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  1. SpringHollow

    PT1850 in Sacramento

    I saw that there is a PT1850 listed in the Sacramento Craigs List. Just in case you are interested. Ken
  2. SpringHollow

    Power Trac Review in JLC

    Power Trac just got some great publicity. A review was posted in JLC (Journal of Light Construction). Seems like...
  3. SpringHollow

    PT1850 for Sale

    Saw a PT1850 for sale on Ebay. Not cheap but it did have some nice implements.
  4. SpringHollow

    Used PT1850's

    You could look for years and not see a used PT1850. I recently bought an old 3pt style one and now I see there is one on Ebay with some nice attachments and two on Power Trac's website. What a time to be alive! Now someone please go and buy them so I stop thinking about them!!! Ken
  5. SpringHollow

    Increasing PT1850 FEL Tilt Range

    I have never been happy with the tilt range on my PT's FEL. It may be only an issue with my bucket since it is a Lackender bucket, not a PT bucket. My original tilt range was 90ー which let me either carry things well or dump well but not both. So I made bolt-on adapter plates to extend the...
  6. SpringHollow

    PowerTrac PT-116

    There is an old Power Trac for sale on Ebay (search for PowerTrac PT-116). It is different than any I remember seeing; powered by an 18 HP gas engine. It is always interesting to look at how they have changed over the years. Ken
  7. SpringHollow

    Used PT1850

    FYI There is a used PT1850 on Ebay. Do not see these very often. Been stored outside from the looks of things. Price seems high to me for sight unseen. Ken
  8. SpringHollow

    Used PT1430 for those looking

    I am not sure if it is ok to post this here or not. If not, Moss can delete it. I happened to notice there is listed on Craigslist a used PT1430 in Cedar Rapids. It is painted a bizarre color but might be a nice opportunity for someone out that way. I know nothing about this particular...
  9. SpringHollow

    PT on Craigslist

    Do not see them very often so I thought I would post one I happened to see. Ken
  10. SpringHollow

    Wheel Adapters for PT1850

    JJ let us know of a wonderful deal on some 24 x 12 - 12 tires and rims. I bought some and really liked the 4-ply Turf Tires. I was just buying them for the tires but one of the items on my wish list was to modify some...
  11. SpringHollow

    Snow  V Snow Plow on my PT 1850

    People asked for pictures so here are a few. There are additional pictures etc on my PT 1850 site: PT1850 with V-Plow
  12. SpringHollow

    Hydraulic Question on Reducing PTO Pressure and Flow

    Hi JJ, I apologize in advance for the length of this post. I thought I would get your input on some general hydraulic flow questions and am posting it in the forum so others can learn from your input if needed. If you do not know some of the answers, I am not asking you to spend time...
  13. SpringHollow

    Swinging Backhoe/Grapple

    A few weeks ago, I unburied some things in the barn. One was a swinging backhoe that I had bought a while ago and forgot all about because I did not have my welder yet. It was a small prototype that never went into production. I purchased it to use as a grapple for lifting logs. A 6" bucket...
  14. SpringHollow

    Added Additional Hydraulic Circuits on PT1850

    I have been wanting to do this for a very long time and finally got around to doing it this summer when I had a minute here and there. Finished it a few days ago and it works well. Now I can use the auxiliary lever to control the quick attach system and the joystick to control lift and tilt or...
  15. SpringHollow

    Good Deal on 1759 Filters for PT Diesels

    I saw a good deal on hydraulic oil 1759 filters for my PT diesel engine, I assume they are used on more than the 1850's. 18 filters for $101 including shipping. He has a bunch for sale. Search on Ebay for Napa 1759 Ken
  16. SpringHollow

    Protected Valve Stems

    I have been planning on welding pipe or metal to keep my valve stems from ripping out. I have never had this problem but it has happened frequentoy to others. Before i put my expensive sealer in, i figured i had better do something. Searching for metal valve stems, i found these recessed...
  17. SpringHollow

    What is the correct control valve for my plow

    I really am lacking in knowledge when it comes to understanding hydraulic control valves. I just purchased a used V-snowplow. It is an older style which uses a double acting hydraulic cylinder on each half of the plow. I think double acting is the correct term for: provide pressure to one...
  18. SpringHollow

    LED Lights

    I finally got around to installing my LED work lights. I am quite pleased with how they work. PT1850 LED Lights Here's a couple of pictures showing the difference:
  19. SpringHollow

    Releasing Pressure to hook up attachments

    Just a quick post in case someone never thought of it. BobRip mentioned releasing pressure to hook up attachments. Since the high presure connects are too expensive, i just replaced my quick attach connections with standard flat face. Still, sometimes i need to hold the lever all the way up...
  20. SpringHollow

    PTO Solenoid Valve Repair

    My PTO was not working. After much troubleshooting, I concluded the PTP pump worked but the control valve was not. Here is a link to the repair of the solenoid valve which saved me almost $300: PTO Solenoid Repair Ken
  21. SpringHollow

    Gantry for Barn

    Well, i finally got a chance to build my gantry for the barn's shop. Took 2 days for a friend and I to build it plus painting time. I had bought some used 20' i-beams a few years ago and welded them up to make ~ 32' long side rails. Every 16", i welded on 3/16" or 1/4" thick (can't remember...
  22. SpringHollow

    Lost Steering on my 1850

    I have been having problems with my steering - sometimes you can turn the wheel a few times before anything happens. But i was in the middle of abig job and i hoped to finish it first. However, now turning the wheel does nothing. Right before it died, I could turn right but not left then all...
  23. SpringHollow

    Oil & Fuel  Used Deutz Diesel 3 Cyl Engine

    Happened to see a used 3 cyl 1011 with 2000+ hours on Ebay which might go cheap if someone needs one. Search for: DEUTZ DEISEL POWER UNIT ENGINE MOTOR FL3 1011 40HP 3cly Ken
  24. SpringHollow

    Cooling Vest

    Not sure if this is the correct forum to place this in or not. High temperatures and humidity can easily make me sick especially when doing hard physical labor (sometimes, it seems like we have to get off the tractor seat). The evaporative cooling clothes, wrist bands, etc. do not work in our...
  25. SpringHollow

    Bad PTO Solenoid?

    My PT1850 PTO circuit is not working (does not turn the bush hog). Checked the voltage at the valve and it gets 12V when the pto switch is on (goes to 0 V like it should if you try to start the tractor). Checked with a clamp-on DC amp meter and both the positive and negative wires show about 3...
  26. SpringHollow

    Oil & Fuel  Oil Drain Valve

    On my PT, the oil drain plug does not come close to the drain hole and makes a major mess when doing oil changes. Particularly since our drain plugs are protected, I ordered a drain valve from Qwikvalve. :: QwikValve::FUMOTO OIL DRAIN VALVE::The best way to change your motor oil without tools...
  27. SpringHollow

    PT 1850 Alternator replaced

    I have been having problems with my alternator for over a year (maybe since i bought it but I think it started a month or 2 later). The voltages have been 15.5 - 16.5 V. Boiled my battery and popped a vent plug after having shut down the PT and had the engine cover open for maintenance...
  28. SpringHollow

    Installed Studded Tire Chains on PT 1850

    I installed some studded tire chains on my PT 1850. Without good chains, the tractor is thrown around by the snow plow too much when the driveway is covered in ice. The link to the pictures, notes, and where i bought them is here: PT1850 Chains Below is a picture of the studded chains. Ken...
  29. SpringHollow

    Lackender Mini Hoe for my PT 1850

    Back in the Spring, I purchased a Lackender Mini Hoe ( The frost line here is down 48" so I needed a mini hoe with a greater depth capacity than PT's. The plate did not quite fit my PT but I finally modified it so I could use it. I am installing a Wood Doctor boiler and...
  30. SpringHollow

    Oil & Fuel  Lift Capacity of 42A loader on JD 3020 Diesel

    Hi, A friend has a John Deere 3020 diesel tractor with a 42A front end loader. We need to lift some heavy equipment and needed to know the lift capacity and breakout/curl capacity of the bucket. I did some searches without any luck. If anyone knows the answers to these, I would appreciate...
  31. SpringHollow

    Miny Tach (Thanks Carl!!!) and Lighted Switches on PT 1850

    A big thanks to Carl for letting me know about the Tiny Tach and how to install it. It is a nice mod to do. The Tiny Tach has a Tach, max rpm, hour meter, and two maintenance countdown clocks. I also installed switches for my new lights and glow plugs. Here's a link to a page with pictures...
  32. SpringHollow

    Pictures of Glow Plugs Installed on PT 1850

    It can get reasonably cold here (-20ー F) so I decided to install the Deutz glow plugs. Here is a link to a page with some pictures of the glow plugs lit up. USA Discount Generators - Standby and Portable Gillette Generators Ken
  33. SpringHollow

    Deutz 1011F Parts Diagrams for PT 1850

    I downloaded all of the images of the deutz parts manual and combined them into a PDF. If you go to the page below, there is a link to it on the maintenance section. USA Discount Generators - Standby and Portable Gillette Generators Unfortunately, there are no part numbers but you can call...
  34. SpringHollow

    Valve stems on duals

    I have not installed my tire sealant yet because I have read the problems some have had with valve stems being pulled out by branches, etc. I wanted to take care of that before adding the sealant although the bullet proof stuff might seal the stem hole! Some said they put in right angle metal...
  35. SpringHollow

    Filter Cart, Tank Magnets, etc. Pictures.

    I uploaded some pictures showing my filter cart, seat replacement, hydraulic tank modifications including magnets, and a couple of maintenance pages. I did not have time to create a new site right now so I just dumped them on my company site. When I have time, I will make a real site with...
  36. SpringHollow

    Filter Cart

    On Saturday, I finished building my filter cart and modifying the cover on the PT 1850 for the quick connects to the hydraulic tank as well as the tank magnets and a thermometer. I am happy with how it turned out but I might do a small tweak on it yet - add a valve to cut back a little on the...
  37. SpringHollow

    Cleaning PT 1850 Hydraulic Tank

    Hi Carl, Here are the pictures you asked for. The first picture is of the inside of the tank before cleaning. The mess on the bottom was thick enough that it did not drain out even though I jacked up the other side of the tractor to aid in draining.
  38. SpringHollow

    PT Hydraulic Tank Question

    I took off the cover on the hydraulic tank on my PT 1850. About 20 % of the way in on the opening from the left side ("driver's side"), there is a vertical metal plate dividing the tank. I have not drained the tank, so I can not see what is going on. Does anyone know the purpose of this...
  39. SpringHollow

    Oil & Fuel  Cleaning PT 1850 Engine Oil Radiator

    People have posted how to remove the upper and side deflectors on the oil radiator so that it can be cleaned to prevent the engine from overheating. Harbor Freight sells an engine cleaning gun ($6.99) which is angled and small enough to reach under the upper cover and blow out the radiator. It...
  40. SpringHollow

    Rear Hitch and Tie Down Hooks

    I bought a Stearns® Mad Dog® / IPI 3-way Receiver Hitch (www. Product: E715A-119917, $18) and bolted it on the lower hitch ring on my PT 1850. Tightened it with a cheater bar on my large socket set and it has not budged even after about 10 extremely bouncy rides with a...
  41. SpringHollow

    Replaced Seat on PT 1850

    I had the PT out gathering firewood and learned a new way to lose weight - let the black flies and mosquitoes eat you alive. Since I had it out, I thought I would take a few pictures. I replaced the seat with one from K&M manufacturing ( K & M Manufacturing - Your source...
  42. SpringHollow

    25 HP Rated Rototiller on a 45 HP tractor?

    I have a Woods T50 50" rototiller that I used with my Ford 1520. The rototiller is recommended for use on a 15 - 25 HP tractor and it has a slip clutch. Is it okay for my brother to use this tiller on his Ford 2120 which is a 45 HP tractor? Will the slip clutch on the rototiller protect the...
  43. SpringHollow

    PT 1850 - used stump grinder for 1st time

    Even though the yard is a muddy mess (and will be for a couple more months), I could not wait any longer and had to try out a PTO powered implement. So I got out the used stump grinder I got and hooked it up. I had just cut down an 18" ash a few weeks ago so I tried it out on that. Within 10...
  44. SpringHollow

    Boy, can I be stupid!!!

    I still need to fix a few electrical problems on the 1850 but I thought I would have a few minutes of fun playing with it. Naturally, I went down my extremely wet trails that are just wet sticky clay. I went down a little ways and was impressed with how soft of a foot print it has even without...
  45. SpringHollow

    Engine Temp on an 1850

    I just received my used 1850 yesterday. So far, I am impressed with the machine. I am so used to conventional tractors that it feels strange to have that visibility, maneuverability, and ease of changing implements. To reinforce that feeling, I then spent hours in the rain switching my...
  46. SpringHollow

    60" Power Sweeper - Keep or Sell?

    The used Power Trac 1850 I am getting has a 60" Power Sweeper/Broom with power angle that fits the 1430/1845/1850. I am space limited on the trip home and I need to decide what to keep/get. I was planning on replacing the bristles and wheels on the power sweeper and selling it so I would have...
  47. SpringHollow

    Snow  Snow blade options

    I need to get a blade for my Power Trac to plow snow with on my gravel driveway. My only experience has been back blades, loader buckets, and loader mounted spring-trip snow blades. While buckets work, a wide loader mounted Curtis blade has worked real well with my conventional tractor for my...
  48. SpringHollow

    Looking to buy - Lifting capacity with the boom

    Hi everyone, Less than a month ago, I stumbled upon this site while trying to find information about some tractors. I have owned 4 tractors so far, 3 of them diesel CUTs. My current tractor is a Ford 2120 45 HP 4WD which is an awesome plowing machine with the loader-mounted Curtis plow. I...