckmurph

    Is this a scam?  L6060 add on FB

    This L6060 is advertised by a dealer on FB. Looks like a heck of a deal, if true, for someone looking for an L6060.
  18. beckmurph

    What did you buy this week?

    Found this deal at Home Depot on Monday. Didn’t need another saw. [emoji849] Well, I have 2 now.
  19. beckmurph

    Resale value on 2020 Kubota L25?

    First add used to be free.
  20. beckmurph

    Kubota B3350 PTO freewheel feature

  21. beckmurph

    Kubota B3350 PTO freewheel feature

    Move the PTO selector to mid or front PTO. This will let the rear PTO turn freely.
  22. beckmurph

    What two Landpride attachments with new Kubota purchase?

    Grapple and bush hog.
  23. beckmurph

    Bush Hog repair question

    You should be able to replace that cross bar. Check with a Bush Hog dealer.
  24. beckmurph

    Cool Nature Photos

    Sunset in Eastern Kentucky.
  25. beckmurph

    kubota Lx3310

    Did you check the screen in front of the radiator?
  26. beckmurph

    LX3310 50 Hour Service Cost?

    About $100. in filters and engine oil. According to Messicks parts on line.
  27. beckmurph

    LX2610 rear hydro puzzle

    Why are you not hooking the return line into the backhoe return circuit?
  28. beckmurph

    Dog pics

    14 years old. Lost most of the muscle mass in his back legs. Cataracts have taken most of his vision. Pain meds 3 times a day. That’s the reason his tail is tucked. Still eating good.
  29. beckmurph

    Suggestions on a "bombproof" phone case that will offer great protection?

    My phone fell out of my pocket bush hogging a field last fall. The “smart” watch let me know the “smart” phone was not with me any longer. I stopped and went looking for the phone. It had fallen out of my left pocket and I would have bush hogged it on my next pass. Saved my Otterbox...
  30. beckmurph

    Suggestions on a "bombproof" phone case that will offer great protection?

    Well, you could buy a “smart watch” linked to your phone. Leave your “new” phone where it is safe.
  31. beckmurph

    Rail roads and their tracks.

    Redit comments are hilarious. [emoji12]
  32. beckmurph

    Pileated woodpeeker facts and photos

    We have Downey woodpeckers, the smallest woodpecker in North America, and Pileated woodpeckers. The Downey woodpeckers visit our bird feeders.
  33. beckmurph

    Putting the Kubota 72 in quick attach plow blade on a B2620

    If you build a b2320 on Kubota, there is an option for a 2 lever quick attack. Less than $600. (This price could be wrong. ) So, you might want to talk to a dealer to see if it would fit.
  34. beckmurph

    Folks not tying down their trash!!!!

    We live among pigs. Morons through their trash out their cars window. [emoji35][emoji35][emoji35]
  35. beckmurph

    Selling L3240 with 118 hours need help pricing

    Looks like the OP advertised the L3240 on TractorHouse. [emoji106][emoji106]
  36. beckmurph

    How do I remove rimguard beet juice?

    This. [emoji115][emoji115]
  37. beckmurph

    SIL Selling B2650Cab need a price

    Advertise the B2650 on TractorHouse. It is a free add for 1st time seller.
  38. beckmurph

    SIL Selling B2650Cab need a price

    There are 11 on TractorHouse. Cheapest one is $24,900 and 509 hours.
  39. beckmurph

    LX2610 Hood will not open

    Hope these help.
  40. beckmurph

    LX2610 Hood will not open

    Some pictures on my LX2610:
  41. beckmurph

    Sold my BX moving to LX

    I like the 16” bucket. You can move much more dirt with the 16” vs 12”. Also, the 16” doesn’t pack with clay as quick as the 12”. The two photos above, the spoils are 90% clay, and damp. There is a big difference in power between the BH77 and BX backhoe.
  42. beckmurph

    Sold my BX moving to LX

    Caution! The LX will have a swivel on it with the BH77. You will have the same seat, but a different seat suspension. Almost solid, except for seat cushion. Unless, you get the setup like on the cab model.
  43. beckmurph

    B2650 stopped and won’t start

    Yes. When the filter is screwed back onto the filter housing, fuel should start flowing. That is why I question the housing the filter mounts to.
  44. beckmurph

    B2650 stopped and won’t start

    Is the fuel filter housing bad? When you remove the glass bowl to replace the fuel filter the fuel stops flowing. After replacing the filter, when you screw the bowl back on, the fuel starts flowing. So, could the housing be bad? Or the filter bowl is not tight?
  45. beckmurph

    Not happy with Kubota Credit...

    I pay online. Payment deducted from my checking account within 2 business days. I receive a transaction number as soon as I make the payment.
  46. beckmurph

    Kubota LX3310 Hydraulic Guard

    Is your LX3310 a cabbed model?
  47. beckmurph


    Is it this poor guy?
  48. beckmurph

    Diesel nearly DOUBLE the price of gas

    March 10 2021. $2.799 December 7 2021. $3.339 March 11 2022. $4.599 June 8 2022. $5.749 December 15 2022. $4.689
  49. beckmurph

    Anyone watch "Yellowstone" on the Paramount network?

    You would think such a nice home and ranch would at least have a paved driveway. [emoji849]
  50. beckmurph

    kubota bx 2670 vs 2330

    The 2013 for$15,000. You can buy the same setup in a 2022 bx2380 for about $5,000 more.
  51. beckmurph

    Dog pics

    . laundry day.
  52. beckmurph

    Rail roads and their tracks.

    Cumberland, Md.
  53. beckmurph

    Nuclear fallout information

    All well and good , till the tankity tank tankity tank comes over the hill. It’s an old joke. [emoji849]
  54. beckmurph

    Cool Nature Photos

    Small lake in Eastern Ky.
  55. beckmurph

    Question: is it difficult to drive dumptrucks?

    Anything over 26,000 lbs you’ll need a CDL. Air brakes? You’ll need an endorsement on your CDL. Medical card.
  56. beckmurph

    Grapple/ 3rd Function Valve Issue

    Did State Equipment install your 3rd function?
  57. beckmurph

    Grapple/ 3rd Function Valve Issue

    This is on an LX2610 with LandPride 3rd function.
  58. beckmurph

    Cool Nature Photos

    How does a spider run a single strand like this?
  59. beckmurph


    A little bush hogging. And a little more cutting of a field that had not been touched in a year or so.
  60. beckmurph

    Cool Nature Photos

    Bumble Bee getting a late evening snack.
  61. beckmurph

    Cool Nature Photos

    It’s been really warm and wet this August.
  62. beckmurph

    Dog pics

    Thunder and lightning are not appreciated.
  63. beckmurph

    Man oh man it's been hot and I know why

    It’s August. In Eastern Kentucky it is supposed to be hot and dry. A couple of warm muggy days and then it cools off:
  64. beckmurph

    Cool Nature Photos

  65. beckmurph

    B2650 stalling or not starting - one problem or two

    I think this where your problem might be.
  66. beckmurph

    B2650 stalling or not starting - one problem or two

    If you look under the right side of the B2650, you can see the return to neutral safety switch. You will have to crawl under the tractor. There is a metal loop about 1” long that slides up and down that affects the safety switch. Look for any sign of rust around that loop. Spray with...
  67. beckmurph

    How far would you travel for the right tractor?

    I have had two delivered and picked up three. The 3 I picked up were 90miles round trip. I have sold 4. One buyer was from WV. Two hundred miles round trip. One was from Oklahoma. About 1500 miles round trip. The B3200 went to North Carolina. 600 mile round trip. And the B2650 went to the...
  68. beckmurph

    Why not sugar water in tires instead of beet juice?

    I loaded my tires with antifreeze and water solution. I used 3gallons of antifreeze to 23 gallons of water in each tire.
  69. beckmurph

    Kioti CK2610 vs Mahindra 1626 vs Kubota L2501

    If, you foresee switching the backhoe often, check out how easy it is to hook and unhook each backhoe.
  70. beckmurph

    Lyme Disease

    Wife says I’m a “tick magnet”. [emoji23]
  71. beckmurph

    Lyme Disease

    I can walk in the center of a highway, without a weed or blade of grass within a hundred yards of me, and a tick will find me. [emoji849]
  72. beckmurph

    BH77 boom (square) spacer washer ?

    This one?
  73. beckmurph

    How High The Gas Mama? 809 and rising...

    Thanks for the offer. But no. Hedoublehockysticks no. [emoji16]
  74. beckmurph

    How High The Gas Mama? 809 and rising...

    Well, our Kentucky Governor has saved our bacon. He has cancelled the upcoming $.02 a gallon tax hike on gas slated for July 1st. [emoji57][emoji57]
  75. beckmurph

    LA304 Operator’s manual

    I have a manual for la304/364/504. B2320/2620/2920 B3200/3300su Free I’ll mail it to you.
  76. beckmurph

    3-pt. Rear Rotary Cutter (bush hog)

    TractorHouse has several listed. The asking price you mentioned is the low end price on TH listings. Local Woods dealer wanted $2300 for the 48” with front and rear safety chains last year. That was high compared to TractorHouse. My 2012 still works fine.
  77. beckmurph

    Alternative 3rd function?

    My 3rd function setup is made by Landpride. Installation instructions are fairly good. Landpride is part of Kubota, so if you finance your 2501, you could roll you 3rd function valve in with your tractor.
  78. beckmurph

    Cool Nature Photos

  79. beckmurph

    Lets see your best tractor pictures

    Dec 23rd 2020 ready to leave the dealer.
  80. beckmurph

    Lets see your best tractor pictures

    Taking a break while bush hogging my cousins property.
  81. beckmurph

    Brush(bush) hog connecting to the compact tractor.

    You need to shut your tractor down to hook up the pto shaft.
  82. beckmurph

    Realistic value

    Cheapest 2013 l3800 on TractorHouse is $17,900.
  83. beckmurph

    Should I trade my L2501

    What size of bush hog are you using?
  84. beckmurph

    Dog pics

    Dax and Jackson napping on the couch.
  85. beckmurph

    Cool Nature Photos

    Looks like a Grackle to me.
  86. beckmurph

    Outdoor chair from live edge wood

    They are heavy, but sturdy and comfortable.
  87. beckmurph

    There is an oil shortage

    There were 6 gallons of Rotella 5W40 on the shelf at WW yesterday. First I have seen since November.
  88. beckmurph

    Dog pics

    Jackson came to our home 13 years ago today.
  89. beckmurph

    Kubota B3200 adding remotes and 3rd function

    3rd function valve on myLX2610; backhoe return line goes to inlet on 3rd function valve. Outlet on 3rd function returns to tank.
  90. beckmurph

    Dog pics

    She isn’t the center of attention. [emoji849]
  91. beckmurph

    Dog pics

  92. beckmurph

    Kioti Broken in Half

    Could that be MinnesotaEric’s?
  93. beckmurph

    Dog pics

  94. beckmurph

    Dog pics

    I guess Stella is comfortable. [emoji849]
  95. beckmurph

    B3200 Hydraulic fluid dipstick/sight glass

    It is just above the pto shield and to the left. Yellow in color.
  96. beckmurph

    Dog pics

    Gordon Setter.
  97. beckmurph

    Dog pics

    Happy 13th birthday to Jackson.
  98. beckmurph


  99. beckmurph

    why so many jeeps now on road?

    Our car was damaged in an accident last winter. Guy’s insurance rented a jeep for us. I didn’t know there were that many Jeeps. You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting one. [emoji849]
  100. beckmurph

    Are New Bx23s still unobtainum?

    How many do you need?
  101. beckmurph

    Kubota 2650

    I have used Tractorhouse and Craigslist. 1st advertisement on Tractorhouse was free.
  102. beckmurph

    value of a B3200

    Here are 4 more:
  103. beckmurph

    value of a B3200

    $19,250 173 hours on TractorHouse. Only 1 listed.
  104. beckmurph

    Songs you don’t play at a funeral

    “Ballad of Forty Dollars”. Tom T Hall
  105. beckmurph

    Value of tractor

    TractorHouse is a good place to start.
  106. beckmurph

    How do I replace this valve?

    This is the valve body on my bh77.
  107. beckmurph

    Used L45 looking for opinions on the matter

    That is a good price. There are no L45’s on tractorhouse. There is one in Johnson City Tn with less 200 hrs for $45,000. All the L45s I found were over $40,000.
  108. beckmurph

    Kubota fuel filter part number

    Try Messicks:
  109. beckmurph

    Question about third function valve

    I installed the Landpride 3rd function on my LX2610 in February. Landpride’s instruction did not mention how to plumb the hydraulics if a backhoe was installed. I had to call the dealer to determine the hose routing to include the backhoe and third function. Everything worked fine. About...
  110. beckmurph

    Your towing rigs and trailers

    Kubota LX2610 behind my 2005 Dodge Ram 2500.
  111. beckmurph

    My new pressure washer is haywire. Helllllp

    Rotate the black knob, circled, on your machine to lower the pressure out put. Hold wand trigger open with left hand and pull starter rope with right hand. After starting rotate black knob to desired pressure. My washer has same engine. This how I start it. Good luck.
  112. beckmurph

    What is the best house wash solution in 2021 for vinyl siding?

    80-fl oz House and Siding Outdoor Cleaner I used this on mom’s house and it did a very good job.
  113. beckmurph

    Chasing down a vibration in Woods brush mower

    I don’t remember the cost exactly, but it was around $200 I have replaced 2 blades because they broke. Rocks, stumps, logs and other things I have hit with this cutter. But, the condition of the blades have not caused any vibrations. Loose gear box and broken welds on the blade have caused...
  114. beckmurph

    Chasing down a vibration in Woods brush mower

    On my BB48x the welds that connected the crossbar to the blade pan broke. Replaced the blade pan and cured my vibration.
  115. beckmurph

    What was the best dog you've had?

    One of these three.
  116. beckmurph

    Bug dejour

    Wheel bug. Sitting on my tool chest.
  117. beckmurph

    Kubota 2650

    This on my LX2610 Two arrows point to the rocker. The arrow and circle point to the neutral switch. There are no grease fittings on the 2650 nor the 2610 for the hst peddle. This set up was changed between the 2 tractors. On my B2650 I saw rust on a pivot, above the neutral switch...
  118. beckmurph

    Kubota 2650

    On my B2650 I had a problem not starting. Played with hst peddle and found it not returning to center. Looked under tractor and found some rust on a part of the hst linkage. Sprayed some lubricant on rust and fixed no start problem.
  119. beckmurph

    Question about a thing in Wyoming.

    I think that is a “passive wave antenna”.
  120. beckmurph

    B2601 Bent stabilizer arms?

    Yes, they are bent. 3lb hammer and anvil will fix them. That’s how I fixed mine. [emoji849]
  121. beckmurph

    Belt for a FDR1660 finish mower

    I think the 18” stuff is killing your belts. I have a Woods RD60. 9 years. I kept breaking belts cutting tall grass/weeds. I finally “understood” it was a finish mower, not a rotary cutter. The belts last much longer when I cut short not tall grass.
  122. beckmurph

    Dog pics

    One of the best Twilight Zones episodes. [emoji106]
  123. beckmurph

    Woods rotary cutter shear bolt stuck

    My woods bb48x has both.
  124. beckmurph

    Woods rotary cutter shear bolt stuck

    If the sheer pin is not completely broken, use the cutter until the pin is completely broken. It’s not going to damage anything.
  125. beckmurph

    Decent used truck?
  126. beckmurph

    LandPride 3rd function valve on LX series

    Here is the valve mounted on the left fel mount. A little cramped for hooking up and removing fittings, but it is more protected. The valve is always on. There is no on/off button. Now, if I just had my grapple...
  127. beckmurph

    LandPride 3rd function valve on LX series

    I am attempting to install the LP 3rd function valve on my LX2610. I was expecting the control valve to be mounted on the right loader support as seen on other Kubota’s. But, the instructions have the valve mounted on the left loader support, on the inside of the support. This had me...
  128. beckmurph


    Squirrels are my biggest problem stealing seed. But, lately a Mocking bird started showing up and chases the other birds away.
  129. beckmurph

    Kubota 26.5 hp 4x4 tractor with loader, near MINT condition

    $15 an hour. 40 hr week. X 6 months = $3600.00 That’s a good price. [emoji106] If my math is correct. [emoji16]
  130. beckmurph

    Buying Advice Kubota B2650 to LX2610

    A couple improvements over the B2650: The grease fittings on the ssqa are out in the open. You don’t have to try to fit the grease gun nozzle through a small hole on the inside. And finally a parking break light!! Thank you Kubota.
  131. beckmurph

    Buying Advice Kubota B2650 to LX2610

    CARL_NH mentioned that the 535/534 was the approximate lift capacity in kilos. But, what you mention, I have heard before. 530kilos at the pin and 5 would be the series number.
  132. beckmurph

    Buying Advice Kubota B2650 to LX2610

    Well, no cab.
  133. beckmurph

    Buying Advice  Kubota B2650 to LX2610

    I sold my B2650tlb and the new LX2610tlb will be ready this next week. I had “guessed” that the fel on the LX2610, LA535, would have more lift than the LA534 on the B2650. According to Kubota’s online brochures, I guessed wrong. Am I reading these charts wrong?
  134. beckmurph

    Kubota Backhoe Question

    The hoses on the bh77 are color coded. Hoses on each valve are above and below each other. Orange over orange, red over red for example. I think if you have enough hose it would not be too difficult.
  135. beckmurph

    Advice on reloading press kit for beginner

    This little reloader is what Dad started with in the ‘60s. We loaded 270 and 30.06. Very basic, but affordable. We used IMR4064 mainly, and some IMR4350.
  136. beckmurph

    Rotary cutter blade pics, advice?

    After 6 years of cutting brush, rocks, bricks, stumps, and what ever else was on the ground, this is/was my 48” rotary cutter blade. Luckily it didn’t travel too far.
  137. beckmurph

    LX3310 LX2610 Owners with BH77 BackHoe

    Left side. Right side. Your subframe mounts appear correct, compared to mine. Bottom u-brackets have very little tolerance.
  138. beckmurph

    Solis ST24

    The engine is a Mitsubishi and not a Yanmar. That’s odd.
  139. beckmurph

    Comparison  LX3310

    Stopped by the Kubota dealer to look at the LX3310 TLB. I have a B2650 TLB and wanted to look at the LX series for comparison. The fuel filter is similar to a Racor fuel filter. It’s in the same place as the fuel filter on the B..50’s, but much larger: and the hydraulic filter is just...
  140. beckmurph

    Cheese and crackers always draws a crowd.

    You should send that photo to the aspca for their next add for starving animals. ( :
  141. beckmurph

    Dog pics

    Stella got shotgun. Dax was a little late, but still trying.
  142. beckmurph

    Dog pics

    They have such a hard life[emoji4]
  143. beckmurph

    Dog pics

    Stella and Dax “spooning”. [emoji250]
  144. beckmurph


    One eyed black cat.
  145. beckmurph

    Backhoe BH77 Backhoe Worth It?

    I have dug lots of Poplar stumps with my bh77. Takes about 1 - 1&1/2 hours to get the larger ones out.
  146. beckmurph

    High Pressure Surface Cleaner

    We purchased this surface cleaner at Lowe’s. It is a Briggs & Stratton. $69.00. A spinning bar with two nozzles, that will clean concrete very well.
  147. beckmurph

    B-2650 Seat

    Here is the T-handle This is the seat base on the B2650. You can see the springs in the last photo.
  148. beckmurph


    A picture of our “bird feeder”. 1 of 3 does 15’ from our window.
  149. beckmurph

    B2650 ROPS light mounting bracket?

    BTW is it worth upgrading the stock head lights to LED? to get more light... I replaced my 1156 bulbs with 1156/7506 led bulbs. Quite a difference. Purchased the led’s at NAPA auto parts. 2 bulbs for $14.99.
  150. beckmurph

    Dog insurance companies - recommendations please

    I have heard the Queen is not going to get any more Corgi's. Perhaps she might have one for rescue. :D We have not looked into insurance for our pets. It is Expensive when you take a pet to the vet. My wife has owned 3 Corgi's. Rosie, our first. had a cancer on her tongue, of all places...
  151. beckmurph

    App update

    The app I have used for several years is in this screen shot. It has worked fine until I updated to ios 11. I deleted the app and tried to reinstall it, but when I went to the Apple apps, there was no Tractorbynet app.
  152. beckmurph

    App update

    When will the iphone app be updated. This app does not work when iphones are updated to 11. Sent from my iPhone using TractorByNet
  153. beckmurph

    Dog pics

    Dogs are better listeners than cats��
  154. beckmurph

    B3350SU TLB

    I saw this at my dealer today:
  155. beckmurph

    MMM wheel stuck

    This is how the 60" mmm on my B3200 was set up. Hope this helps. Sent from my iPhone using TractorByNet
  156. beckmurph

    Your towing rigs and trailers

    2014 F150 5.0 Kubota B2650 with Woods BBX48 Hughes 18' trailer Sent from my iPhone using TractorByNet
  157. beckmurph

    b3200 with FEL and BH77 backhoe on 16' trailer?

    Sent from my iPhone using TractorByNet
  158. beckmurph

    is this a DEAL...

    2008 John Deere 3520 Or a misprint?
  159. beckmurph

    My cat's favorite lounging item...

    This was SpareCats favorite lounge until she moved inside permanently.
  160. beckmurph

    B2650 Observations

    LA534: Very smooth response. Far better than the B3200 that I had. :thumbsup: Fuel consumption: With 10 hours on the tractor since new 05/15/15 it has used less than 5 gallons of fuel. About 4.5 gallons. About 7 hours cutting brush and heavy weeds with a...
  161. beckmurph


    He has not posted since Nov 2013. He was really active on here for several years. He might have been the first member to mention Barlows in Somerset, Ky. At least it was the first time I had heard their name.
  162. beckmurph

    Would you pay extra to have hauling included for "free"?

    I just happened to notice this on my B3200 today. It has been there all the time.
  163. beckmurph

    Dog pics

    Angus Or when he doesn't cooperate its Agnus😄
  164. beckmurph

    Comparison  B3350 vs JD

    I happened to run across this on YouTube and found it interesting. I don't know if it is a fair comparison or not. I found it interesting concerning the B3350:
  165. beckmurph

    eBay/Craigslist  A Bargain?

    :licking: This looks like a good deal for someone looking for an RTV and a BX: KUBOTA TRACTOR & RTV400
  166. beckmurph

    3-Point Hitch I can't figure this one out....

    koojets Here are some photos of my 3ph on my B3200. Basically the same as your B3300. Are you having trouble sliding the pin far enough to the side to get the lower links on?
  167. beckmurph

    Look what I found

    :laughing:Best Condition===2O o5 Kubota Bx2230===$$$1954:cool2:
  168. beckmurph

    Backhoe  That didn't take long

    :( Or BH77 problems I changed the oil, filter and the HST and Hydraulic filters on Monday. I have 52 hrs on the B3200. After I got everything squard away and cleaned up my mess everything was ok. On Tuesday I checked all the fluid levels and all was well. I then noticed that the BH boom was...
  169. beckmurph

    Happy Happy

    :p Greasing the u-joints on my rotary cutter and rear finish mower have always been frustrating to me. I could never get the grease gun fitting to go on the u-joint grease fittings. The blasted driveline:mad: covers blocked my view and access to the fittings. So today, I needed to grease these...
  170. beckmurph


    :D Pardon the lousy pictures, but it was from a phone. This looked to be a MasseyFerguson compact tractor. All I could really see, was that it had a 232 loader on it. So I really have no idea what brand tractor it was. I don't know if you can see it, but there was one chain across the middle of...
  171. beckmurph

    Buying Advice  Unintended consequenses

    On a B3200: If you should decide you want to upgrade the dynamo to an alternator, then that will create a little problem. I recieved the new B3200 week before last and as I was looking over it for the first time I was checking the oil in the engine. Looked and looked and could not find the...
  172. beckmurph

    Rate this Slope

    This is an area in my back yard that I have cut with a BX25 and a b2620. Both had 54" mmm's. I also used a 5' rfm at times with the b2620. The rfm would drag the rear of the b down hill at times.
  173. beckmurph

    B's and Backhoes

    I have been looking at the B2x20's and have a few questions. I noticed that the boom on the b65 backhoe is not curved. The b77 on the B3200 beside the B2620 had a curved boom. The boom on the BX25 is curved also. Isn't the B2x20 series fairly new in design? I also noticed that even though I was...
  174. beckmurph

    Individual Rear Brakes

    So what is the purpose of this style brake? I hadn't thought of this until JOHNTHOMAS started talking about his Number 14. I just had to see one in person, and there are 3 pedals on one side :confused:. Why?
  175. beckmurph

    Kubota's HST fan protection

    I have discovered that Kubota's $39, plus tax and shipping, HST fan protection does not work.:confused3: Thought I would start the New Year out right and change oil and filters on the BX25. Changed the engine oil and filter, then changed the HST filter. I had loosened up one side of the "skid...
  176. beckmurph


    I would like to know how to contact Bro-Tek. I go to their web site and fill out the comment section and hit submit button, but Microsoft says this is not a valid domain name. I look up there items on ebay, and there are no items for sale. Help?
  177. beckmurph

    BX25 and Check Chains(long)

    Setting up and using a brush cutter on my BX is frustrating me. I am having a problem with the front skid plates on the cutter digging into the ground. I have tried to level it as per the instructions in LandPrides manual, but their terminology and explanations are very lacking. I still can't...
  178. beckmurph


    Has anyone bought one of the new Boomer SCUT's?
  179. beckmurph

    How to:

    Move these piles of dirt with a BX23/24/25. I don't have a BX, but would like some solicited advice about how to move this dirt. If you only had the TLB and a rear blade: what would be the best approach to moving this dirt over the hill and making it somewhat level?