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  1. Sawyer Rob

    Remember Some Time Ago, When I Posted That "Branson" Would Be Solld??

    Geeeze, you'd think I beat some ones mother! I was told by quite a few that "I" was full of chit!! Well, one more week (give or take) and the deal will be done!! and then?? well, I'll save that news for later... lol SR
  2. Sawyer Rob

    Took One Of My Wheel Horses To A Tractor Show

    and it was a BIG hit! Lots of folks looked, and said how much they liked it, anyway, it's geared up a bit, so it goes pretty fast in high range, It was pretty tiny compared to this Avery though, lol AND the Avery can pull a 12 bottom plow! I could probably give this...