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  1. jwmorris

    Air Compressor Performance

    I have a number of older compressors and wished I had wrote down how long they ran, to fill from empty. So I could see how well they were still doing. Thought maybe others had the same thought at some point and numbers could be collected and shared. One is an 80 gal with an SS5 compressor and...
  2. jwmorris

    Towable pressure washer/30min water source

    I decided I needed a way to flush rocks away from stumps I needed gone, had a gas powered pressure washer, old drum and a GM intercooler water pump. The frame is 1.5 angle, notched and bent from 1/8. Same for the bearing mounts and battery holder. Transfer screws make it easy to have...
  3. jwmorris

    Another homemade tractor canopy

    I did this one a little bit different than others and it’s the easiest one I have to put on that can withstand a little running into branches. I started with a hunk of 1x3 box tube and made some 1/2-13 threaded inserts that I welded into it, then drilled out a 1/2” bolt to use as a drill...
  4. jwmorris

    Making a port-a-band, a vertical band saw..

    This is the 4th one I’ve put together and they are all slightly different but are based on some 1/4” tank feet that cracked on the edges when bent, used for the table. A ziptie holds the trigger down and I use a foot ”on/off” switch on them in most cases, clamped to the table on the right on...
  5. jwmorris

    PTO powered stump grinder build

    I have been gathering up stuff for awhile and finally got started. The shield is the steam dome off a boiler, my Father cut up in the ‘80’s, (think I’m going to build a firepit with the rest of it) some drop 1/2” plate from a roller project, the clutched drive shaft came from vevor $100 and 34...
  6. jwmorris

    Rolling gate opener converted for roll up doors.

    I’m not really sure why but roll up door openers seem to bring a premium while rolling gate openers can be found fairly cheap. So I picked one up a few years ago to see if I could make it work on my roll up doors. These are the style I have but they don’t have the vevor name on them but were a...
  7. jwmorris

    Land plane & box scraper from a box blade.

    Land planes seem to be more rare around here and I never could find a good deal on one but did find a Howse box blade for $350. I cut the 3 point attachment and rippers off the box and mounted the blades on 6x6x.375 angle iron. Mounted to side plates with slotted holes punched in it for...
  8. jwmorris

    Rolling metal, rings/arch’s

    It’s not a tool I use everyday but has been useful over the years on a number of projects. After using It last night I made a quick video of it.
  9. jwmorris

    One way to repair cast iron.

    This is a method I use fairly often for cast iron repairs, using a TIG welder and silicon bronze filler rod. Broken part is sand blasted, with most attention on fracture area. Set up parts so fracture is aligned just "sitting there", a clamp and shims can help. Grind away material to gain...
  10. jwmorris

    Truck mounted, quick detach, round bale mover.

    This project started with me coming across this unit a couple months ago. I already did a dump trailer and have been working on the farm truck, after rebuilding the AC compressor I decided to make a hay mover for it that I could easily remove when not in use. I came across this double...
  11. jwmorris

    Broken fastener removal

    I have removed hundreds of broken and stripped fasteners over the years but never took step by step photos and thought some welders here might pick up another “trick”. Also have used a number of methods like EZ out’s of different styles, left handed drill bits, machining and metal disintegration...
  12. jwmorris

    Mule engine swap

    Had a half shaft break on one of the mules down at the farm and a buddy of mine said another friend of ours had one with a blown engine sitting in a field. I wound up just getting a new half shaft but he picked up the mule for spare parts before they scrapped it. I looked it over and decided...
  13. jwmorris

    Drag box scraper build

    Had some parts sitting in the junk pile and need a way to keep some gravel level w/o a tractor. A box blade surround, left over from a land plane build. An axle cut off a vat and put to the side by my Grandfather 40 odd years ago, a cutting edge a little too long but the correct bolt pattern...
  14. jwmorris

    380 shot shell

    380 shot shells. First step is to turn the .223 case back and I built a little fixture to trim them to .980" Once locked into the fixture I rough cut them long then hit it on a disk sander that gets it to .980" I used Winchester SPP to ignite the N310 under a cardboard wad with 60 grains...
  15. jwmorris

    Hay spike mout for FEL bucket.

    I might should have searched or asked for advice first but I found a bucket to replace the many times patched up bucket on my Fathers MF. For years he has also complained of having to swap the hay spike/bucket around and is too frugal to get a quick change setup so I added a top link setup and...
  16. jwmorris

    What is your method of crowning a road with a scraper grader?

    I built mine for adjustable height but haven't played with it much, set 3/4" down on both sides. My mind tells me that setting one side to zero and making alternating passes down either side will do it but before I burn fuel I figured I would ask folks that have already done it. This is pretty...
  17. jwmorris

    Grader scraper build, would like options of operators of them.

    I have wanted to try one for years but they all seem to be priced too high and never last long enough for the owner to lower the price. About 5 years ago I came across a cheap box blade ($200) on Craigslist and bought it so I didn't have to haul the one from the farm to the house but it has...
  18. jwmorris

    Using a MIG welder to cut closed cell foam

    Not really a welding subject but another use for a MIG welder. Not sure why the video went crooked but you can get the concept anyway.
  19. jwmorris

    PID controlled smokers

    Had a bunch of folks over the other day and took a short video of two of the PID controlled smokers I have. One is a regular wood fired and controls the damper the other is pellet fed and the PID controls pellet flow.
  20. jwmorris

    Fence line trimmer

    After the last try helping my Father out with trimming under electric fence I built another that could work for both of us. Works like the 22" string line trimmers I already have but I can trim 20 yards in 16 seconds while driving the 4 wheeler. I had to buy a $22 belt and picked up the...
  21. jwmorris

    Anyone here incubate chicken eggs?

    Planning a new project that my little girl might like, to incubate fertile eggs until chicks hatch. I have read quite a bit on the subject but can't say I know what works or not yet. In any case this is what I am looking at starting out with. Anyone thats done it care to provide advice...
  22. jwmorris

    T/C barrels have gotten expensive

    After looking for "uppers" for one of my TC contenders for my Daughter and not liking the prices (barrels alone are over $300 these days) I decided to build them. Started with the .22 blank and turned it down and threaded it for a suppressor. While I was at it, I went ahead and machined a...
  23. jwmorris

    Auto reset reactive steel targets

    I have made a few similar to this that work better than walking back and forth when it's wet. This is a video with a camera down range showing them working. They generally run off of deer feeder batteries but they are in use feeding right now. The Larue style is running slower than normal...
  24. jwmorris

    Something a little different

    I had a 9" section of a 9mm barrel left over from another project I had sitting around for awhile and finally did something with it. Turned it down to fit the 20ga chamber of one of my 24's. After a fellow tinkerer loaned me a reamer I shot some groups with it today and managed a 1.5" 5 shot...
  25. jwmorris

    Homemade casting operation

    Not tractor stuff but a series of build it yourself projects I have done working together.
  26. jwmorris

    Mowing under electric fence wire

    My Father asked me last weekend if I could come up with something to knock the weeds down under hundreds of yards of electric fence he has. Once they short the wire to ground the fence is useless. I thought of using one of the line trimmers I had but thought he might not like messing with...
  27. jwmorris

    Threw together a stump grinder

    Converted a rope pull 8hp Briggs over to electric start, used the handle off an old rototiller, cutter off of a horizontal mill, front tires of a dead riding mower and some other stuff to make a stump grinder. The tounge is held on/removes with a single lynch pin.
  28. jwmorris

    High pressure "boost" pump

    I have been interested in PCP air rifles since my daughter was born but didn't like the way folks have to fill them. Built a pretty simple booster pump that uses 90 psi "shop" air and boosts my weld tank gasses up from 1500 psi up to the pressures they work at. 2400 psi so far, have to wait on...
  29. jwmorris

    Homade cant hook (with photos)

    Sorry about the first thread had problems uploading the photos here. In anycase I decided I wanted a cant hook and made one this evening. It was made from a drop from an old rollcage 1.75" OD 1.5" I'd tubing. The bottom 4" is 1.5" bar stock drilled and tapped on the bottom 3/8-16 to hold the...
  30. jwmorris

    homemade cant hook

    Delete Posted with photos
  31. jwmorris

    Value of a Handy Auto torch

    I have an extra Handy Auto torch I was thinking about getting rid of what are used values?
  32. jwmorris

    Hydraulic guys, will this work?

    Post 38 here.
  33. jwmorris

    Dump bed hydraulics

    I am going to convert a trailer I have over to hydraulic dump. I went and looked at a friends trailer and it uses a 3.5" diameter 25" long one piece ram. Looks like the easy way (and cheap) to do it but it will cause me to loose some ground clearance due to the angle it would have to be mounted...
  34. jwmorris

    ATV Rope wick mount

    Spring is here and the weeds are in full force. After a day of spot spraying and a round of broadcast spraying weedmaster, I decided I needed a different method. After a little research I went with a rope wick applicator using round up to speed up the process and get other undesirable plants...
  35. jwmorris

    show your short drop storage solutions

    I have built a swing out rack for material from 16" to 8' or so that makes it quick to find a section that I need but am looking for something for the buckets of drop that I have that are shorter. Rotating bins would be nice but they are quite expensive if they can hold the weight. What have...
  36. jwmorris

    Homage casting machine

    7 years ago or so, I decided To cast my own bullets but after watching a friend cast fishing weights, I thought the process was too time consuming for the volume I was looking for. So I did some research and wound up building the machine below. The pot is 3/8" wall pipe that I welded on a...
  37. jwmorris

    Bullet trap build

    The target thread reminded me of the back yard bullet trap I built. It's only 3/8" thick mild steel so I only use .22's, pistols and pistol caliber carbines with it but it's better than nothing. Its 8' tall and just over 16 feet wide, weighs around 4000 lbs.
  38. jwmorris

    different style dirt pan

    I have been looking for one for a while and came across this one, gave $350 so I can stand for it to be a little less than ideal. It works backwards from most I have seen, it rotates to the rear to dump and the apron opens as extensions hit the frame in the rear. Anyone use one like this vs...
  39. jwmorris

    Another bench idea

    Not exactly tractor stuff but figured I'd post it here as it is another way to make a strong bench even if you don't have a bunch of heavy material to build it from. It is 3/4" box tube that makes up a 5" truss making it quite strong an still light enough I won't mess up the wood floor. The...
  40. jwmorris

    Drip line plow

    This one is a plow I built for installing irrigation drip lines. The machine is built from 4x4x3/16 box tube with ½" steel plate doublers on top and bottom of the rear blade mount. 5/8" holes equal spaced allow for just about any spacing between installed lines. The spools have ½" hyvar...
  41. jwmorris

    3 point blade to mini X conversion

    These are old photos, I never posted of a conversion of a land pride blade to attach to a mini x along with hydraulic tilt controls. The attachment mount is made from 5/8 plate on the sides and ¾" plate on the bottom. The box tube that attaches the mount to the blade is 2.5 x ¼" box tube.
  42. jwmorris

    Gopher plow

    For years my father has been killing gophers with a modified pry bar and cups of poison, baiting tunnels a few hours at a time as he felt like it. We just finished a machine that baited the problem spots over 32 acres in under two hours. I had the 3 point hook up leftover from another project...
  43. jwmorris

    Leaf vacuum that didn't mulch

    A few years ago I found a tow behind vacuum that didn't mulch that someone here had built but didn't find it in my search. If you built said machine, could you post some photos?
  44. jwmorris

    another pond rake

    I got the idea from here so I though would share. After a few trials and errors we've got one that works. The first design was just the boiler pipe and rake, it bent. The 2nd generation was with the truss, the water primrose folded over the rake (the same thing that bent the 1st gen) until it...