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    Kubota RTV x900 Freewheeling

    Is it a new machine, or has this just started? I ask because I put mine in 4wd going down step hills. Reason being the back would "slide" down hills on wet or loose dirt giving the effect of free wheeling. 4wd essentially solved the free wheeling effect for my situation.
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    UTV's and ATV's at work picture thread

    I had nothing but trouble with that company last year sending me the wrong part, and it was someone else's return none the less. 5 months to get the correct part, 3 months to get my refund AFTER they received the part I sent back. And, they double charged me, causing me to put in a dispute with...
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    Do You Have a Tractor Shed/Barn?

    I waited and waited like you. Now that it's built, I can't wait to start on projects I've been putting off for so long. And others that I'll find...
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    What did you buy this week?

    Ok, I figured it was probably just for a hose rinse off which makes sense. I guess my main question is... What cartridges did you use to connect to a garden hose? Or do you have it set up coming from well water to an outside bib then just connect your hose like normal? I'm trying to picture this...
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    What did you buy this week?

    I get water spots from my water like crazy, especially on windows is not cleaned right away. Can you explain how you hooked your cartridges up to a garden hose or pressure washer set up? Thanks
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    Rear finish mower options

    Eddie, I couldn't agree more on the importance of being able to get parts down the road. And about getting rid of something and not having it later for a project. Haha
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    Rear finish mower options

    I will name to give them a call later today. Thanks
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    Rear finish mower options

    None of those fit the current set up... Thank you though.
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    Rear finish mower options

    That's an interesting idea. Got the space, but not keen on spending that kinda cash...
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    Rear finish mower options

    Trust me, I'd much rather replace the gearbox over replacing the mower. But to find an exact match is $1200 nearly, and that's the only one I've found. Yes, that's cheaper than another used mower. But then what if I have issues with other NLA parts? I've spent hours over weeks looking for one...
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    Rear finish mower options

    I've got hills, but not hills that twist the deck side to side if that makes sense. There are areas where the edge digs in, and I'm thinking with wheels pushed farther out, might relieve that issue. I wish I could add pictures, but the app won't let me anymore for some reason.
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    Rear finish mower options

    This is exactly why I'm thinking about unloading/scrapping the Bobcat branded one in favor of either the Befco or the Bush Hog brand. Both are about 2 hours from me in complete opposite directions though. Similar in price, but the Befco one says it's only a year old and he's unloading it this...
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    Rear finish mower options

    Thank you for the input on the bush hog experience. I am going to try and look at both the bush hog and Befco. I think the Mahindra one is out because I can't find definitive info for finding parts down the road if problems arise.
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    Rear finish mower options

    Yeah, I got rid of the air filled ones on my current mower. I'd do the same with the next. So that's 2 positive for the Befco. The most expensive one I'm debating of course [emoji23]
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    Rear finish mower options

    Good to know. Thank you. I see they came with either solid or air filled tires depending how it was ordered originally.
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    Rear finish mower options

    Also located a bush hog brand if anyone has input on that as well. Thank you.
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    Rear finish mower options

    So a quick backstory on why I'm here... Few weeks ago my current rear finish mower gearbox decided to blow up on me and quit working. It's an older Bobcat branded one. Parts and gearbox no longer available. A correct replacement with the proper gear ratio and direction is $1100 best I could...
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    Old auger worth fixing up?

    I'd be very interested in that contraption you have built for another project I'll be tackling later. And I second... What kind of charger is needed? Thanks.
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    What did you buy this week?

    Thank you both for the ultrasonic cleaner suggestions
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    What did you buy this week?

    What ultrasonic cleaner are you guys buying? They have been on my watch list of things to dive into and learn about...
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    Finish mower gearbox

    Thank you for the links. I'll check them out when I've got more time.
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    Finish mower gearbox

    Patco 014080 is on the gearbox itself. Forgot to include that. I haven't been able to find a thing on them...
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    Finish mower gearbox

    I've got a gearbox from an 84" 3 point finish mower that decided to eat gears. It's a bobcat branded mower that's from around 2012. Parts NLA lucky me. I'm trying to find either gears to repair myself, or a whole be gearbox (prefer the cheaper option whichever that may be). What I know... The...
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    Venting a non-vented gas tank cap

    I'm not affiliated with the seller, but a quick search found me this on eBay. Looks like a small hole middle underside. Might this work for your application...
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    New SXS

    Ok. Just wanted to be sure I'm not crazy. And to speak on the CF Moto.. My one Yamaha dealer has been selling then for years with few complaints. I think you made a good decision on your purchase[emoji106]
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    New SXS

    Do the math on the side by side with a price...$170.37*52 weeks multiplied by 10 years(120 months). Am I doing my math right at $88k final price? Am I crazy and forgot how to do math? That's almost$40k over the price. Someone please tell me I'm way off on my math somewhere...
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    Carry low

    Looks like it does what I'm looking for as well. Thanks for the info!
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    Carry low

    I remember looking for suitcase weights years ago. Gave up because of prices and one day saw a guy selling a counterweight for an old dozer. Got an estimated 1100 lbs at about .25 cents a pound. Probably my best deal ever. So need to take the initiative and make a carry set up. But that'll...
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    Tilt trailer

    I agree everyone's needs are different. And I'm not trying to make a blanket statement. I was referring to the member I quoted and his hydraulic dove tail was a good choice. But I have driven onto the dove tail, then lifted it, then continued to drive forward. A couple extra steps in some cases...
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    Tilt trailer

    Hydraulic dove tail is the way to go. Ever since I got mine, my other trailer is used as a back up only. Such a back saver, and it applies down pressure so the trailer doesn't want to lift off the ball (mine is bumper pull) while loading.
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    Car Lift for Regular Sized Garage

    I have a friend that has a max jax lift in his 2 car garage. Said it made life easier for him as a retired mechanic to do side work and let him keep working like he enjoys.
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    My beloved Duramax needs help.

    I certainly would not go back to the original dealership, especially since you mentioned you were far from home. Not for the cost of a fuel filter anyways. I'd recommend going to your local dealership and explain what happened. It definitely sounds like a fuel filter issue/losing prime from the...
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    Status of Everything Attachments

    I like the looks of that grapple. What brand, and where did you get it? I'd be concerned about the way the cylinders and held on with those pins with brush snagging them possibly? Maybe safety wire them so they can't get pulled out accidently.
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    New Diesel Truck-- Buy Now, or Wait?

    I spec'd out a '24 GMC 4 door, 6.5 foot bed, 4wd with minimal electronics like my '05 out of curiosity the other week. "Only" came to 65k I think it was. Mine was 44k new according to the window sticker I have in the glovebox. So below 100k should be doable.
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    Belt jumping on RDTH72 Finish Mower

    On my rear finish mower, my idler pulley is out of alignment. I shimmed it up and no more issues. So I would put the belt on, and spin it by hand to make sure your belt/all pulleys are spinning level. Maybe something is pushing or pulling the belt out of alignment...
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    Echo 2511T is an amazing saw!

    Thank you
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    Echo 2511T is an amazing saw!

    Who is your local dealer? Mine told me they weren't participating a couple years ago. Maybe I should ask again. Been eyeing the 620 up. Pm if you'd rather.
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    Got asked to bid a very unusual project

    Probably not a good idea, but I can imagine myself out there on my property in this situation, in a blow up raft trying to stand and cut with a chainsaw. Definitely see myself going to the ER with a missing limb or two. Now a solid floating platform anchored to land upstream maybe, then you...
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    Got asked to bid a very unusual project

    That's what I would do in the creek near me. But I can stand in it and operate my chainsaw. I cut small chunks and then they just float away little by little. But your situation is a whole other can of worms.
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    Searching for a truck I may never find?

    I can understand. Power windows being nice for defrost control mainly.
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    Searching for a truck I may never find?

    Ask the seller for a picture of the RPO codes in the glovebox. It'll list everything the truck came factory with. I have an '04 standard cab Duramax with the 6spd transmission. The codes is how I noticed it didn't have the G80 rear. But that wasn't enough to deter the sale at the price I got it...
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    New Impact Wrench

    If you're using it for vehicle lugnuts, and general tractor and implement work...I can't imagine it not being enough. I got the Milwaukee M18 high torque a few years ago, and there hasn't been anything I've used it for that it couldn't handle. The only downside was it's size. It was too bulky...
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    Removing Oil stains on asphalt driveway

    I used tide free and clear. But that's what I have on hand for when I used it on cement.
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    Removing Oil stains on asphalt driveway

    I got a regular oil stain out of concrete using the laundry detergent method. Involved scrubbing and soaking more scrubbing. Good luck.
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    Removing Oil stains on asphalt driveway

    Oh, I just assumed red transmission fluid... I'd say that's a relief then. Haha. That stuff is nasty on asphalt.
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    Removing Oil stains on asphalt driveway

    I've had 2 separate transmission leaks on 2 different driveways of mine. Both resulted in the asphalt slowly being eaten away. The last one, I poured used oil on it after cleaning the best I could. I hoped it would keep the oil more prominent in that area. Now there is an oil stain, but it seems...
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    Finish Mower Replacement wheels

    I have posted this company before. Ordered from them twice with quality products arriving. The rubber tires were even better the second time I ordered.
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    My dog's not doing well

    He only has good memories of his life with you and your family. Dogs are the most unconditional love giving creature on God's green Earth, and we don't deserve them. Losing a best friend is difficult, but he's with your other dogs telling of all the good memories they share of you.
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    New $10,000 Toyota pickup

    Auto dimming lights are awful, special where there are jersey barriers in between travel lane directions. I'm getting blinded every night by people that can't seem to remember to dim them. And flashing my high beams does little because my lights are below the barriers like theirs, but I sit...
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    Market Watch

    When I pass Messick's, I typically see something on most their delivery trailers. But hey, maybe they shuffle things around just to look busy too. [emoji23] Sent from my SM-G981U1 using TractorByNet mobile app
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    Threads not opening

    I'll keep randomly checking. There were threads doing the same months ago that I believe resolved themselves? And as of right now, just that thread. Thanks for looking into it[emoji106]
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    Threads not opening

    Yes. Always logged in. Even tried clearing the cache on my phone.
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    Threads not opening

    I get this once in a while, but never think to ask. The only way it'll let me read some threads is open it in a browser. Here's a screenshot of the error I get... Edit to add the thread... Warning signs we are not going to make it.
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    Just arrived and hour meter is broken

    Been following the thread for a while and I was watching responses. And unless I missed it, as a hobby user myself, I use the working hour meter to keep track of maintenance records and whatnot. I can see a huge farmer knowing a routine to change oil/hydraulic fluid, grease the fittings etc. But...
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    That style Tacoma was known for frame rust. I had an '01 that had a total frame replacement under recall/warranty. Just a thought...
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    Backup Camera to replace mirrors on cabbed tractor

    I know they were testing mirrorless trucks and replacing them with cameras instead. I would imagine it's something along this same lines? These are supposedly designed for the side vs the front or rear at center. And less likely to catch a branch. Never tried these, so I don't have a review or...
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    Kioti Sun Visor and Antenna Parts

    I meant look around on the parts list... He might be able to find the brackets themselves. I was referencing that they seem to show the visor is still available, so the brackets may be available still also.
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    Kioti Sun Visor and Antenna Parts

    That's the sun visor itself... Look around and you can probably find just the brackets...
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    Kioti Sun Visor and Antenna Parts

    Found this on Michigan Irons website. Based it on the dk40se cab tractor in your profile...
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    3 point rising up

    I like the idea of checking the spring/or whatever mechanism returns the lever to center. Could it be pulling it towards the lift direction? Ever so slightly?
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    What are these snakes

    The black looking one in the upper right of the one picture that looks like it's looking at your rain gutter? Looks darker but still the garter snake pattern. Maybe less light hitting it in the picture...
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    Mahindra EMAX 20S

    Being it's only 2 years old, that's not covered under some kind of bumper to bumper warranty? I have a different brand that included 2 years covering everything, and 6 for the power train. I don't have personal experience with Mahindra, so maybe that's not an option, but it's all I could think...
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    CK3520SE Cab - 25 hrs and now a CEL --

    Not questioning you because I'm sure you have the right answer... But am I reading my PDF incorrectly then? Thanks
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    CK3520SE Cab - 25 hrs and now a CEL --

    * edited due to incorrect info *
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    Weak brakes & battery box confusion.

    $258 a year.. holy cow! That's more than I paid for a permanent registration tag on my 12k trailer
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    Dump Trailer Concern

    I had looked at these years ago. I'm not sure how price would compare though. They have a few different models are made here in PA I believe.
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    Looking for small off-road trailer

    I looked at these and they seemed pretty neat. Off road and road legal. Not sure of the prices now though.
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    How much trust do you put into product reviews and ratings?

    I'm not sure if I have same exact version... But this has been unstoppable for me. Starts every time no issue. Remington gas pole saw. I think I paid $130 years ago? Just another option if you were looking. But as far as reviews go...I see a lot of the same regurgitation over and over as...
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    Cannot view pictures

    Hopefully this leads you to some answers... Anyone else having problems viewing files?
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    Forum is acting very sluggish

    Looks like I gotta learn how to add attachments again. I can't even see what I added. Hope it's the right screenshot...[emoji848]
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    Forum is acting very sluggish

    Many time out pages. Some new posts fail to load. Using tbn app. Xfinity 500+ download speed. Edited to add screenshot...
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    Truck & Trailer ideas to tow 14,000 and be under 26,000 pounds

    O restriction in Pennsylvania is... " O – Prohibits a Class A driver from driving a truck tractor-trailer combination" That is straight from the DMV website. There is no 5th wheel restriction that I see. Website for full reference...
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    recommendations on new air compressor, pancake Y or N ?

    My small compressor for tires is a California air tools. It's quiet and does a majority of my air work. The quiet is what sold me. But more brands have quiet ones out now.
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    Looking for log splitter recommendation

    Thank you very much! I was eyeing the split fire up myself because the back and forth splitting perk.
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    ***6,000,000th Post Contest***

    December 24, 2022 3:15am
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    Looking for log splitter recommendation

    Would you mind posting prices and options you decided on? I was looking into those 3 brands last night as they were suggested... Thank you
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    UTV - Trying to Decide

    I looked hard at the diesel version of the CAT UTV last spring, but our dealer didn't even know it existed. They did think it was neat though and then they wanted one. Lol. As far as parts, I swear I read they were made by another company.. Arctic cat maybe? Had a lot of similarities if I recall.
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    How to Test Tire Fill for Freeze?

    I had my tires filled with washer fluid good for extreme cold. Not sure which it was, it's been a while. Bought it in 55 gallon drum. But I noticed if mine sits for a while when cold, the tires feel like they have a small flat spot. Then that gets worked out after I get it going for a bit of...
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    CK4010 HST Sticky Pedals

    I have to tap the opposite pedal before everything gets warmed up. But afterwards it's good. If I remember correctly there's a grease zerk on the underside...
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    Euro/Global to Skid steer/SSQA adapter

    The eBay item looks more like global to SSQA simply going off the bottom pins that JD seems to have for their setup in my opinion...
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    Is this trailer a “steal”?

    I noticed that trailer for sale. Not far away either. I was actually thinking about it[emoji23] but I can't justify it. As far as being a steal...had a friend that had a triple axle and said it turned tough and scrubbed fairly severe in tighter turns. Pulled well going straight though.
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    Bought new pickup should I get it undercoated ?

    Are you asking to see a picture of the corrosion/rust? I wish I could, but it was 5 years ago I had my truck fixed I bet. I'm just going off what the body shop guy said when I made the comment..."wish my truck was aluminum so I didn't have these issues.". Then he showed me a Ford with the...
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    Bought new pickup should I get it undercoated ?

    They spray a mix of calcium chloride on the roads here in the winter as a pre treatment I believe. I could be very well be incorrect, but sounds right...
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    Bought new pickup should I get it undercoated ?

    Maybe rust was the wrong word. But when I was having my truck rockers and cab corners repaired... There was an aluminum bed Ford in the body shop for repair. Rust/corrosion, I don't know which. But it was no longer looking 'factory fresh' so to speak. My area gets a lot of pre treatment for...
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    Bought new pickup should I get it undercoated ?

    I've seen aluminum Ford beds that need rust repair when I had my truck repaired...
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    Options for SSQA trailer mover (receiver hitch) ?

    One fork was able to move the trailer, but when I stepped back and saw the amount of flex compared to the fork not being used, I haven't done it that way since. To worried about permanent damage to the fork itself.
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    CFMoto new to me

    I've heard they were basically clones... Parts even swap in some cases from my understanding.
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    Golf Carts

    I've always been curious if the gas models are worth it? Or battery better to go? Use would be limited so it's not something that would get constant use. Ethanol free is all I use in all my gas powered equipment.
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    Options for SSQA trailer mover (receiver hitch) ?

    Curious as well...I have one that attaches to one fork end, but that stress on just the one fork bothers me. So I'm looking for something more robust. Thought there would be one or more that are simple and in the affordable range for my limited use.
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    Loader Broke the loader

    I was curious about that as well. Backing up could bend the lever, but inadvertently pull it into the detent position without realizing it also.
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    I have never seen safety chains on any 5th wheel. But that is an interesting picture with the damage to truck and basically zero to the trailer...
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    source needed for heavy duty 10" x 4" finish mower wheel/tire

    The first set that I bought years ago from them lasted so long the rubber was cracking which caused me to order more to replace. The new rubber on the tires seems superior now in my opinion.
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    source needed for heavy duty 10" x 4" finish mower wheel/tire

    Have you received your wheels yet? I ordered 4 shortly after recommending them and received and installed. Perfect fit and better quality rubber on the tires in my opinion from the last 4 I bought
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    source needed for heavy duty 10" x 4" finish mower wheel/tire

    I used this company before, hopefully they can help you...
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    Solid tires for finish mower

    Hopefully that helps others as well. They were very helpful when I bought all new hardware and wheels for my 3 point mower years ago.
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    Solid tires for finish mower

    If I remember correctly, I dealt with this company years ago.
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    Nx6010 needs to regen daily

    I recall reading a lot about injector issues on those. Some folks had them tested and found to be the issue. I think someone else had a turbo issue? I only have a CK so hopefully someone with more know-how will chime in shortly...
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    Latest grab by auto manufactures

    Are they using a truck GPS? I laugh when I see people at work using their phones for trucking here. Common sense goes a long way... When you have that trait.
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    Latest grab by auto manufactures

    Sirius radio is an advanced radio so I get that being a subscription... But watch them eventually charge to have the speakers turn on. Just wanted to bring up a thought I didn't see mentioned.. And of course the blame would be passed on to anything that's not in their control.
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    Latest grab by auto manufactures

    So if heated seats/steering wheels, advice features, etc... Are going subscription, does that mean you are essentially renting the equipment that makes that feature work? I haven't seen this in the discussion so forgive me if I'm way out of touch or missed this, but I subscribe to cable TV and...
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    Critique what went wrong.

    Gently I'd say...? Ha
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    Lucas X-tra heavy duty grease sold out?

    Is that the listing asking $39 for 1 tube?
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    Harbor Freight clear water pump

    I ran a liberal amount of seafoam/non ethanol fuel mix thru what I determined a partially clogged carb in a leaf blower recently. Let it idle a bit then slowly throttled up and let it run till it was empty. Night and day difference now. You can also take it apart and spray carb cleaner. Letting...
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    wood oil based stain/preservatives?

    I don't want to hijack from the OP, but I'll into Cabot. It's an older deck. I need to clean and power wash. All old stain seems to be gone. Thank you for the suggestions.
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    wood oil based stain/preservatives?

    Any brand recommendations? I'm going to follow along since I'm getting ready to do my deck...
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    It's not a CK2610SE, but it's trying...

    Are the Euro hooks on the 3 point Kioti factory, or aftermarket? I know my dealer said they do offer them. Been debating if they are worth it...
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    Milwaukee cordless Grease gun owners

    I got the M12 because that's all I had at the time.. Now have some M18 stuff too. And for the amount that I use it, it's perfect. No issues yet to date. 3+ years in service I think.
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    Tie Down Straps with loops for tractor

    I waited till there was a sale and ordered from here. Lots of custom options.
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    Trailer Purchasing Advise

    I have a 24 footer that I pull with a GMC 2500..18 stationary and 6 feet hydraulic dovetail. I can also load onto the dovetail for space. It pulls great when balanced, follows my truck turns well, and a pleasure to pull. It is 3k empty weight though so it isn't bouncing around when unloaded...
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    CK3510SE fuel filter

    Following to see if it'll cross to a 2017. Just trying to find something that I can actually see if there is water or not vs a filter that you can't see thru...
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    Pole Chainsaws

    Ok. I've noticed you seen to do trail work for a living. I wouldn't deem it commercial quality. But you asked so I answered. Lol. Even after sitting all winter. 2 pulls and fired up ready to work.
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    Pole Chainsaws

    I'd say about 10 tanks? I do only use ethanol free fuel though. I go thru my trail and along my yard edge at least twice a year to keep limbs back. And have done stuff at my parents a few times. Minus the one time it got pinched and just hung there in a branch, I can't say I've had any issues at...
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    Pole Chainsaws

    Have had my Remington going on 4 years now. Always starts, always cuts. Did leak a little bar oil in the beginning. That seems to have fixed itself. For the price, fits my needs perfectly.
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    Real thoughts/experiences with military trucks

    I can attest that those trucks simply just go. CTIS, lockers on all axles, Allison transmission, CAT engine
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    Pics not showing

    Clear the cache on your phone and from the tbn app. Not the data, just the cache. Works for me every time.
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    Counterweight build

    That looks fantastic and functional. Is that hand screw just putting pressure on the chainsaw bar to keep it from sliding out?
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    Your last generator Maintenance Run

    Thank you for those links. I was able to find the one for my generator, downloaded and printed. I got as far as testing the battery locally and it tested good. So the next things will be wiring and testing.. Hoping this weekend, but I'm up to 70 hour work weeks now. One step at a time... Thank...
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    Where to buy fluids?

    Mobolfluid 424...
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    Your last generator Maintenance Run

    That seems very helpful, thank you! This one runs on propane, but I'm sure there's little difference besides the fuel delivery. I'll have to print it so I can look at it better.
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    Your last generator Maintenance Run

    Very difficult to read I know... Can't seem to locate my manual at this time. Any help greatly appreciated...
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    Your last generator Maintenance Run

    Grs, thank you for all the generator help I see you contribute. I'm writing all the ideas down to tackle this ASAP. I forgot to ask in the previous response, how is it that I can test for a short in that wire that was mentioned? Thank you.
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    Your last generator Maintenance Run

    The starter solenoid is what I meant and my brain has been mush after this last vacation with what I needed to concentrate on. The fuse, I believe is 5 amps. Since you have an Onan, what size battery do you have connected to it if you know off hand? Or am I just looking for the best CCA I can...
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    Your last generator Maintenance Run

    Good thoughts all around. Thank you. I know I have a manual somewhere for this thing. But I'm pretty sure the plugs I can still read the number on. No pull cord, but I might be able to spin it manually somehow. Might as well drain and change the oil while I'm in there. Ha
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    Your last generator Maintenance Run

    As far testing the battery under starter load, I can't with the generator itself. Before the generator even tries to do anything, that fuse blows. This weekend I'll hopefully.. 1. Disconnect battery and load test(battery is close to 6 years old come to think of it) 2. Put in new spark plugs...
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    Your last generator Maintenance Run

    Can I test the starter by just applying 12v to it?
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    Your last generator Maintenance Run

    Thank you both.. I'll replace the plugs, and check the voltage on the battery. I'll see what my battery tester does in the load test. Never thought that could cause the glass fuse to blow. Good to know that! [emoji106]
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    Your last generator Maintenance Run

    My 5k Onan failed to start this past outage.. Turns out the starter fuse blows every time power is tried to be transferred to start it. Gotta figure this out before winter hopefully. Maybe it'll give be an excuse to finally pull the trigger on a 10-15kw diesel generator vs the little 5kw...
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    Bought a Kioti CK3510SE TLB, Package w/ Trailer & Attachments

    Very interested to see if it works. I know I'll grab one if you find out it does work!
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    Strike at Deere plants in the US, more supply chain shortage to come

    I certainly didn't intend it to read that way.. Quite possibly my fault as well. And it is difficult to get a tone of ones attitude thru text and type, I fully understand that. I've worked both union and non union. I just happen to be where I am because of decisions I've made. Glad we're at an...
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    Strike at Deere plants in the US, more supply chain shortage to come

    I'm a little confused at what you're trying to explain exactly, and it's probably my fault. I don't claim to be the smartest or most intelligent. A lot of your posts are informative and I appreciate everyone that contributes in all ways. We're all here to learn. Whether I'm at work in my union...
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    Strike at Deere plants in the US, more supply chain shortage to come

    There is no definitive example exactly I can think of off hand, but you get employees that consider staying long term and with that comes employees that do want the best for the company because they want to stay and keep a steady, good paying job with benefits and perks. They(the employee) will...
  132. S

    Charging Trailer Brake Battery

    Those batteries aren't exactly known for lasting long as well. But first I would check to see if there is voltage going to the battery with your truck hooked up and running. Fuse is a simple place to start as mentioned. If not getting voltage, start working backwards towards your tow vehicle to...
  133. S

    Pete 335

    Not a Pete, but auto, Cummins, 6x6, lower miles. It's a drive from PA though...
  134. S

    cell phone signal repeater

    May want to research ones that do 4g minimum..I read at&t, Verizon will be dropping 3g service eventually in favor of new technology. If I find the article, I'll link it. * Edited to add link
  135. S

    Electric Trailer Winch Question....

    I have a winch on a trailer and it has come in handy, so I understand your thought. As far as what to look for... Load is one. A snatch block can essentially double the pull weight, but half the speed at which it pulls. I would think the best you could do is keep it covered and clean. The...
  136. S

    New CX2510!

    Tractor supply around here sells Mobil Delvac for $50 for 5 gallons. Says right on the label..."Also known as Mobolfluid 424"
  137. S

    Kioti ck3510 loader issue

    I didn't realize that the one was a fixed flow. Thanks.. I'll look for the adjustable type
  138. S

    Kioti ck3510 loader issue

    Would you have a picture/link to said fitting? I tried googling, but when you don't know what you're looking for exactly, anything could be right/wrong. That would be appreciated. My dealer actually rebuilt my cylinders because of the issue. Would like to see it didn't return.. And if this is a...
  139. S

    Tomahawk 72 inch HD root grapple ??

    No matter which one you decided on, good choice. A grapple is better than no grapple in my opinion.
  140. S

    Tomahawk 72 inch HD root grapple ??

    My grapple is an open back, which I like because I'm able to see thru so I can better see what I'm picking up. And I like to be sure I have a good grip. I am going to add a mesh back eventually though.
  141. S

    Modifying a rotary mower

    I don't know how to point it out in the picture what might work?... so I'll do my best to describe my thought... Is there any way you can swap where the lift pins are currently with the bolts directly below them, then take those bolts and place them where the lift pins are now? Basically switch...
  142. S

    Cannot close the hood on my Kioti CK3510SE HST tractor

    You really need to pay attention to the latch on the hood itself, and the tractor to make sure they are lined up. That's what I realized I was doing anyways.
  143. S

    Bug dejour

    We always called them assassin bugs...
  144. S

    Transparent Carburetor

    I actually watched that earlier this week.. It taught me more than I knew. Always willing to learn new things, especially in a detailed way. Great video I thought.
  145. S

    Trying to figure out WHAT BRAND this deal is ? WHO it is ? legitimate, scam, marketing ???

    Zoom in on the grill and you can read..."grillo". This is their link to the Italy market...
  146. S

    3-Point Hitch Hyd Top link installed CK3510SEHC

    I guess I never updated. I wound up getting all the pieces, and it installed easily. The one piece on the diagram was reversed, but I figured it out. And 5 to 600 seems steep. I think I paid 450 and that was with the WSM and parts manual, along with the 3 point lever system...
  147. S

    Lynch Pins Coming Off

    This is how I do it
  148. S

    Lynch Pins Coming Off

    I kept losing them on my 3 point mower wheels and trying to find the spacers got old quick. A careful loop and twist of safety wire fixed my issue so they can't open. For something that you constantly remove, probably not the best idea though.
  149. S

    Power Washing the Tractor

    That's fine with me, I do my power washing in the warmer weather. Lol
  150. S

    Power Washing the Tractor

    I'll have to winterize mine during the cold months since I'll be keeping it outside. Can I ask what for filter set up you have? Thank you for the info on yours.
  151. S

    Power Washing the Tractor

    Thank you. Whether it be GPH or increasing head pressure to the PW, my current set up can't keep up with the demand and I can hear the pump starving for water. I'll look into that pump and especially a filter
  152. S

    Power Washing the Tractor

    I was just looking at making a set up like this because the pressure from my well is ridiculously low for my power washers. And then my foam cannon is useless. I have the IBC totes. What for pump are you using to increase the GPM to the power washer? I saw simple pumps that I assume constantly...
  153. S

    DK4510 - running PTO while out of operators station

    My tractor is the same as StanB. But I have a clutch I need to depress vs the brake.
  154. S

    Can any identify these forks

    United frames are USA made.
  155. S

    Kioti vs Bobcat

    Kioti has an independent PTO on the new models. If you check out their website, it'll mention from a certain serial number on is independent. They older ones are live. As far as importance...I like the live in my 4010 so I can ease into the PTO and then just up the RPMs. Differences might also...
  156. S

    Images broken using Tapatalk app - FIXED

    No problem, glad it worked!
  157. S

    Images broken using Tapatalk app - FIXED

    Sometimes I need to clear the cache from the app. Fixes the issue everytime for me. Even using the TBN app.
  158. S

    New log splitter

    I've noticed prices can vary from the 3 TSC stores near me. So I check all 3 before I commit to a larger purchase.
  159. S

    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Looks like the driver is still in the truck white knuckled holding onto the steering wheel with arms locked out...
  160. S

    21 Ck2610 cab spare plug purpose?

    I have a ck4010sehc... The switch panel on the right in mine has blanks so there might be a plug end underneath and you'll have to purchase a switch to plug into it?
  161. S

    Great Kioti Dealership

    Thanks for the in depth reply on biodiesel. I coincidentally own a Duramax and have switched from XDP fuel treatment over to hot shot recently. I've never noticed biodiesel stickers at my pumps I go to, but will certainly be more aware. Again, great news about getting it back up and running and...
  162. S

    Great Kioti Dealership

    I've been following your threads and that is fantastic news. Do you believe biodiesel was the cause to the initial issues prior to this? I don't even know if we have biodiesel where I live, I've never noticed it anyways.
  163. S

    Owner's Manual for CK4010SE HST Cab

    Try that again...
  164. S

    A decent smart phone holder?

    Here's mine mounted. Had it over a year, maybe 2 now. Hasn't moved since the day I installed it either.
  165. S

    Comparison CT2035 vs Kioti 3510 HST

    I was confused when you all kept referring to max lift at 59 inches. This is the specs for the KL4020 on my tractor. I'm not trying to sway you to a Kioti, just thought it was odd...
  166. S

    Bobcat finish mower gearbox help

    I bought a used bobcat 84 inch rear finish mower this year. I think they were a rebranded rhino? Made in 2011 according to the bobcat dealer. When I got it, the output shaft was leaking, so I replaced the seal since it was cheap and simple. Mowed with it and no leaks. Fantastic I thought. Let...