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  1. Husaberger

    Loader  Repair vs replace bucket links

    My 2000 hr L4740 has seen some pretty heavy use and the bucket has a fair amount of slop 6 replacement links will cost me about $600 Has anyone out there repaired them? 060, 070, and 080 in the drawing
  2. Husaberger

    2014 Kubota RTV-X900 motor rebuild vs drop in remanufactured

    I need a new motor. The original one seized after hydrolock Has anyone purchased a remanufactured motor and if so what has your experience been?
  3. Husaberger

    Locking threaded inserts for Kubota L4740

    Some of the bolts attaching the engine to the frame on my Kubota have stripped out I would like to use a locking threaded insert instead of a HeliCoil They come thin and thick walled Has anyone done a similar repair and did you use thick or thin walled inserts?
  4. Husaberger

    DK65S advice

    Just bought my first Kioti Any advice from DK65S owners out there?
  5. Husaberger

    Repair of wallowed out rear wheel disk bolt holes

    The lug nuts and bolts on one of my rear wheels got loose and by the time I noticed, the holes in the disk were wallowed out Don't feel paying for a new disk Ideas on how to repair it appreciated
  6. Husaberger

    Quick connect coupler recommendation

    My Kubota has ball style quick connect couplers and most of them leak like crazy I recently got a Cat skid steer and it has flat face couplers They are super easy to connect/disconnect and don't leak a drop of fluid I'm thinking about converting all of my Kubota quick connects to the flat face...
  7. Husaberger

    Too late

  8. Husaberger

    L4740 stalled this afternoon

    Tractor has about 1500 hours and has always been reliable Was running it all day today and noticed engine was not as responsive as normal this afternoon Half an hour later it stalled I could restart it but it would not rev normally, stumble, and then stall Cleaned air filter and fuel filter-...
  9. Husaberger

    Opinion on previous owner's rationale for welding 3PH lever

    Just bought an L4200 DT Previous owner welded the 3PH lever saying that it will prevent deadheading the pump with the backhoe attached Does this make sense to anyone?
  10. Husaberger

    Front end loader pin replacement

    My L4740 is a bout 10 years old now and has seen moderate use. There's about an inch to two at the most of slop in the bucket. At point should I start thinking about replacing the pins and bushings? Any thoughts to replacing the pins alone which would be relatively simple and quick?
  11. Husaberger

    Hydraulic Hammer/Breaker

    My local auction sells new Chinese copies of American skid steer loader hammers/breakers for about $2k. Does anyone out there have any experience with them? Brands are TMG, AgroTK, Mower Kings, Wolverine, Landhonor etc
  12. Husaberger

    Proprietary computer diagnostics

    I'm looking for a used midsize skid steer loader I've heard that problems on newer machines require the dealer for diagnostics Is that true? If so, when did this change take place?
  13. Husaberger

    Double drum vibratory roller

    Looking to buy a used, small/36" or so, double drum vibratory roller Most seem to be made by Bomag, Cat, Hamm, and Wacker-Neuson Anyone out there have any advice on what to look for when buying a used unit? Also, pros and cons of the above manufacturers?
  14. Husaberger

    4WD dual fuel scissor lift

    Looking to buy a small 4WD dual fuel scissor lift Most seem to be made by Genie, JLG, and Skyjack Anyone out there have experience with these and any advice on what to look for when buying a used unit? Also, pros and cons of the above manufacturers?
  15. Husaberger

    L4740 engine side cover/skirt holder alternatives

    Perhaps the most poorly designed parts on my Kubota are the side cover/skirt holders, retainers, and holder receptacles Made of cheap plastic not to mention expensive as **** Has anyone come up with a better alternative? Don't feel like paying $14.01, $0.69, and $10.17 for a set
  16. Husaberger

    Problem with 3rd rear hydraulic remote

    I purchased my tractor with 2 rear remotes and they have worked flawlessly I recently added the third remote valve from Kubota myself It works fine in one direction but only very weakly in the the other The lever/valve action appears normal I have dissembled the kit and checked to make there is...
  17. Husaberger

    What to do after rollover and hydrolock

    Rolled my L4740 on to its right side last night Shut it off within 10 seconds Not knowing better, I tried to start it once upright Half a turn of the engine resulted in a slamming sound with no ability to turn it over further with starter Pulled glow plugs this morning and turned over engine by...
  18. Husaberger

    Backhoe  Kubota backhoe bucket parts cross referencing

    I have a BH92 backhoe with quick attach and would like a bigger bucket. The dealer wants $$$ for a new one. I found a used one online the looks just like mine but came off a BT1200 backhoe. I have the Kubota part number. Is there a way to cross reference the parts to see if it will fit my BH92?
  19. Husaberger

    L4740 HST Engine knock

    Was just about to do some trenching when engine started to knock Tractor has about 250 hours with routine service Kubota knock - YouTube All informed opinions welcome
  20. Husaberger

    2011 L4740 HST acceleration problem after overheating

    Tractor overheated and blew out plastic radiator top Just finished installing new radiator, adding new coolant and changing oil Tractor starts up normally and accelerates normally with hand accelerator but not with foot accelerator Foot accelerator seems disconnected I read someone else had to...