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  1. JLH4

    Backhoe vs Tractor with backhoe

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned the towable backhoe. I’ve got about 18 ac. of hill, mostly brush and < 12” trees with 2 ac. grass around the house/barn area. I needed a backhoe for firewood logging, trail maintenance, rock removing etc. but I did not want to have to remove it whenever I...
  2. JLH4

    Getting too old to step up 22”

    ^^^^^ did the same thing.
  3. JLH4


    I use two empty toilet paper tubes or two halves of a paper towel tube stuffed with newsprint, used printer paper, CLEAN toilet paper or paper towels. Stuff the tubes with the paper leaving an inch or two sticking out, put kindling and starter wood on top, light the paper sticking out and the...
  4. JLH4

    Thinkin about..

    Have you checked out battery powered chain saws? I use a 6” for trimming, 12” for falling/bucking 10” and under wood and a 18” for larger trees/logs. They work fine for falling and cutting personal firewood, little land clearing and helping friends out. I also have two gas power chainsaws that I...
  5. JLH4

    Grading Clean up and grade (?) a wooded lot with Loads-A-Rocks . . .

    I have been small plot farming/gardening most of the last 70 years and used raised beds quite often. My wife and I now have 12 4x8 raised beds producing a lot of fruit and vegetables which we can, freeze, dry and give to the kids/grand kids. A 24x16 work shed sits on 28 tons of gravel. That is...
  6. JLH4

    Shipping Tractors

    Amen to all you said deezler.
  7. JLH4

    And there'd probably be some fool pull out to pass

    Come on! Give us slow DSLers a break.
  8. JLH4

    I have owned my last 2 wheel drive pickup

    Has anyone driven the 2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz? It is a small AWD pickup with 3500 lb. towing, which is all I need. I have a 4wd Tacoma TRD Off-Road right now that is very good, but I think I have filled the bed full maybe two or three times and have never come close to the max. towing weight. I...
  9. JLH4

    Anyone watching Super Bowl?

    Though it was a very good half-time AKC National Kennel Club show, the commercial I liked best was when the Fox Terrier won the terrier group.
  10. JLH4

    Fuel prices around the world.

    and they have better roads and safer bridges too.
  11. JLH4


    On R4 tires I let the chains walk a little, otherwise they get down between the lugs and don't do much.
  12. JLH4

    Fuel prices around the world.

    Oil is only 86.49 today.
  13. JLH4

    Tires Winter use Tires

    I run plain ladder chains loose on R4s all winter even though we don't get much snow, plowed 6" a couple of weeks ago, but with no snow there is mud. R4s fill up with mud quickly then you have racing slicks and you just sit and spin all 4 wheels.
  14. JLH4

    Consumer Electronics Show 2021 - John Deere gets a couple of "Worst in Show" awards

    I had a friend in OK who farmed 1000+ ac. of cotton and wheat but owned very little land and equipment, he leased the land and contracted the planting, harvesting, spraying etc. His hardest job was scheduling the right crews at the right time and right place with the right equipment. He did go...
  15. JLH4

    My Truth on RK Tractors

    From what I have read here and on the RK thread the problem seems to be with the individual RK store. I've had a RK 24 since 2019 with 300+ hrs. and I have had good service and the one part I needed came in a reasonable amount of time so I'm happy with the service at the E'town/Radcliff Ky...
  16. JLH4

    Details on hitching up a tractor

    Good info. Anybody that has been thru military heavy equipment training will recognize most of this. My training was in Air Force by retired Navy Seabee.
  17. JLH4

    RK24 300 hour maint.

    The four-wheel drive and hard to shift between H - N - L were covered under warranty the muffler and exhaust were not.
  18. JLH4

    Work Pants

    I like the Lincoln brand from Rural King, a little stretchy with lots of pockets and fairly brier proof. Lincoln Outfitters Mens Flex Cargo Work Pants - 10008414 (
  19. JLH4

    Clamp on pallet forks

    The problem I found with clamp-ons is if you want to load some-thing into the bucket, 48" log, lumber etc, it will stop at the clamps or if it goes over the clamps it jams up against the clamps on the inside. I made these strap-on forks.
  20. JLH4

    RK24 300 hour maint.

    I got my tractor back today and I couldn't be happier. :) They took care of the four-wheel and shift lever problem, did the 300-hour maintenance and fixed a couple of issues I didn't know it had. Besides that, the bill was $75 less than what they quoted me. They had three tractors they were...
  21. JLH4

    how your RK 24's doing?

    Excellent up 'til a couple of week ago. See my thread under RK24 300 hour maint. Joe
  22. JLH4

    RK24 300 hour maint.

    Just took my RK24 in for 300 hr. maint. plus some repair. 1. The muffler and tail (front) pipe broke off at the exhaust manifold and both brackets that hold it on.:( Dealer ordered new part, came in about a week.:) 2. Stuck in four wheel drive and hard to shift between H - N - L.:censored: It...
  23. JLH4

    When did John Deere begin the Right to Repair problems?

    Here is a related question. Does anyone produce a basic tractor. My 2019 RK24 (TYM) is about as basic as I've seen. I can do the standard 250 hour maintenance, haven't tried repairing anything but I have added stuff with no problem. I assume it has some computer related functions but otherwise...
  24. JLH4

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    Molalla1 you're right I don't cut much compared to some, about 2 cords plus pruning and some storm cleanup. When you get up towards 80 (I'm 79) ,pulling a trigger sure beats pulling a rope. I used to do a lot more but that is another story. As far as the chaps go, I wear them when falling and...
  25. JLH4

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    I have Ryobi and Greenworks battery chainsaws in 8",10", 12", 14", & 16". The first 4 are slow to OK 🐢, 16" Greenworks 80v is a screemer, I've cut 30 " trees and still hade battery left over. I've got two gas saws growing moss. I doubt I'll ever go back to gas.:)
  26. JLH4

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    <Bored in on one side and cut back to the end, Went from the end in on the other side.> Gordon, did you use a standard crosscut chain or a rip chain on that pine?
  27. JLH4


    It has been raining off and on for the last week here so the ground is good and soft. I cleaned and flattened a couple of trails this morning with my back blade but now I have ruts which I will have to fill in after it dries up some. I have chains on all four corners so I dig holes where it is...
  28. JLH4

    Fuel prices around the world.

    Central Kentucky, reg. - 2.69, Diesel 2.89.
  29. JLH4

    Should I cab or not. Getting ready to buy

    I live in central KY so our weather is about the same as E. TN. and I have an open station. I would not have a cab, I do a lot of brush clearing and tree cutting for firewood and I'm on and off the seat 50+- times a day sometimes and it is a pain to open and close the door that many times. My...
  30. JLH4

    Is it just me?

    I want ketchup on my hot dog! Chick-fil-a is just warm cardboard here.
  31. JLH4

    Not Going To Unread Messages (Posts)

    I've been wondering that myself. Thank You LS Tractor Owner. Joe
  32. JLH4

    New Tractor Company as if we didn't have enough

    On a small trailer take a spare battery pack and small generator/solar array with the equipment to change out the battery pack, your lunch, water etc. and you would be good for the day. Of course this may not happen for a while yet but maybe in 10 - 20 years, ay? Joe
  33. JLH4

    Good morning!!!!

    Our United Methodist Church is open also and has been for a few weeks with 3 services last two weeks; SS starting today, social distancing and masks required. Only about 50% attendance so far but lots of watchers on streaming tv. Joe
  34. JLH4

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    Hello Dodge Man Try Tecnu, I use it on me, my gloves, socks, shirts, and equipment. Clean the saw well and put some Tecnu on a brush, leave it for a few minutes then wipe off (I use paper shop towels). This stuff neutralizes the poison ivy oil. At lest it works for me. Tecnu Original Outdoor...
  35. JLH4

    Carbon Dioxide

    I like my battery powered chainsaws and hand tools because they are easy to use, less maintenance and are quiet. This 79 yr. old needs all the ease of use and quiet I can get.
  36. JLH4

    Carbon Dioxide

    Has everyone but Hay Dude and bigtiller forgotten about clean nuclear power?
  37. JLH4

    Fueling tractor

    i still use 5 gal. cans but I leave them on the ground and fill a 1 gal. can with a big funnel to fill the tractor. It takes about 4 trips but I only need to do it about once or twice a month.
  38. JLH4

    Carbon Dioxide

    ^^^^^ What garbage?
  39. JLH4

    Tires  RK 24 wheel spacers

    Has anyone put wheel spacers on a RK 24? Can the rims be reversed and would that make any difference? Thanks, Joe
  40. JLH4

    My choices in red

    I can't speak for the Massy but for the RK24 that I have. Couldn't be happier with the RK24 (150+ hrs.). My dealer is only about 10 miles away and what little I have needed done (50 hr. checkup) was done quickly and well. If you go to the Rural King forum, toward the end of this site, you will...
  41. JLH4

    Grapple Hydraulic Fluid

    I just installed a new grapple on my FEL and it uses AW32 fluid which I got at Lowes, of all places. My problem is that the fluid is clear and I can't see the level on the dip stick :confused3:. Is there anything I can put into the fluid to give it some color and not mess up the fluid?:confused2:
  42. JLH4

    Grapple Hydraulic Fluid

    Wrong thread, sorry!
  43. JLH4

    Poulan Zero Turn

    Hi all I'm usually up in the tractor section but now I have a problem with my zero turn mower. When I take off the parking brake the engine stops. The brake must be on to start the mower. Is there a switch some place that could be bad? This mower ran fine not long ago but I can't even move it...
  44. JLH4

    Tires  RK 24 tire pressures

    :confused:Where can I find the tire pressures for R4 tires on the RK24. All the operators manual has is the tire size.:(
  45. JLH4

    This is a test.

    Another test, different photo software.
  46. JLH4

    This is a test.

    Testing to see if I can upload pics from Windows 10 Paint 3D. There may be 2 pics here. It worked, I'll now post to the regular forum threads.
  47. JLH4

    Front Tire Chains

    :confused:Has anyone put tire chains on the front tires of a RK24 with r4 tires. I'm looking at 2link ladder chains for mud and snow on a muddy Kentucky hill. I spun all four tires on a 50 foot slope and left 4 in. deep ruts. At the top I had 4 racing slicks on the corners. Thanks for any...
  48. JLH4

    LED lights on an RK24

    I am putting LED light bars(2) on the ROPS. Has anyone done this and is there a wiring diagram for the RK24 anywhere online? The owners manual says the wiring is in section 8 but there is no section 8, it goes from 7 to 9. I want the lights to go thru a switch so I can turn them on as needed.
  49. JLH4

    Ammo box additions

    I needed a bigger toolbox and some way to carry chains on my RK24 so I added these two ammo boxes.
  50. JLH4

    MMM for RK24

    I didn't get a mower with my RK24 because I didn't want to haul it around all the time. But now I'm rethinking that decision. How easy is it to mount and remove it. I know nothing about MMM so any advice would be appreciated. Thanks:)