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  1. mikedodd

    Need advice on regulator for Yanmar L100 10HP diesel generator

    The short is not in my relays. I disconnected the battery and checked all wires on the generator with an ohmmeter. I found the short between the two wires powering the fuel solenoid, of all things. The black wire had one strand poking out toward the adjacent red wire, which had no insulation at...
  2. mikedodd

    Need advice on regulator for Yanmar L100 10HP diesel generator

    Industrial Diesel in Norfolk, Virginia 757-857-5391 Fuel Injection Systems Repair | Norfolk, VA | Industrial Diesel Inc. THIS ISSUE IS RESOLVED. I don't know how to add RESOLVED to the subject line, but I isolated the problem. The short circuit is not in the regulator. Instead, it appears to...
  3. mikedodd

    Need advice on regulator for Yanmar L100 10HP diesel generator

    I called my favorite Industrial Diesel parts department. Joyce said the 114399-77710 number has been changed to 119660-77712.
  4. mikedodd

    Need advice on regulator for Yanmar L100 10HP diesel generator

    Yes; now I see that in my Yanmar parts manual. (comment below) The part numbers I posted came from the Yanmar l100 complete maintenance manual. That's a big DUH for me! I have the parts manual and service manual as PDF files, but I didn't look in the parts manual, thinking the service manual...
  5. mikedodd

    Need advice on regulator for Yanmar L100 10HP diesel generator

    I have a stand-alone 6KW generator powered by a Yanmar engine model L100V6EA1C1AA (Engine Number: M29254). It has worked fine since 2013, but now the 15-amp fuse between the battery and the ignition switch and regulator blows instantly when the key is turned to Ignition. I traced-out the wiring...
  6. mikedodd

    Homemade finishing mower height adjuster

    Normally I leave it set "high" to mow the observatory clearing. Observatory Clearing and Horizon But occasionally my wife doesn't want to push the 20" mower around the half-acre yard near the house, so I lower the finishing mower for that job. Not often, but the 3D-printed spacers make that...
  7. mikedodd

    Homemade finishing mower height adjuster

    I have a 4-foot 3PH finishing mower for my BX2360 subcompact. Adjusting the height involves, for each of the four wheels, removing a hitch pin, dropping the wheel and its pivot shaft, then rearranging spacers on the 1" pivot shaft. It's a messy process with the grease on everything. I wanted a...
  8. mikedodd

    Planting a 150 ft row of bushes. What is the best attachment to use?

    My wife and I use an Earthquake two-person power auger with an 8-inch bit for landscaping holes. We call it "vertical tilling." For large holes, we bore 2, 3, or 4 adjacent holes, then swivel the auger among them to break down the walls and make a larger hole. Sometimes she'll dump in a bag of...
  9. mikedodd

    How much will that tractor cost, the true price of ownership.

    Bottom line: My wife and I don't care. We were using a Troy-Bilt walk-behind tiller with a front blade to shove gravel into potholes in a chip-and-tar subdivision road. A neighbor was using a Kubota BX2360 with a FEL. We looked at each other and said, "We need one of those!" Our only question...
  10. mikedodd

    Battery powered chainsaw

    I just bought a 16" Makita 36V (2x18V batteries) chain saw, and after only 10-12 uses, I am very impressed. I've cut through 6"-8" hardwood trunks and 5"-6" branches, no problem. This saw replaces an 18" husqvarna gas saw whose carburetor kept gumming-up due to infrequent use, even though I...
  11. mikedodd

    Cordless Tools vs. Other Options

    I've been using Makita 18V lithium-battery tools for 10-15 years, and couldn't be more pleased. In the shop, a drill sits with its battery attached for weeks at a time, and it's always ready to use when I grab it. I've never had a battery go flat between uses. I have four batteries -- two of...
  12. mikedodd

    What if....?

    I have a Kubota BX2360 subcompact, and my wife and I agree that it's one of the best purchases we've ever made. We use it for sooo many things! Just yesterday I used it to carry a 60-pound trailer hitch to where the truck we'll install it on is parked. Just diddly stuff, but it makes things so...
  13. mikedodd

    Shear Bolt Broke On New Deck. PTO Shaft & Gear Box Holes Don't Align.

    It's hard to tell from the small images, but it looks to me like the gearbox hole isn't clear. Maybe it has part of the broken shear bolt stuck to the side. I have a couple of suggestions: 1. Does the PTO connector slide on the gearbox shaft? To me, that's the first thing to ensure, or else the...
  14. mikedodd

    Do homeowners buy snowplows to plow their own properties?

    We have an 800-foot paved driveway, and I use the FEL on my Kubota BX2360 to clear it. Lots of back-and-forth movements and turning. If the FEL doesn't do the job, I'll attach my 5-foot rear blade to the 3PH. I generally plow with the back (xonvex) side, either running the tractor backward or...
  15. mikedodd

    Reaming out holes in thick steel?

    If not a round file, how about an aluminum oxide tool for a Dremel motor tool? That ought to remove a lot of steel quickly.
  16. mikedodd

    Reaming out holes in thick steel?

    How about a big-a** rat-tail file? You only have to remove 1/32" all the way around. I'd buy the biggest, coarsest round file that will fit into the hole, and start filing.
  17. mikedodd

    Fueling tractor

    I went whole-hog and bought a used 275-gallon fuel-oil tank. I plumbed it directly to our 6KW diesel generator (emergency backup to the solar power system), and added a hose and nozzle made from PVC pipe and a valve to fill the tractor. Photo is attached. The generator and the tank live behind...
  18. mikedodd

    looking for quick-adjust check chains

    I have a Kubota BX2360. Shortly after buying it and joining this forum, I saw an ad or announcement for quick-adjust check chains, but I have lost the information. Essentially each was a bar sliding in a housing with holes through both for a pin to set the length. The benefit was how quickly...
  19. mikedodd

    PICS OF BARNS; Any barns; All barns; My barn; Your barn; Not your barn

    Not a barn, but a purpose-built octagonal tractor shed that allows easy access to out-facing implements. The self-supporting truss roof has no center post, so the 10' tractor can be parked beneath the center of the 17' shed. (I hope the photos make it.)
  20. mikedodd

    New member and BX2360 owner

    Hello to the group. My wife, Louise, and I took delivery of a new Kubota BX2360, and are looking forward to using it to finish landscaping our new house and to put in a garden next spring. This forum ought to be a great help, because we're both tractor newbies. Regards, Mike