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  1. OhioGuy

    Lost Power steering on 2016 SZ60 KW

    So I found the Manufacturer on the pump/module and I was pretty sure the module was bad. I was happy to hear I could buy the module for $250 with a 30 day return window. Picked it up yesterday, 15 minutes to reinstall and I was mowing with restored power steering. $250 is pricey but I was just...
  2. OhioGuy

    Lost Power steering on 2016 SZ60 KW

    Thanks Richard, I noticed this company sells the control module separately and have also discovered my module has an LED that can be used for diagnostics. I'm still trying to get inf from the MFG. My module has power in, no power out and when you power the pump directly, it works...
  3. OhioGuy

    Lost Power steering on 2016 SZ60 KW

    Thanks Richard, I saw similar pumps on the website of the company that made the pumps for Cub. Curt
  4. OhioGuy

    Lost Power steering on 2016 SZ60 KW

    I was doing my first spring mowing a week ago and the first issue was a dead battery. It had been on a tender all winter and showed green, but didn't even turn over. I replaced the battery and off I went mowing. I realized the power steering wasn't working, still usable but tight turns will wear...
  5. OhioGuy

    Mowing  Transmission problem

    OK, This is yet another disappointmet in a 5252 I bought in 2006, I'm guessing this is the death knoll for this tractor. I'm trying to get some mowing done and I hear a transmision whine and then no drive. I'm guessing it's the dreaded 5000 series tranny fail. I can see the driveshaft spinning...
  6. OhioGuy

    Mowing  5252 Deck

    I took my deck off this weekend to clean and sharpen blades. I noticed the original belt tying the three spindles together was a little worn , so I thought i'd get a backuo at a local belt shop. It looks like you need to loosen the gearbox to get the belt clear for removal. I discovered the nut...
  7. OhioGuy

    Case 235/245/255

    Hi, I just picked up a 1990 Case 245 in great shape. I have two questions. First, has anyone used the 72F Case blade. This came with the blade and frame but appears to be missing parts, no hydraulic cylinder or any other mechaism to lift. I searched without success for a diagram or picture...
  8. OhioGuy

    5252 electrical problem

    My Cub 5252 recently had a failure of the hourmeter, tach and fuel gauge. The tach and hourmeter are blank, like no power. I was hoping to find a 3A fuse blown but no such luck, I checked, unplugged and plugged the harness to the dash, pushed wires around, still no go. I thought someone might...
  9. OhioGuy

    Buying Advice  Cub M48S Tank

    I looked at a 2004 M48S today with 120 hours. Are there any known issues with this model. It had the Kohler Command 18HP, ran good, sounded good, asking price was $3300. It also had the stamped deck, which looked solid/well made. Thanks for any insight anyone might have. Curt
  10. OhioGuy

    eBay/Craigslist  54" blower on Ebay for 7000 series

    I saw this browsing Ebay today, if it would fit my 5252, I'd buy it. $1500 for a new blower, hitch and hydraulic kit and free shipping. Maybe someone else here could take advantage? I'm still using my 1872 and 451 blower but neither of us are gettin any younger. Curt NEW CUB CADET SNOW...
  11. OhioGuy

    1872 No spark

    My 1872 wouldn't start yesterday, no spark. I removed the ground lead from the ignition module, still no spark. Is there anything else I should look at before I pull the engine and replace the ignition module? Thanks, Curt
  12. OhioGuy

    Cub Deck Wheel

    Hi Guys, I was mowing tonight between rains and my deck wheel turned sideways when it caught on the edge of the drive and knocked this tire off the wheel. Any tips to get this tire back on? It's hard to see in the picture, but there is a ridge around the inside of the tire thats really going...
  13. OhioGuy

    1872 Carb problem

    This weekend, I attempted to start the 1872, (Kohler 18HP Magnum) it sounded odd and only turned over slightly. It actually sounded like something was locked mechanicaly. Short story, the cylinders were full of gas and the oil was contaminated. My assuption was the float stuck open and allowed...
  14. OhioGuy

    Another hitch idea!

    Here's what I think is the perfect hitch. It's on my 1872. The upper ball works well moving my 16 foot landscape trailer. The lower works well on the smaller trailers and the drawbar work on those devices that don't have a coupler, like my broadcast spreader that's going to get a workout today...
  15. OhioGuy

    Uh Oh!

    I was throwing some snow last week, it was about a foot deep and close to zero degrees and I heard a loud bang from the tractor. The tractor is an old 1872 SGT. I was able to back up to see some odd looking parts in my path. Seems my hydro cooling fan exploded... I figure I'm good on that till...
  16. OhioGuy

    Hot spark?

    It seems like whenever we have really cold weather, below zero, I have a hard time getting the Cub to start. This particular model is an 1872 with the 18HP Magnum. I keep a trickle charger on it and it turns over fine but there is no evidence of spark, then I end up flooding it. So my question...
  17. OhioGuy

    Price Check  Tire pricing

    Hello, My 20 year old tires on the front of my 1872 are dryrotting and need replaced. Cub wants $147.14 per tire, plus shipping and maybe tax, I didn't get that far. They are 18 x 8.5 x 8. I can buy Carlisles on Amazon for $61 delivered, each, so thats $121 vs $298 + shipping and tax. I...
  18. OhioGuy

    Cub compacts

    Let me start out by saying I'm a huge fan of Cub products, but have some concerns about their marketing of the CUT products. Other folks who have experienced the problems I'm about to mention can either confirm or deny the accuracy. My problem is that Cub doesn't seem to be able to decide on a...
  19. OhioGuy

    2150 won't crank

    My brother in law called yesterday and said after a couple hours of mowing, he took a break, when he returned to mowing the tractor would click, but not turn over. The battery and started were removed and tested and some relay was replaced. No change. He tried connecting the + side of the...
  20. OhioGuy

    Power steering unit

    Hello, I'm currently selling a couple of Cub items here and in the paper (a blade and a blower) and I had a call from a guy who was looking for a power steering unit. Anyone have a good source other than watching EBAY for one to come up. Thanks, Curt
  21. OhioGuy

    Cub snowthrowers 450 and 451

    Good evening, Does anyone have experience with the 450 and 451 blower that could tell me why they wouldn't be interchangeable on a SGT (1872). I have a 450 I've used for five years or so and I bought a 451 at an auction in the spring. I mounted the 451 today on the 1872 and all appears normal...
  22. OhioGuy

    Oil & Fuel  5252 starved for fuel?

    I'm having problems with my 5252, it appears to be fuel starved. It's a 25Hp Kohler Command. I'll be mowing and it will start sputtering and may even stall, I can usually keep it running by choking but not with enough power to mow. I changed the fuel filter, what a poor location for that...
  23. OhioGuy

    PTO kills engine

    I did some work on my mothers 1641 last weekend and got her running again. My best guess is the float stuck or she left the key on (assuming this tractor has a solenid shutoff) and gas got in the oil sump. I changed the oil cleaned the plugs, took the carb apart and cleaned it and it started...
  24. OhioGuy

    1872 ignition and hydro problems

    I have a recently purchased 1872 that has two problems that I've spent a fair amount of time on, with limited success. I'm intermittently losing spark. My neighbor loaned me a in-line spark indicator and the tractor will start 90 percent of the time, on that tenth attemp, no spark. I'm leaning...
  25. OhioGuy

    Cub hydro system

    Is there a website with good service info on the Cub's hydro system. My latest 1872 project (auction) is leaking a bit, I believe from the hydro relief valve. I'm hoping to power wash and isolate the source, but then what. I noticed in the parts diagram there four different relief valves or...
  26. OhioGuy

    Cub Cadet Website

    First, I want to comment on how nice the Cub part page is with the exploded diagrams and part number pricing info, BUT... Has anyone ordered parts from the Cub Cadet website. It might be the worst implementaion I've ever seen. The last item you add to your basket never seems to show up and if...
  27. OhioGuy

    5252 60" Deck gearbox slipping?

    I was mowing tonight and took a break after an hour or so, had a beverage, got back on the tractor and started it up. When I engaged the PTO it didn't sound right and I noticed the blades were turning at maybe 1/4 speed. Engaging and disengaging didn't create that jolt I'm used to from the load...
  28. OhioGuy

    5000 series snowblower

    Greetings, Has anyone checked on pricing for the front mounted snowthrower for the 5000 series. I did some checking back in May and it was around $3000 + to get alll that was required. I know lots of guys swear by the three point blower, I have some neck problems that I'm sure would be...
  29. OhioGuy

    1872 PTO problem?

    We had a bit of snow overnight in NE Ohio, I got out the trusty 1872 with the 45" blower it was right on the edge of being too wet to blow, sorta throwin slush out the discharge. Near the end of my cleanup the PTO wouldn't engage, drove back to the shop, turned off the tractor, looked for any...
  30. OhioGuy

    5000 series 60" deck blades

    5000 series 60\" deck blades Does anyone have a second source for the blades for the 60" MMM on the 5000 series. I ordered a set from the dealer twice, with no success. I can get the part number if that helps. I've only had this deck off once to clean and sharpen blades, it's a lot tougher to...
  31. OhioGuy

    New VS used

    I see so many posts here from guys looking for some help with selecting the right Cub for a particular application, I just have to throw in one other option. That would be the used Cub market I've owned six Cubs, a 149, an 1862, an 1860 an 1872 and a 5252 and the only tractor I bought new was...
  32. OhioGuy

    Reverse kill on 2135

    Anyone have any idea on how to disable the reverse PTO kill on this tractor (2135)? Thanks, Curt
  33. OhioGuy

    Price Check  Price gouge?

    I picked up a number of supplies today for my new 5252. I was surprised they didn't stock an air cleaner or pre filter but more surprised at the cost of the suggested hydraulic fluid. $31.64 per gallon for part # 737-3121, just not acceptable. I bought 1 gallon because the 25 hour service...
  34. OhioGuy

    3204 electrical problem

    My dad's new 3204 is blowing one or both 20 amp fuses. The tractor is new and under warranty but I think the problem may be hard to track down. I was hoping the dealer has a tech bulletin on this problem or had seen it before. Anyone else had any fuse problems. I know the ignition fuse was...
  35. OhioGuy

    Mowing  Strange mowing issue

    I've seen a strange scenario from he 60" deck on my 5252. I'm mowing dry grass but for some reason, the left rear wheel on the deck loads up with grass and then flips off a 12" x 2" patch every 100 feet or so. nothing accumulates on the other three wheels, weird. I'm thinking of swapping wheels...
  36. OhioGuy

    Septic system

    I'm doing some planning on an addition to my parents house. Part of this project will probably require the septic system be relocated. I received a verbal ballpark quote today of $7000 to do the job. I think the county I'm in requires two 1000 gallon vessels and a leach field. What part of that...
  37. OhioGuy

    Great service!

    I bought a 20" PTO shaft to connect a Yanmar tiller to a Ford 1220 Tractor from Agri-Supply in June or July, cut it to length and used it a couple of times this summer. I had a 10 X 40 area on my property with a couple large mounds of dirt and a trench. Don't know when it was dug up that way...
  38. OhioGuy

    Backhoe hydraulic problem

    I've noticed increasing jerkiness on the boom on my 756C backhoe. Anything simple I can look at. It's well lubricated, there doesn't appear to be too much play in the joints. All the other motions work fine. If I feather it really lightly, I can get it move smoothly, but that's way too slow...
  39. OhioGuy

    Yanmar tiller

    I bought a 1301 in the spring and got my first chance to put it to work today. My last attempt to till, I raised the tiller binding the PTO shaft and broke the universal. I cut down a new one this weekend and also made a shorter toplink out of an old piece of steel. It tilled really well but I...
  40. OhioGuy

    Portable Generator

    A little off topic maybe but.... I bought a Generac gas powered generator, Model 7000 EXL in August 2003 from Home Depot, it failed in the first use (power outage) after about 1 hour. It just stopped producing power. It was exchanged for a new one that I readied for use and it has sat since...
  41. OhioGuy

    SGT 1872 frame problems?

    I recently had two of the bolts that hold the frame to the rear end of the tractor snap off. I first thought they had just come loose and fallen out, I wasnt that lucky. Both bolts on the left side snapped off. When I removed the rear cover off the differential I was hoping there would be enough...
  42. OhioGuy

    Tiller parts

    Hello, Due to a serious cockpit error, I'm in need of the cross kit for the PTO shaft on a Yanmar 1301 tiller. It measures 1.045 across the bearing cup and 2 3/4 overall length. (Measure with a micrometer, mark it with a crayon and cut it with a chainsaw). I tried TSC and the local auto parts...
  43. OhioGuy

    RM-59 belt

    Hello, I snapped the belt on my RM-59-2 this weekend, does anyone have a link to a diagram of the routing for this belt. Any little tricks to getting it on more easily? And, can it be purchased for less than $70, ouch!! The part # on the belt is Woods Bros 31700. Should of been using the...
  44. OhioGuy

    Tiller PTO shaft

    I recently purchased a Yanmar 1303 tiller to use with my 1220. Everything is about what I expected with a little hitch. The PTO shaft is only engaging about two of the six inches on the splined shaft and if I add a 4" PTO extension the shaft is at too extreme an angle when raised to rotate. It...
  45. OhioGuy

    Tires  Calcium filled tires?

    Based on the old theory that there are no stupid questions, when I check the rear tires on my 1220, they read somewhere in range of 15 LBS. They don't look low and they are filled with some type of fluid. The tire calls for 30 LBS I believe. I tried reading them with the stem on top thinking...
  46. OhioGuy

    Yanmar RS 1200 Tiller

    Can anybody tell me if a Yanmar RS 1200 tiller would hook up to a standard class 1 3 point hitch. I looking to buy one for my Ford 1220 and want to make sure it's compatible. I'm currently running a King Kutter 4 Ft brushhog with no problems. It's a 540 RPM CW PTO on the tractor. I'd be happy...
  47. OhioGuy

    PTO direction

    I am looking at a 4 foot tiller made by Yanmar and I remember a posting awhile back about 95% of the rear PTO devices run CCW and some non standard (I believe it was Cub Lowboys) ran CW. So I'm looking for a CCW implement, correct. Is it always advisable to have a slip clutch on a tiller. What...
  48. OhioGuy

    Tires  Rear tire reversal

    What the purpose for the rear tire reversal for wider wheelbase? Is that used mostly on rougher terrain for stability. I've seen numerous posts on this and wondered why folks flip em around. The previos owner flipped mine and it makes it a real chore to get to the valvestems. I just haven't...
  49. OhioGuy

    Panel lights

    I was using my 1220 today cleaning up some snow and ice and a panel lamp came on. On the 1220 there are four lamps in a row. There were icons on these lenses at one time, they are gone. When I looked in the manual it doesn't say which lamp is which. I believe from left to right are Gen/Temp/Oil...
  50. OhioGuy

    916A deck for sale

    I bought this 60" mid mount deck this summer hoping to use it with my 1220. My 1220 was lacking the mid pto and I had no luck finding one so I need to make some space. I'm in NE Ohio if you want to come take a look or I can email pictures. It is a used deck in really good shape with the manual...
  51. OhioGuy

    1220 Mid PTO

    Hello, I posted yesterday about a 1220 with no Mid PTO. I called one NH dealer and was told the mid PTO was standard on all 1220,s and he didn't think I could order it. I got a reply here confirming this. Are there any places I could check, tractor boneyards for a unit or would ya just give up...
  52. OhioGuy

    1220 Mid PTO

    Hello, I bought a 1220 in the spring with a FEL and backhoe and it's been a great little workhorse. I've been amazed by the diesel fuel efficiency. I recently won a 916A belly mower on Ebay and am now looking for a mid PTO for the 1220. There is not even a cover in place where it would have...