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  1. SnowRidge

    Series Hydraulic Drive Discussion

    I happened to be looking for something else when I came across this discussion, which is quite interesting. It's from the Land Tamer web site. The Land Tamer is a grown up version of Power Trac's Hunt Vee amphibious vehicle. Anyone who has been following the 1430 one year report thread should...
  2. SnowRidge

    Is There A Missing Thread?

    ToolcatWonka5610's post about buying a 1430 and trailer package triggered a memory of a certain thread. Now I can't find it. It was about buying a machine with a trailer package for commercial use that the OP claimed was not road legal. IIRC, he said it was over grossed when everything was...
  3. SnowRidge

    Incomplete Page Load

    Just a FYI for forum management, I am getting incomplete page loads using Opera 9.62, build 10467. The page hangs waiting for a response from a server at, which never comes. I don't see the same problem with Firefox. I haven't noticed the problem on any site other than TBN, but I...
  4. SnowRidge

    Sloppy Hydroback

    Does anyone with an older PT with the hydroback feel their treadle is sloppy? I have almost one inch of dead movement measured at the end of the right hand treadle on my PT-425, which feels excessive. I just don't remember how much there was when the machine was new. All of the motion appears...
  5. SnowRidge

    Study: Effects Of Ethanol On Small Gasoline Engines

    The Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) has completed a study on the effects of various ethanol/gasoline blends on legacy vehicles and small non-road engines. It's rather lengthy. I have not read the whole thing yet, but the effects of running ethanol "enhanced" gasoline in air cooled power...
  6. SnowRidge

    After Only 5+ Years, The Tank Outlet Clogs

    My PT-425 quit on me today. Turned out to be the elbow fitting on the bottom of the fuel tank. It was clogged. I also saw a few strands of scum floating in the tank, something I have never seen before. I think the 10% ethanol "gas" is behind this nonsense. I've noticed a couple of stations with...
  7. SnowRidge

    Geotextile Fabric Source

    I'm going to be putting in a driveway in the next few weeks. I've asked around, but nobody around here seems to know who sells geotextile fabric. For those who have purchased it, what kind of business did you purchase it from? Thanks, SnowRidge
  8. SnowRidge

    Cat 953 LGP For Driveway Work

    I am about to put in the driveway at our new place. A fellow with a Cat 953 LGP was recommended. He gets $100 an hour and $150 transport fee. I like the guy and have watched him work for a neighbor. He doesn't take breaks or mess around. He just works. The neighbor was not there to keep an eye...
  9. SnowRidge

    Introducing: THE BAD BOY MTV!!!!

    I am glad you clarified that. I had a hard time getting past an image of Madonna in a bustier flying down the road in one of those things. :p
  10. SnowRidge

    HF Three Point Log Splitter

    Does anyone have any experience or first hand observations regarding the Harbor Freight 3PH log splitter? I have not been able to view one at the local store. This is the one I am referring to. Thanks.
  11. SnowRidge

    Introducing: THE BAD BOY MTV!!!!

    I like the idea of the electric version. You mentioned it's a 48 volt system. Do you have any information on the battery set up? Six volt golf cart batteries give excellent service in electric vehicle applications, but it's hard to imagine they would use an eight battery lash up. What are they...
  12. SnowRidge

    Brush Cutter Died -- The Search For A New Motor

    About a month ago, my 48" brush cutter seized up. It was running fine, squealed for about two seconds, then locked solid. I have always thought the design of this model with the motor bolted directly to the deck was suspect. Unlike the older variety, there is no Lovejoy coupler to temper the...
  13. SnowRidge

    More Kohler Repairs

    A couple of weeks ago, the Kohler in my PT-425 dropped the #2 cylinder's exhaust valve seat--again. This is the second time. The first was under warranty at 110 hours. This one was on me. The last time I took the engine out and had it repaired at my local authorized Kohler dealer, who repaired...
  14. SnowRidge


    I may need to dig a long trench. Anyone have any info on the trenchers available for the PT-425?
  15. SnowRidge

    New Tennessee Sales & Use Tax Exemption Rules

    I just received a Tennessee Agricultural Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption in the mail. It is good for four years. I have also been assigned an account ID number, which is listed on the certificate. According to a letter accompanying the certificate, starting Jan 1, 2008 qualified...
  16. SnowRidge

    Night Visitors

    More to come . . . .
  17. SnowRidge

    Boston Industrial Tools -- Any Good?

    I know a few PT owners have purchased articulating joint nut wrenches from Boston Industrial Tools. What do you think of the quality of their tools? They sure seem reasonably priced, and they have some stuff that can't be found at HF, etc. I did a web search on the company and found only one...
  18. SnowRidge

    Harbor Freight Mini Tire Changer

    After experimenting with all kinds of wheels on the front of my brush cutter and finish mower, I decided to go back to the plain bearing one piece OEM wheels on the brush cutter, but with tubed tires. Unfortunately, I find that trying to stretch those tiny donuts over fat four inch rims is near...
  19. SnowRidge

    So Cal Wild Fires

    I just watched the NBC news coverage of the wild fires in Southern California. It is really bad out there. I know we have some members out there. Here's hoping they and their families are OK.
  20. SnowRidge

    Hydraulic Top N Tilt

    Anyone have a hydraulic top link or top n tilt on their Branson or equivalent Century? If you do, could you post the source and model numbers for the cylinders, please. I'm looking to add at least a hydraulic top link to my Branson 3520. Also, how do the particular model cylinders you chose...
  21. SnowRidge

    Anyone Have A Mile Marker Hydraulic Winch?

    Hi, Anyone with a Mile Marker hydraulic winch that can tell me what the make and model of the hydraulic motor is? Please let me know your winch's rating, too. Thanks.
  22. SnowRidge

    Locking Old Threads

    I would like to suggest that old threads be locked after a period of inactivity. I don't know if the forum software supports that or not, but if it does, I think it would be a good feature to utilize. Today, someone resurected a seven year old thread. Instead of starting a new thread with a...
  23. SnowRidge

    Junk Mail -- Have You Been Able To Stop It?

    Has anyone succeeded in stopping the stuff, or at least getting rid of a substantial portion of it? There are a couple of threads on the subject, but they don't really say if anyone has been successful at stopping it. I know about sending the stuff back in the prepaid 'lopes. While that's...
  24. SnowRidge

    Tow/Bypass Valve Limitations PT-425 & Perhaps Others

    While researching the Sauer Danfoss series 15 tram pumps, I came across this document. Among other things, it discusses limits to the use of the tram pump's tow/bypass valve, which I don't believe Power Trac states explicitly. Short summary, tow fast or far and you will damage the pump. Fast...
  25. SnowRidge

    PT-425 Tram Pump Identified

    I have finally identified the tram pump on my Kohler powered 2003 PT-425. :D By all appearances, it is a Sauer Danfoss series 15 pump. These pumps were originally manufactured by Sauer Sundstrand prior to the year 2000 merger with Danfoss. Sauer-Danfoss Unfortunately, I don't know the exact...
  26. SnowRidge

    Almost Got Shot Today

    I have been working on the pond at our other property, installing a drain culvert and a "beaver deceiver." This afternoon, I had to put on waders and go out and install the beaver guard on the culvert, so my wife came along for the scenery and to act as a safety person. A few minutes after I...
  27. SnowRidge

    Late Model Brush Cutters

    At some point, Power Trac made a significant change to the brush cutter for the PT-4XX series. The older model has the motor mounted up high with an obvious Lovejoy coupler above the deck. The new model, which I have, has the motor sitting right on the deck. We have info from Moss...
  28. SnowRidge


    I saw a reference or two to a PT-429 on the forum. When I searched on the term, I got zilch. So, enquiring minds want to know, "What is it?" New model, someone's fantasy, whimsy, 1/3 of a PT-1287? :eek: What? :)
  29. SnowRidge

    PTers, Check This JD Thread
  30. SnowRidge

    Anyone Out There Ever Bush Hog A Well?

    I have a damaged well casing. Some idiot (no need to discuss the who :o) backed his rotary mower into it. The cap was shattered, and the casing was bent and gashed. The highest undamaged spot on the casing is just five inches above the soil. I have made temporary repairs to the severed...
  31. SnowRidge

    Anyone Seen These?

    26 to 36 HP Tractors There is a used 3100 in NC. The price seems reasonable.
  32. SnowRidge

    Driveway Thru The Woods, Living With, Costs And Other Questions

    I am looking for rough costs and other advice on having a gravel drive punched through the woods. We have managed to pick up a nice piece of property here in E. Tennessee and plan to build a new home there. We are currently trying to decide exactly where to locate the home site. It potentially...
  33. SnowRidge

    A Fork In The Road . . . .

    . . can lead to interesting places, but forks on a PT-425 can lead to frustrating places instead, since they are non-adjustable. The last time I was up at Tazewell, I complained about the lack of adjustability to the sales department. The response? Something like, "Yeah, a lot of people buy...
  34. SnowRidge

    Boom Mower

    Having managed to acquire some property with steep, overgrown roadsides that couldn't be simply or safely bush hogged, and was far too extensive to hand clear in the 90+ heat, I reluctantly came to the conclusion that I needed a boom mower. My first choice was something that would fit on my...
  35. SnowRidge

    Brush Cutter Repair

    A few days ago, while unloading my brush cutter from my equipment trailer, I noticed a vertical crack on the left front corner at the point that the skirt reduces in height. There was also a companion crack on the right side. My brush cutter has about 100 hours on it, with the vast majority of...
  36. SnowRidge

    I'm Baaaaaack!

    Title says it all. Had some 'interesting' experiences. Have new property, acquired a boom mower, and had to repair my cracked brush cutter, among other things. I will post some details later.
  37. SnowRidge

    Animated PT-425 GIF

    Moss, how did you make your animated PT-425 GIF? I need to learn how to do that.
  38. SnowRidge

    Rooms To Go -- Anyone Bought There Lately

    We having been looking for some mission style bedroom furniture. Rooms To Go has some that we like the look of (at least in the ad), although the price seems to good to be true. Has anyone bought furniture from that company in the last year or so. If you have, how was the quality and delivery...
  39. SnowRidge

    What's At Wally's And Who Really Makes It, You Say

    What\'s At Wally\'s And Who Really Makes It, You Say Here is one way to find out: Using the above link, I was able to find out who makes Wal Mart Super Tech oil. Then by researching that site, I was able to find a complete spec sheet for the product I was...
  40. SnowRidge

    Add On Gauges For Turbo Diesels -- Worthwhile?

    I picked up a new '05 Dodge 2500 with the CTD and 6 speed just before the end of the year. I notice a lot of the guys that hang out on the diesel truck enthusiasts sites seem to think an owner really should add a few gauges, such as EGT and boost, even if the truck isn't 'bombed.' I have no...
  41. SnowRidge

    Non Branson (Napa/Wix) Hydraulic Filter Issues

    Back when it was warm out, I changed the hydraulic filter and fluid in my 3520. I used a Napa 1202 (Wix 51202) filter and Certified Universal Hydraulic Fluid purchased at Sam's Club. Everything went smoothly, and I had no problems after the change -- until the temperatures dropped. When the...
  42. SnowRidge

    Is Search Supposed To Be Delayed

    Search results seem not to be available for posts until they have been up for some period around 12 hours or so, give or take. I did a search on "search" which revealed that they are supposed to be "live" these days, so I would assume there should be no delay. Just thought I'd mention it in...
  43. SnowRidge

    The Future Of Steel Prices

    I spent several hours at the doctor's yesterday, most of it in the waiting room reading. One of the business magazines--sorry, I forget which one it was--had a lengthy article on the Chinese economy. The author dwelt at length on the number of new plants coming on line, with still others...
  44. SnowRidge

    I Finally Replaced The PT Built Muffler

    About a month ago, I finally bit the bullet and bought a new Kohler muffler to replace the PT built job that came with the PT-425. I chose the same OEM kind MR's machine came with--a rear discharge model with heat shield and mounting kit. With delivery it was just under $100. I have never...
  45. SnowRidge

    REAL Brakes For Your PT-425

    The PT-425 wheel motors are now available with brakes. Specs are here. Who will be the first to experiment?
  46. SnowRidge

    10W40 Oil Versus Hydraulic Fluid--Again

    Not to stir up the old controversy too greatly, but take a look at this link.
  47. SnowRidge

    Power Trac Closed This Week For Vacation

    Just in case you planned to call......
  48. SnowRidge

    Welding Gases At TSC

    Stopped by Tractor Supply today for a sack of wild bird seed and saw a brand new locker arrangement bolted to the sidewalk in front of the store. An acetylene warning sign caught my eye, so I took a closer look. TSC has a new welding gas cylinder exchange program in conjunction with...
  49. SnowRidge

    Reversed Rims On The PT-425

    Now that Fourteen has reversed his rims, I vote we have a thread on the subject. I'm curious as to how wide the new stance is, and how it will impact 48" wide implements. So Fourteen, care to measure the reversed width for us? Curious PTers want to know. SnowRidge
  50. SnowRidge

    Engine Is Back In

    The engine is back in, and our PT-425 is running again. It was not fun. The Kohler had spit the exhaust valve seat out of the right head. The engine shop put a new head on, but didn't bother to tell me they had broken off the lifting eye mounting bolt on the left head. They just installed the...
  51. SnowRidge

    Exhausting The PT-425

    While I had my engine out, I took a close look at the PT built muffler--see attached sketch. I discovered it has a rather restricted outlet diameter--enough so, that I thought it warranted discussion. I took measurements of the Kohler and the muffler. The Kohler's exhaust ports have an I.D. of...
  52. SnowRidge

    Mowing  Contest! Have The Fastest Mower In The Fleet

    Yes folks, it's contest time. Imagine mowing at fifty plus miles an hour. You can do it with these high speed replacement wheels for your PT mowers. Just bolt them on, drop something with a <font color="red"> lot </font> of horsepower in your PT, and you are off to kill the dreaded...
  53. SnowRidge

    Kohler Parts At Napa

    According to my local store, Napa is now carrying the entire Kohler parts line. They say they are genuine Kohler parts, not knock offs. The guy at the counter said you do not need the Kohler part number, only the engine model and serial number. He said he had a complete set of books covering...
  54. SnowRidge

    PT-425 Engine Removal Procedure [Long]

    I searched for a post like this when I had to pull the Kohler out of my PT-425. I didn't find one, so I thought I would contribute this version. General: My PT-425 was built in June 2003 and is equipped with a Kohler CH25 and the Power Trac welded up muffler. Yours may be slightly or...
  55. SnowRidge

    Dead PT-425

    Our PT-425 did the unforgivable--it died. Well, actually it half died. The left cylinder bent the exhaust pushrod, which caused quite a bit of clatter. A compression test revealed zero, nada, zip compression in the left cylinder, so something besides the pushrod seems to have gone south...
  56. SnowRidge

    Wait Until They Levy This Tax On People!

    Here is something to ruminate on . . . . . . NZ flatulence tax outrages farmers There is even a video on CNN . . . . . . . SnowRidge
  57. SnowRidge

    Gas Tank Leak Stopped With Minor Mod

    I mentioned in another thread that our PT-425's gas cap flange did not come with all the screws installed, nor were there holes for the missing screws, and gas seeped out under the flange. Several owners replied that they had seepage too. Today I fixed the problem, permanently I hope. Besides...
  58. SnowRidge

    Mowing  48" Finish Mower Questions

    48\" Finish Mower Questions Rob, I'm curious as to why you went with the 48" mower instead of the 60" mower. The 60" seems like a better bang for the buck. We went with the 48" because of clearance issues with out Xmas trees. Did you have similar problems? On a related note, has anyone...
  59. SnowRidge

    'Nother PT-425 Issue

    \'Nother PT-425 Issue We gassed up and mowed the plantation area today. While we were fueling, we found that the tank leaks around the filler neck if it is close to full. We also noticed the filler neck's rear two screws had never been installed (no matching holes in the tank either). The...