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    Stuck f12

    Allow me to pick some brains please.. I own a 1937 f12. One day while turning the engine crank by hand it got stuck. And I mean stuck, zero play in either direction. Any ideas on where to start looking… thanks in advance for any help with this.
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    John Deere 2010 industrial exploded view grill mounted headlight diagram?

    Hello everyone. Anyone out the have an exploded view diagram of the headlight and mounting hardware on a john deere industrial 2010, same as other 10 series industrial. ?? There are two 3 1/2" holes for the lamps but I have no idea what lanp goes in them or how they attach. I haven't had much...
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    hitch receiver added to box blade

    Been wanting to do this project for some time and finally got it done. I added this 24'' receiver tube I picked up on Ebay for $20. I had the steel for the gusset on my garage shelf. Since then I have painted it Landpride Tan and used it a bunch. I like the fact that I don't have to leave...