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    Year-round oil viscosity

    With turbo on LS 0W-40 or 5W-40 oil will serve best to assure turbo does not grenade itself. Especially on low temp environments. Yes you are correct you must order 0W-40 where as shell T5 or T6 will work well. Diesel engines survives well with clean oil and clean diesel along with good coolant...
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    Using a Kioti LK3054 for hay baling

    LK3054 may not have enough PTO power to run a baler unless it was sized for 25-28 hp tractor. Also the LK3054 has dual clutch one for drivetrain and one for PTO. My experience the PTO is not as Robust as expected. I had ran 7’ Lely Disc mower on mine. Had to modify the three point hitch to...
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    Mowing MT 125 OWNER WITH LM1160 MOWER. Replacement blades???

    Agrisupply on the net has been the largest mower blade distributor that I have encountered. I can tell you that OEM blades last longer than generic fit blades. Local sharpening guy pointed this out to me as I was picking up both sets from being sharpened. I also believe brand Oregon is large...
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    Do Birds Favor Green ?

    Here is tid bit of information for ground hornets they don’t like orange color tractors. They won’t bother blue color tractors. I know this firsthand at younger age after taking 75 stings. Now I can’t tolerate bee stings after orange tractor ride. I now have to carry epi pens for if stung. They...
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    Hydraulic fluid

    I assume use of hydraulic fluid any brand you are taking in consideration there are different viscosities and formulations along additives. Meaning not all “hydraulic tractor fluid (HTF) can be used in hydrostatic drive. Rather (HTF) is for gear drive tractors. I believe Kubota coins phrase...
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    Help with ID LS model Wrong Group Sorry!!

    Looks LS Xr3135 or XR3140. Snow pusher on front. Nice snow blower in background. Typically tractor new brought 26K attachments add another 4K. Open market may be able to get 25k for all shown depending on hours and service records. Good tractor I have one my self.
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    Oil & Fuel L2502 smokes really bad at cold start

    That smoke you are describing is normal for any non EPA tier controlled diesel in colder weather. Probably does same in warmer temperatures but lesser smoke. This what EPA is chasing on tier 5 motors absolutely no smoke on start up. I can imagine room where EPA has diesel motor on stand starting...
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    CK3510SE Radiator "rotten"

    Did anyone verify pH level of antifreeze in the unit prior to replacing it. If the pH level becomes acidic it will eat up the radiator first then work on block. You can use ohm meter to determine if the antifreeze is becoming acidic one lead in the antifreeze and other on known ground. If...
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    Has anyone built a sprayer for dispensing chemicals 30-40ft into trees?

    Use pto pump on tractor, can be as simple building sprayer using 50 gallon plastic drum. Purchase 3pt carry all place drum on carryall affix as required could use ratchet straps or get elaborate. Cut bottom outlet hole install bulkhead fitting large 2” of course you will need cut hole in top of...
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    1st time buyer - 35 hp comparisons

    At 35hp you’re dealing with tier 4 emissions. If using for finish mowing 25 hp will be less hassle in the long run. However if doing heavy work 35 is minimum HP. Kioti is just as reliable as the others with better price point. Kubota is king but not much bells and whistles unless you willing to...
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    International Harvester Comparisons

    2424 is more like 404 - 40 hp 4 cyl gas the 606 is 60 hp - 6 cyl is this gas or diesel both were available for 606. Parts are available as stated. Manuals for repairs available, tons of YouTube mechanics you can follow that work and restore these tractors. Cheap horsepower over compact diesel’s...
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    5ft brush hog on a 25hp compact

    You are correct on breather also pay attention to lube used. Some lubes build pressure under heat where breather is needed. I have in the past heated oil and put in gear box to assure if it’s expanding it will happen after heated. When cooled it may fall beneath check plug which is ok. You’re...
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    Tractor smoking

    Thanks had not had my first cup of coffee this morning when responded. He needs to run the unit more often to see if fighting fuel issues or really burning oil. Takes a lot abuse or excessive hours to burn oil even then it’s minimal unless it’s had hard life. Typically use soot control oil in...
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    Tractor smoking

    Does tractor smoke at idle or under load. You stated the tractor sits most of the year until snow time. Typically diesel needs to be ran monthly to assure lubricity both motor and transmission.You may have diesel fuel issues more so than you know. I have in the passed mixed kerosene and diesel...
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    5ft brush hog on a 25hp compact

    Yes that is worry to further investigate bolt hardness if not running slip clutch. Fairly daring person to weld bushog blade. Talk about imbalance to the gearbox and pto drive line. That is unless they balanced the opposite blade to offset the welded one. Blades are not cheap as yesteryear but I...
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    5ft brush hog on a 25hp compact

    Grade 5 on shear bolts. Typically you have tractor at or near idle then engage pto. Rough on tractor and implement trying to start at higher pto rpm. Start low then take up to speed. Some run once started at pto speed I tend to be under few hundred rpm’s. Tractor already responds in loaded...
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    5ft brush hog on a 25hp compact

    Let’s step back here for second and ask the bushog tall sided or short height. Why taller the wall side the less horsepower needed as you have more time to chew up material with taller wall height. Granted 19 hp on 5 foot bushog is minimal HP however I have been doing it with woods bushog for...
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    Working toward refund from TMY, hoping to move to LS...question on which HP and any concerns about your MT series

    Tough to outline problems you will encounter. Typically all manufacturers have had issues with mandatory EPA added emissions. Newest LS versions are 50 hour cycles depending on use. These tractors don’t like low RPM with emissions that is given fact. Some MT3 have had wrong wiring harness...
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    Wife got in an accident today - Need Advice

    Unless you educate yourself on: 1. Car values based on model year and what the market going price is 2. Show receipts on improvements ie tires, brakes from past 6-8 months 3. Understand all insurance companies are for profit 4. Hold your ground on your perceived value with compromise in back...
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    C Series 50-55 hp opinions

    Case/ IH under 75 hp is an LS rebadged painted red. No issues as I own one (LS) since 2019. Buy after 2019 to assure latest tier 4 emissions that recycle every 50 hours. 50 hp with turbo will seem like 75 hp no disappointments on power. Get a cab for less than 4K upcharge. You will not be...
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    CASE Guys

    This statement is true LS is making variants for both New Holland and Case IH. I have owned LS since 2019 - XR3135 - 35 hp the unit is very robust. The diesel engine is LS developed unit with CRD and emissions. This system does purge “regen” every 50 hours over prior Mitsubishi version at 5...
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    What is it worth

    That is over 100 hp tractor it should bring 4500-6500 usd if it runs. Take look at machinery Pete for comparative pricing. Fixing radiator is best to do at local radiator shop. That is probably 4 or 6 core it will cost between 150-650 usd to fix. Right now you have tractor that is desired in the...
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    LS MT 225S

    I am in agreement wheel spacers are must on any of this size tractor. I learned quickly with loader above the hood with dirt on uneven terrain it will start to tip. I always keep the loader below hood line when traveling with load on uneven ground. There is no disappointment with the tractor it...
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    Solar Generators - any members on site share experience and knowledge on what to purchase what run away from

    Wow, tremendous amount of experience is being shared not sure I could reciprocate on this subject For some time. I am novice until I experiment based on the shared suggestions provided . I do Thank everyone for their input of good and bad. That is half the battle investing in right hardware for...
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    Solar Generators - any members on site share experience and knowledge on what to purchase what run away from

    Thanks for the link will visit Otto learn more. Never thought of building portable unit either. That might be more cost effective. Keep the ideas coming thanks again.
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    Solar Generators - any members on site share experience and knowledge on what to purchase what run away from

    Seems like they’re is a lot of advertisement on Solar generators. I have gas unit but my son believes we need solar generator. I ask fellow members to share thoughts on what is worthy of purchase.
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    LS MT 225S

    I am past 330 hours mostly used for mmm mowing. Had to rework deck wheels putting in bearings. However the tractor has been excellent. I added grapple it handles it well. If you read my earlier posts the tractor did landscaping in its beginning moving over couple hundred tons of dirt. No...
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    Anyone reload 12ga anymore

    You are correct on costing at point of time in history. However word has it the largest civilian ammo supplier here in the US was purchased by 20 year old foreigner. The cheap 12 ga shells your pricing today may not exist in future. Don’t sell or discard your reloading equipment. Times change...
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    Can we clean it up?

    Absence of conviction provides the notion of accepting party rule. Healthy debate is what our forefathers envisioned. Full out hate does not help any cause. Keep in mind what you publish on the net is available to be seen day of publish till end of internet time. AI artificial intelligence...
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    Midwest Gasoline to Spike $0.50-$1.00 Per gallon

    Well stated, seeing China dumping US dollars and purchasing gold like no tomorrow. Tells us that our spending days are numbered. Not to mention the BRICS group are trying destabilize the US dollar in lieu of different currency yet not seen but will emerge once the BRICS countries have sufficient...
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    Midwest Gasoline to Spike $0.50-$1.00 Per gallon

    We all need to put things in perspective we still have desirable society. Meaning we have 6000 immigrants per day pouring through the borders. They believe there is still hope seeking a better life and their next meal. We are all paying their way to better life via budget expenditures to support...
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    Running HOT!!

    From the 491 hours when did you change antifreeze last. Typically the pH will change regarding antifreeze. This tends create anodic reaction in the system. Verify resistance of the antifreeze using Vom meter on dc volt setting. Place red probe in antifreeze and black on ground. .4 volts is...
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    LS ECU

    Need to check out pc board houses a lot of places repair pc board’s industrial at fraction of the cost. Someone else on this sight had lead on repair house. All this board is doing is monitoring various sensors and providing close loop on emissions. Another thought would be tractor salvage have...
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    Workmaster 25S Blows Sol/Inst/PTO Fuse

    Something is shorting to ground to pop fuses. Or drawing too much amperage. Typically relay or solenoid will be culprit on drawing excessive amperage. Find your schematic and start looking for amp draw. If you had Flir infrared camera you spot the heat draw. Otherwise use an amp meter to find...
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    Having a tuff time installing implements on my CK3510

    I bought two more but one is dedicated to mowing and one has backhoe. The third one I can mount any implements I desire to attach. Unfortunately changing MMM blades on the first is a necessity not like old hay bine that has on board sharpener.
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    Having a tuff time installing implements on my CK3510

    Typically I always shut off tractor before attaching implements to PTO. This allows me to rotate the tractor’s Pto shaft to position I need. Now I will be the first to admit the 1000 RPM splined shaft for MMM with retractable collar is most un friendly connection since splines are far smaller...
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    Have diesel prices dropped below that of gasoline?

    Diesel northern Indiana going 4.24 per gallon it’s moving back up and probably will continue until our politics agree with more drilling. OPEC is pulling back production.
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    2001 Kioti 3054 tractor

    Typical issues are ignition switch goes bad. Kioti loader kl122 the loader mount needs reinforced loader is tough the mount flexes. Pay attention to water pump grab fan make sure it is solid no wobbling. Loss of water pump the engine overheat fast on the unit. Check radiator for scale in fins...
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    Grapple Pricing Question for MT225S

    Time you purchase fittings and premade hydraulic hoses. I used summit diverter valve electric over hydraulic that included joystick. Roughly had 575.00 usd in the parts and valve kit. I installed myself and posted on this website. You will need fluid in tires to properly use 1154 a grapple or...
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    1736 Running Hot

    How many hours on tractor since last radiator internal flush. Not only does the fins need to pass air. The fluid needs to be changed at some interval to prevent fluid from rising pH level that will eventually block off internal fluid passages. If it has over 300 hours with no service you may...
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    New Boomers

    I had Tc26da it was trouble free tractor with MMM. No complaints for reliability. However changing oil you had to be careful not to allow oil to fill cylinder to avoid engine failure. There were a few failures to generate service note on the TC series. Naturally they were lighter duty tractor...
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    New Boomers

    Another year of current fiscal tightening you may see more available used units. Saw on YouTube where now repossession is happening right out of the barn/ shed. We all need to hang on next 24-36 months to see better times so I hope. Inflation has not peaked in my view rather it’s holding fast...
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    New Boomers

    Look closely through the reviews more on tier 4 emissions issues than the motor themselves. Looking across all tractor colors the EPA emissions on earlier models have been an issue. Some are starting to dismantle the emissions out of warranty with belief of better running unit. So if you shop...
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    Advice on paint/stain sprayers.

    .030” tip would be for finer finish with control. Otherwise use bigger ID tips .045,.062,.093 based on need fluid delivery. Bigger the ID more atomizing air needed if you’re not controlling fluid flow. Typical gravity feed is .045 -. 050”, while suction is .060” and bigger. Pressure is operators...
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    Advice on paint/stain sprayers.

    I’m in the business of designing spray equipment. If using water based stain it can be thinned by 25% of denatured alcohol or yes windshield wiper fluid the cheapest brand using alcohol as base. Once viscosity is thinned can be sprayed in suction cup, pressure pot or gravity feed gun. Now you...
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    Poulan Troubleshooting

    .010” is too small of gap. The matchbook cover described would be between.020.-.040” open the gap and spark should be present. In the past I have used neon bulb to verify spark strength over shocking my self. You can use voltmeter on high dc voltage setting at least that would help with strength...
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    Who's got one?

    Congratulations on new purchase. As you put the unit to work share expectations how they been met. We are watching the brand to see how well the following thoughts: 1. Quality of the unit 2. Reliability of the unit 3. Capability lastly the most important 4. Support. Your input is valuable to the...
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    New LSMT335H......What brand of antifreeze do you guys use?

    Lol now I have always used John Deere coolant in my all my different color tractors. One reason it’s made for tractors. Second reason I have more John Deere dealers around me than other color tractors. Typically change fluid on 36 -48 months basis as the pH level changes which will cause issues...
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    LS MT335 vs LSMT342

    I have XR3135 with turbo it’s more than enough tractor for our farm. I optioned a BH with it. In fact I purchased MT225S just to mow with with mmm. It is more realistic for finish mowing and uses less diesel. For price and reliability LS provides value. No disappointments in either LS unit. One...
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    Oil & Fuel Bleeding air from the Fuel System (TC40DA)

    Those who store few 5 gallon containers of diesel around their shop. Please make sure to keep containers off concrete if you are in non-heated shop. I found out younger age the plastic containers will draw moisture from from temperature change between the fuel temp and cold concrete especially...
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    Problems with my lift arms on my Ford F 2000. Besides low on hydraulic fluid or pump. What else should I try to get my hydraulics to work.

    Really the question needs to be asked did they work prior or just recently stop working. Typically hydraulic system works if the following conditions are met. 1. Sufficient hydraulic fluid. 2. Clean filter 3. Working pump Now with that being said if there is fluid leak on low pressure side it...
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    300 utility pto problem

    You possibly have broken shear bolt. Pto spins bushhog is not. See if it’s broken the shear bolt. If not could be damaged gear box unlikely but not impossible. Look for the obvious first.
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    IH 504 governor operation- response time

    Thanks you got me one step closer will verify connecting arm. Tractor is not bad condition considering both it an I are same age. It needs TLC and some IH red paint. The Grill is in excellent condition rare find as these are tore up first. My father was red power man he had passion for 66 series...
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    IH 504 governor operation- response time

    Grateful for firsthand experience explained well. I bought this tractor on an online auction sight unseen. Night it was unloaded the tractor started up but not response from throttle. Yes prior owner replaced intake and put on aftermarket carburetor. Looks like it could stand to be rebuilt. Mind...
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    IH 504 governor operation- response time

    My turn to seek knowledge on governor operation. On idle from high rpm how fast is the governor supposed to idle the engine. How long to drop down to normal slow idle. Second question what constitutes bad governor on these tractors. I have also noticed linkage to carburetor has sticking point at...
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    PTO won't engage

    What model of LS are we discussing. MT225S requires pto lever to be in position than an electronic pto switch engaged.
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    Branson site gone?

    Unfortunately too many players in the compact tractor market more yet to shrink and or go. As far as labels heat gun does wonders for polyester or vinyl labels on removal. Just be glad you have access to support and repair parts. As the market shrinks some brand X may not be so lucky. Dealer...
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    Who's got one?

    I take it the summit tractor does not have underbelly PTO shaft. Something that would also accommodate a snow blower if front mounted. Typically that size of tractor is equipped with MMM 60”. No doubt tough business selling compact tractor in crowded market. Looks like service would set you...
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    Who's got one?

    My question is the Mitsubishi motor balanced most of these Mitsubishi motors I have seen vibrate under higher RPMS. What is different on this unit. I have always appreciated yanmar motors they are smoother well balanced. I have interest in this Summit unit but need to know if it’s capable of...
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    LS MT225 weird motor problem

    I must come under the wire only kill switch I have on my MT225S is if the hydrostatic engages without my bottom side on it the tractor dies. I can start unit without being on the seat. Same goes for pto switch unless you’re in the seat it dies. I am at 280 hours no issues except had to rebuild...
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    kioti ck 20s

    Before you venture into full out expense have dealer print out page on pump and driving gear. Takes a lot to burn up a hydro pump plugged filter could be an issue or water in the system. Check these out first before getting into tractor and pump. If it’s driven gear you then can see the in-depth...
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    Anyone buy or using the Fluid Film spray gun?

    This is suction feed gun shown in photo. Dependent on the viscosity of the material you could also use typical Devilbiss JGA suction feed gun using .062” tip and needle. Turn the fan air down to decrease pattern to have more focused spray. Again what is the centistoke or viscosity of the...
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    LS ECU

    Based on tier 4 system earlier versions it was time based element to do regen. 4 hour cycle. Later models was more dependent on sensors or to reach the 50 hour regen. Not sure why EPA felt ag equipment needed tier 4 not like we run tractor every moment of the day. Would thought industrial...
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    LS ECU

    They maybe an opportunity for all with tier 4 ECM, possibly ability to improve performance if they can modify software. Changing 4 hour burn off cycle to 15 hour window or more. You’re right if you own a core it would be worth the expense to see what they can do for it, regarding repair. Thanks...
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    Kioti LK3054

    In the day , mid 90’s the clutch pack kioti offered for the LK3054 was not ideal. Rather I chose to have Fort Wayne Clutch re line my old clutch with more aggressive lining that has lasted more than 28 years. Now I sold the tractor to my neighbor and I see it every few months. He uses it for...
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    Kioti LK3054

    Sounds like your clutch lining is gone or immersed in oil. If you are in gear whatever gear high or low range you should be moving at idle slow and with more throttle faster. If moving in what ever gear with a little throttle while applying both brakes the tractor should die. If not you have...
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    Hydraulic Pump Upgrade (Deplorable Diesel)

    Just purchased fittings from Parker store they are rated for 6000 psi. I used them for adding in diverter they are easy to install, yes metric version used. You do need thick wall tubing for hydraulic applications greater than 1/16” wall thickness preferably stainless steel material.
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    LS MT225 weird motor problem

    I have same unit at 227 hours, just put grapple on used it without issue. Since these tractors have an electronic throttle and also an electronic kill solenoid it could be either is going bad or connections are loose. Regardless you should have some warranty left for dealer to repair at no cost...
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    3016 bypass valve for grapple

    Reach out to summit hydraulic they will need tractor make and model. Provide email address they will contact you with correct valve based on your hydraulic system. I put diverter valve on from them inexpensive. There was more cost in hydraulic hoses and Parker fittings. Let us know your outcome...
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    How old a tractor would you go if you require a front end loader?

    Your assumption is correct in 1966 my grandfather was using 450 farmall narrow front end with IH trip bucket. Like a loader but uses trip lever over hydraulic to dump. He was moving fairly good size rock in the bucket. Bucket height from the ground was three feet. The rock shifted as he was...
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    MT225S using 54” Grapple

    Just cleared an acre of brush with grapple largest branch diameter 3.75”. Work well grabbing and raking small growth brush. Takes little time to master functions once known you are pulling brush quickly. Very careful with front grill need brush guard next. I despise scratching paint from...
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    Hydraulic Pioneer Couplers - tape/fluid or no tape/fluid?

    Cleanliness is utmost importance for hydraulics. Granted filters exist hydraulic system and should catch the tape residue from reaching the pump. Typically if applying tape always start winding tape back two threads to assure no contamination in system(wrap right hand for right handed threads)...
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    Need advice on buying best value on small loader/backhoe

    Based on your need a commercial TLB used might be best route. these machines go anywhere from 15-100k usd used depending on size / horsepower. I have 35 hp LS with BH it’s effective but does not have same power as commercial backhoe does. But I don’t need commercial BH since I am doing light...
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    Is a 25 HP tractor too small for a grapple.

    Here is the deal small frame tractor and grapple is challenging. Why if you are moving tree trunk wider than tractor and near max loader weight. if not on center could create momentum to allow tipping activity. even worse without fluid in tires or counter weight provides more challenge. First...
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    Can I plow a garden with only a tiller attachment on new, never plowed, rough ground?

    If using rototiller only on new ground you will need to make a lot of passes at light depth letting tines Chop up top soil. Did many yards with 5 foot rototiller and Kioti LK3054 takes time to break hard soil. Hydrostatic use slowest speed same for gear find slowest. Tillers do not like rocks...
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    MT225S using 54” Grapple

    Purchased a summit diverter valve. Under 325 usd delivered. Just mounted on loader. Working on plumbing it up. Spent another 200 usd on Parker HP fittings to connect #6 JIC connection fittings. That cost was including 2- 24” and 2- 26” hoses made with female fittings. Next week plan to connect...
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    What DON'T You Like About Your New LS

    For value and horsepower LS is a the leader. Regarding the two LS tractors I own if they were painted orange over blue then the kubota lovers would be enjoying the value we talk about. They would own LS too. No brand escapes model issues all of them have a lemon in the line up either in the...
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    MT225S using 54” Grapple

    Who can share pictures of the diverter valve on MT225S for Grapple. Just bought Grapple dealership gave up on diverter from LS sold Grapple near cost. Need advice on diverter valve setup. Members on this site are usually good with sound advice, I am listening for best solution for diverter valve.
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    XJ2025 3rd Function or Diverter?

    Per chance you could post pic of your diverter on your MT225S I need advice on mounting one for grapple. Any model number manufacturer would be helpful.
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    Grading LS MT225S W/4 FT Box Blade

    You are correct the shuttle portion of valve weeps through activation. I have since discounted it as it minuscule. My defense any used tractor Kioti, Kubota New Holland all have had some small weepage of oil. Now that being said no it should not leak. I read in this forum where someone addressed...
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    Nuclear fallout information

    It only takes one nuke to start this to next level you have assessed. I am not seeing anyone willing to go to negotiation table currently. Putin is hardline KGB man trained in art of deception and confusion. To him it’s principle of putting the USSR back together. We all know that time has...
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    Nuclear fallout information

    Did you go to school out in the sticks like I did. Graduation was class of only 75 kids. Times were different without a cellphone. We had to socialize amongst ourselves more so it was less crazy than today. I can remember having first Texas Instruments calculator to use in algebra and physics...
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    Nuclear fallout information

    That was Einstein statement 4th WW we would be fighting with sticks, stones and arrows. He also said if “bees” disappear from of the earth goes ourselves in 4 years from starvation. We live in balance in many ways. Every good farmer knows this as he steward of the land. Back to nuclear...
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    Nuclear fallout information

    Does anybody remember having to duck and hide from nuclear drills in school during Cold War. Showing my age but I can recall it in elementary school and also the old civil defense signs on buildings as child. History repeats itself hopefully not to death and destruction but awareness we live in...
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    MT 122-125 optional cab feature

    Just came from LS dealership here In Montpelier OH had ordered a factory LS cab for customer to be put on MT125-122. Granted the cab is not setup for A/c however it has all other luxuries as my LS XR3135C equipped with. My first look at the cab was not aware MT122-125 could be optioned with cab...
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    Hydraulic fluid

    Well stated comment on cheap oils. TSC traveller caused shearing issues when hot. Loss of hydraulic pressure was final result. Replaced using Ambria NH brand issues went away. Since then NH discontinued ambria oil. Now using case IH hydraulic oil no issues. Good hydraulic oils have heat...
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    Thoughts on this guy’s experiences

    Regardless of the tractor manufacturer the backhoe will not be the same as if you were buying JCB or Case backhoe industrial unit. It will be effective to do many jobs but not with speed and force you get with industrial backhoe. I have put 125 hours on my LS 3135 with backhoe digging out out...
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    Yellow Jacket Nests While Bush hogging, whats your plan?

    Don’t LOL on this but either and oatmeal bath for multiple stings will work. Or for localized sting is meat tenderizer mixed in water solution applied direct to sting area. I was skeptical until my wife laid law down on doing this when I was stung either single or multiple times. Now it’s...
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    Yellow Jacket Nests While Bush hogging, whats your plan?

    Yes I do have cab tractor and definitely look over ground I mow to make sure no unknowns. Remember mowing up against tree line and snake non- poisonous landed on the hood non cab tractor it made its way back to my seat. Lucky I was still mowing and it fell off the platform into the bush hog...
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    Yellow Jacket Nests While Bush hogging, whats your plan?

    Ground hornets are sensitive to colors and noise. Was told not to wear dark brown around hornets perceived as threat to them. Been stung as child and adult now forced to carry an epinephrine pen when mowing in the field. Doctor told me it’s not uncommon for farmers to get stung enough and not...
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    New Holland Hydrostatic trans

    Is it tagged with LS MTRON as manufacturer. If so you can still get parts from LS Dealer. Granted some NH to LS part numbers will need to be referenced. They may also work on it but you will need to find supporting LS dealership who knows something. Lot dealers have basic knowledge need a...
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    2021 CK2610 oil PSI light on at start up

    Had a TC26DA used aftermarket oil filter on oil change and experienced longer than normal oil light remain on during start up. Chose to pay the price for NH filter on next oil change and the oil light went out immediately. Not sure check valves in all oil filters are same spring rate. Then...
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    Harmonics of the motor- all crankshafts are balanced to some controlled specifications. Depending on manufacturer there is resonance frequency in the motor on the power rpm curve applied. Depending on the balance zone and specification it can be at low range and higher range. Bottom line any...
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    Beg to differ put on thousand of hours on equipment either you run it hard ending with short life. Run it less hard and it last lifetime. 540 RPM is suggested optimal range just that. I design equipment for a living “design engineer” we provide optimal range for equipment use. Some users follow...
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    Just because it states 540 on tach - dash at specific RPM does not mean you have run the implement at that speed. Close to 540 RPM is acceptable and will provide life to tractor and implement. Unless your running a disc mower less PTO RPM’s is safe bet. Just look at this way you don’t typically...
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    kioti running hot

    Blowing out radiator is key to long diesel life. What is not discussed is antifreeze frequency of changing. Verification if it’s acidic high pH level or verification if it’s conductive. Share thoughts how do you know if it’s time to replace the antifreeze in your tractor.
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    Where is the grease supposed to ooze out from when greasing loader?

    Lighter viscosity grease will migrate out of its point of lubrication. Either from load or heat leaving the journal area. Whereas heavy viscosity grease “tacky” will take more time to migrate out. Granted it will move but it will also protect the journal much better. From lighter grease I have...
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    Where is the grease supposed to ooze out from when greasing loader?

    Now that we have covered greasing 101 we should also cover the idea not all greases are equal. Typical moly grease is Thin in consistency. Thinner grease more ooze out the pins, the more you need to grease if you are working the loader or implement or what you have greased. Highly suggest...
  99. R

    Yesterday. Would you buy and EV?

    Big difference between ev car and tractor. Typically tractor is constantly under load far greater than ev car. Typically under load comes excessive heat. Heat manifest in amperage draw to run high torque motor s in tractor either from draw bar activity or PTO and or both. Lot of development is...
  100. R

    Don’t buy mahindra

    These are confusing times. We had come from expectations of everyone and every company doing right thing for the customer. Well , we the customer have to manipulate the system to achieve our needs.Good all days of customer being valued are far and few between. Don’t blame Mahindra it’s same...
  101. R

    Finally.... LS scan tool!

    Ok we have someone who has vetted the supplier, thanks. Now we need verification tool works as expected please. If this real working tool I myself would like one. Please share your experience when possible this may open opportunity for many LS tractor owners for self repair.
  102. R

    Finally.... LS scan tool!

    Has anyone bought one I was under impression this was fake site. Been experiencing fake sites for electronic components overseas. Seek out verification before buying. There is a lot of theft happening across the globe on fake real looking web sites.
  103. R

    Well pressure Switch question

    Pressure is pressure however if you have restricted flow pressure will still read without issue. I have replaced two 4” well pumps one from lightning strike and another from bad foot valve. Rule of thumb when you replace pump you change pressure switch. Relay contacts wear over time pressure can...
  104. R

    MF 1735M troubles

    Is this tier 4 version if so it could be emissions situation. However loss of power on tier 4 version usually throws codes on the issue. Unless your mower is throwing dirt from incline “scalping “ you should not be losing power. Takes a lot of dirty fuel to plug an injector over period of time...
  105. R

    Today, would you buy an EV vehicle.

    Pure EV is novelty item at least until infrastructure is completed that may be 36-48 months. Power grid may take longer 60 to 72. Then a pure EV vehicle will obsolete ICE. Right now I will agree hybrid vehicles non- plug versions are of value until the transformation to Pure EV exists. Not...
  106. R

    Today, would you buy an EV vehicle.

    Progress is what you have described on EV vehicles entering market . Keep in mind no standards have been set on charging rather they all have their own charging stations. Too early too expensive to jump in to EV. Why the lack of infrastructure until charging stations are a plentiful across the...
  107. R

    How High The Gas Mama? 809 and rising...

    Anybody tracking the amount of diesel and gas being shipped to Europe from USA to offset Rusky oil dependence. That also needs to be factored into the equation. Also noticed Elon Musk building production EV Semis out of Austin Texas starting next month. Word has it one unit to come off line...
  108. R

    LS MT225s Service Manual

    Not sure of your tractor usage experience but safety is paramount on these smaller tractors. I have MT225S myself and can tell you it could use wheel extenders at least on rear. Probably even ballast in the rear wheels. The front end loader on the unit is very robust it will dig and lift...
  109. R

    Rotted barn posts

    Might also suggest permacolumns out of craigville Indiana they are 6 foot concrete reinforced rebar columns with pocket for the pole barn beam. They mimick the pole barn beam length and width. I replaced all of mine on 30 x 50 barn near wetland area. No rot from concrete guaranteed to last 75...
  110. R

    If You Were To Get A New 6 Ft Finish Mower - What Would You get?

    Words of wisdom get rear discharge if going into taller grass. The taller the height of deck less horsepower required. Get high lift blades to allow good chopping of the grass with tall deck. Any brand with all these features will provide good mowed yard. If this is rear mounted 3pt deck make...
  111. R

    Water Heater Trips Breaker,,, HELP!!,,,??

    Soften will not fail as fast much longer period of time before element replacement. Needed to restate this.
  112. R

    Water Heater Trips Breaker,,, HELP!!,,,??

    Calcium builds up on element takes current to heat water. More current degrades the heating element. Once degraded enough it will short to ground. Some heaters use to have anion rod in center to keep build up on elements. Some swear by it others do not. In soften water element will fail faster...
  113. R

    LS XR4155 absolutely no power

    You correct on the throttle it seems to fail at higher hours. I have read numerous articles on throttle issues all failures are resultant of the resistive strip failing resulting in loss of RPM’s it defaults to idle position, failing safe. There is also calibration required after new resistive...
  114. R

    LS XR4155 absolutely no power

    Drop any codes on dash during this excitement. Losing RPM’s or speed you did not specify. Lastly your shifting ranges on hydro not shuttle shift. At 800 hours you have changed hydrostatic filters and oil. The hydro oil is hydroscopic it will draw moisture over time. Other thing to watch is...
  115. R

    Kioti LK3054 Tiller Size

    I ran 5 foot Italian made 1995 circa tiller behind mine it is heavy duty had to adjust out PTO shaft to short length. The other gentleman is correct you get five foot running max depth it consumes horse power. Always found running 4wd drive kept unit from pushing tractor. Depends what direction...
  116. R

    Kioti LK3054 replacement starter

    I had 1995 Lk3054 went through two ignition switches. Silicone helped but contacts would corrode and struggled getting tractor started. Last switch packed key with dielectric grease. Also shrunk on shrink tubing entire ignition switch under dash. All issues went away. Factory starter motor had...
  117. R

    LS Mt240e problem need advice

    Check safety switch on the clutch , assume dash lights up with key on. Hydro requires pedals in neutral position. Pto must be off to start. Based on being able to jump circuit means one of the safety switches are not activated. Make sure you make the dealer provide service manual for tractor you...
  118. R

    What DON'T You Like About Your New LS

    MT225S with MMM one of best mowing decks I have used in past 30 years. The problem resides in the deck wheels. None of the wheels had bushings nor did the front swivel had bearings. 200 hours in the wheels literally fell of the deck.Even with grease zerks lubing plastic on steel. I have since...
  119. R

    MT3 reliability

    Every tractor product line has it less desirable model. I have not experienced this with LS. What I have found LS use base motor that is tuned for 35,40,42,52,55,57 HP. Turbo adds in the kicker on torque and horsepower. I have LS XR3135 HC with 160 hours with backhoe. I have used the past 160...
  120. R


    Do you have wiring schematic to understand voltage to display not everything is 12 volts. It may be some in line voltage regulator that is breaking down. It was mentioned your alternator could be focal point make sure belt is secure a lose worn belt will cause power fluctuations. If the dealer...
  121. R

    Electrostatic speayer

    Yes was on development team doing orange groves. Had good efficacy in the center of the trees. Wrap around of the canopy was excellent. The problem was no farmer was comfortable with estat spray equipment. Dealing with DC voltage low micro amps. Same as what fence charger puts out to keep...
  122. R

    Used prices going up, up, up - Tractor Futures!

    Inflation today is culmination of labor, raw material shortages and unforeseen pandemic. Polices put in place to offset pandemic put cash in hands stimulating economy that had sufficient warehouse goods for 120 + days. Once inventories dropped manufacturing suffered from raw material and labor...
  123. R

    overheating easy

    Your tractor has some age few things to look for on this model 1. Water pump are bearings solid not worn. It can fail without leaking fluid. Inspect it you may need to remove fan belt.2. Fan belt it self could be loose however alternator light would be intermittent inspect this. 3. Thermostat...
  124. R

    CUT Low Loader Lift Capacity

    Yes, believe what is shown need to state clearly water is liquid and can move changing center of gravity. I believe there are couple of guys on YouTube using cement bags 80 lbs each. This would be solid dead weight that would not change center of gravity. My education came from roofing shingles...
  125. R

    CUT Low Loader Lift Capacity

    Any chance you verify your shiny new Branson will lift 2000 lbs . typically I have found factory ratings fall short with set forks on front shifting the vector out forward of the pins. I have ls xr3135 max conrete bags I can lift with woods forks is 1300 lbs above the hood way above. It was...
  126. R

    Clutch slipping? Or not?

    Honestly put tractor in mid range gear idle to low medium rpm. Lock the both brake pedals. Hold your foot on the brakes tight. Let foot off clutch. If the clutch is slipping the motor will not die but will draw down rpm. If the clutch is good the motor will die immediately. We did this trick on...
  127. R

    MT225S cold start question

    Within in this thread it was noted the time delay for the glow plugs is software driven. I don’t know if it’s yanmar or LS interface. But this tractor is ran by wire not mechanical linkage.
  128. R

    MT225S cold start question

    I have practice cycling the key switch suggested by another forum member. I actually does start easier. I don’t have block heater nor heated barn. But unit does crank hard with 10-30w diesel oil but it will fire up after belching a lot of back smoke. No doubt yanmar engine does not like cold...
  129. R

    B2400 Radiator- $1600!!!

    Use mothballs mice don’t like the smell. Told to do this RV generator since I have done it mice don’t make any nests or chew wiring. Also was told pure abstract 90% peppermint sprayed on parts will keep mice away. Naturally I use cab fresh in tractor cabs and cars in storage mice stay away. If...
  130. R

    New tractor purchase

    I am in agreement on slip clutch for 60-100 horse outfit using 7’ plus rotary mower. That is given feature that becomes standard on heavy duty model. Under 6’ rotary mower it’s an option. Maintenance is adjustment of the clutch if stored in a shed little maintenance needed if stored outside to...
  131. R

    New tractor purchase

    Woods is outstanding brand. However they have entry level does not have stump jumper. If you are in rough terrain with stumps you need tough rotary mower with stump jumper. Other options include reinforced deck. Rear discharge chains, front chains. Host of other options Wood's provides. Rule of...
  132. R

    Battery based vehicles of today and tomorrow pt 2

    History reflects change in 1899 there were more horse and buggies on the road than automobiles. The automobile was just starting out. Less than 1000 automobiles were on the road globally in 1899. Push ahead in 1920’s more automobiles were on the road than horse and buggies. Same thing is...
  133. R

    TIER 4 Questions

    I been through 4 regen cycles on LS3135 with 165 hours. Primary use has been FEL work and backhoe. I have found when running tractor above 2k RPM the regen time is reduced. I have been burning pilot truck stop diesel. The fuel is fresh and I am only using 5 gallons at time. Keeping fuel around...
  134. R

    Tractor News What is driving up the demand for tractors?

    Prior posting last year I had noted shortages in the supply chain. I am actively employed in manufacturing sector. We are facing worst electronic component shortages we have ever experienced. This will not go away in 2022 but may improve in mid 2023. Domestically we hearing suppliers placing...
  135. R

    B2650 under powered when loaded?

    Typically when you are working your tractor hard with front end loader work, running in low range is preferable. Finish mowing and rotary mowing depending on grass height medium range is preferable. Regardless of hydrostatic or gear. Never heard any one running out of horse power in low range...
  136. R

    Tractor quit and won't start

    If you continue to blow fuses look for worn wiring insulation. It appears the wiring harnesses on these Korean tractors are manufactured by the cheapest supplier. May not adhere to wire insulation specifications we take for granted in the good old USA. Same for fuses there are different grades...
  137. R

    Tractor quit and won't start

    I also have MT225S yes it hates cold weather. Noted on this board if you cycle glow plugs it will start better. I am in agreement but it still puffs a lot raw diesel for 30-40 seconds until motor is running smoothly in cold weather. Check your safety switches they can prevent motor from turning...
  138. R

    MT225S cold start question

    I have MT225S since June 2020 - 230 hours later the glow plug light turn on for 5 seconds then if it’s cold outside the glow plug light will light as tractor is cranking. I do agree the tractor produces lot dark exhaust as it’s firing up. This diminishes 10 seconds after unit is running...
  139. R

    No engine oil or filter available from the dealer I bought a new Boomer 55 from

    Ran into same issue on ambra oil, discontinued. Ended up with Shell T6 0-40w from advance auto. Any Tracy with turbo LS or Boomer need 0-40w for northern corridor states that get real cold. If you search on site you will see new Holland specified 0w-40 for tractors with Turbo in colder climates...
  140. R

    Fan disintegrates!

    That’s good news you are the exception however I was not as lucky well neither were my other colleagues here northern states. We all had water pump replacement around 700-1000 hours. As far as fan material they are molded out of nylon 6/6 common material. However nylon does not like adverse dry...
  141. R

    Fan disintegrates!

    Pay attention to the water pump the bearings tend to wear out after 700-1000 hours. They let go without warning regardless if changing antifreeze on normal cycle. Had this issue on LK3054 dealer warned me when I bought unit used. Kioti and kubota notorious for water pump failures notably due to...
  142. R

    RK Tractor Prices

    Let’s hope things do not become worse than we have seen in the past 18 months from Covid complications. We have all had negative experience from Covid times. Now we need to work ourselves back some normal not sure what that is but we need to get to it soon. Looks like Xmas might be lean season...
  143. R

    New Tractor Mechanical Issues

    Does the shaft have any splines to key the gear in place to the shaft even its sweated on. Keep in mind this interference fit “sweat”was used for cylinder liners in many of tractors made in US early 20 th century. However they were captured by the cylinder head to keep any movement from...
  144. R

    Supply chain issues not ending soon - Case and New Holland in this article.

    Pay attention to large retailers not taking cash. Huge talks on digital dollar going on it’s happening in lot of other countries around us now. Digital transactions are visible to many companies and governments in these other countries . If it’s hassle to transact purchases in cash due to...
  145. R

    RK Tractor Prices

    If you live in California drastic changes on lawn and garden equipment going from petrol to battery in 2022 anything under 25 hp. Seems like we are driving the idea battery power is solution for all carbon issues. Unfortunately no one is taking in the idea batteries require replacements and...
  146. R

    ck3510se, hydraulic leak somewhere on 3pt valve area

    Trade name o-rings use viton extreme or kalrez - material name is called “perfluorelastomer” These type of o-rings are impervious to oil exposure. I deal with o-rings daily as design engineer for e-stat paint equipment. We have to have oil and solvent resistant o-rings in our application.
  147. R

    how deep can I run a subsoiler (for running pipe) with ck2610

    Used sub soiler on LS MT225S ran depth of 30 inches had spool of cable on back feeding into trench. Sub soiler is fast way of laying buried cable permitting you don’t have rocky terrain. My point was not larger than 2.5 inches wide. Unit was purchased from TSC. You will know it’s behind you make...
  148. R

    Supply chain issues not ending soon - Case and New Holland in this article.

    Let’s put this microchip shortage in perspective. Any new car with combustible motor requires 300 micro chips on average. The EV or electric vehicles require roughy 3000 micro chips for all electronics in the car. Right now the push is on for EV cars. The supply of chips have been stripped for...
  149. R

    MT225 50 hour service need service manual

    If you purchased tractor new it came with service manual covering basics on service intervals.50 hours engine oil, filter along both hydraulic filters. You will need gallon of LS hydraulic oil if you desire to keep same hydraulic oil in tractor. Make sure engine oil used is ck4 rating that is...
  150. R


    Had Lk3054 1995 version - sold it in 2019 with 1989 hours. Two clutches later after 20 years ownership. Tie rod ends and two sets of front tires. Used tractor with 5 foot Lely disc mower- unit was quite robust. I wanted a cab tractor and LS xr3135 fit the budget with backhoe. Kioti was priced...
  151. R

    DPF on 40 HP and lower

    Early Tier 4 had issues on getting software correct additionally they regen very 20 hours. Navigate to latter years 2018 and newer. All brands suffered onset of tier 4 requirements. Most newer units regen at 50 or 60 hours if ran above 1800 rpm and either load or PTO activity. If you idle...
  152. R

    Are they coming?

    Beyond tractor and loader shortages what else are other regions on globe facing for shortages. I was told rubber tires are in short supply both truck and tractor. Electronic components are being sourced through brokers since supply chain is dried up. Seems like we are one shortage away from...
  153. R

    LS motor for MT230/235/240

    Not one bit separated nicely - now I cannot open up rear window fully bit it will open partially.
  154. R

    LS motor for MT230/235/240

    L3C19 is base motor for 35-55 hp LS tractors same displacement difference is how motor is tuned for HP. I have 35 hp I have tasked it many ways with turbo the unit is rather robust. I have shuttle shift over hydrostatic. No dis appointment now have 135 hours. My unit is equipped with TLB it has...
  155. R

    Advice on 25 hp tractor purchase

    I am in agreement 25 hp is good for weekend farmer and or hobbyist. Getting work done in larger setting requires horsepower unless you just love tractor seat time. I have two tractors 25 and 35 Hp they are for different jobs. I chose 25 hp over zero turn mower. Many people like zero turn mowers...
  156. R

    Terrified of tipping - how about an inclinometer?

    Wheel spacers will address tipping on incline to some degree. Make sure your row bar is extended and not folded down. Seen where people leave it down way to often when using tractor. It works well according to people have rolled over based on the survivors account.
  157. R

    midmower frozen and also pto attachment s stuck on tractor

    That’s excellent suggestion just encountered this on 1000 rpm shaft with many splines. Much more difficult to get on shaft on your back while holding collar back. Thanks for sharing your experience very helpful.
  158. R

    Advice on 25 hp tractor purchase

    I have now had 1.2 years on Ls MT225S with loader. Tractor and loader was 16.3K. I chose to add mmm for 3k which has proven to be wise but. Just turn 151 hours on tractor its used for driveway construction and landscaping. Moved roughly 72 tons of dirt around my sons house. Tractor is light...
  159. R

    Why did I buy this thing?

    I am seeing opportunity for patent here developing a oil sensing dipstick in a non running state. As we all know when motor is running sump can pull down oil or splash on it. If checking motor in a cool down state it might me helpful to the dipsticks that un reachable, which we know most are.
  160. R

    Min tractor size for repairing long gravel driveway with potholes?

    25 hp typically use 4 ft box blade, tiller and opportunity for mid mount mower. Most compact Tractors include front loaders. I am running LS MT225S with all noted options used it for landscaping and mowing very hearty tractor. 1 year later with 164 hours it has moved 75 tons dirt mowed my yard 3...
  161. R

    30 hrs and a flat.

    Must be something contagious experienced flat at 5 hours run time MT225S had tire plugged at Firestone dealer. My case it was roofing nail.I left it another 5 hours as time was permissible for the repair. Now 147 hours later on the clock tire holds air. Very happy with tractor it has been work...
  162. R

    Still Waiting For A LS MT342

    It will continue this way until end of 2022 shortages in market place. Be patient once everything catches up there will be good buys. All suppliers I deal with see no end in sight short term. Long-term different outlook 12-18 months things improve. Let’s hope we don’t rebound into an unexpected...
  163. R

    Grading LS MT225S W/4 FT Box Blade

    Fluid in tires assume you don’t have mmm otherwise you would be seeing tracks in yard and deck adjustments to keep it higher to hide marks. Had kioti with fluid in tires had to run finish mower higher to hide tracks from weighted tires. You said it rides smoother that is a plus for sure. No...
  164. R

    LS MT225S with 5 foot tiller impressive results

    Congrats on purchase. If not running mmm would suggest rear wheel spacers. I chose not to fill tires since I have a mmm under unit it does not leave tire impressions in grass. The unit mows the grass exceptionally well for 60” deck. It’s a very functional tractor for 25 hp seems more like 30 hp...
  165. R

    LS MT225S with 5 foot tiller impressive results

    Started new thread on MT225S regarding tillers - I was skeptical of running 60” tiller on the tractor. After 8 hours of tilling yard in for my son. I was impressed the tractor powered the tiller better than my previous kioti LK 3054. tractor lifted tiller with ease and had more than enough pto...
  166. R

    Grading LS MT225S W/4 FT Box Blade

    Wheel spacers are aftermarket add on LS does not offer them. Dealer in Kalamazoo Mi tractor werks he sells them. He is on you tube all the time. He specializes in used John Deeres but will sell you wheel spacers for LS he will need to know bolt circle information. He also has large variety of...
  167. R

    Grading LS MT225S W/4 FT Box Blade

    Agreed on tippy it needs wheel spacers if not running mmm unit. I have now 115 hours on unit. No issues on unit complete second service at 100 hours. Comfortable easy on fuel mmm mower is great. I did install a radio on my tractor since I mow roughly 3 hrs week.
  168. R


    Xj2025 will not be best selection for mmm. I looked prior too and went with MT225S with mmm it has been a work horse. No disappointments after 120 hours. Yanmar engine is smoother than the Mitsubshi much less vibration. Hydrostatic transmission is quieter too.
  169. R

    CK35 Burned Out It's Clutch AGAIN?!

    I too lost clutch in lk3054 at 300 hours due to leaking plug not sealed correctly on the housing back in 1997. Ended up with oil soaked clutch. I opted not to replace with factory clutch but have it relined at Fort Wayne Clutch. The lining composition they put on took me too 1650 hours before...
  170. R

    Ambra Multi G-134 Substitute

    New Holland is restructuring dealers they are quite a few less in 2021. We have loss three in my neck of the woods. Lot competition in farm equipment segment. More coming on the compact tractor seen now we are seeing Bad Boy tractors rebadged TYM’s. I use John Deere trans fluid and Antifreeze in...
  171. R

    LK3054 Maximum RPM, wont rev past 2600?

    Listen the tach cable is notorious for wearing then breaking off if your tachometer is jumping on the dial face. suggest you inspect cable. Also if recall there is 540 mark on the tach. That will assure you are at optimal PTO speed.
  172. R

    Anyone notice differences between the NH Boomer and the LS XR models?

    There was at one time cash spread of 3-5K between the NH and LS. The LS was less expensive. If it’s closer now that might explain why NH has less dealers forcing LS to give deeper discounts to keep NH in compact tractor segment. They were threatening to exit compact tractor business in early...
  173. R

    Grading LS MT225S W/4 FT Box Blade

    Picked up oil filter From dealer superior farm supply In Montpelier Ohio , 4.00 usd per filter will take picture of box if needed not until next Friday on job site now for new week away from home. Other filters hydrostatic and hydraulic were priced right also. Good dealer to work with, he does...
  174. R

    Dealer 2019 LS XR3135C New Tractor and Excellent Dealer

    Well what I didn’t state that I had backhoe on the back without filled tires. No issues moving snow. R4 tires actually grab snow better than R1 tires. Judge tractor weight with loader and cab at 3800 lbs. That was double the weight of my old Kioti LK3054 that struggled moving snow with R1 tires...
  175. R

    Dealer 2019 LS XR3135C New Tractor and Excellent Dealer

    Hopefully you can get a deal put together. You will not be disappointed with the tractor. To me it seems to act like 50 horsepower tractor plus with turbo. Moving snow with ls xr3135 was positive experience with heated cab. Tractor never bogged down like lk3054 kioti use to. The Xr3135 is...
  176. R

    Grading LS MT225S W/4 FT Box Blade

    No issues whatsoever with the MT225S started perfectly fine in sub zero weather. If in the budget looking to add grapple using LS diverter valve maybe this year. Have more than 80 hours on unit. It’s been used for landscaping and yard mowing. It’s been reliable and robust. Good value overall to me.
  177. R

    Dealer 2019 LS XR3135C New Tractor and Excellent Dealer

    Paul Haines is extremely good dealer he is truly fair. Best of luck you can’t go wrong. No doubt LS is a good tractor I have 2 newer units they mow, BH dig and do anything I ask of them. I am trying to share my experiences as I own these units. Again a good dealer is basis of good experience for...
  178. R

    Grading  LS MT225S W/4 FT Box Blade

    Starting new thread for MT225S on owning and using. Just purchased 4 ft Rural King box blade use behind tractor. Found tractor handled box blade well. Now need hydraulic third link for faster adjustment on the fly. No issues with tractor with full box of gravel handles it quite well With no...
  179. R

    Trustworthy Dealers Any Brand Tractor - where are they located

    We hear much about Brand loyalty on this site- which is great to understand everyone has had positive experience with one Brand or another. What I don稚 see is listing of dealers members prefer either in USA or other countries of interest. Where would you tell new member to go for trustworthy...
  180. R

    MT225S 4wd drive characteristics

    Now have 16 hrs on MT225S just used 4wd in wet area and experienced it fighting itself on left and right turns. Running it Straight you can feel drive shaft movement- feels like shaft riding loose in mating yoke. So you MT225S owners tell me what you are experiencing on your machines. If I had...
  181. R

    Dealer  2019 LS XR3135C New Tractor and Excellent Dealer

    After looking for over 3 months reviewing all colors from green, orange and blue tractors. Looking at all the different specifications essentially finding that all compact tractors are close in performance and quality. What I have found that made the difference is the dealer - essentially I...
  182. R

    Rotary Cutter sized for NH TC26DA

    Need to understand if NH TC26DA can handle 5 rotary Cutter over 4 any one share insight from first hand experience. Any specifications on rotary cutter would be recommended.
  183. R

    Comparison  LS XR 3135C 2019 loader changed part number

    Buying new 2019 XR 3135C tractor w/FEL and BH and have noticed loader is now LL 3116 over LL3106 does anyone know what has changed to require new part number scheme. Also noticed LS blue is getting closer to the New Holland color tone at least for 2019. Anyone else looked at 2019 LS Tractors...
  184. R

    Kioti LK3054 Run time Hours

    Ok, who has the maximum number hours on their LK3054. I currently have 1364 hours of good uptime. Unit has had new clutch at 650 hours.