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    In the book The Millionaire Next Door that topic is covered. Highest net worth in neighborhood is well maintained simple house with 2-5 year old middle class cars. Lowest net worth is fancy house with two leased luxury cars. They spend it faster than they make it. Millionaire lives below his...
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    Anyone ever do a memorial scholarship endowment?

    In our area there is an organization called Dollars for Scholars that administers high school graduation scholarships. You can fund a named scholarship and set parameters for how it's awarded. They invest the money and distribute the account earnings.
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    Year-round oil viscosity

    2018 Boomer 40 here made by LS. I'm one of the turbo failures at less than 100 hours. Manual stated 10W30 CK4 year round. Service bulletin performed during turbo replacement included pcm update to restrict rpms on cold start until oil warms up and specified 0W40 CK4 full synthetic oil. I'm...
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    Workmaster 35 can't throttle up

    Have you tried running it without the fuel cap fully closed? Perhaps cap vent is restricted ?
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    Need help picking correct oil for my 25 year old 19hp twin Generac generator

    If the zinc content is a concern for you I would consider a diesel rated oil like rotella t6 full syn 5w40. Zinc content is greater than newer G rated gas oils that are formulated for longer catalytic converter life. I use it in all my non emission engines, ATV, zero turn, splitter, and boats.
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    No start

    Hopefully it will have a lot of all zeroes😎
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    No start

    Glad you got it figured out. Thanks for sharing the fix!
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    No start

    If it cranked normally before terminals were changed I would lean towards something related to new terminals. Dash lights require very little amperage compared to what the starter requires. Do your new terminals bolt on with clamps or are they crimp on style? Might have enough connection for...
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    What do I look for when buying a used skid steer?

    Listen for how loud the hydraulic pump is when it's running and moving. If you can hear the pump whining without much load it's nearing the end of it's service life. Other than that overall condition of the machine can tell you if it's been abused. Mine is a wheeled New Holland I bought new in...
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    2 post or 4 post vehicle lift ideas

    Two post raising a long wheelbase dually would be pretty sketchy. If I was doing it the concrete would be reinforced with rebar boxes and concrete deeper at bases. Hoist should be 12k and have two stabilizing tripod jacks one at each end to minimize teetering when truck is in the air. Or 4 post...
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    Round Baler Recommendations

    Second looking at Vermeer. We had a rebel 5400 we bought used with a few thousand bales on it. Worked great on our horse hay with both 39 hp compact and 57 hp utility tractor. Added hay gathering wheels and with an 8 wheel v-rake it made perfect bales with no waste.
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    Coolant overflow reservoir not working?

    Question depends on system design. Many modern automotive cooling systems have pressurized expansion tank. Radiator is sealed and pressure cap is on the expansion tank. On those systems the only way to add coolant is through the tank. If expansion tank has unpressurized cap then radiator cap...
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    Brand New Manure Spreader thoughts

    When we had horses and hayfields we bought a slightly used Millcreek PTO spreader. Worked great and I really liked composite floor. 35 hp tractor handled it just fine. We piled manure and turned it during winter then spread it as top dressing in the spring on hayfields.
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    Replacing Cell Phone… what has good range or all about the same?

    Motorola Moto 5g power here running on cricket/att network. Great battery life, good camera cost me $149 at cricket.
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    Drainage across driveway

    Change the grade to divert the water behind the shed? That shed roof is going to move a lot of water. Make a swale and pull that material up by driveway to create your drainage? How far is it to your property line?
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    Using Rotella T6 in UTV

    Rotella T6 5W40 meets the spec for my Kawasaki teryx 800. It's all I have used since new.
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    Winter Maintenance on Slippery Private Roads

    Water softener crystals in 50 lb bags perhaps? Poor man's driveway deicer.
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    Truck Question

    Place jack under knuckle and raise front tire about 2" off the ground. Place 2x4 outside tire edge. Use long breaker bar to push up on bottom of tire. Have helper use a flashlight to inspect for play in upper and lower ball joints/control arms. Check for play in pitman arm, that's a known...
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    Stupid Thermostat

    I know on our Goodman system if our CenturyLink goes down system defaults to "emergency heat" because it can't read outside ambient air temp to determine if heat pump can run.
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    Stupid Thermostat

    My Goodman hybrid system was installed with a Honeywell wifi communicating thermostat. Needs the wifi to receive the outside temp sensor on heat pump to determine when to turn off pump and turn on two stage propane furnace below 30 degrees it's programmed to. I'm sure your system is similar...
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    Gravel Driveway Maintenance

    Like bigtiller says I don't see any rock dust that would make a compacted base for you. If it was my driveway I would get it really wet and shape it to prepare for a top coat of recycled concrete dust or better yet 3/4 crushed granite with lots of rock dust. Use a plate compactor and water to...
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    Tie rod replacement

    When I owned a 5570C Napa was my filter source for oil, hydraulics and fuel filters. Mine had the Mitsubishi engine.
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    MF 1840M regening too often?

    If you've owned it for that long and only put 30 hours on it perhaps the Regen strategy is hours or time based. In other words every six months or 50 hours? Might ask dealer that question?
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    How long does an engine coolant heater need to be plugged in?

    I had a Montana 5740 that I installed two frost plug heaters in and neither would work. Installed the epoxy oil pan heater pad plus a battery warming blanket wired together. That was 10 years ago and present owner still uses it every day for horse chores in winter.
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    Tie rod replacement

    I would check with Napa, local farm supply store. Outers should be $50-70 each. Do you need inners?
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    Propane prices..

    NW WI our prebuy last year was 2.09, this year summer fill promo was $1.49, just completed this year's prebuy at $1.69 for the winter.
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    Best tool to cut along a fence row?

    Remove old barbed wire from fence area. Cut it into 6 ft lengths and make a bundle for recycling. Use a cordless hedge trimmer for the initial cleanup. After that use your string trimmer a couple of times a year so it stays manageable. If you don't own both sides ask for permission to clean up...
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    Are diesel conditioners needed for new

    Anybody up north who's had to tarp a tractor and use a torpedo heater to ungel it once uses a winter additive. I run my tank down to 1/2 in October, then blend my own #1 and #2 50/50 by adding straight #1 to tank. Also add anti-gel/cetane booster starting in October. Nothing worse than a gelled...
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    Favorite Portable Grill for RV/Camping?

    Glad it worked good for you!
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    Shear Pin Question

    Your new cutter doesn't have a slip clutch on it does it? Round contraption on PTO shaft near gear box with adjustable springs with bolts through them. That would not require a shear bolt as the clutch performs that function.
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    Depending on make, model, and year of tractor tachometer and hour meter may be electronic and driven by input from tachometer. Many times if there is an alternator problem the tachometer operation is the first sign. I would test for charging voltage at battery with tractor running. If it's...
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    Where do you get rid of used hydraulic fluid?

    Never mix antifreeze or brake fluid with drain oil. It's really corrosive to the high pressure nozzles on waste oil heaters.
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    Favorite Portable Grill for RV/Camping?

    We bought this one for our RV along with a folding plastic table for cooking and serving. Works pretty good for two people, a little cramped for 4 chops or steaks. Works off of small propane bottle, 20 lb cylinder, or with quick coupler adapter would attach to our rvq propane connection on...
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    58 MPG by 2032

    People that wrote the VW TDI software were geniuses. They knew during EPA certification the vehicles were run on dynamometer with no inputs to the electric power steering. No steering inputs vehicles ran clean and got worse mpg. Off the dynamometer with steering inputs ran a little dirtier and...
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    Having a tuff time installing implements on my CK3510

    Yeah used waste oil...hobby farmer's chain lube for haybines and balers. Put it in an old dish soap squeeze bottle, works great for cheap lube. Draino has no lubrication qualities😄
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    58 MPG by 2032

    It will be 1985 all over again when the cafe (corporate avg fuel economy) forced automakers to hit a mpg average or pay a fine for every vehicle they sold. Huge incentives on compact cars and it was hard to get 4x4 automatic trucks. Didn't work then and won't work now. People buy what they need...
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    Have you ever bought a tractor from a listing in another state, not in person?
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    Have you ever bought a tractor from a listing in another state, not in person?

    Diamond R in freeburg just south of Jefferson city. They also have a higginsville location. Jim is or was the owner. Very fair dealing guy.
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    Having a tuff time installing implements on my CK3510

    One of those fine wire brushes that looks like a toothbrush soaked in drain oil does wonders for keeping female pto clean and slippery. When we were haying I kept one in an old peanut jar 1/2 full of drain oil. Really makes a difference for implements only used once or twice a year.
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    Glulam Beam - Checking Problem

    Microlam, LVL is impossible to have open cracks like that. There is no grain as it is a manufactured laminated wood product. Multiple layers of thin veneer bonded together under heat and pressure. It will bow under heavy snow load but never show cracks like what's in your picture. That does not...
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    Good set of tools for the boy?

    Craigslist or Facebook marketplace is a great source for hand tools and toolboxes. Older craftsman tools are bulletproof, newer Chinese stuff not so much. I have craftsman set and toolbox I bought 30 years ago and use them weekly. Cracked one thinwall socket I over fault. Garage/estate...
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    Buying Advice Cab or no cab?

    My 60th birthday present was a New Holland Boomer 40 cab and loader. After 40 years of open station tractors it is a dream to operate. Quieter, great visibility front and rear. Made for New Holland by LS. Everything that was optional on many other brands was standard on the Boomer. Front and...
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    MF 1759 Oil plug(s) location

    On my Boomer 40 the front driveshaft bisects the oil pan. There is a drain plug on each side of the driveshaft. The drain plugs have copper crush washers on mine so I always make sure to have two new washers on hand before changing oil.
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    Steering issues

    What model of tractor do you have...not in your profile? Did this issue just begin? Any recent repairs or maintenance that it started after?
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    Nail Gun Opinions

    Paper collated dissolve when wet. Price the nails before deciding on the gun. Some brands of nails are stupid expensive. Use safety glasses and work gloves with plastic collated, they throw shards of plastic. Bil has DeWalt cordless framing gun. It seems finicky on what nails it likes to shoot...
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    Is Tractorbynet dying?

    People are busy haying and using their equipment right now. Winter time they have more time on their hands for projects and chit chat. That's my experience
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    499 haybine??

    My 489 had one solid cutting bar that went from one side to the other. Perhaps your bar broke in two and that's the banging noise?
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    Yardman garden tractor question?

    If the battery terminal only gets hot like that during an engine cranking event my guess would be excess starter draw. The starter is drawing too many amps for wiring when cranking. Depending on what brand of engine a starter should be easy to source for it. Should be numbers on old starter. If...
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    Artic CAT 250 Problem

    My Arctic Cat 300 had a three range shifter in addition to foot shifter. Perhaps it's not fully engaged in high or low?
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    The one thing that you wonder why you didn't buy sooner?

    Nice lift. Is that portable or bolted to floor? Is it fairly stable? What brand/model?
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    PTO not working for post hole attachment on Yanmar 1500 tractor

    Most post hole augers have a shear bolt at the top of the shaft to protect u-joints. Is it possible yours sheared off?
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    Weak brakes & battery box confusion.

    If the trailer side of the 7 pin does not have a solid ground that it shares with the tow vehicle two things could happen ... 1. Breakaway battery would not properly recharge from 12v hot key on circuit. 2. Trailer brakes may not be able to provide amperage enough to firmly engage brakes...
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    Weak brakes & battery box confusion.

    Fully charged 6 cell 12v battery should test for 12.6-13.2v at rest. Your tow vehicle should provide 14.2 running to recharge it when connected.
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    Weak brakes & battery box confusion.

    Is it possible the ground from the 7 pin trailer wire to the trailer itself is not secure or a dirty connection? That would cause an undercharge from 12v charge wire as well as poor voltage to electric brakes. A properly grounded trailer circuit should not rely on hitch, drawbar or ball for...
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    Battery powered chainsaw

    Atlas harbor freight 80 volt here, two batteries, fast charger, 18" saw, pole saw, weed trimmer, pole saw. All great tools for the money. Oh and leaf blower.
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    Retirement thoughts Past Present Future

    Years ago wife's coworker's husband gets a dwi on a Saturday night two hours away. She calls us for bail cash and meets us an hour away. Monday after bank opens she gives wife full amount plus $100 for our trouble.
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    The one thing that you wonder why you didn't buy sooner?

    Headlight for handsfree work is a miracle. Cab tractor for snow removal and road grading in bug season. Cordless chainsaw, leaf blower and trimmer.
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    No power to accesory circuit board in cab

    Is it possible there is a maxifuse or relay protecting each of the two sides of the fuse panel? Odd that one whole side of panel is dead. What is the small gauge wire under the panel? How is your sprayer wired into the tractor...on the dead side of the panel?
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    Old Timer Lookin to Downsize Large Professional Shop

    If he can stand it emotionally a specialty auction for welders and machinists live would be best. I've seen online auctions for specialized stuff go for 10% of what it's worth. I've attended live auctions for the same tools and they bring almost new prices. Old stuff is much higher quality...
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    TYM Radiator hose

    Not a big fan of flex hose but at least it won't cost $80. Might be worth a try?
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    Marketing products and double speak? What do you think?

    So if a 12 fluid ounce of Coke weighs 10 ounces. Obviously chain lube weighs less than one ounce per fluid ounce. It's a math thing.
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    I love electric vehicles. But increasingly I feel duped

    Up North the waste oil is used to heat shops in winter and run asphalt plants in summer. Waste oil is double filtered and fired under pressure so it's no dirtier than an oil furnace.
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    TYM Radiator hose

    Take your old hose to Napa. They can probably match something with proper bend that can be trimmed to fit. Probably for $15-20 tops with clamps.
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    TYM Mahindra Equivalent and AC Help

    Usually the charge capacity is on a sticker or tag near the accumulator or charge port.
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    New Tractor Owner

    Congratulations on your new best friend!
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    tires for 2014 F150 XLT extended cab

    Sure that's the correct size it was born with? 275-65-18 is what most 2009 and newer F-150s came with. Check build or tread act sticker in driver's door to verify. 275-65-18 is a very common size which makes them less expensive new and easier to find used.
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    Recharging question (alternator)

    Thanks for telling us how it turned out. Might help the next person. Glad it's resolved.
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    Montana Parts

    Many of the Montana parts will cross over to LS, depending on the model you have. I needed a new fuel tank for my 5740C and local LS dealer ordered it for me and got it in a week. LS actually built those tractors for Montana.
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    Ac belt?

    Found this for an OE number to cross with Napa etc.. A1865068 AP
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    Not charging

    Is the voltage regulator internal to the alternator or external? If external it may not be telling the alternator to charge? With tractor running you should be reading 13.6-14.2 volts at battery with a good alternator and regulator. If it's in that range running your battery might have a bad...
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    Hour meter

    Sister in law left key on in our pontoon for a few days...72 extra hours recorded. Now we remove the key.
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    3120 display jumbled, no start

    If it was my tractor I would get a new or known good battery. Disconnect positive lead and ground for 10 minutes. Touch positive lead to ground cable to dissipate any partial stored voltage. Then connect to the known good battery. Voltage of less than 12v can do some weird things to relays, ecm...
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    Have you ever bought a tractor from a listing in another state, not in person?

    Bought a used 3 year old round baler from a independent ag dealer in southern Missouri, trucker who was a customer of mine picked it up next time he was empty. It was everything dealer said it was when it arrived. When we needed a larger cab tractor he had one in our price range. Made a deal...
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    Bad common advice given to teens and young adults

    1. Pay yourself below your means and save 10% of every paycheck towards future purchases. 2. Never finance anything that depreciates. 3. Find a partner that agrees with 1&2 4. Pick a career that you enjoy... you'll spend 1/4 of your time on earth doing it.
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    Business Ethics In The Tractor Industry

    Another good example that it's not always about greed and money to be in business. Pride in serving your customers fairly will pay off every time. The money will follow if you do it right, plus you can sleep at night.
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    Montana 5740C intermittent no crank

    Ron, Go back and read my posts. Warm weather no crank was bad starter relay ...cold weather no crank was bad glow plug relay/timer module. Be sure to check and clean your grounds.
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    New 3 stall shop suggestion requests

    Brother in law and I built him a nice shed last year. 6/12 scissor trusses. Put chutes in with R38 craft faced batts and sheetrock. OSB with asphalt shingles. 2x4 walls with R13 Kraft faced batts and sheetrock. 10 foot sidewalls and 8 foot R11 insulated door with wall mounted opener. Ridge vent...
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    Filter wrench recommendations

    Two different sizes metal strap wrench, one nylon adjustable strap wrench, one spring loaded three finger 3/8 drive end wrench for small ATV/boat filters, one plews filter pliers for larger hydraulic filters, also works great on RV septic hoses.
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    Retirement thoughts Past Present Future

    Back in the "good old days" of one breadwinner in the family we lived in a 900 sq ft 50 year old house. One bathroom, no AC two gas floor stoves and no garage. Dad drove a 5 year old used car, we got clothes from thrift stores, had two pairs of shoes, one TV with no cable, one phone in the...
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    New 3 stall shop suggestion requests

    Off peak in floor electric boiler heat with insulated slab. Ceiling mounted propane forced air for makeup heat...or good seer mini split will give you heat in winter and ac in summer. Keeping shop at 45-50 degrees 6" spray foam may be excessive?
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    Can anyone succinctly explain trailering numbers found in a Ford Vin lookup?

    Max is probably referencing max tow package which lowers gears to 3:73 and used to require 3.5 Ecoboost and certain wheel/tire combo to support additional payload/trailer load.
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    Thank God for Dollar Tree / Family dollar

    Ukuras family dollar owns dollar tree. In some locations they are combined in the same store. Everybody knocks Dollar General but in many rural small towns if there wasn't one it's a long drive to get snacks, soft drinks, eggs and milk.
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    TYM 474 50 Hr Service

    My new Holland Boomer 50 hour was engine oil and filter, front diff oil (went synthetic gl5), hydraulic filters and top off hydraulic fluid lost during filter change. Hydraulic fluid full change at 300 hours.
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    Keep politics out of it.

    The people who run the networks and political machine have done what has not happened since the civil war. They have divided us against each other for their own good. Record amounts of donations on both sides and polarizing rhetoric that keeps us fighting amongst ourselves while they each...
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    Dealer backing out of deal

    40 years in the car business now retired. I made mistakes like that every now and then. If it was $1000.00 or less I never said a word and delivered the vehicle as agreed. If they had a trade tried to make it up there, if not just ate it and hoped for a referral and some service business. Old...
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    Can't believe Sams Club did me this.

    Well done being persistent!
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    Dealer backing out of deal

    If the call on Monday came from the sales person I would ask to speak to the manager/owner to give them a chance to make it right. If that doesn't work out take your money and run.
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    Can't believe Sams Club did me this.

    Open wheel racing cars don't have to contend with fitting the tire and wheel inside the fenders. Only way with fenders to widen the contact patch on the ground is lower the aspect ratio. That's where the Z45 and Z35's come into play. You end up with same circumference but wider contact area...
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    Support and parts for TYM tractor

    Not knowing where you are located? My brother in law gets his TYM parts from spread eagle equipment on the WI MI border. Ordered over the phone and shipped to the house.
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    4x4 front axle

    Steering box might cause play in steering wheel but should not affect front wheel toe-in...
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    4x4 front axle

    Pretty much it has to be one of three things... Loose lug nuts Worn inner or outer tie rods Worn or loose bearings
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    Tires on a utility trailer.

    If the gvwr is truly 3500 and trailer weighs 575 your load limit technically would be 2925 lbs.
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    Tires on a utility trailer.

    Looks like original tire was 215/15 on tag. Probably 215-75-15 ST trailer tires load range D 6 plys. Hard to believe gvwr is truly 6600 for single axle trailer with no brakes. Most utility trailers with single axle are under 3500 so they don't need electric brakes.
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    Retirement thoughts Past Present Future

    Except for the stockholders that dumped their shares just before the public was in the know. They should be prosecuted and pay the proceeds back.
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    Window mounting 'buttons'

    On my Boomer 40C they are tightened from the outside with a torx bit. I'm guessing if you remove the plug in the outside of the glass there will be a torx or Allen screw fitting?
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    Selling a Tractor Back to the Dealer. Is this a possibility?

    5% consignment fee is actually very reasonable and they'll handle the payoff and give you a check for your equity. If you go this way clean the machine up and have it on the dealer's lot for display. Exposure is the key for a quick sale. If you want to keep it on your property then sell it...
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    Hydrostatic drive only goes one direction. No reverse

    Cephas in your other thread you posted today you say your angle blade only turns in one direction. Assuming it's the same piece of equipment and blade only angles one way and tractor only moved one direction? Seems like an issue with hydraulic there more to the story? Like everything...
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    Can't believe Sams Club did me this.

    Again cold affects weak sensor batteries. Sometimes a reprogram will buy you some time, if one sensor is slow to or won't program that's your troublemaker.
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    Can't believe Sams Club did me this.

    Typical threshold is 10% or so. 4500 chassis RV is exempt due to gvwr. Shouldn't be though, some rvers are a little distracted, many install their own tpms including the towed vehicle they pull. Class A motorhomes don't even have a spare and lug nuts are 450 ft/lbs torque.
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    Can't believe Sams Club did me this.

    First tpms used abs to monitor wheel rotation as low tire would turn at different speed. Only problem was if all 4 tires had 10 psi in them light wouldn't come on😊
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    Can't believe Sams Club did me this.

    Blame the TREAD act Congress passed to monitor tire pressures on all light duty vehicles. It's a good system until the batteries in the valve stem sensors start wearing out. Or the gorillas at cheap tire mart tear them off mounting tires.
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    Can't believe Sams Club did me this.

    As a Ford dealer we got to deal with the Firestone/Explorer deal. The Firestone ATX that was standard equipment had an unreal tread life. Several customers made them last 100k miles. So you've got a 6-10 year old tire that's been under inflated if it was aired to factory spec. This was the...
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    Hydraulic oil

    My New Holland skidsteer calls for 10w30 for the I use 10w30 and don't mix oils. Pumps and valves are too expensive for me to risk mixing fluids. My opinion.
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    Willy's wife passed

    Can't imagine what you are going through. Thanks for sharing, be strong.
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    Can't believe Sams Club did me this.

    My point was Mr Subaru drove 50 miles round trip twice for free rotations and both times had to repair damage to his car. Fool me once....
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    Help! No steering, loud FEL hydraulics, and no forward/reverse

    Be sure loader and three point are lowered before checking fluid level. Hours on tractor since last fluid or filter change on hydraulics? You didn't note your location so don't know if your outside temps are low there which in combination with low/dirty fluid might be your problem? Is the...
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    Buying Advice 4' Rotary Cutter Suggestions / Opinions

    I had a 5ft brush mower with shear bolt setup and it was okay for my clutched pto as I could ease into starting the blades. Next tractor had electric pto and I could not start mower without breaking shear bolts. Added slip clutch and replaced shear bolts with a grade 8 bolt. Slip clutch absorbed...
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    Can't believe Sams Club did me this.

    Had a customer bring his Subaru into our shop to replace a broken wheel stud and nut in front hub. Walmart had over impacted it on and broken the stud. Replaced stud and nut and sent him on his way. About six months later he comes back with a different broken stud. Asked him what happened and he...
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    Retirement thoughts Past Present Future

    So far 8 months into my retirement that has been my biggest struggle. Sold my business that had been the focus of my life the last 30 years. Miss the customers and employees we had over those years. Last day of business we had a get together with grilling and beers. Every person I had ever...
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    Can't believe Sams Club did me this.

    GM and Chrysler also used the shield of bankruptcy to void all their existing dealer agreements and rewrite them under the new entities. That's why you saw a lot of smaller GM and Chrysler stores close. New agreements demanded new buildings and small dealers got the shaft. Many families lost...
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    R.O.W. Problem

    So how is the maintenance of the private road paid for? We don't have a HOA, but we do have a road fund that each property owner contributes to annually. Funds are used for gravel and snow plowing. How is that handled for you and your neighbors?
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    Can't believe Sams Club did me this.

    Put new tie rods and ball joints in customer's car early 90's. He drove straight to Sears for an alignment. They told him tie rods and ball joints had to be replaced before alignment. He mentioned he was the county prosecuting attorney...alignment was performed at no charge.
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    Best 3 trucks you've ever owned.

    2011 F-350 crew 6.2 gas 4wd...hand down the best truck we ever had. Bought new and kept 12 years. 2005 F-350 crew 6.0 diesel egr cooler, 3rd owner still has it with 200k...great towing truck. 1999 F-250 LD 7700 gvw Supercab 4wd. 5.4 3:73 gears. Nice heavy half ton truck.
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    R.O.W. Problem

    Typically a right of way is measured from center line of road...40 ft right of way 20 ft from center line. Our right of way bisects our lots and includes utility easement for power and telephone lines.
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    Can't believe Sams Club did me this.

    They have a garagekeepers insurance policy to cover mistakes like this. Typical deductible is $1000 per incident. My guess is your wheel was sized to the hub and somebody gorillaed it off with a 10 lb sledgehammer. If the wheel wasn't bent prior to repair they owe you a new wheel. Ask them who...
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    R.O.W. Problem

    We live on a private road with 9 lots, each with their own private driveways off the road. Our plat map clearly shows in right of way for private road as it passes through each property. We have a road maintenance agreement with annual dues that pay for snow plowing, grading, and gravel as...
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    R.O.W. Problem

    So the right of way isn't recorded on deed/abstract or plat survey? If that's correct it's a gentlemen's agreement and legally the people beyond his property are landlocked with no legal access. I find that difficult to believe from a plat approval process.
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    R.O.W. Problem

    If this fencing was in a township or county road right of way the county or township would remove the fencing and bill the landowner for removal expense. You do still retain ownership of the right of way but your use of it is restricted.
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    Retirement thoughts Past Present Future

    As a childless retired couple we have spent 40 years paying school taxes as part of our property taxes. It's one of the services we don't use directly but benefit from hopefully a better educated citizenry that will become productive members of society. It's for the greater good. Thankfully we...
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    driveway marker spacing distances

    Right now in Northern WI 54" poles set 8" in ground would be 2 ft below the snowbanks😊. Best system I've seen a friend drives conduit in the ground and slips driveway markers into the conduit so the round reflector sits on top of conduit. If snow gets too deep he slides the reflectors up and...
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    Retirement thoughts Past Present Future

    My goal is to delay claiming SS until 70 to maximize the benefit my wife can claim if I die first. She is 5 years younger than me so statistics say she'll outlive me by 10 years. That's what both our accountant and financial advisor suggested as a plan. Only 3 years and 8 months from FRA to 70...
  122. R


    We used the foil roll insulation between the metal roofing and the purlins in an uninsulated pole building. It was designed to help control condensation on steel roof in cold climates. I've been in bare roof pole barns where it actually rains inside when the roof sweats on cool humid days from...
  123. R

    1735M Pictures

    Nice looking piece of equipment. Now go get it dirty!
  124. R

    Blow airbags on snowdrifts?

    Disregard the Ford info then😊
  125. R

    octane and 2-strokes

    Owned a 1967 VW Beetle with an air cooled engine in high school. Right on the fuel door it said minimum octane needed was 89, which back then was non ethyl (premium) fuel. Now the only option for 89+ octane for most stations is E0 premium 91 octane.
  126. R

    Retirement thoughts Past Present Future

    Well at least that's something for those that struggle to pay taxes in retirement. As assessed value goes up some seniors can no longer afford to live in their homes...sad.
  127. R

    Retirement thoughts Past Present Future

    Some states have a property tax break for senior citizens. Our state does not... WI
  128. R

    Blow airbags on snowdrifts?

    Most vehicles have front crash sensors as well as safing sensors on LH and Rh sides. Crash has to be severe enough to crush vehicle to the point of the safing sensors before front airbags are deployed. On Ford's the crash sensors is generally front center on radiator support. If you unplug this...
  129. R

    New rules for ethanol in gasoline

    Sure it's not 88 octane E15 that you've been buying?
  130. R

    Retirement thoughts Past Present Future

    I chose a supplement as well based on my advisors opinion. Guaranteed renewal, no referrals needed and accepted nationwide when traveling.
  131. R

    Retirement thoughts Past Present Future

    I have found this discussion to be very enlightening. Lots of different ways of looking at retirement both financial and emotional aspects. Hope we can keep the politics out of it and share our views and learn from each other. Very pertinent to me as I retired last July and Medicare starts April...
  132. R

    New rules for ethanol in gasoline

    Rule change proposed is to allow stations that sell E15 in addition to E10 to be able to offer it as a purchase option year round not just seasonally.
  133. R

    1735M seat switch

    Check the pto and make sure it's off...that will kill engine when parked in neutral also.
  134. R

    New Holland TC45DA intermittent hazard flasher on the left does not flash.

    When it's acting up does the LH turn signal work properly?
  135. R

    Menards Sales: Love/Hate

    Just ordered a new 16x7 R13 garage door from Menards, local lumber yard part of a national conglomerate. Exact same door was $1000.00 less at Menards plus 11% off saved another $175.00. Tried to shop local but 60% more for same quality door. Direct drive opener was $400.00 more too so total...
  136. R

    Using oil in a diesel engine that doesn't say for a diesel.

    Guy with the Duramax is dumb and lucky if he's been using gas engine oil in a diesel engine. Proper oil costs the about the same money.
  137. R

    Massey Ferguson GC2610 TLB Battery problem, need help.

    I would check wiring from alternator to battery including grounds. If that all is good probably time to replace alternator or have it rebuilt.
  138. R

    By-Passing Seat Safety Switch On MT342

    Properly sized bungee cord can help hold seat down for that specific task. Lots of one armed farmers due to disabled safety equipment. Be careful.
  139. R

    Massey Ferguson GC2610 TLB Battery problem, need help.

    Nolin when you checked the voltage running did it show 12.6-13.2 volts? If so your alternator is not recharging your battery. Possibly a wiring or voltage regulator problem, or bad alternator if regulator is internal. The regulator monitors battery voltage and directs current to battery when...
  140. R

    Massey Ferguson GC2610 TLB Battery problem, need help.

    Fully charged good battery should test 12.6-13.2 volts at rest. Proper operating alternator should show 14.2 volts at battery after warmup with engine running.
  141. R

    Rear Blade Rear blade weight

    Now that's a nice looking road grader😊. I have attachment envy.
  142. R

    New rules for ethanol in gasoline

    Seasonal blend gas is used in cold climates for easier cold starting in winter. Lowers mpg about 10% and you can tell April 1st when summer blend hits pumps from your fuel economy.
  143. R

    New rules for ethanol in gasoline

    Here in Wisconsin many stations offer E10 87 octane, E15 88 octane and ethanol free 91 octane for off road and collector car use only. I run E15 in my flex fuel Explorer and it adds about 1 mpg better fuel economy. In our F-150 we notice no difference in mpg. If you have a flex fuel and run E85...
  144. R

    Repairing methods and attachments

    You'll be amazed at how much final finish work you can do with an old heavy pallet drug behind an ATV or garden tractor. Breaks up the clouds and spreads the grass seed around.
  145. R

    Insurance Rant!

    Just got out renewal for autos yesterday 50% increase, homeowners went up about 15%. I think the crazy prices for vehicle replacements, parts, and repair are showing up in claims costs.
  146. R

    Replacement tires

    With that information our needs are completely different. I wanted tires with a higher load rating and more resistant to punctures for hard use with grading and grapple use. I run them at top pressure for loads and clearance. Your use is almost more like a jeep or ATV for ground contact.
  147. R

    Using oil in a diesel engine that doesn't say for a diesel.

    Purchase CJ4 or CK4 10w30 or 5w40 (if full synthetic) as they are formulated for diesel engines which require zinc additives that have been removed from gas engine oil to protect catalytic converters.
  148. R

    Replacement tires

    Do you think the ply rating will affect traction that much? My skid steer had 8 ply tires and I replaced with 12 ply as they were more common as less expensive. Ride was a little firmer but didn't notice traction difference...other than better with new tires.
  149. R

    After Sales Service

    Well said. The best tractors come with a dealer that will take care of you if you need help after the sale. In the car business the saying is: sales sells the first one, service sells the rest. No matter the color or brand a good dealer is key to a good experience.
  150. R

    Oil & Fuel Adding oil to oil pump drive gearbox?

    My JD 1070 had same setup. One oil cap on valve cover and second one on front engine cover. Always used valve cover one to refill oil.
  151. R

    Retirement thoughts Past Present Future

    Wisconsin does not tax social security or govt pensions
  152. R

    2017 Mahindra 2545 dash warning light If it's the image that looks like a funnel...
  153. R

    Yanmar 1820D front driveline and sheild

    Makes no sense why someone would remove front axle driveshaft unless there was a it's stuck in 4wd?
  154. R

    Yanmar 1820D front driveline and sheild

    Hmm were you requesting a used driveshaft? Perhaps I was mistaken but I looked your shaft up on their website. Maybe the shield is no longer available? What happened to the original driveshaft?
  155. R

    Yanmar 1820D front driveline and sheild

    The shield and hardware are listed separate in the parts view illustration but I think hoye can fix you up with what you need.
  156. R

    Yanmar 1820D front driveline and sheild

    I assume by driveline you meant driveshaft?
  157. R

    Yanmar 1820D front driveline and sheild
  158. R

    Short Term Tractor Purchase

    Have you considered renting a skid steer for these tasks as needed?
  159. R

    Automobile (Firebird 400) Thermostat

    50+ year old vehicles with radiator of unknown heat shedding capacity, no fan shroud and electric fan that may or may not be properly functioning to provide airflow. I had a 1967 Mustang convertible that always overheated at low speeds like parades. Previous owner had removed shroud from...
  160. R

    Can someone recommend a good true RMS multimeter that has frequency measuring capability? I have this one, nice tool for the money.
  161. R

    Tractor vs Skid Steer Loader Specs

    If you've ever driven a skid steer with a round bale on the front for more than 50 ft you wouldn't consider it for a sole machine. Can't see over the bale, barely see around it. Three point spear on back of tractor, spear on loader. See over front bale, rear bale gives ballast.
  162. R

    Automobile (Firebird 400) Thermostat

    1. Pressure test cooling system to make sure it holds 16-18 psi overnight. That should help eliminate possible head gasket issues. 2. Make sure radiator cap is in good condition to maintain the rated 16-18 psi during operation. 3. Use an infrared non contact thermometer to take temp readings...
  163. R

    Shop circulation

    From harbor freight $159 it telescopes to 6 ft and tilts to 70 degrees.
  164. R

    Shop circulation

  165. R

    Shop circulation

    We just built my bil a 30x40 shop with 10 ft sidewalls and vaulted ceiling. We installed two commercial 70 inch three speed ceiling fans from Menards during build. Maybe you can retrofit fans to ceiling with surface mount conduit? If that's not possible maybe a large stand fan aimed up towards...
  166. R

    What Better Speakers Are You Putting In?

    Hope this helps you get better sound
  167. R

    What Better Speakers Are You Putting In?
  168. R

    Ignition key

    Sometimes there is a number stamped on the key that indicates what it's cut to? If not try your local hardware store to see if they stock matching blanks and can cut a few spares for you?
  169. R

    Diesel storage tank with old fuel, use or not?

    Fresh off road here $3.35 per gallon. If there's only 50 gallons in that tank is it worth $160.00 to filter it and risk damaging a newer piece of equipment? If it were mine I would give the fuel and maybe the tank to a shop that burns waste oil for heat. They can mix it with drain oil and get...
  170. R

    No Heat

    The three common methods of HVAC control are cable (very old vehicles) vacuum (with a vacuum pump for diesels) or electric solenoid (most modern vehicles)
  171. R

    No Heat

    Plugged heater core is possible due to water supply being turned off by the valve that was installed. Would not explain warm air when controls were asking for cooling last summer. Best test for heater core flow is measuring supply and return temp of heater core hoses. My money is on blend door...
  172. R

    No Heat

    Typically the cabin temperature is regulated by temp blend door moving to allow warm or cold air to be distributed to vents. Usually in automotive or ag equipment the water flows through the heater core regardless of whether hot or cold air is being called for in cabin. The blend door directs...
  173. R

    Where to go tractor shopping? site can be a good resource for used tractors. You can narrow search by horsepower then sort by distance from your zip code and by price.
  174. R

    Sad and Tragic Recovery Accident in AZ.

    Every time I saw a customer's pickup come in our shop with loose heavy stuff in the bed I pictured them as projectiles in an accident. People use unsecured railroad ties, train rail sections, loose concrete blocks, etc. For me it's a habit that anything heavy gets tied down or doesn't go in the...
  175. R

    What do you always carry in your vehicle

    Tow strap here in snow belt, snow boots, snow pants and jacket.
  176. R

    What are all these implements for??

    Based on your tractor size and HP I would consider a brush disc? 4-5 ft ones can be found used for a reasonable price. If used in the spring when ground is soft they penetrate pretty well and can break up the root systems. Look at ones with notched rather than smooth discs for breaking up the...
  177. R

    1993 JD 1070 drive wheel help

    Owned a JD 1070 from new for 20 years. Fortunately never had any power train issues. 870/970/1070 all share components and it was basically a yanmar tractor. I'm thinking it doesn't sound like a diy repair unless you are experienced with drive line tolerance setup.
  178. R

    Dealer changed the price 2 hours prior to delivery!

    What a great dealer, many would have pocketed it and not said a word.
  179. R

    Business Leadership/Career Advancement

    After spending 40 years serving my customer's automotive needs no matter what I've noticed a dramatic societal change in the last 3 years. No matter what industry no one wants to "own the football" and go the extra mile to solve problems. Customer service is all email to a blind address that...
  180. R

    1993 JD 1070 drive wheel help

    Patrick it sounds like something bad has happened in your rear differential not providing torque to right rear wheel/axle. Engaging diff lock enables LH axle to drive tractor in 4x2 mode and engaging front axle allows it to pull tractor forward. Very likely there is a broken axle shaft or...
  181. R

    Ford Car Door Locks

    In general with any brand of car or truck if you look at the door panel and there is not a manual door lock plunger it's a fully electric latch system. Most of these cannot be unlocked with a slim Jim because they don't have a mechanical connection between the latch and a plunger. If the battery...
  182. R

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome aboard from NW WI...lots of good info here. Nice looking tractor.
  183. R

    Is winter fuel getting less #1 than it used to have in it?

    Bought 5 gallons of onroad winter blend fuel in January in northern Wisconsin and had a hard time pouring it out of the jug after it sat overnight in my unheated garage. Thank goodness for powerservice.
  184. R

    Minnesota to try and ban gas powered equipment

    We own an electric chainsaw, blower, pole saw and weed trimmer. 80 volt system and battery lasts longer than I want to work. I bought them because I wanted to not because someone told me I could not have a choice. I also don't maintain manicured lawns for suburban residents for a living and need...
  185. R

    Anybody get Shocked After ordering?

    Bronco reservation program was different than verified retail orders. Signing up for the reservation gave the buyer the option to order a bronco when it was their turn. Once the order was placed at an agreed price between seller and buyer then the price protection became active. Many customers...
  186. R

    Anybody get Shocked After ordering?

    Not sure about other auto brands but with Ford the price and incentives are guaranteed based on order date regardless of delivery date. In addition if incentives are better on delivery buyer gets price protection as of order date and can choose the which incentives are better order or delivery.
  187. R

    Minnesota to try and ban gas powered equipment

    Proposed bill would ban future sale of fuel-powered lawn, garden equipment in Minnesota WITN (unknown) By Ben Lewer Published: Feb. 16, 2023 at 4:51 PM CST|Updated: 23 hours ago ST. PAUL, MN. (Northern News Now) - A new bill introduced into the Minnesota House would prohibit the sale of...
  188. R

    Minnesota to try and ban gas powered equipment

    Funny part is Toro headquarters is in Minnesota. Article I read included diesel power so basically any small tractor would be above 25hp and tier 4. Bad for MN dealers, good for WI, IA, ND and SD dealers business.
  189. R

    Post COVID CUT tractoring “truths”

    Personally I'm glad I bought my tractor back in 2018 before stuff got so stupid. Even then New Holland wanted $5000.00 to go from 40 up to 45. $1000 per hp for the exact same model.
  190. R

    Workmaster 75 fuel gauge problem

    Glad you found the open circuit.
  191. R

    Workmaster 75 fuel gauge problem

    From the parts illustration on messicks site it looks like fuel level sensor is in a recess area on top of your fuel tank to the right of your fuel cap on inboard side of tank. Hope that helps you find it so you can check the wiring harness.
  192. R


    13 month CD at our local bank 4.09% apy just bought one last week.
  193. R

    Manure spreaders

    When we had horses we used a Millcreek pto we found used on craigslist. Well built and reasonable price.
  194. R

    Retirement thoughts Past Present Future

    Yeah if you wait until 65 you'll be penalized on part B and can't use your money until after 70. Be sure to consult an advisor, I did and he suggested not doing a conversion for those reasons. Pay attention to part B income brackets when withdrawing taxable income from 401k or IRA.
  195. R

    Retirement thoughts Past Present Future

    The 5 year rule is related to Roth conversions. If you convert a 401k or traditional IRA to a Roth you will owe full taxes on the amount converted in the year of the conversion. The funds that are now in the Roth will be unavailable for withdrawal for 5 years after the conversion. If you are 65+...
  196. R

    which insurance plan to chose ?

    I'm going through the exact thing right now. I chose a medigap policy plus an inexpensive drug policy as I don't presently take any medications. The way my advisor explained it to me is your initial enrollment there is no refusal for pre-existing conditions. If you choose medigap you can never...
  197. R

    Trickling water in winter

    Wind can be a factor when temps drop of how quickly things cool to air temp. Shelter like a tarp or garage makes a big difference up here whether a block heater is needed for cold weather starting. Outside in the wind a 190 degree engine cools off much quicker than if it's tarped or garaged.
  198. R

    Not a good time to buy a car

    When it's time for tires see if Goodyear offers their winteready tires in your size. They are a winter rated tire you can leave on all year. Not cheap but great in snow and no fall/spring tire swap.
  199. R

    New Holland Boomer 37 in DPF Shutdown Mode

    Regen every 3-4 hours from new? My 2018 Boomer 40 regents every 50 hours or so and the only way I can tell us light on dash. Once warmed up I always operate at or above 2000 rpm as my dealer suggested to keep dpf nice and hot.
  200. R

    Second try at fixing a 2020 Ram water leak

    Generally air and water leaks are diagnosed by running blower on high and spraying soapy water with spray bottle on suspect areas. Many times air bubbles will appear at the source of the leak.