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    Brush Hogging Cogon Grass. Advice and guidance needed.

    Living in WA state as I do I had never heard of Cogon grass as it apparently has not made it here yet. So I looked then stuff up and found out that its roots can go as deep as 4 feet! No wonder mowing is of no use. Though I never use pesticides or herbicides on my land if I had Cogon grass I...
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    Keep or sell grinder?

    First find out if it removes metal fast. I have used Chinese grinders very similar to the one pictured and they didn't all perform the same. Some had crummy wheels and some had weak motors. Others worked quite well. As a machinist with about 48 years experience with metal working I have seen...
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    Yanmar ym2000 switch key

    I bought extra keys for my 1980 YM2310 from Fredricks. Link: You searched for yanmar ym2000 ignition key - Fredricks Equipment Parts It didn't look like your key though, which I find odd. This key looks like it might work: Ignition key Yanmar YM | 2GM | 3GM series | Shop4Trac Eric
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    Can someone identify what these are and belong to? Thanks.

    Well, you're a little too far away for me, seeing as how I'm north of Seattle. I hope you have good luck selling the stuff. Eric
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    I didn't know where to post this so here goes

    I came across an interesting new type and concept of travel trailer and I thought I would post a link to the company's website. Please note that I am not advocating for this particular trailer or the overall concept, but I did find it quite thought provoking. It seems to me that this trailer...
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    Can someone identify what these are and belong to? Thanks.

    It would be helpful if you said where you are. Eric
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    Nearly died yesterday

    I'm glad you avoided the truck. I got hit head on when I went around a blind corner 700 feet from my driveway. This was in 1999. $470,000.00 in medical bills. You probably would have been killed. Once again, I'm so happy you were able to avoid the truck. Eric
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    Yup, as soon as he walks on water. Or even walks.
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    New to me TC29D cranks & won’t start

    My Irish friend tells me that copper wire came about when two Scots were wrestling over a penny. I'm not saying it's true, mind you, I don't wanna make any enemies. Eric
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    Where I live we are needing some rain. Weather patterns are changing and I, like so many others, have a well for water. I don't know where my water comes from except that it ultimately comes from rain. I don't know how large my aquifer is or how many other wells are drawing from it. Because the...
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    As soon as Abbot fixes your excess rain condition. Eric
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    YM165 Low oil pressure

    The crank looks good but the bearing surfaces might be out of round. Do you have a micrometer to measure them? If not then any machine shop could measure them to see if they are oval shaped. It would take less than 5 minutes. I say this being a retired machine shop owner. They probably are OK...
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    Junk Lincoln 140 C ??

    The welder may have a bad wire feed potentiometer, AKA pot. And there may be an easy way to check. Remove the cover and look at both of the pots. They are probably the same device and will be marked the same if so. If they are the same then either swap the connections if the wires are long...
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    Flow Control on Well Head

    How about a flow control orifice before each zone and one pressure regulator feeding the whole system? That way each zone gets the same amount of flow to it no matter how many sprinklers. This assumes that each zone uses the same amount of water. I have done what you want but on a much much much...
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    The best poultry seasoning

    White Gravy, AKA Cream Gravy Recipe: 3 Tbs fat. This can be butter, bacon fat, pan drippings, fat from cooking sausage, etc. 3 Tbs flour 1 1/2 cups milk or cream or a mixture About 1/2 Tsp Spice Hunter Organic Poultry Seasoning Salt Pepper Cook the flour in the fat until it is...
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    The best poultry seasoning

    Regular Breakfast Sausage Recipe: BREAKFAST SAUSAGE AMOUNTS IN GRAMS FOR 1 POUND OF SAUSAGE 1 Pound Pork Shoulder Salt 7.43 Garlic Powder .45 Parsley .23 Rubbed Sage 1.24 Black Peppercorns 1.04 Red Pepper Flakes .45 Coriander Seeds .59 Cayenne 1.26 MSG 1.375 Put the sage, peppercorns, and...
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    What do you all do to be prepared for long term power loss?

    You are absolutely right. I think I should be prepared for a natural event that may cause a long term power outage, say two or three weeks, but that's it. I do think I should also make sure I have at least enough water for my close neighbors and maybe some food. Just because they are not...
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    What do you all do to be prepared for long term power loss?

    The plan is to pump water into the tank and then use another pump to deliver water to the house from the tank. This would keep the water fresh. Eric
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    What do you all do to be prepared for long term power loss?

    I need to stock up on more dried and preserved food. I can stuff in a big pressure canner. I buy meat on sale and then can it. But we are way low on stuff. My biggest worry though is water. So I have decided to buy a 2000 gallon water tank. I am going to mount the tank on a platform at least 12...
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    3D printing software (Fusion 360) help in a design

    No doubt about that. I have several versions of BobCad but the version I like best is version 17. It must be at least 20 years old. For 2D drawing it is fast and intuitive. Super easy to do repetitive stuff. Not the best for engraving though. Eric
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    NT45 excavator from China - tracks don't stay on

    I'm sure the OP finds your reply most helpful. Eric
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    Anyone Know The Origin Of This Thread Size?

    I thought the thread might have been an old thread spec so I looked in my 1918 edition of Machinery's Handbook. It was not there. I suspect Jacobs used that thread so that the chuck would only thread onto what Jacobs wanted it to. In my 45 plus years machining I have seen very many special...
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    Cataracts and other visual concerns!

    No. However it might be related to an inhaled steroid and Tamsulosin, AKA Flomax. I recently acquired adult onset asthma and so was prescribed the inhaler. I'm kinda stumped that the right eye changed so fast while the left just has a very minor cataract. Anyway, the eye doc said that Tamsulosin...
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    Cataracts and other visual concerns!

    I'm getting my right eye done in two weeks. The lens went from pretty good to completely occluded except for telling light from dark in only 3 months. Apparently my left eye is too good for lens replacement. I can hardly wait for my new lens. I really miss depth perception. Eric
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    Straightening forks

    You could try running a few beads on the back side just above the triangular plates on the high fork. As the weld cools and shrinks it will tend to pull the fork down. Or run beads on the front of the low fork. Anyway, there is a lot of length to the fork so the weld won't need to shrink that...
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    Drain field vs tractor

    I installed an infiltrator type septic drain field for my house. If your system is similar to mine then there is only 1 foot of dirt over the very top of the domed infiltrators. The ditch is approximately 30 inches wide. I would avoid driving your tractor over the infiltrators for about a year...
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    Comparison Buying my first sub compact tractor need help deciding.

    I have about 10 acres but only about 2 of the ten is cleared, the rest is woods. I have what I guess is considered a CUT, a Compact Utility Tractor, not a Sub Compact. The tractor is a 44 year old Yanmar and it has a front end loader (FEL). I would not consider anything less. My neighbor has a...
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    Safely transporting a pet

    We all try our best to avoid accidents. Then you come around a blind corner and there is a truck in your lane heading the wrong way and it hits you head on. It can happen. It happened to me 700 feet from my driveway. Eric
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    YM165 Low oil pressure

    Since you dropped the pan you could now Plastigage the bearings. If they are within spec. then you would know the problem lies elsewhere. Eric
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    Real estate General topic

    Good for you, you made the right decision. Stay within your budget and you will be much happier. Eric
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    I over inflated a tire that is filled with Rim Guard in it.

    Don't take the wheel off. It is just plain too dangerous. I can see that center beam in your pole building breaking, and then you getting hurt by the falling wheel and beam. About twenty years ago my neighbor and I removed a rear wheel and tire filled with calcium chloride solution from a Ford...
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    Real estate General topic

    My wife and I spent a lot of time looking for land. We looked at many parcels and drove hundreds of miles in the search. It got to the point that we were kind of desperate. But the desperation was false, which we came to realize. We weren't being forced to move from our house. Land prices...
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    Real estate General topic

    My wife and I looked at a piece of land that had an easement going through it. The price was right which is why I even considered it. We decided to pass on the land. I am now so so glad we didn't buy the land. That easement would have been a constant headache with the traffic going through it...
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    Laundry - GE washer suspension fix needed

    I read in your previous post about the item making noise. It seems that you determined the part making the noise was because it was in time with the drum movement. Of course whatever is making the noise is going to be in time with the drum movement. But that doesn't necessarily mean that...
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    Laundry - GE washer suspension fix needed

    Our last washer had the shocks go bad so I replaced them. Then the drum mount broke so I had to buy a new washer. A couple years after I bought it the darn thing started making the same banging sound that the previous washer was making. I was mad that a two year old washer needed shocks already...
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    Need advice regarding a "city boy" coming to rural property

    Lotsa folks here shoot. And shooting is indeed fun. Besides the practical uses, hunting , etc. of course. One of the reasons I bought the piece of land that we live on now was the ability to shoot legally. I like target shooting and learned to shoot when I was ten years old. All that said...
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    Charles Machine Works trencher repower question

    I did not take it as a 1 up. I was pleased to know and am glad you posted the info. Eric
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    Need advice regarding a "city boy" coming to rural property

    Let him drive the tractor. It would be fun and he will be able to tell his friends back in the city that he got to drive a tractor. I love letting kids drive the tractor. Constantly supervised, in low gear. Kids love it. Eric
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    Charles Machine Works trencher repower question

    I'm surprised the Honda has more torque. Shows what I know. Thanks for posting that. Eric
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    Charles Machine Works trencher repower question

    I'm surprised that you can use a different engine. I would think the the motor shafts would be too different. Anyway, since it is a Wisconsin engine I think you would be much better served by fixing the original engine. The Wisconsin engine almost certainly has more torque than the Honda. And...
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    Cataracts and other visual concerns!

    I used to work for a man that was extremely near sighted. Looking at his eyes you could see that the cornea was pointed. Looking at his closed eyes you could see the bumps in his eye lids from his pointed eyes. One time I got a metal chip in my eye and he wanted to look at it before I went to...
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    Yanmar 336D front loader hydraulic issue

    A friend of mine has a Struck dozer and the blade would move in one direction just fine but in the other would move one side faster than the other. So the blade would move in a crooked manner. One cylinder was moving faster than it's opposite cylinder. I told my son, who was working on the...
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    MIG Welder for Beginner/Light Use

    I have been welding for a long time. About 20 years ago I bought a heavily used Lincoln SP125 plus MIG welder for $250.00 that also came with a medium sized gas cylinder. That welder is still going strong. I also have a slightly older SP 100 welder and it also still works great. As near as I can...
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    How many acres do you own?

    When we were looking for land my wife said that 5 would be fine. I said 10 was the absolute minimum. Then we were shown a perfectly square 5 acre lot that was cleared. It was only weeds. My wife said "That's five acres!?" We need at least 10! We have more than once wished we had 20 acres. But we...
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    I have never had that happen to me. It's a good thing too because I have never seen a Kabota that could pull me out of anything. In fact, I have never seen a Kabota. However, I did see a dump truck get stuck in my driveway after I told the driver to get out and walk the stretch of sketchy...
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    How many acres do you own?

    My wife and I own 10 or 12 acres. The reason for the disparity is because the property lines are not accurate. But we own at least 10. The woman at the county told me we were welcome to have it surveyed and if it came out to be 12 acres the county would be glad to charge us the increased...
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    How many still have a Landline in their home?

    My wife and I live on an island. In order to get internet we must have a land line because the only internet provider requires the subscriber to get a land line in order to get internet. Cable is not available for us. Satellite is available but it is more expensive and slower. Cell phones don't...
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    Solved Building Electrical Breaker Tripping.

    That panel looked very well organized, pretty much like my work. Not quite as sharp of bends as mine (I'm kinda **** about wiring though) but still a very nice looking panel. Looking at that panel there would be no reason to suspect loose screws. sometimes folks just plain forget, especially...
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    Need some suggestions on how to fix water getting into my new building.

    Regarding the 1 foot part my neighbor had a similar problem. The roll up doors on his shop let water in because the the slab was sloped such that water ran inside under the doors. The amount of slab that was outside the doors was about a foot wide. The fix my neighbor used was to have sheet...
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    Why diamond shaped repair plates?

    Thanks everyone for the quick replies. Of course, once I read the replies they made a ton of sense about distributing the stresses. Eric
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    Why diamond shaped repair plates?

    I have seen it mentioned here that diamond shaped plates should be used to repair cracked plates on tractors and I have seen diamond shaped plates welded onto structures. In fact, my backhoe was repaired with diamond shaped plates that were welded to the larger arm on my Case 580CK backhoe...
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    Replacement drill press recommendations?

    A Bridgeport type mill has an advantage that is not obvious at first if you are not familiar with them. They are super flexible. The largest part of the machine is the column. On top of the column sits the saddle. The saddle has a dovetail machined into it and the ram fits into this dovetail...
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    Replacement drill press recommendations?

    Get the mill. Really. And get one with the variable speed that works like a Reeves drive. I am a retired self employed machinist. Even though I have CNC machines that use VFD spindle drives I would not consider a manual machine with a VFD because the VFD drive machines are constant torque below...
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    Grizzly comes through! In a big way! A recall.

    I'm pretty sure a lot of DIY folks here know about Grizzly tools. Their wood and metal lathes especially. Anyway, A few months ago Grizzly issued a recall on a few of their wood lathes. Apparently the tool rest or faceplate could come apart during use with the result being human body parts drawn...
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    Stuck clutch

    When I bought my Yanmar YM2310 the clutch was stuck. The guy who sold it to me said it had been parked two years outside in the weather. I live about 3 miles from where it was parked. The Yanmar tractor has the Power Shift transmission which means it can be put in gear without the clutch because...
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    Need hearing aid advice.

    I hope that the procedures you have had done will help with your Meniere's disease. I have had vertigo for over 30 years now so I know how you feel. I fortunately do not suffer from motion sickness so the dizzyness is mostly just a nuisance. However, I have no balance when it is dark and this IS...
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    Dad is taking the final journey

    You are so right about giving your dad a hug or a call. During the last 6 months or so of my dad's life he had at least one of his sons visit him every day. I would take the ferry to the mainland twice a week to visit my dad. We would always go for a long drive either in Seattle proper or in the...
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    My backhoe LW8 cylinder replace or rebuild tough in Canada

    Hydraulic rod stock is a common item. Hydraulic repair shops buy the stuff in standard lengths. To make a new rod they just saw off a length of the rod stock, thread one end to accept the piston, then thread or machine the other end to accept an eye or whatever is supposed to be on the outboard...
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    Clearing weeds in driveway

    I'm not a tree hugger either and I don't use any pesticides or herbicides. They are just too poisonous. I do spend more time mechanically removing plant pests though. Eric
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    Which animals you think you could beat in a fight

    A kitten, for sure. Two kittens, maybe.
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    3 cyl John Deere 820 starter help needed.

    The problem could be the solenoid. When the solenoid slams the pinion into mesh with the the flywheel teeth it also slams together a pair of contacts that supply power to the starter motor. These contacts can fail. I had this happen to the solenoid in my 1980/1981 Yanmar YM2310. My tractor was...
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    Over the counter (OTC) hearing aids

    I'm surprised that rechargeable hearing aids wouldn't work for you because they don't last long enough. My hearing aids last at least 14 hours. That's the longest in one day that I have used them. Maybe yours provide more amplification and so use more power. How long ago did you try rechargeable...
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    DIY tree shear

    A red laser powerful enough to cut through a 4 inch diameter tree at the distance in the video would be visible in daylight. There is enough dust in the air to guarantee that. I can see my green laser pointer beam at night. It is supposed to be less than 5 milliwatts but I suspect it is more...
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    Over the counter (OTC) hearing aids

    My Jabra Enhance Pro in the ear hearing aids were $2000.00 at Costco. I had a hearing test at Costco and when the hearing aids were delivered they were adjusted for my ears and my hearing at the store. I am truly amazed at the difference they make in my hearing. Even though the hearing aids were...
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    That damn McAfee pop up business

    Thank You. If it happens again I will use your advice. Eric
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    That damn McAfee pop up business

    I figured as much. I never click on that type of stuff. I just wonder why I only see it on TBN. No other web site. Eric
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    That damn McAfee pop up business

    I was near the end of typing a long post trying to help a person who was wanting help buying their first tractor. Then the dreaded McAfee pop up business shows up and my post was gone. Right in the middle of my typing the McAfee crap shows up and my post is gone. The only way to get rid of the...
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    Cast iron repair

    I also would use silicon bronze rod with a TIG machine. Clean well first. Then I would heat the whole wheel with a weed burner, wrap with ceramic wool or similar, then with just the area to be brazed exposed fill with silicon bronze. Wrap completely. Let cool slowly and then grind to shape. Any...
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    So I did a thing... Agria 8900D

    I'm waiting to see your solution. I'm sure you will come up with something that works well. I wish you lived near me so that I could ask permission to drive the thing. It looks like a truly novel driving experience. Eric
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    Mess with the bull, sometimes gets the horns.

    During my career as a machinist I straightened many shafts. I had to get them to less that .0005" runout over 2 feet. So I will tell you how I did it. You will need, for your shaft, a 1 inch travel dial indicator. And a way to mount it under the shaft. A good magnetic base will work. you can...
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    So I did a thing... Agria 8900D

    I'm a retired self employed machinist/welder. Much of the work I did was quite high precision. Though retired for over 2 years now I still have my shop and all the equipment. I kept the stuff because I still like making things from metal. Your work on that tractor has been very entertaining...
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    Losing your dog....

    I know how your daughter must be hurting and I sympathize. My wife and I still mourn a cat we lost more than a decade ago. Pets can really become part of our family. She was lucky to have a great companion during the beginning of her life. My heart goes out to her. Eric
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    TBN being hacked?

    I got the same thing today. I was using my Samsung tablet which runs Android. I do not have McAfee installed but the pop up stated that my subscription was expired. This pop up has only appeared on TBN.
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    Yanmar Ring Gear Repair?

    If I had to attempt this repair I would do the fitting with the ring and pinion in place in the tractor. Blue in the gear set on the good teeth and then fit the repaired teeth. This would be time consuming. For the repaired teeth to last they must have the proper contact so that the force is...
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    Yanmar Ring Gear Repair?

    I have watched several of these Pakistani or Indian repair videos. I think they are legit, though I don't know for sure. I believe that stuff is being repaired and then used. I have no idea of the reliability of the repairs. Anyway, if you think about it, hand grinding of the gears could work...
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    Yanmar Ring Gear Repair?

    This repair would work. For a while. If the repaired teeth were ground such that they provided clearance then the pinion wouldn't bind. But there would be serious lash. If the gear set spun slowly it might last a long time. Still, if I absolutely had to do a repair on my tractor's ring and...
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    VW To Resurrect the IH Scout as an Electric Vehicle.

    I loved off roading in my Bugs. I beat the crap out of several. One time my son and I were going through a puddle that was quite deep. So deep that the floor flooded about 6 inches deep through the heater vents by the time we got through. The motor was coughing and sputtering but eventually...
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    Yanmar Ring Gear Repair?

    It's unfortunate but that repair is not an easy one. I'm a retired machinist, still have my shop, and would only attempt that repair if I had to. The reasons being that the ring and pinion are heat treated, hardened, and then finished on a machine made just for hobbing and/or grinding gears. If...
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    Status of Everything Attachments

    When I was a kid my mom used to serve us how many grits. We ever bothered to count 'em. My wife and I almost got scammed in a very similar fashion. About 35 years ago we were all ready to put $20,000 down on a modular home until I had a conversation with a fellow working for Washington State. I...
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    3020 has oil blowing out of the exhaust

    I don't know offhand the engine HP but the engine is a single cylinder air cooled engine. The tractor is a small 4WD machine with 4 wheel steering. The tractor is a model H5013. Here is a link: Information about Honda RT5000, H5013, and H5518 Garden Tractors Eric
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    3020 has oil blowing out of the exhaust

    I have a Honda tractor and it would blow oil smoke in huge clouds from time to time. The oil level would drop quite a bit when this happened. The culprit was valve stem seals. My son replaced them and now it never smokes and does not use oil. Eric
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    Over the counter (OTC) hearing aids

    As I wrote in another post I was listening to a piece of music I had heard many times before and with my hearing aids playing the music I heard notes that I had never heard before. At Costco my hearing aids were adjusted to my hearing loss and to the acoustics of my ears. You should have...
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    More hearing aid stuff

    It's been less than 2 months since I got my first pair of hearing aids. I have been really surprised at how much I am hearing that I have not heard for years. Actually decades is the more accurate statement. Today though I was shocked by what I was hearing. I use wireless earbuds to listen to...
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    Help please deciding if this is a good buy.

    Hey all you Chinese Mini Excavator owners, My son wants me to spend my money on a mini excavator and I don't know if I should consider buying a certain machine. The machine in question is a Lanty lat-13. The engine is a RATO R420 15 HP. Air cooled. The machine is supposed to have only a...
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    My YM186d

    I have a 45 year old YM2310. Though I don't abuse the tractor I don't baby it either. I have a post hole digger and a Yanmar 5 foot wide rototiller. They both get used a lot. I love my tractor and I'm sure you will love yours too. Eric
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    Water in fuel questions

    I have a YM2310 tractor and have owned it for about a year and a half. I have replaced the fuel filter once and there was no evidence of water. But after reading about water damage to a newer tractor I want to make sure this doesn't happen to me. I live about 40 miles north of Seattle, as...
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    Over the counter (OTC) hearing aids

    I got a pair of the Jabra Enhance Pro in the ear hearing aids from Costco about 2 months ago. They cost $2000.00. They come with a 3 year replacement warranty, so if I lose or damage them within a 3 year window they will be replaced for free. I really like the things. They were adjusted for my...
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    So I did a thing... Agria 8900D

    Yeah, I had never seen that word before either. I knew what it meant though as soon as I read it. I will be adding it to my vocabulary, it's a neat word. Eric
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    So I did a thing... Agria 8900D

    My motto is to paint it the color you want. Who cares if it matches some original color? I used to really like the color orange. When I rebuilt a 1965 VW Bug the sheet metal that surrounds the engine was originally black. Since new paint was in order so I used Chevrolet Orange. I got lots of...
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    Concrete Chairs

    When I had my machine shop built I had 2 foot high stem walls around the perimeter. I had to put 6 grade beams in that tied opposite stem walls together along the length of the building. Along with the rebar in the grade beams I also had fiber put in the concrete. I also had some more rebar put...
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    Question on vehicles timing belt

    Good grief! Your statement above is all that needs to be said. Please replace the timing belt. The family member will then have a car that can be relied on. You can have it done. And it is a family member. Get the thing replaced. Replacing the timing belt will give you peace of mind. Your family...
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    DIY septic tank and drain field?

    About 17 years ago I had a house built. The house was done but we could not move in because the septic was not done. Reputable septic installers were about 6 months out so I decided to do my own septic. Even though I had never even sat on a backhoe I bought a Case 580 CK backhoe. I was...
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    Battery cable ends

    You can buy copper or brass battery cable ends at most any decent hardware store. Do you know how to solder the new ends on? I'm assuming you don't have a crimper. You can make your own ends from 1/2" copper pipe. I did just this a few months ago because the original cable ends were not crimped...
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    How to justify buying a little piece of property?

    Where I live it is semi-rural. All the land around me is zoned at 5 acres minimum. Smaller lots can be grandfathered in but if you have a 9 acre parcel you can only build one house. If there are wetlands this restricts house building and well drilling even more. We are on 10 or 12 acres and...
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    Hog Hunting Public Land

    Yes, even though they have the same DNA the genes are expressed differently. This difference is called epigenetic. The epi meaning on or above. Anyway, even though the DNA and the genes are the same the environment is not, and so some genes act differently. This doesn't just happen to pigs of...
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    Hog Hunting Public Land

    I must say I find this hog hunting thread really interesting and I hope it goes on for a while. The wild pigs in the US are the same species as the domestic pigs we eat. Every year I roast a pig on a spit. This year will be my 29th pig. I think. It could be my 28th. Anyway, I'm not gonna hunt a...
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    CK3510SE Radiator "rotten"

    It certainly helps to keep anger in check when negotiating. It also helps in other situations. Like you said you can be rational and constructive. It took me a while to learn this lesson but after I did life not only got easier but sticky situations now turn out more positive for me. Thanks for...
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    Banning a member

    I often start to post something and then just let it sit unposted while I think about posting it. Then later I decide to post or not post. I do the same with the ignore option, but with more care for my decision. Looking back I don't regret a single ignore decision. I couldn't care less if...
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    Talk about quality control!

    Well, it may be that the rollout sensor switches are working properly. After further research the furnace vent may be obstructed. So the furnace off for now and tomorrow I will be checking the vent. It could be bad switches and great quality control or it could be bad venting or something else. Eric
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    Talk about quality control!

    My furnace quit working. Looking online I found a site that advertises experts who can help. Offhand I don't remember the site but I did get good advice and I think it cost me 33 bucks. Way cheaper than a visit from the furnace folks during the coldest weather we have had on Whidbey for at least...
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    Banning a member

    There are a few people I "ignore". I don't like doing so but it is my only recourse. Most of the time I use the ignore option is because of political posts. Especially where the poster tries to disguise a political post. That is dishonest and really bugs me. And I don't care which way the posts...
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    Need some home heating feedback: Wood boiler or fireplace insert?

    We had our house built 17 years ago. We live close to Seattle and close to the water, less than 1/2 mile line of sight, though there is a big hill between us and the water. Nevertheless the close proximity to the water helps to moderate the weather temps. Right now we pay about $3.80 per...
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    Tires Open question on tire loading....

    The OP calls himself the catenary kid. Eric
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    Using polycarbonate for a windscreen?

    I have bent polycarbonate with a heat gun. I laid the 1/8 sheet over a 1/2 inch dowel and used a heat gun to gradually heat the area where I wanted the plastic to bend. It worked well. Before I did the job I was told by a guy who did lots of plastic fabrication to heat the polycarbonate quite...
  105. E

    Anyone had a lumbar fusion?

    Your x-rays look remarkably similar to mine. I'm very happy you are doing well. My fused vertebra saved me from being paralyzed and stopped relentless pain. Eric
  106. E

    NH TC45D No start. Single Click/Clunk and nothing. Seized Engine?

    Thanks for the reply, I'm sure I'm not the only person who was interested in the cause of the failure. You must be frustrated to not know the reason and if there is a way to prevent a broken crank in the future. Thanks Again, Eric
  107. E

    Therma start

    What you show is what I bought. Same box too for one of them. Eric
  108. E

    Therma start

    Last year I bought 3 thermostarts. None worked more than once. I bought another one about a month ago but haven't felt like putting it in just to be mad because the darn thing won't work. Again. And no, it is not because I am doing something wrong. They get plenty of gravity fed diesel, they...
  109. E

    Windows 10 defrag

    No, I'm at the other end of the island, less than a mile from the water as the proverbial crow flies. Eric
  110. E

    Everlast 210STL Users Out There?

    Though I have no experience with Everlast welders I do have a lot of experience with other welders and electronic equipment operating in a machine shop environment. I have found that vibration and dirt can cause all sorts of problems with connectors. Spade connectors are especially vulnerable to...
  111. E

    Windows 10 defrag

    So, after you throw Windows out of the window, what do you use instead? Eric
  112. E

    Tires Open question on tire loading....

    I dunno which is better, filled tires, weights, or empty tires. But if you do fill the front tires you could be the Catenary Quaternary Kid. How's that for a handle? Eric
  113. E

    Water heater recs please

    I would need to run 60 feet of wire. So wire cost could be substantial. I may need a sub panel too but I'm not sure about that. Eric
  114. E

    Water heater recs please

    Thanks Everyone! I am going to reconsider the tankless. In the past all the ones I used were very temperature and flow sensitive. They would either be too hot or just cold. It may require a bigger gas line as others mentioned. A heat pump would require running wire which in my case would not be...
  115. E

    Water heater recs please

    Well, I figure even rural folks, like me, need to heat water now and then, so posting this here is appropriate. Anyway, my 17 year old propane water heater is probably getting close to the end of its life and my wife and I figured we should replace it. Consumer Reports was no help. I was...
  116. E

    When to use, or not use, the diff lock?

    I have a YM2310. Being a two wheel drive machine it is easier to lose traction. So when I need to, when I get stuck, I step on the differential lock so that both wheels are spinning. I will also use the diff lock when I am going through an area where it looks like I might get stuck. I never use...
  117. E

    Fuel additives

    When I got my first diesel tractor a few years ago it had been sitting, according to the seller, for 2 years without being started. Per advice here I bought some Power Service Diesel Kleen additive and started using it. Right away the engine smoked less and started faster. After about a year of...
  118. E

    Weld table, what tools are your favorite?

    I have two vises for welding.One is a big heavy vise that is pretty much fixed in one place and the other is a small, well made, drill press vise. This vise does not have ears for bolting down but instead has flat sides. This means the vise can be in 3 positions for weldingstuff. It is a really...
  119. E

    3-Point Hitch PTO Seal leaking

    Red Loctite is the wrong stuff to use for cylindrical fits. There is a green Loctite for this purpose. 609, 603, 638, and 648 are some numbers to look for. Please look online for the stuff best suited for your application. I think 638 might be best for you. It will fill a .25mm (.010") gap...
  120. E

    Steam Boiler or Steam Generator for Weed Control

    There are online many web sites that have directions on how to build waste oil burners. I remember looking at several many years ago. YouTube has a bunch of DIY designs. I looked specifically for a weed burner and here is a link for one that comes pretty close: Good Luck, Eric
  121. E

    For sale $2000 or best offer 53' Ford jubilee stirring column is out, that's the only thing wrong otherwise she's an heck of a work horse!

    $3500 is way too high, like $3000 too high, especially since no one can stir anything with it. In case you meant steering column well then that is even worse. How can anybody test drive the tractor if they can't steer it? This post seems like a troll. Or somebody was drunk. Eric
  122. E

    Steam Boiler or Steam Generator for Weed Control

    Water takes a surprising amount of energy to convert from liquid to steam. When this steam then condenses it then gives up this energy. So your idea may work to heat the ground enough to kill the roots. I like it. Direct the steam at the ground, not the vegetation. Keep in mind that this same...
  123. E

    Weld table, what tools are your favorite?

    I really like your idea. I'm gonna make one for myself. I keep using different methods, hanging my TIG torch or MIG gun off of whatever is convenient. I hate it when the trigger on the MIG gun gets pressed and there is wire all over the floor. Your idea is great. Thanks for the pictures. BTW, I...
  124. E

    Colorado wolf reintroduction

    So, 1 out of 10 poops had a collar in it? Eric
  125. E

    More problems on the 425 Kohler CH25

    If the pistons are moving up and down and there is truly zero measured compression then either your gauge is broken or the valves aren't closing. Or there are holes in both pistons. Eric
  126. E

    Need advice

    This suggestion may not be something you want to do or can do but let me tell you what my wife and I did back in 1997. We bought a place that was trashed and it had a building on it that needed to be removed. It was once a cabin and it had been added onto. The original cabin was about 60 years...
  127. E

    bar oil test

    Everything this guy tests comes from viewer suggestions. I suggest you that you send him a message suggesting he test synthetic motor oils against bar oils. Did I use the word "suggest" enough:)? Also, why would the tests not be valid because he didn't test a synthetic motor when you then say...
  128. E

    So I did a thing... Agria 8900D

    Looks great. Many years ago a farmer brought in a shaft that was heavily worn because he never greased the thing. I had to add about 8mm of weld to begin machining it back to size. I goofed though and used the wrong rod. I used hard facing rod. Crap. So I ended up using an angle grinder to grind...
  129. E

    Toto tiller

    Toto tiller. I keep seeing in my mind's eye a field of small dogs buried with just their front legs and head showing. And a tractor with a rototiller raised just above the ground getting ready to lower it. I know, I'm sick. Eric
  130. E

    NH TC45D No start. Single Click/Clunk and nothing. Seized Engine?

    Man, that sucks. Any idea why the crankshaft broke? Was there oil starvation? Or just bad luck? A cranky crank? Thanks for letting us all know what the problem was. Cheers, Eric
  131. E

    Coolant overflow reservoir not working?

    Those lines are to show you that there is the correct amount of coolant in the system. When the engine is cold the coolant in the reservoir should be at the "COLD" line, when the engine is hot the level should be at the "HOT" line. If the coolant tank is not pressurized then coolant should be...
  132. E

    Oil & Fuel L2502 smokes really bad at cold start

    Minor thread hijack: Though not a tractor I once encountered a tool that was shipped dry and needed oil added. The tool was a device called a live center and these are used mainly in lathes. They have ball bearings in them. Anyway, back before the Soviet Union broke apart they were shipping...
  133. E

    So I did a thing... Agria 8900D

    Your description of repair options is what has me interested in the repair. For what it is worth I would not use the Loctite option. Not because I don't trust Loctite, which I do, but because of the application. As I recall no Loctite works very well on aluminum. The head is aluminum, right? If...
  134. E

    oil furnace sooting extensively

    Another reason for excessive smoke can be a restriction in the air supply. I( have had webs inside an air intake cause me problems by restricting air. Eric
  135. E

    So I did a thing... Agria 8900D

    I can hardly wait to see how you fix that hole in the head and how well the repair works. I'm a retired self employed machinist with over 40 years experience working in machine shops. I have been watching your work and so far have been impressed. I see lots of amateur folks do great machine work...
  136. E

    Just got another excellent older Lincoln welder, and a recommendation.

    I looked on the web and found where I had posted the schematic and instructions to add a purge button to rhe SP-125+ machine. See the text below. See attached .png file. Circuit changes resulting from the addition of a gas purge switch. Additions: A relay, pushbutton momentary switch...
  137. E

    Fed Ex - A Lazy Bunch

    We live in a semi-rural area, though our place is zoned rural. Most of the time the drivers are great but sometimes we get duds. Amazon seems to get the most duds. More than once I have gotten messages from Amazon that the item was not delivered because the driveway was blocked or some other BS...
  138. E

    Anybody built a Tiny House?

    After speaking with the relatives that would benefit from a lipless shower and a ramp I learned that I don't need an ADA spec ramp or a lipless shower. The scooter will safely go up and down much steeper inclines than 1:12 and their shower at home has a lip. I do need to try to make the lip as...
  139. E

    Anybody built a Tiny House?

    Greetings Eddie, You seem to have a lot of experience in this area and I really appreciate your input. I am going to talk to the person who would be most helped by a zero lip entry to see how much it would help or if it is really even necessary. The person is a close in-law and we have...
  140. E

    Bought a new Lincoln Mig 211i

    I have 3 Lincoln welders, two wire feed and one TIG, and two Miller welders, a 300 amp wire feed and a 300 amp TIG machine. They are all great machines. My newest is the Lincoln 200 amp TIG welder. It is a joy to use. I'm sure you will love your new welder. Eric
  141. E

    Well… that was stupid…

    I really feel for you. I know what it is like to have tendons re-attached and waiting a year for nerves to grow back. I think it bothers me more to see other people hurt than me. I know nothing I say will make your situation better, nevertheless I sure hope you heal quickly. Oh yeah, don't do...
  142. E

    Just got another excellent older Lincoln welder, and a recommendation.

    I documented the changes I made to the circuit board and if I can find I will post it. Somewhere the circuit board schematic is available because I have or used to have it. Since the specs are identical for both machines I suspect the circuit boards are the same. Eric
  143. E

    Just got another excellent older Lincoln welder, and a recommendation.

    I have an embarrassment of welding machines. Yesterday an old friend gave me a welder he hasn't used for over 5 years and he knew I would use it. The machine in question is a Lincoln SP-100. I already had the SP-125 Plus machine. As near as I can tell the machines are identical. I took the...
  144. E

    Anybody built a Tiny House?

    Greetings Eddie, I had not considered movement causing the grout to crack because I want to use a pre-fab shower. Maybe what I want is not available. If I have to put in a custom shower I will need to make sure that part of the bathroom is stiff enough to avoid cracking of the grout. Thanks...
  145. E

    Anybody built a Tiny House?

    I don't want another room. I think moving the building will be easy. I'll talk to my son about it since he placed the building where it is. Eric
  146. E

    Anybody built a Tiny House?

    So folks, I have taken all the comments to heart. I really appreciate the comments and advice. It looks like a 5 foot wide by 8 or 10 foot long bathroom would be ideal, especially considering the ADA aspect. Even though this room will only be used a few times a year by friends or family...
  147. E

    Anybody built a Tiny House?

    Hey All, I just wanna say Thank You to all the folks who have responded so far to my Tiny House bathroom inquiry. I have been getting lots of good advice and lots of good ideas. After reading the posts I realized I need to add more info. First of all, even though the room is about 300 feet...
  148. E

    Anybody built a Tiny House?

    Greetings Eddie, ADA is a consideration that I had not thought enough about. Though I am building a ramp for a relative that is sometimes scooter bound because of Charcot-Marie-Tooth Muscular Dystrophy I did not consider the shower sill. Having no raised sill is a great idea. Now I gotta...
  149. E

    Anybody built a Tiny House?

    Thanks for the drawing, I really appreciate it. You must have posted it while I was typing my reply. Eric
  150. E

    Anybody built a Tiny House?

    That would be great. Thanks. Eric
  151. E

    Anybody built a Tiny House?

    Shower, sink, toilet. I'm hoping to find some sample plans, I don't want to start from complete scratch. I really want plans that have been tested. I could draw up stuff with my Cad/Cam software but I don't want to. I need advice so that I can avoid mistakes that I would surely make. I am good...
  152. E

    Anybody built a Tiny House?

    We converted my old office into a room for guests. This room is about 300 feet from our house so it will give any guests real privacy. The room is about 180 square feet. It is nice and we had our first guests stay in it for the last few days. They really liked it. The only drawback is no...
  153. E

    Mitsubishi 1 Ton Mini-Split - 14/2 or 14/3

    The reason the instructions say 15 AMPS MAX breaker size is because the instructions also say to use 14 gauge wire. The breaker is for protecting the wire, NOT whatever is connected to the wire. People make this mistake all the time, thinking the breaker in the panel is for protecting the...
  154. E

    Wire inventory?

    It kinda depends on the amperage of your welder. I have a Lincoln SP125 and a Miller something or other. The Lincoln is a 125 volt powered machine with the limited amperage it output. I use almost exclusively .023 wire with gas and .035 fluxcore without gas. The miller is a 300 amp beast and I...
  155. E

    So I did a thing... Agria 8900D

    There are welding rods that can be used to build up that shaft that will be plenty hard enough. But then you would need to grind it to size, also, the size would need to be very exact. One option could be to use a hardened bushing that is a press fit or a shrink fit onto the shaft. Once again...
  156. E

    Vineyard hiller build thread

    That view showing the mountains is great! Thanks for posting it. But the real reason for my post is the 7018 rod. First of all you should change to 7014. Same strength as 7018 but you can run it with AC. As far as hydrogen embrittlement, who cares? I mean, when your welds fail I don't care...
  157. E

    Got the hearing aids

    I thought it was a joke too. But I coulda been wrong. Eric
  158. E


    You would say that, seeing as how it was a Joint Airborne Air Transportability thing. Everybody knows just how much questionable stuff you all dumped into the air. I heard that you all are also part of the Flat Earth Denial Administration. You can't pull the wool over our eyes, we know. BTW, did...
  159. E

    Cummins fined $1.675 Billion for gaming their diesel emissions.

    Diesels are not going away. They are too fuel efficient. Eric
  160. E

    Cummins fined $1.675 Billion for gaming their diesel emissions.

    I am really surprised by many of the comments here. Cummins cheated. But folks here defend them when other manufacturers manage to follow the rules. Basically Cummins stole money from the other manufacturers who spent the funds to make systems that comply with the law. Cummins did not. So they...
  161. E

    Laundry Washing Machine Lint Filter & Septic Field

    Dumping laundry washing water onto the garden seemed like a good idea to me too. I spoke with the Island County Health Department about this when I was installing my septic system. They didn't like this idea and it is in fact illegal in Island County WA. The reasoning being that there is a good...
  162. E

    Got the hearing aids

    I guess I should have referenced my earlier post on Dec. 13th. So here (or hear) it is: Hearing aids and a rant Eric
  163. E

    Got the hearing aids

    Yesterday I picked up my new hearing aids. Since I have never worn hearing aids I did not know what to expect. I certainly did not expect what I experienced! The hearing aids are not like just turning up the volume. They instead helped to correct some of what I have lost. Anyway, I...
  164. E

    Laundry Washing Machine Lint Filter & Septic Field

    I put in our septic system so I am pretty well acquainted with it. It is the infiltrator type. The drain field is comprised of 4 50 foot long 3 foot wide ditches that are 2 feet deep. The ditches are covered by a plastic clamshell that is 1 foot high and the clamshell is covered with 1 foot of...
  165. E

    Trashy Ads

    I see ads displaying women with large breasts wearing skimpy tight fitting clothes seemingly everywhere. They are kinda trashy but seem to be accepted by a lot of folks. But for the last several days I have been seeing an ad from TEMU that I find truly offensive. I'm no prude but this ad is...
  166. E

    Old Acetylene - Safe?

    New hoses are a good idea but new regs maybe not. Were the regs backed off? In other words were the little tee handles loose? If not then the springs inside the regs might not be OK. The gauges should still be accurate, they just don't wear out sitting still. How were the cylinders stored? Have...
  167. E

    Waterproof Solderless Heat Shrink Butt Terminal on sale

    I bought a set of these butt splice waterproof connectors. The metal alloy used of course melts at a very low temperature. As near as I can tell there is no flux. Anyway, before trusting the connectors I tested them. If CLEAN copper wire is used then the alloy wets the wire just fine and the...
  168. E

    Broken welds

    The above statement is correct. A proper weld is stronger than the parent metal. So if the weld breaks then the weld is at fault. If the weld pulls away from the parent metal and barely pulls away a tiny scab of the parent metal then the weld is at fault because of poor penetration. If the weld...
  169. E

    You "Road" Your Tractor?

    I called the Washington State Patrol about driving my tractor on the road and the guy I spoke to told me it had to have the safety triangle thing on the back and I could only travel about 1/4 mile from one driveway to the next along my contiguous property. I asked the guy about all the tractors...
  170. E

    Reduced Torque with Lubricated Bolts

    What is a stainless wrapped nut? I already searched online for stainless wrapped nuts and found nothing. In my career as a machinist for 40 odd years and working in many different machine shops that served the electronics, aircraft, and logging industries, as well as being self employed for the...
  171. E

    Deleted member?

    I was reading the "don't buy anything" thread and a member who called himself zarkhillbilly (or something similar) is now "Deleted member 371759". Under that it says "Guest". Does this mean this member deleted themself? Or were they deleted by the management? Just curious since I had never seen...
  172. E

    Idiots overloading trailers.

    A couple years ago my son borrowed my 1000 lb capacity trailer to move some firewood a few miles. I looked at how much wood was piled on and told him it was way overloaded. He just ignored me. I again insisted it was overloaded as he was getting ready to leave my property. He just said yeah...
  173. E

    Ethanol Free Gas

    Though we pay more for gas it has nothing to do with the state government. I wish it did, then maybe we could put pressure on some politicians ti get the price lowered, more in line with other states that have refineries 30 miles from some of the highest priced gas on the west coast. I can't...
  174. E

    Hearing aids and a rant

    The guy who tested my hearing said that I would need to wear the aids for at least 2 months to get used to them. Fortunately I have 180 days to return the hearing aids. He told me that many people find the sound to be unnatural, maybe robotic. But after they get used to them they find that they...
  175. E

    Removing Oil stains on asphalt driveway

    I have been reading this complete thread though I don't know why. Actually, I do. I am a retired small business owner and I wanted to see how this situation turned out. I wanted to see what other folks would do and did. It seems like the OP wants to make the customer completely whole. The OP...
  176. E

    DIY Float?

    Hi All, I have an AKON brand valve on my Yanmar YM2310. It does not have the float option. I know that some other valves can have the float function added by just adding a little can packed with goodies onto the valve. I have been unable to find any information for my particular AKON valve...
  177. E

    Raising the 3 point the loader also rises

    Greetings Bobog, I have been following this thread and I know I'm not the only person who appreciates your posting the solution to your problem. Thank You, Eric
  178. E

    Liquid in tire

    The manual for my Yanmar YM2310 says to fill the tire about 75% full. Using a tube will keep the inside of the tire clean which will make the job of changing a tire much easier. Especially since you plan to use beet juice. Eric
  179. E

    Hearing aids and a rant

    You raise a good point and I suppose that is indeed a better idea. Even better would be to boil the water first, then let it cool enough to use. And just because I have been using the method I described for about 40 years and have never had an ear infection because of it doesn't mean that it is...
  180. E

    MF 135 Perkins Gas 3 Cylinder Backfiring no Power

    Well, if you are missing a woodruff key then you are in luck. They are a standard item available at any good hardware store. In case you are not familiar with them they are basically a half moon shape. Because they were standardized decades ago there should be no problem getting the one that...
  181. E

    Is there a way to keep rats from nesting in my engine?

    I had a mouse problem in my garage. Rats too now and then. I tried traps and poison and etc. I finally started leaving the lights on all the time. In about a year we have had one mouse and it was dead. I think that it was sick or something. We have fluorescent lighting in the garage now but I am...
  182. E

    SCORE! Lincoln SP100 MIG Welder. Free.

    I have a Lincoln SP125+ wire feed welder, AKA a MIG Welder, that I bought used about 20 years ago, that came with with a 150 cubic foot gas cylinder, for $250.00. It still works great. I dug into the circuitry about a year after I bought it to add a gas purge button. So when I'm welding and have...
  183. E

    Hearing aids and a rant

    I get wax buildup in my ears and I use an ear syringe filled with warm water to remove the wax. An ear syringe is just a rubber bulb. Here is a link to one: Anyway, while taking a shower I get the water as hot as I can comfortably stand, then hold my cupped hand against my already...
  184. E

    Removing Oil stains on asphalt driveway

    I had to clean an oil stain on asphalt and concrete where I spilled the oil on my garage floor and it ran out onto the asphalt driveway. I used kitty litter. I poured some on the oil, let it sit for maybe 15 minutes, swept it up and then poured more on the stain. Then I ground the kitty litter...
  185. E

    Question on using JB weld

    My wife had a Camry and the top of the radiator cracked. Because it was plastic I bought some two part plastic adhesive. I cleaned the area very well, spread some of the adhesive, then laid a strip cloth on the adhesive, worked the adhesive into it, then applied some adhesive on top of the...
  186. E

    fuel pump leak

    Any time I have odd o-ring needs I go to a place that specializes in seals. Any decent sized city should have several. You need the proper size as well as the proper rubber compound. You don't want the o-rings to dissolve or swell. Where are you located? Eric
  187. E

    Improvised gravy

    You are quite welcome. There have been many times when I had meat but no drippings and this recipe has always helped to save the day. Eric
  188. E

    Improvised gravy

    The mixture in the blender has all the flavor, it is the substitute for the drippings. Eric
  189. E

    Improvised gravy

    We have all run into this, you need gravy but don't have the drippings or whatever to make it. This is what I do: Brown some meat and or skin of the animal that you need to make the gravy for. The meat and or skin should be cooked in butter or olive oil or a mixture of both. For 2 cups of gravy...
  190. E

    Now I'm paranoid

    I'm curious why you would store all the gasoline containing stuff in your well house. Is it just because it is big enough? I'm not some sort of Nervous Nelly type person yet I would never store gasoline close to my well head where a leak could really poison my well for a long time. My well water...
  191. E

    Hearing aids and a rant

    I have both hearing loss and tinnitus so I guess this won't help me much. But it is interesting. I do have vertigo which is, as near as anybody can tell, unrelated to my hearing loss. The vertigo is from nerve damage though and I wonder where exactly the damage is. Often nerve damage in one ear...
  192. E

    Hearing aids and a rant

    Today I spent 2 grand on hearing aids. Before The government made the hearing aid purchasing changes they would have cost me just about double. So that's great. Plus I can make changes to the aids myself with my smart phone, which used to not be a thing. Now for the rant. I have read many...
  193. E

    Dealer Items Missed During Delivery

    I don't think you should grin and bear it. I think you have been given sub standard service. Nevertheless, because you are not buying combines (but then how many combines do they sell in Stanwood?) or other similar large dollar purchases maybe the best solution is to identify all the problems...
  194. E

    Water line leaking - how to find it

    There are several ways to locate wire buried underground. You could do a web search. Never mind, I just did one. This link is for one device but there are several similar devices...
  195. E

    BullDog Loader detail info needed

    So, which Prince valve did you use? I guess what I really want to know is the flow through the valve. If I need to replace the complete valve to get the float function then so be it. I still need to know the proper flow rate so that a replacement valve will act the same. Do you still have this...
  196. E

    Water line leaking - how to find it

    If this was my pipe I would be in a bit of a quandary. The main pipe seems to be OK, it is just the o-ring seals that seem to fail. So, do I dig up and replace 1/2 mile of pipe or do I dig up a connection every 20 feet and replace the o-ring connection with a glued connection. Since I have never...
  197. E

    Water line leaking - how to find it

    I have read about how water leaks can be found by the sound they make. I wonder ifyou could use a stethoscope type setup to listen for the leak. Maybe shut the water off at the meter and pressurize the pipe with air so you can listen for the hiss. Eric
  198. E

    Property Dispute Leaves 3 Dead, 1 Injured and 2 In Prison, Maybe For Life

    Years ago in Redmond WA I tilled up my phone line which was installed by GTE. I was only tilling about 6 inches deep. I called GTE and they were all kinds of mad and told me it was going to be expensive. I told them the phone line was less than 6 inches deep. Well, they sent out a guy who...
  199. E

    Tractor battery issue

    I have had similar symptoms on my tractor. I had a bad solenoid. I would try to start the tractor and it acted like a dead battery. So then I would charge the battery and it would start. So I thought it was the battery. What was happening was a coincidence and I thought it was the battery. I...