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  1. bullbreaker

    Kioti Skid Steer / Excavator?

    Could not tell you . Been real busy . Have not had time to look into it. However there " claim " was they were supposed to be out in the US a good while ago . I agree competition is healthy. Have you looked @ KATO CTL/SS's and excavators they imo are really outstanding machines...
  2. bullbreaker

    Kioti Skid Steer / Excavator?

    Man if that wasn't a prophetic word , you posted that 11/20/21 . I still have not seen a Kioti SS or compact track loader "live " .
  3. bullbreaker


    653675,655758,713717 If you know how to do it the big ones make great hat bands and front limb covers for your longbow or recurve bows . If pic came out one of these is not a rattler , it's a Leg Les lizard , I have actually seen them eat smaller rattlesnakes .
  4. bullbreaker


    Don't think there low lying . Many a rattler has been seen , encountered or dealt with at elevations between 6000' to 8000 ' . That old tale about cowboys putting there ropes/ lariets / mecates on the ground around them and there bedding at nite to deter snakes from crossing rope and...
  5. bullbreaker

    Let's see your knife.

    Is he planning on stamping them with what looks "like " that three leaf clover image ? Or does that mean " The Father, Son , and Holy Spirit ? ..... Your pics don't do them justice, I bet seeing them personally they look even better .
  6. bullbreaker

    Let's see your knife.

    Pics dont do it justice . Knife looks skinny , smaller in the pic's . Really good knife for the bucks . Also forgot to mention in my post the handle is micarta . Sheath has a built in blade sharpener , as does the Gerber II infantry / chopper pilot knives .
  7. bullbreaker

    Let's see your knife.

    IMO for the money this is the best 7" blade combat utility knife on the new market today. It's a Utica UKC6 model . You have to shop around. Comes with a semi kydex type sheath , a furrel rod and striker , made in the USA in Utica NY . Been around a long time only mostly die hards have...
  8. bullbreaker

    Disking up an old field

    Maybe thats why the White Field Bosses are no longer made ? ...............
  9. bullbreaker

    Let's see your knife.

    I have been playing with knives since I was 10 years old . They would systematically disappear from my room and I thought as a young buck I was just misplaceing them . Then a couple years later I fiquered out my mom was "takin " them in an attempt to keep me out of trouble . Like Merle...
  10. bullbreaker

    Let's see your knife.

    My Becker BK7 combat utility knife.
  11. bullbreaker

    Let's see your knife.

    OFF GRID ' brand "Alpha Dog" '''''' model ......I put a dollar bill under the blade so you'd get and idea just how wide the blade is for a knife that's not that long . Knife's a beast like them KABAR BK models . The flask were I carry my cough medication in I bought separate. No liquid...
  12. bullbreaker

    Let's see your knife.

    KABAR BK10 : my favorite of the BK lineup also called and known as the " Crewman " . If bowhunting in " GRIZZ " country , polar bear etc. Besides a hand cannon in your chest rigg , this one of the knives you might want on you. A little over 100 bucks . These knives don't play...
  13. bullbreaker

    Let's see your knife.

    Ontario RAT 3 with sheath . Made in USA From what I gather they came out first then ESEE perfected them with there premium identical models . All the RAT models from Ontario Knives good stuff . Lots of value for the money . This one is or was $53 -tax included. The same model in Esee...
  14. bullbreaker

    Let's see your knife.

    I own 2 Gerber's LMF 2 Infantry, kinda don't know why there referred to as that when there actually designed for pilots etc . There 3/4 @least tang the back butt doesn't connect to the front tang part so in an aircraft crash etc and one is attempting to cut your way out ' or banging in...
  15. bullbreaker

    ***6,000,000th Post Contest***

    12/27/22. 1:08 am
  16. bullbreaker

    Let's see your knife.

    (y) :cool:
  17. bullbreaker

    Let's see your knife.

    Here's another Off Grid brand folder . It's there " Caiman XL . What's neat is the Caiman XL and the regular size Caiman sell for the same price . Just for fun I been running the numbers on the bills from the Gents here that post there knife pics with paper bill money so we get an idea of...
  18. bullbreaker

    Let's see your knife.

    Another one for your thread Sir ! This folder here is an " OFF GRID " ENFORCER XL model . It's a very large folder , flips lightning fast . Items if any here has interest is a 1885 Uberti HighWall , it's not stock . I took the Buckhorn site off it and added a Marble's tang peep Shiloh...
  19. bullbreaker

    Let's see your knife.

    Gerber infantry II in coyote brown . Bit is a les vogt santa barbara star silver ' spade bit " if any one speaks the lingo Bless Ya's ! .... Two Bit just putting another log on your fire . Always keep n eye out for a Hawk on the Wing !
  20. bullbreaker

    What Happened To This Member?

    D7E / Boggun .......
  21. bullbreaker

    What Happened To This Member?

    Crash325 (RIP) / LB Brown / FWJ aka farm with junk To name a few .
  22. bullbreaker

    3/8 or .325 chainsaw chain? here's where I purchased my last saw a Shindaiwa 600X. SAME as Echo . Really good saw . Sold my ms291 . If one is not in rush , at times they have even better prices . They offer alot on there site . No dog in there race .
  23. bullbreaker

    Kioti Skid Steer / Excavator?
  24. bullbreaker

    Favorite Subcompact Color? 😁

    MtnViewRanch has one h-ll of a kick azz Mahindra 7520 in blue . There's a story behind that (y) Cut me I bleed Bota orange .
  25. bullbreaker

    Let's see your knife.

    Here's an Oerla Brand # ol-0021sd tac knife . Heck of a bang for the bucks ! Really an awesome knife for like under 26 bucks delivered from " AMZN " . Can't go wrong ! .........
  26. bullbreaker

    Let's see your knife.

    OFF GRID FATBOY black out ' pocket tank . Imo excellent small well built little folder . Oh BTW if anybody cares the bit is from JM Capriola 'Elko Nevada ' .
  27. bullbreaker

    Steel Sawhorses folding leg hands on experience ? Toughbuilt/ Wen Wa/ Bora etc ?

    Hello to all TBN good folks . Just wanted to read your comments and thoughts on steel sawhorse folding leg sawhorses . I have/had never owned a set of these . Just for years have owned A wood frames I made . Yesterday I received as a gift a set of Bora's . There suppose to be rated at...
  28. bullbreaker

    Loader on L2800

    While you're at it on the L2800/L3400 Bota you might want to look under between where your feet go on the deck for the suction return hose . There notorious for cracking on those and providing slow hydrolics. Hose cheap @ dealer and real easy fix . Also search here on TBN some good...
  29. bullbreaker

    Let's see your knife.

    Here is another " Off Grid " series knife of mine ... This one Badger model / folder with lock after you open . Imo Off Grid makes fantastic knives for the money . Previously I posted my Off Grid "BackCountry" fix blade model on this thread , for 60 bucks plus tax , it dang sure is alot...
  30. bullbreaker

    Who doesn't despise trolls?

    :ROFLMAO: still lmao ! When I first saw your thread heading I thought this was going to be about those that live south of the big bridge in Michigan's LP .
  31. bullbreaker

    Caught 4 small feral hogs at a time, this morning

    Thats amazing according to the map there is a patch in the UP of MI . They must be russian mixed with feral and piney woods rooters . But then again many a rattler has been seen on elk hunts at 9000' elevation .
  32. bullbreaker

    I modified my Bxpanded backhoe thumb

    Gene looks good , mini jurassic park ! ....
  33. bullbreaker

    T-Post Puller for Front End Loader

    Should work heres a post on one I flipped ......
  34. bullbreaker

    What have you hit with your mower lately?

    I ran over a womans bra in a field with a 7' BushHog Squealer , just temporarily slowed my blade speed down . Later later I discovered a piece of it with the wire caught up under my bushHog blades /stumpjumper . I could barely read the tag on it however it said "48D " . :cool:
  35. bullbreaker

    Things you could order over 50 years ago that you can't order now !

    How about the small plastic Tony the Tiger boxing gloves that the ESSO gas stations would hand out . I might be wrong but later they became Exxon ' .
  36. bullbreaker

    Kioti Skid Steer / Excavator?

    First mention where they might start trickling in before the end of the world . Agree w/RickB post #41 ...... "don't hold your breath" etc ...... was just interested in there price point and there...
  37. bullbreaker

    Westinghouse Generator Model No: WGen9500DF review

    Jkk thanks for sharing info . Don't really recall correctly I think I read somewhere that some Westinghouse or Wen's once again not sure run Yamaha or Yamaha clone engines . ?
  38. bullbreaker

    Tire puncturing form orange osage trees

    Some of those mature orange osage trees make one heck of a longbow . Highly sought after by the rite bowyer .
  39. bullbreaker

    Kubota skid steer rear bumper/ rear protection

    I"am guessing yours came with a back up camera . Seen where some of the older models that was an option and guys added them on themselves .
  40. bullbreaker

    If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money? Maine is a state in the mix .
  41. bullbreaker

    If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?

    Florida Lottery - Mega Millions. If no winner soon it could be into 1 Billion dolla plus ! Yeah the odds astronomical but worth buying a ticket .
  42. bullbreaker

    Komatsu dozer parts / sources

    Have you tried Or asking on the HeavyEquipment Forum ...
  43. bullbreaker

    Things you could order over 50 years ago that you can't order now !

    Heck on thursdays when I was a kid we use to buy a case of cheeseburgers at Royal Castle in Miami, Fl for five cents a burger . Ten cents would also buy you a gallon of kerosene .
  44. bullbreaker

    Things you could order over 50 years ago that you can't order now !

    Yes but instead of batteries they now use viagra ! 🙂 (sorry could'nt help it) Yes they still make a modern version of them most by a company named Meccano , most of the vintage versions were made by Gilbert .
  45. bullbreaker

    LEATHERMAN tools

    Anybody own a " Skeletol " some reviews of broken needle nose when pressured by a gorilla . lol Just from viewing them they seem like for the white water rafting guides or something with that clip on attachment they have on them . I'am I correct to assume they dont come with a pouch for...
  46. bullbreaker

    Things you could order over 50 years ago that you can't order now !

    Wasn't that long ago but how about Heathkit stores. And Curtis Mathes TV 's ?
  47. bullbreaker

    Starting a new adventure with a oliver 60 row crop.
  48. bullbreaker

    Things you could order over 50 years ago that you can't order now !

    I never did it but how about the old old time county fair "kissing " booth .
  49. bullbreaker

    Things you could order over 50 years ago that you can't order now !

    Also The Littleton Coin company from Colorado use to back then send me coins , mostly pennies and nickels to review and purchase on " scouts honor " . I was a jr numismatist just a kid . No nothing but a person's word and promise . I never sent any back I would just buy them all . I...
  50. bullbreaker

    Things you could order over 50 years ago that you can't order now ! Over 50 years ago we ordered a baby gator from a comic book add . It came through USPS in a shoe box with holes poked on top of lid . We kept it as a pet in a shady part of house...
  51. bullbreaker

    deutz fahr ku250 hay rake If you don't get many hits on your question . Ebay should have some original owners manuals on them. Most would be in Germany. I would tend to believe. This one is in NC , USA
  52. bullbreaker

    Anybody here ever make money gambling? $480 -million tomorrow nite in Mega Million ...
  53. bullbreaker

    Utility trailers - what should i know?

    If its a cargo or horse enclosed type trailer torsion axe system is better than leaf spring @ least from my experiences .
  54. bullbreaker

    Question regarding disc harrow.

    First I would like to say from your pic you have a real good looking tractor . With the price of fuel , your time involved to go get it etc I really wouldn't pay much more for that than what my thoughts were . Yes every region is different market wise . In the past I have not offered...
  55. bullbreaker

    Question regarding disc harrow.

    I would keep looking if I were you . The frame build on that thing from the 3 point to the L iron frame is cwap imo . Also it has no gang adjustability . I would not give more than $200 for that if I were you . Trying to be honest and not come across as a jerk . LoL ! That add reminded...
  56. bullbreaker

    LEATHERMAN tools

    When I buy my next multi tool it's gonna be a LMan , Surge/Wave or Skeletor . I have all my life have only owned Gerbers . Which have served me beyond expectations. However my favorite plier head has always been the blunt nose as Gerber calls it. Here is my Gerber blunt nose . I sure...
  57. bullbreaker

    IHI mini excavator tracks will not extend on one side

    1 800 538-1447 Kentucky (good people )
  58. bullbreaker

    IHI mini excavator tracks will not extend on one side

    When Required Maintenance And Checks; Tracks Check/Adjust; Track Tightening; Track Loosening - IHI 9NX Service Manual [Page 72]. Seems like you know plenty about it . I'd say your just about to figure out issue. If no response here try Kato compact tract loaders . That's where that IHI...
  59. bullbreaker

    Most Credible and Respected TBN Posters

    My votes for the Mahindra Princess ! MS Bindian ! Aka Brandi . Way sweeter than the brandy I have been known to sip. The longtime original First Lady of TBN bar none . Woman has more mechanical skills than most of us men here . Oh and BTW did I mention if I actually was...
  60. bullbreaker

    I jumped the gun... now what?

    I once was in a similar situation with a like new Kubota . I sold mine for fair market value and way down the road re bought more equipment. Never regretted it . In the meantime besides some thoughts/ opinions you been given above . You better " RODENT PROOF " your tractor . You...
  61. bullbreaker

    Good morning!!!!

    This one caught like maybe 8 miles or less from the house . Over 215 lbs / 18 ' ..... I have personally seen one I guesstimate at least 17' maybe hard to...
  62. bullbreaker

    Guy uses fake check to steal Massey tractor...recognize him?

    Never buy your quail from the Mustang Ranch . I have been told it smells like a combination of beaver fur and fish . Try to hunt your own .
  63. bullbreaker

    Auger for NH 25s

    Welcome to TBN . Check your gear box oil when you buy one , most of them come shipped dry .
  64. bullbreaker

    Fatjay picks up chicks!

    Thanks for posting and sharing cool project-etc ! I knew even before opening your thread it wasn't about picking up the " other kind of Chick's " ! :ROFLMAO: That's a good way to get in a heap of trouble and an azz whipping in court ! Keep thread going as the ethical "chick's " produce ...
  65. bullbreaker

    Guy uses fake check to steal Massey tractor...recognize him?

    I don't know there "routine " or set up in that establishment but how about remote posibility it's also an inside job or thief had a heads up regarding lax procedure(s) .
  66. bullbreaker

    Guy uses fake check to steal Massey tractor...recognize him?

    I think that pos will get caught . Dang sure can't bring tractor in for warranty work or repair . Can't sell . Too much of a trail still . Even pic's if he drove far and fueled somewhere . Maybe he didn't have them girly gloves on when he handed check over and they got all kinds of...
  67. bullbreaker

    Ideas for cannon ball extraction?

    I'am not a gambling man but I think Richard will get the cannon ball out quicker than the TBN member on here that cound'nt break loose his oil pan bolt . Can't remember his TBN handle ?
  68. bullbreaker

    Is new equipment really that hard to come by?

    Hay Dude , not sure if they make 20 footers but have you tried or considered Schulte ??? .....
  69. bullbreaker

    Is new equipment really that hard to come by?

    Called Kentucky one month ago to inquire to attempt purchase a Kato CL 45 or maybe a 35 compact track loader . There the old IHI equipment line , now called " Kato " . Good solid no frills , no nonsense equipment . We have bought there units in the past . The CTL 's come with Yanmar and some...
  70. bullbreaker

    Electric fence charger testing

    Kenmac very familiar with the Cyclops line , Any cowpoke , rancher , buckaroo, hired hand etc , that accidentally urinates on that 41 joule Boss will instantly be transformed into a female . Hey for fun have you ever tried to figure out how much $ per month it cost to operate it if its on...
  71. bullbreaker

    Electric fence charger testing I started using a L Diverter after this thread some years ago , and I have had pretty good success down here in sw Fla . We get lots of electrical storms BTW. Not 100 per cent foolproof but good cheap semi...
  72. bullbreaker

    Electric fence charger testing

    What brand of charger are you running ? Also is it electric/ solar / or battery powered ? Any pics of your set up ?
  73. bullbreaker

    Regards from the Yaqui Valley

    Welcome Jose to TBN ! From sw Fla 34117 .....
  74. bullbreaker

    Where Oh Where Do The OP's Go?

    Easy fix , start a thread with a list of their handles here And ignore them second time around . Like people that borrow your tools and you have to remind them they never returned them. 😎 etc ....
  75. bullbreaker

    What TV did you watch as a kid?

    Lost in Space / Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea / Cap'n Kangaroo/ Soupy Sales / Alfred Hitchcock/ Lawrence Welk , Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom .....Johny Quest, The first Tarzan's were fantastic.
  76. bullbreaker

    Why isn't anyone talking about the Deutz Fahr 5080d?

    Yanmar great products , but for some extra if dealer near with part support etcI like the Duetz F 5080D . Closer to 80 hp. I would think they still using air cooled technology which would be good for that cooler Idaho climate . No Def on those also I believe.
  77. bullbreaker

    I know what it is. What can I do with it.
  78. bullbreaker

    Kioti Skid Steer / Excavator?

    Yeah no biggie , heres the thread - HOW LONG WILL A KIOTI LAST Hey thanks for checking back . (y) , yeah with everything else goin on in the world you just don't see them .
  79. bullbreaker

    Electric Fence?
  80. bullbreaker

    Foods you ate growing up that most folks don't eat today

    Cuban bread with premium olive oil , onions, and avocados. Legal hunted black bear meat . Crayfish tail meat cooked quick with a Bic lighter as an appetizer till you got to camp or home . Rattlesnake battered " bites " .
  81. bullbreaker

    What are these blue huts in a field in Canada?

    PortALet for one farmer with severe diarrhea .
  82. bullbreaker

    komatsu dozer winch

    Welcome again to TBN ........... If someone here does not respond quick to your questions regarding your needs you might try posting this on the Heavy Equipment Forums Hope its not against TBN rules to post other site(s) on here . Just trying to help OP with his needs .
  83. bullbreaker

    Electric Fence?

    At least looks like you got a 3 year warranty. (y) that's a plus!
  84. bullbreaker

    Electric Fence?

    If anyone has an E fence set up near public land or close to neighbors etc . Might want to think about putting "warning electric fence " no trespassing signs up . Could avoid a lawsuit from an A-HOLE . Wonder if they make these signs in Spanish also ?
  85. bullbreaker

    Electric Fence?

    Thats why I mentioned to you in an earlier post to take back that Zareba if you could . Did you come back with same one or something different most big box store chargers on a long term deal are cwap . I doubt if they still sell it but Harbor Freight sells or used to actually sell a solar...
  86. bullbreaker

    What Insane/Crazy Price did You Pay Today?

    TJ suppose to be actual Maine lobster . I agree totally with your post . Just in pics of what one is suppose to get , etc they make it look bigger , etc . From the time I recieved my lunch and gobbled it down I musta been out of there in like nine minutes or less . I even felt like the...
  87. bullbreaker

    Electric Fence?

    Nutcracker if possible and your still in a time frame to exchange it , return that Zareba . Parmak , Gallagher , and Cyclops are way better options for that if one can afford it . These are not sold in box stores . Parmak makes really good solar etc chargers , one can buy them off Amazon .
  88. bullbreaker

    What Insane/Crazy Price did You Pay Today?

    I live like near 30 miles east of Naples , Fl very near you might say on the sw side of lower Fla where the everglades start . Was in Naples last week , felt like lunch so decided to try a Maine theme like lobster roll joint called My---c Lobster . Ordered a lobster roll and a bottle of water ...
  89. bullbreaker

    Tell us something we don’t know.

    Some facts about the so call "Worm " in a tequila makes her clothes fall off bottle .
  90. bullbreaker

    Your last generator Maintenance Run

    Had not cranked it in a while, got out the JD -Subaru 404cc 14hp genny. Fresh fuel -full choke ' hit E start ' fired rite up . Have had it for years , never a lick of trouble. Wish Subaru still made gennys . Tough son of a gun . Reminds me of the old 22R Toyota engine Of course anything...
  91. bullbreaker


    Still no sightings of a Kioti TL750 CTL or one of there skid steers yet. Might have a better chance of spotting a "thunderbird " not the car in the skys over the Washington state Canadian border or in remote British Colombia .Keep looking up . Perhaps a TBN member here has actually seen one...
  92. bullbreaker

    knee pads - we all need them -

    Interesting ! Thats the same pair Ms M Lewinsky endorses on the Horse and Cattle network !
  93. bullbreaker

    Tell us something we don’t know.

    Contrary to popular legend Lady Godiva/Gogifu rode side saddle through the streets of Coventry. Two Knights actually accompanied her . And more than likely she wore some clothes .
  94. bullbreaker

    Kioti Skid Steer / Excavator?

    4:04 Kioti TL750 — NEW Compact Track Loader — A Great Farm Hand! YouTube · Agriculture Videos 2 weeks ago. Still have yet to see any "in person " . Someone here looks like on TBN was rite when they said good luck on seeing any soon. Anybody actually seen any stock out there yet...
  95. bullbreaker

    What is the dumbest thing you have done with your equipment ?

    Dumbest thing I ever did with "some" of my equipment was sell off certain tractors and attachments / implements for a small profit when in reality I didn't need the money .
  96. bullbreaker

    Members in their 70s?

    Plus you might end up in "H--L" with some of them ! :devilish:
  97. bullbreaker

    How many small square bales can a cargo van hold?

    It depends who's loading it Cheech or Chong ??? ............... 🛥️
  98. bullbreaker

    Let's see your knife.

    Thanks not to get sidetracked but also in pic Sir is one of my mane hair 22' x 5/8" wide Vaquero , Buckaroo mecate rein . And a Great Northern longbow/recurve bow quiver , traditional hunting archery for me only . Thanks for starting thread , God bless ! .............
  99. bullbreaker

    So I am in the market for a compact excavator, maybe

    The new small JD stuff are Wacker Nueson Wacker Neuson will build compact excavators for John Deere Just like alot of the older big JD stuff was Hitachi . If I was going "new " I would look at Yanmar / Bota / Komatsu not nessacerily in that order . The old IHI excavators / compact track...
  100. bullbreaker

    Is it worth it to buy the Echo CS-310?

    I don't have a pig in there race , however in the past I have purchased a couple saws here . I try to buy local but when theres a big difference in prices I order online . Shindaiwa/ Echo for most part the same , just different colors and model #'s . They carry huge inventory ...
  101. bullbreaker

    Post Hole Auger "Nice to Have" Features?

    Three point phd have features if one wants to call them that . One I can think of is added on weight(s) the other is some came with a cylinder hollow pole welded on so a standby helper or operater turned around could attach steel rod and manually guide from the ground ! Yikes 😩 Other...
  102. bullbreaker

    Skid steer tracks

    Welcome to TBN ! ...... (y)
  103. bullbreaker

    Post Hole Auger "Nice to Have" Features?

    Safety and safety as with most implements should be the best feature . I'm with the front mount hydro guys on this one . Even though way more pricey and some tractor owner operators useing smaller tractors and flow . If you decide on the 3point phd make sure gearbox properly filled b4 use ...
  104. bullbreaker

    bobcat 325 excavator drive/swing problem

    ROUSTABOUT glad to hear also you fiquered it out and repaired it . Just wondering ??? ..... how come it took 11 years to let us know ??? 🧐
  105. bullbreaker

    Prayers needed

    Cruzer you done the correct thing posting this request . Matthew 10:33 Prayers sent .
  106. bullbreaker

    Hi from Scotland / Iseki TX2140F / Bolens G154

    Welcome to TBN from sw Fla 34117 .....................
  107. bullbreaker

    What Brand Electric Fence Wire For Horses
  108. bullbreaker

    What Brand Electric Fence Wire For Horses

    I have had very good success with POWERFIELDS 9 wire 7MM hot braid 660 ft spools like from Stateline tack or Amazon. Have to watch for best prices maybe @ $90 a spool each delivery included.
  109. bullbreaker

    Tell us something we don’t know.

    Billy Dixon's 1,538 yard shot ! ..............
  110. bullbreaker

    Anybody here ever make money gambling?

    Been there done that , sounds like the same gal or her sister ! :ROFLMAO: in all seriousness Sir I have no doubt the true and only King was looking out for you and still does ! When we young and filled with cheap tractor bargain oil we look @ and for coca cola bottle type fiqures and...
  111. bullbreaker

    Anybody here ever make money gambling?

    Lilranch2001 , imo you didn`t dodge a bullet . You Sir dodged a " Cannonball " !!!!!
  112. bullbreaker

    Kabota L3400 seat bracket

    Welcome to TBN ................. This has nothing to do with your seat issue , but check on occasion the suction hose by your feet and pedals . There prone to crack . Easy fix . The seats , pto cable , and "jerky" 3 points were common problems on those L2800/L3400 Kubota 's . Great tractor...
  113. bullbreaker

    Firewood business with my son

    Great bonding , priceless life lessons etc . To the OP if the young man has not been already explain to him the safety about wearing eye /ear protection , gloves etc . Oh and you might want to hide the "keys " to the chainsaw so he don't start it when your not around ! Like I did when I...
  114. bullbreaker

    Have you noticed any prices going DOWN?

    Reg gas this morning down 10 cents from $4.44 to $4.34 a gal @ a fuel station 20 miles east of Naples , Fl .............................near state road 29 n oil well road .
  115. bullbreaker

    Keweenaw snow photos

    ArlyA since you got your Big Boss back might try running some premium fuel in it and Sea Foam if you haven't tried it already ??? ....................
  116. bullbreaker

    A black panther ???

    About 25 years ago I witnessed for over five minutes at about 70' a black Fla panther that walk through my property near what is referred to as the Corkscrew Swamp sanctuary ne of Naples , Fla 34120 . I would say it weighed like 33lbs at best . It was not that large . I don't care what people...
  117. bullbreaker

    Warning About Dealers And Their Pricing

    😁 Awe relax signs of the Times ` Some of us have even experienced "price gougeing " @ a matrimonial prenuptial agreement ! No biggie " Roll with the punches " !!!!!!!!!! ....... Fight 4 your pesos........ Hold the Line " COWBOY UP !!!! ..... (y) 🤠
  118. bullbreaker

    Anyone belong to

    Yes I belong 'Vaquero 45' on there as in also most of the major traditional bow hunting and Horse forums .
  119. bullbreaker

    Fuel prices around the world.

    $4.05 a gallon for regular. [Gas] @ Ave Maria FL that's a bit direct east of Naples FL.......
  120. bullbreaker

    JD 325 skid steer. New order

    OK Right off the bat that unit is not a skid steer , it's a compact track loader . However I / we know what you meant . It's a 325G .If I were in your shoes I would get quotes and purchase a Takeuchi or Kubota unit . Not brand bashing . LOOK hard @ TAke and Kubota units . As for that cutter...
  121. bullbreaker

    Keweenaw snow photos

    Yes and two axles in front of his tandems in the rear . Something you don't see in south Fla .
  122. bullbreaker


    RIP -Mr Jinman.
  123. bullbreaker


    Sorry can't send you specs PM Sent. Bought it real cheap and sold it for a low fair price to a Gent that needed it .
  124. bullbreaker

    Hi from Queensland, Australia.

    Yes big welcome also from sw Fla USA ,,, are Brumby's a common site in your neck of the woods ? I knowtice some people spell it Brumbie. I always thought it`s spelled Brumby , please correct me if I' am wrong . Also never forget "the Legend " one tough hombre Troy Dunn ! ......
  125. bullbreaker

    mahindra 6520 needs new loader valve . any aftermarket ones work? Welcome to TBN try Bill's tractor ......
  126. bullbreaker

    Keweenaw snow photos

    Where's the pic`s of Wally's girlfriend ? Or is Wally secretly dating the coyote girl who lives near Bruce Crossing. ?
  127. bullbreaker

    Let's see your knife.

    OFF GRID brand " backcountry " with sheath ... Other knife and older stag Gerber folder ..............
  128. bullbreaker

    What to expect from a mulcher on a svl75 standard flow.

    After the original blades would wear out, I wonder how hooking up chains would work on a CTL bushhog mower ? Like the TBN member here from Portugal (can't remember his handle) with a Branson tractor has posted videos of tractors with three point of course rear mounted bushhogs. Might be a way...
  129. bullbreaker

    Nissan N120 mini excavator

    Welcome to TBN . Never owned one knew someone that did . There more popular overseas . Seen some in England and one in Croatia . Not that it's bad but they must be near 30 years old vintage line . The ones I seen were all branded construction yellow . Very solid workmanlike no frills ...
  130. bullbreaker

    Keweenaw snow photos

    Hey ArlyA or others do you ever carry a personal locator beacom up that way ? How about ever find an arrowhead in that region ? Seen the elusive wolverine?
  131. bullbreaker

    COWBOY'S - Lets hear from you + Pictures

    Interesting thanks for taking time out to post that ................
  132. bullbreaker

    COWBOY'S - Lets hear from you + Pictures

    DesertEagle71 or others questions please . Did you ever eat in Elko @ the Elko "Star Hotel " and try their traditional Basque dishes ? How about influence and presence of Basque culture still in your area ?
  133. bullbreaker

    COWBOY'S - Lets hear from you + Pictures

    DesertEagle71 and others don't know how far your from Elko , but when I buy one I like to buy the Vaquero / Basin Cowboy / Californio etc spade bits from JM Capriola . Its like golf or hunting with a recurve bow not everyone understands it . They tend to start out at 550 bucks and up . Garcia...
  134. bullbreaker

    COWBOY'S - Lets hear from you + Pictures

    (y)(y)(y) Thanks bless You !
  135. bullbreaker

    Keweenaw snow photos

    (y) :cool: keep EM a coming !!! ......................................
  136. bullbreaker

    Iseki TS2202 Welcome to TBN . If you get no response check out post 3 here .................
  137. bullbreaker

    Keweenaw snow photos

    Any's of you's up there ever taken a "polar bear " plunge ? Voluntary or involuntary ??? :)
  138. bullbreaker

    Kioti Skid Steer / Excavator?

    🤣 Its looking that way ain't it . I just surfed the web for any for sale and could'nt find any . Anyway swiped these two latest pic's off the web . Of course one CTL the other SS version .
  139. bullbreaker

    Keweenaw snow photos

    Maybe it was misspelled wrong , and its Dear nor deer ? I know one thing , no one was hunting out of there with a traditional 62/64 " longbow !
  140. bullbreaker

    Keweenaw snow photos

    Could be practical for alot of things : #1 Store gas for snowmobiles on trail . #2 Store firewood #3 Good place to lye down when one comes home with liquor on the collar and lipstick on the breath @ 6am and gets "locked out of main house by the" Warden " . Guess #4 a place to get in an put...
  141. bullbreaker

    Bought a new SANY SY50U !

    Coyote Machine , Congrats on your new purchase . Competition good for the markets in an attempt to keep prices " correct / fair " . Way down here in sw Fla I see Sany's here on occasion . Play hard , play safe . Send some pic's when you can :cool:
  142. bullbreaker

    Mystery pigtail socket

    Does wiring go into handle bars ? Might be a hand warmer add on option .
  143. bullbreaker

    What's wrong with Canadians?

    I saw that this morning . I hit the "clean hit " button ..............
  144. bullbreaker

    What's wrong with Canadians?

    Here's whats not wrong with Canadians !
  145. bullbreaker

    Price Check What did you pay for your tractor

    Paid $15,500 otd cash back then for a new 2007 Bota L3400DT 4X4 with FEL . Excellent tractor for its size .
  146. bullbreaker

    Let's see your knife.

    "Off Grid " brand Backcountry Coyote fixxed blade . One of my favorites . I don't have a...
  147. bullbreaker

    Kioti Skid Steer / Excavator?

    @ 1:18 in this vid starts speaking about there up and coming SS and CTL's . @ around 2:00 there stateing its useing same engine as in there RX73 tractor series ..................
  148. bullbreaker

    Let's see your knife.

    Lost ? my Camillus cub scout folder when I was a kid . @ least in south , Fl back then Sears used to be the outlet for buying Cub Scout stuff ...... First knife I ever owned that I can recall . This pic just off the web .
  149. bullbreaker

    Let's see your knife.

    Strange never ran across this thread just now seen it . Here's some I just have handy the others are in different locations . I been playing with knives since I was about 10 y/old . They use to mysteriously disappear from my room in my early early teens . Years later I fiqured out my momma...
  150. bullbreaker

    Keweenaw snow photos

    Morning ArlyA ! Not that it needs it but have you considered a " flash kit" for them mini tanks 6x6 /tracked machines of yours ? I imagine the latest one is still under warranty ...
  151. bullbreaker

    Keweenaw snow photos

    From google not my guess is this the answer ? The Keweenaw Peninsula and Isle Royale, formed by the Midcontinent Rift System, are the only sites in the United States with evidence of prehistoric aboriginal mining of copper. Artifacts made from this copper by these ancient indigenous people were...
  152. bullbreaker

    Howdy from Northern Utah

    Welcome to TBN ! Waveing the hand from sw Fla 34117 ....... Congrats on the purchase of your new rigg . (y)
  153. bullbreaker

    Keweenaw snow photos

    Dynamite ?
  154. bullbreaker

    Keweenaw snow photos

    Hey ArlyA is there a toll to get on the Keweenaw peninsula nowadays . If so is it one way or both ways . BTW some folks like to state that the Keweenaw is technically an island .
  155. bullbreaker

    I have a BAT IN HOUSE Can't hit him. He is always on ceiling How do I get him to go?

    I open the nearest door to where bat is 'perched" . Then I get from the dirty clothes basket one of my MIL's underwear . With a glove I pick it up and throw it at bat(s) . Instantly every bat I have done this too has immediately flown out of the house or pole barn . PM me if you want me too...
  156. bullbreaker

    iseki built tractor
  157. bullbreaker

    iseki built tractor Heres some leads that could get you pointed in rite direction ...
  158. bullbreaker

    Bought a axe to my self as Jule present

    I know you probably know the high end Stihl overstrike collared axes and mauls are made by Oxhead aka Ochsenkopf . The Stihl marked ones are way cheaper around here . The OxHeads /yellow are way more, at least around here. Heres the two I own they were $107 each OTD . Money well spent imo .
  159. bullbreaker

    Bought a axe to my self as Jule present

    I have to say I have never owned a Fiskars axe . I used to frown on them , because they sell at a cheap pricepoint . Man was I wrong seen some in action lately , and was really impressed . The x25/x27 (y)/ and the maul kick butt imo alot of bang for the buck , and I own the Stihl (Ochenkopf)...
  160. bullbreaker

    OVER TIRES TRACKS questions hands on experience ???

    Big big thanks for heads up (y) I just forwarded your hands on experience and advise to him . He has access to all the part #s , we will get a handle on that issue soon . Stay safe ! ..... 💪
  161. bullbreaker

    Keweenaw snow photos

    Thats not the Quincy mine shack house is it ?
  162. bullbreaker

    SOLD: 2016 2 Horse Living Quarters Sundowner Trailer

    You can also list it under "RanchWorldAdds" or the "HorseForum (free ) or both
  163. bullbreaker

    I am looking for a steering box for a Yanmar 1500. anyone got a used one for sale?

    Try Yanmar steering shaft repair Welcome to TBN ! 💪
  164. bullbreaker

    Keweenaw snow photos

    Hey ArlyA , care to comment on your experiences up there with trekking poles in the extreme ? Aluminum or Carbon fiber ? Favorite brand ?
  165. bullbreaker

    Keweenaw snow photos

    Heated grips or suit ArlyA ? ☃️ Or just ba-ls and bear it ? 💪(y) lol Keep Em pic's acoming n ' thanks ' . Got Family in Pelkie .........
  166. bullbreaker

    Betstco Flail Missing Parts And Very Poor Quality Control.
  167. bullbreaker

    Post hole brand ID

    BTW Greg welcome to TBN !!! ........... 💪
  168. bullbreaker

    Post hole brand ID

    I would say its a SpeeCo model 65 .............. the gearbox is rated for 35hp
  169. bullbreaker


    Thats sounds like a good deal . Down here recently I was quoted 47K OTD cash for a new Tak TB240 open station , new thumb included . If you havent pulled the trigger on it you might wanna investigate if you have a Yanmar dealer nearby , they make good excavators imo . Also the new smaller...
  170. bullbreaker

    OVER TIRES TRACKS questions hands on experience ???

    Btw around these parts a new Bota SVL75 ctl / tracked ac , don't remember if its 'high flow ' ? Is going for alittle over 62K . Kubota and Cat in that order control the regional ctl market down here . I always liked the not to known compared to the frontrunners in the market . IHI ctl and...
  171. bullbreaker

    Keweenaw snow photos

    Saw this just surfing the web . I have no need for it . Just posting it incase some of you folks up north havent seen one . At alittle under 15K even with the bucks , I think myself I would " pass on it " even if I needed a snow weapon . Maybe someone here actually owns one and cares to share...
  172. bullbreaker

    Safety chaps testing - Saw Damage?

    I use these Husky branded ones as theres different grades of chaps . As I'am getting older I been thinking about putting them on when I chop wood with my axes and mauls and also once a month when my girlfreind is on the war path ! 😬 btw I picked these Husky's up off CL for 30 bucks new .
  173. bullbreaker

    Kioti Skid Steer / Excavator?

    KIOTI'S NEW TRACKS KIOTI has introduced an all-new compact track loader (CTL). The rollout includes four 74-horsepower models: TL750U, TL750U-L, TL750U-LQ, TL750U-LQF. The following are some of the specifications. The models feature electro-hydraulic controls, sliding-entry door and vertical...
  174. bullbreaker

    Wont move

    Welcome to TBN ! Make sure your sitting in the seat and not standing on the ground between the wheels while messing with that 2020 when you go to start it . Same goes for people around you , pets etc . Preaching "safety " to you this sunday ! Once again see its your first post welcome to...
  175. bullbreaker

    Kioti Skid Steer / Excavator?

    Naw , sorry no one seems to know anything about them on the HE forums either , I have asked .
  176. bullbreaker

    Kioti Skid Steer / Excavator?

    Only three pics I have found on web . Not mine been awaiting , for them to start tricklein in and around . My initial thoughts were they might be Bobcats painted orange . Competition good among brands . Especially with close by dealer support .
  177. bullbreaker

    Kioti Skid Steer / Excavator?

  178. bullbreaker

    Keweenaw snow photos

    Hey ArlyA question ? Have you ever heard of or ever seen the Lynx snow mobiles up your way ? I think they might be " Finnish " distributed by Bombardier ? If so care to comment on them ?
  179. bullbreaker

    chain saw bar question

    more good learning on chainsaw bars .........
  180. bullbreaker

    OVER TIRES TRACKS questions hands on experience ???

    In the end when the smoke cleared my son just traded in the SS for a new Bota SVL 75 ' track machine ' .
  181. bullbreaker

    Rotary mowers on skid-steer machines

    If stability a concern , you can always look into "tracks over tires " . BTW personally I hate the tracks over tires option on a SS . Also down in these parts we dont see many SS like your friends . Obviously a global and regional thing ...
  182. bullbreaker

    Need advice on a larger chainsaw for an older guy.

    Makita suppose to end manufactureing gas powered products March 31' 2022 .,sc
  183. bullbreaker

    your favorite log splitter wedges ? if any !

    Hello to all ! Received about a year and a half ago as a gift the Ludell 11604 splitting wedge as a gift . Its not a diamond type wedge . I have it at my place up north and have yet to use it . A couple questions if I may ? I would guess those that use wedges on tougher rounds are useing...
  184. bullbreaker

    CASE CK skid steer info

    Don't know about the CK ? , however some of this info might also help some .
  185. bullbreaker

    Can anyone tell me the years of Manufacture?
  186. bullbreaker

    County Line Post Hole Digger - Watch which one you get!

    Dont know how there welds , steel quality , guage etc was but King Kutter used to have a "pro line " side of there implements . Hardly seen in stores had to be ordered . As we are aware most PHD come shipped empty and requires filling to correct measure . Hey just a thought those struggling...
  187. bullbreaker

    I found after using my chainsaw i needed a good AXe try finding a good one at a fair

    Heres pics I dug up of my of some of my axes and the one maul I own "out west " before we have used them . Stihl axe ( Big OX ) , Stihl maul (Big OX ) , and 2 Husqvarna axes one wood handle and one I recently purchased ( F - composite handle ) S1600 model . BTW don't own one but the new...
  188. bullbreaker

    What brand is this rotary cutter?

    Yeah agree with DieselBound sure does look alike like a vintage Bushhog series . The gearboxes are Comer or Omni , like other members have told you many parts interchange . Looks from afar the gearbox is a rated 35 pto hp . Looks like a premium deck with those heavier braced corners . Does...
  189. bullbreaker


    here's a different shot of one ....
  190. bullbreaker

    Horsepower increase

    Power to where , wheels ? Heres an older TBN thread were some of us within specs bumped up the lift capacitie on our FEL , etc . Can't speak for all models but we done it on the L2800/L3400 Bota's . After help from this thread and member support I did it too mine within spec's and it worked...
  191. bullbreaker

    Kioti Skid Steer / Excavator?

    The Kioti skid steer / track loaders should be trickling out soon . Excavators I have not heard of . Just wonder if the Kioti skid / track loaders are Bobcat's painted orange .