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  1. Alien

    How stupid is this?

    Scrolling through F'Book I saw an ad for a little working display engine for $45. Further research showed them selling for retail at $599.99 in several different places around the globe. SCAM? Seems not. I checked out the site and reviews and decided it wasn't a lot to lose so I ordered one. I...
  2. Alien

    Practice with my drone

    Practice with my drone trying to capture a buddy flying his Tiger Moth model.
  3. Alien

    2006 Daedong (Kioti) CK30 HST Engine Stop Solenoid

    Hi folks, My engine won't shut down with the IGN switch but stops OK with the stop knob. The solenoid checks out fine. Operates with 12V but the blue wire shown has no power to activate it. Does anyone have a wiring diagram that shows where the blue wire goes so I can track it down. The other...
  4. Alien

    Hard loosing friends

    I just lost another friend to cancer. It happened rather quickly and he had decided that the attempt to combat it was going to be too horrific to live with so he just let nature take its' course. Thankfully it was over much quicker than any of us knew it would be as he only went into full...
  5. Alien

    Game/Trail cameras

    Does anyone have a solution for stopping lenses from fogging up? Seems everytime I need to capture something all I get is fog. The only time they work OK is if there is a bit of wind and that is rare at night here.
  6. Alien

    New mower arrived. Yeehaaah

    Still got the old Husqvarna ride-on but this will speed things up a bit. Only took 4 weeks from when I ordered it. My dogs love it. They sit between my feet.
  7. Alien

    2006 CK30 HST Cooling Fan

    Today I was slashing the paddocks and I noticed the Temperature guage was a little higher than usual. It is relatively cool (25C) so I drove home and lifted the hood and noticed what appeared to be a piece of plastic. Turns out it was a fan blade and there were 3 blades missing. The other 5? all...
  8. Alien

    Outside my mancave window,

    I think he likes the music.
  9. Alien

    Now we can take the dogs walking/riding.

    As some are aware my wife and I both have bad backs. Just two days ago I was confined to bed which is very frustrating. I have had 2 laminectomies and suffer sciatica as does my lovely wife. There are good days though. We just need to learn to take it easier at our age. I'm a slow learner. A...
  10. Alien

    So Proud of my Grand-daughter

    She has just graduated as a Nurse. Trying times but she is taking it in her stride. She is a beautiful kid.
  11. Alien

    Had to replace my property power pole.

    Termites were into it and after 60 years it had a nasty lean. New pole is treated and certified.
  12. Alien

    Need more down pressure on my 3PL for a Ripper

    I bought a Ripper/pipelayer and find I need more down pressure on my 3point linkage. Tractor is a CK30 HST. Any ideas?
  13. Alien

    Log in Verification

    Do you guys suffer this silly Log-In verification every month? It may be coincidence but it only happens since I got my new laptop. I find it a pain considering I didn't have to do it on any of my other computers/tablets. I try to open TBN and it sends a code to my email I have to enter before...
  14. Alien

    Happy snaps

    This is George and Mikayla, the couple that sold me the Mustang. Just thought I would share this pic of George saying goodbye to his Mustang. Sadly he needed money for his business to get 2 small vehicles, but not sad for me as he really cherished the car. His wife was a real honey too. Very...
  15. Alien

    Logging in

    I had a message on my iphone that there had been a data breach and my password on Tractorbynet may have been compromised. I didn't see how as I have a very secure password. Anyway I decided to change it as a precaution but now I have to log in every time I visit the site. Before I stayed...
  16. Alien

    Anyone used these bird deterrents?

    We have poultry that seem to delight in pooing on our porch. No matter how many times we chase them they come straight back. I know you can buy sensor activated water sprinklers and expensive devices but I ordered a cheap one to see if it is going to work OK. It claims it works for birds etc...
  17. Alien

    Frogs lucky escape.

    An hour or so ago a large green frog was making lots of distress noises and was on our porch. We have 2 resident green frogs. I couldn't see anything that was upsetting him so just left it. Shortly after I noticed our dog Heidi kept looking and sniffing in the area. I had a good look and found...
  18. Alien

    Rat and mouse traps

    Living rural it seems that you never get 100% mouse/rat free. When we bought the property there was a number of old sheds that had dozens of rats inhabiting them. We knocked the sheds down and knocked off a lot of rats with air guns but traps just did not work. We tried cage traps and snap...
  19. Alien

    Haven't had rain like this for years.

    Very welcome. Been watering from our bore well for years trying to keep everything alive. Suddenly 3" in less than an hour and some ongoing showers. Such a relief. (the back of the house)
  20. Alien

    Got that pesky bamboo out at last.

    Got a bit tricky when I tore a valve off a front wheel. Too bad about the lawn.
  21. Alien

    One dog annoying the other

  22. Alien

    Remember these.

    These were a great mechanics diagnostic tool back when I was a apprentice in '65. Very simple and accurate and cheaper than any diagnostic tool nowadays. :) I just cleaned it up. It still works fine. Just hook it into a vacuum line on the inlet manifold. It also doubles as an old mechanical...
  23. Alien

    Ever regretted buying something? Be honest...

    About 20 years ago I bought a small 4x4 and decided that maybe a winch could be useful as I often went 'bush' gold hunting. Well I never got around to fitting it and then I sold the 4x4 and forgot about the winch until I found it today. I hooked it up to a battery to see if it worked and it ran...
  24. Alien

    Identify this tractor?

    Just curious if anyone can identify this poor tractor burning during the NSW bushfires. Is it an older model? Make?
  25. Alien


    We have had several Koalas staying in trees right beside our house lately. They are very quiet. Beats me how they sit in the trees like that without falling out when they are asleep. Also a wild scrub turkey follows me around when I go outside. Must be short on food in the bush.
  26. Alien

    All in one day?? What the??

    Fair dinkum... Yesterday I went to start my tractor and the relays just chattered. Put the battery on charge but it seems it is cactused. I then drove into town to collect a coffee table and the car air conditioner suddenly started rumbling. aaaaargh! When I got home I hopped on my Ride-on...
  27. Alien

    I woke up... stupid me

    I have a wireless broadband modem (Huawei) supplied by Optus and I also have a Skymesh Satellite service as well. These are both sending WiFi to our 4 desktops,laptops and tablets throughout the home and to my workshop. Lately we have experienced sudden loss of WiFi for what seemed like no...
  28. Alien

    CK30 HST Oil Cooler

    As mentioned in another post, my oil cooler (in front of the radiator) is seeping where the top pipe fitting is. This leak destroyed my alternator. Does anyone know whether it has O rings or copper washers at the fittings? Gotta fix it asap. I tried tightening but it wouldn't budge at all. Just...
  29. Alien

    Microwave ovens. Am I just unlucky?

    Over the years I have had a few microwave ovens. They have generally had a good life span.... until lately. In the last 3 years I have had 3 with the 3rd one failing under warranty a week ago. I just got it back and apparently the magnatron had failed so it was fixed fairly quickly. The repair...
  30. Alien

    CK30 HST Alternator

    My alternator light is glowing. Not charging. I tried removing the alternator but the lower pivot (main bolt) is too long to remove without removing the radiator which is a massive task. Anyone else struck this? Only just over 600 hours on this thing. Normally an alternator lasts a bit longer...
  31. Alien

    CK30 Tire update

    I bought some Titan tires for the front of my Kioti CK30 a couple of years ago so this is a follow up on them The original tires were very soft and spongy and very unstable when I filled my bucket. The sides were too soft and prone to puncture on rocks or even just nail type punctures. They had...
  32. Alien

    Get outta here!

    I just built a new quadcopter and had an old 808 camera so I stuck it on with some velcro. It was raining and very dull but I wanted to try it. You know how kids are with new toys... Anyway it all went well but when I reviewed the video later, this is what I found. I did not see the magpie at...
  33. Alien

    Little black dumps all over my lawn.

    Getting impossible to avoid it lately. Not that our lawn is anything special but it has more greenery than anywhere else so the wallabies are here every night and leaving their calling cards. Even on our porch sometimes! Time to get the mower out... again. Not to mow the grass but at least it...
  34. Alien

    Hydraulic hose on AL25 FEL

    I just finished a big digging job the other day and my bucket tilt hydraulic hose popped and sprayed oil everywhere. It is only a small hose about 18" long but I had trouble when I went to buy one. I took my parts book with me but the supplier couldn't get the part number to come up so he rang...
  35. Alien

    Rural living is great for privacy, or is it?

    It was stinking hot day the other day (40 deg C) so after I had finished with the tractor and shovelling horse manure I had a shower and flopped on the bed to rest. After an hour or so I became aware that our guinea fowl were making a racket. We have had a real rash of goannas lately and...
  36. Alien

    grass catcher needed for a YTH 1542 XP (South East Queensland)

    A long shot, but after all these years we suddenly have a need for a grass catcher for our Husky. Unfortunately they are very hard to come by now but someone in South East Queensland may come to our rescue. The problem is not grass but leaves and we are getting too old to rake them every other...
  37. Alien

    Tree huggers will hate me.

    I like to fly RC planes but the wind was a bit much today and I finished up in the top of a tree. So, I got my tractor out and managed to throw a rope up to the top branch where my plane was. It took a few jerks with the tractor but I had success. Down it came. I didn't need to get my...
  38. Alien

    Recent visitor

    The last few days this little fellow has been hanging around close to the house. We are starting to see a few more of them as urban development drives them out from some habitats. They are welcome here. We also have about 7 Kookaburras that stay close by the house. They respond if you call...
  39. Alien

    OOPs, what the? Oh boy!

    Ooops, a banana palm has come down on the electric fence so I go and check it out. Wow! a big bunch of bananas has broken the palm down. Get the machete out chop to clear the fence. So I have a look around the palms and get two more nice bunches down and count about 10 more coming along nicely...
  40. Alien

    RANT... Ouch! the cost of cordless tools

    I burnt out, (wore out) my Bosch angle grinder and have missed it ever since. I used it for all sorts of things from sharpening mowers to cutting bricks when paving etc etc. Always something, BUT, I got sick of running an extension lead/s especially when no power points were in a convenient...
  41. Alien

    CK30 HST 4x4 Front Tyres

    The normal replacement tyre seems to be the BKT 7-14 but it is only 4 ply and I have a FEL. Has anyone used the Armour Grader tyre which is a 6 ply rating? LINK Both my fronts have finally given in after 9 years of abuse. :rolleyes: There is a Titan tyre as well but it is considerably more...
  42. Alien

    Mower size for CK30 HST

    I posted in the Attachments thread, but as I have a Kioti I thought it may be useful to post here as well. I bought a 5 ft flail mower and found that the CK30 HST easily handles this size mower. The only time it slowed a little was when it hit a large clump of soil but it handled everything...
  43. Alien

    Slasher size for a CK30?

    I have been informed that a 4'6" slasher is the size I should be getting. Geez, it should run a 5 footer surely? 4'6" is barely bigger than the cut of my Ride-on Mower. I tried my son in laws 6 footer for a day and it handled it OK but I wouldn't buy one that big. The other option, and...
  44. Alien

    Have you checked your FEL mounting points lately?

    I know I can be a bit rough on my FEL, but aren't we all. So I do have a regular check around and a couple of days ago found the spring washers for the bolts holding on the FEL subframe to the chassis have cracked and dropped out. I pulled a bolt out and it is quite OK but had to go to town to...
  45. Alien

    Ducks, more of them.

    Lost my original post but it was full of wind anyway. What I want to know is, does anyone have experience breeding Mandarin Ducks? Anything I should know in particular? Thanks
  46. Alien

    Changing out of low gear in CK30 HST.

    I have had my baby for about 5 years now, maybe 6. Bought him new. Always had trouble getting from Low range to Mid or high. Hung on like a pig onto a bum. Tried all sorts of things including forward / reverse, moving changes etc etc. Complained to the dealer I was having trouble. He said he...
  47. Alien

    Couple of pics CK30 bogged

    If it rains for any more than a week or so it is best not to go anywhere on my place. Once you break through that top crust it is all over and the bucket won't help you push it out as it just keeps going down into the quicksand slop. These pics that I just found were the time it was only stuck...
  48. Alien

    So what animals do you have on your property?

    Just curious as to the different animals that we encounter in different parts of our world. We have as follows. Kangaroos Pain, eat our grass and shrubs in garden and wreck fences. Wallabys as above Bandicoots Love 'em, but dig holes all over our lawn looking for grubs and worms Hares...
  49. Alien

    Spamming by Lasdyseaner

    This person is spamming as many threads as they can with non topic advertising. Do we have to put up with this?
  50. Alien

    Made from John Deere parts...

    You will need your speakers on for this one. IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THIS BEFORE, YOU ARE IN FOR A REAL TREAT Please note, the balls don't fall on the floor, they return to the machine. See how all of the balls wind up in catcher cones. This incredible machine was built as a collaborative effort...
  51. Alien

    More landscaping with my CK30

    The boss wanted her rock moved today so she sat and supervised me while I shifted it. We have been planting bamboos as they grow quickly and provide good shade. Now that we have put a few more in 'she' decided that it would be great if she could have 'her' rock in amongst them as she enjoys...
  52. Alien

    Tractor Music

    Just came across this... Classic. note the microphone set up at the tractor exhaust...Sweet Georgia Brown med traktorkomp - YouTube
  53. Alien


    Had to drive home backwards the other day sliding on the bucket with front wheels in the air. I tore the front tyre valve off bushing brush. Erk!
  54. Alien

    CK30 Rust under grab handles

    I removed my grab handles one day just to put a layer of polish on the guard even though my little panther sits in the shed 90% of the time. Well, I got a shock! Underneath the handles rust had set in quite badly. It seems the nut that is moulded into the handle is of low quality and had rusted...
  55. Alien

    Yellow seats

    Does JD still fit those crap yellow seats to the new models? Why oh why did they ever do that to a working vehicle? Black or grey is a much more aesthetic colour and dosen't show the inevitable grime. My pet HATE!
  56. Alien

    CK30 Fuel water trap

    My polycarbonate water trap developed fine fractures all over it after about 3 years and started leaking through. The replacement was obviously an upgraded material as it was slightly opaque compared to the original and is not so easy to see through. If this is a recogonized problem, why...
  57. Alien

    So where did my review go?

    I spent some time and effort writing a review of my CK30 and it said it would be reviewed by admin before admission. That was yesterday and now I can't find any reference to it anywhere. Maybe because I wrote an honest review? Not a sweetened flowery one. Oh well, I won't bother next time...
  58. Alien

    CX 30 HST Engine question

    ☼ CK 30 HST Engine question ☼ Hi all. My first posting. I am basically a happy owner with my CK30 and after 4 years have nearly 400 hours up. I have a 40 acre block in South East Queensland. It is used mainly for clearing trees, lantana, and has had a lot of work carring boulders for the...