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  1. J

    Nearly died yesterday

    My scarcest involved a train. Me and my family in my car,sister and her family in her car late one night returning from vacation at mom's. Tiny West Texas town with no sign of life but us. Half dozen train tracks with cars sitting on either side of street. A high balling train came from...
  2. J

    All Things BBQ

    gsganzer have you attended one of The BBQ Breathern Bashes? More often than not it's on Ray Roberts near Pilot Point but always along IH35. Oops you missed the Spring 2024 April 6 but a Fall get together will soon start taking shape. I haven't gone over there last two years due to achy...
  3. J

    Old BX2200 D starter problems

    Like your B2150 JWR ,I've developed some old age issue and my wife has to use broom handles,2x4s and other long handled tools to get me going lots of days.
  4. J

    Setting Fence Posts Issue

    Dig a pond to capture spring water for irrigation and livestock. Place stones around posts like they do in areas where surface is solid rock. around post like they do in areas where surface is solid rock.
  5. J

    Cataracts and other visual concerns!

    Into my 5th year with injections in right eye and monitoring left. Thanks to a doctor that takes his job serious I've preserved my vision.
  6. J

    Returning batteries for warranty claim

    I have live data readers on dash of my trucks that read 14+ after plug heat and crank then progressively drop to as low as 13v on long daytime trips. Retailer has the right to put battery on charge before making a warranty decision but high volume outlets should have instruments to test without...
  7. J

    Why do heavy equipment trailers have steel over the tires?

    Probably just good practice based on experience by manufactures that concern themselves with such. In addition to clearance already mentioned, boards will be continuedly coated with mud which in turn rots before remainder of boards.
  8. J

    Need some suggestions on how to fix water getting into my new building.

    Contrary to popular belief concrete can be capped (poured over) with good results. In the simplest form sand mix with additional Portland can be placed over existing and featheredged. To enhance bond,spread a slurry of water and Portland just before placing concrete. Latex and other additives...
  9. J

    Solved Building Electrical Breaker Tripping.

    For lack of knowing the technical term I just call it snowball effect. The same thing is responsible for many electric problems on cars and tractors. Trailer lights being one of the most common. If for some reason there is voltage drop across a connection ,resistance grows with each heat...
  10. J

    Stick Removal

    Circumstances surrounding trees, what tools you already own and how much you can afford to spend will help determine "best"solution. Have you determined why sticks fall? Have you checked for twig girdlers?
  11. J

    Tell me about pre-emergent herbicides

    You are correct about certain weeds being tolerant to certain herbicides. 1st order of business is to identify each weed you need to control. 2nd order of business is determining which can be controlled following year by mowing this year before seeds set. To elaborate on last statement,some...
  12. J

    Vegetable Garden 2024

    Frost plowing ,is that similar to snow plowing? 😃
  13. J

    Vegetable Garden 2024

    That looks better than mine if I plow when it's the least bit wet. I have black clay that shrinks,cracks and becomes so hard you can't get a plow in it when dry. When wet it sticks to your feet until your feet become too heavy to walk until you clean it off then repeat. Most of my garden is...
  14. J

    Water pressure/ flow question

    You need to buy a pressure guage and test for yourself. I would want first regulator AFTER 3/4 meter if possible. Other than possible leaks caused by higher pressure,having regulator at house is better than 450' away at meter. However it might be possible to have your cake and eat it to. Try...
  15. J

    Members vs Guests, online

    Maybe not as much fun but certainly more educational. Dad always said you learn more with your eyes and ears than from your mouth. 👨‍🎓
  16. J

    Yanmar ym2000 no start

    But will stopping blowby at valve cover help engine start? :cautious:
  17. J

    Need a front wheel seal on Cub Cadet

    Seals made in or to USA specs have an industrial # etched or printed on them. Clean the seal then carefully examine under good light,the lettering and numbers are usually faint and difficult to see. Failing that mic it for a match.
  18. J

    1974 MF150 Diesel Won't Start Without Jump Starter

    I believe he was just "funning" and where I sit it looks like you might possibly be doing the same. Even first time newbies ALWAYS clean cables and posts then charges battery before throwing in the towel.
  19. J

    Members vs Guests, online

    There's always a few hundred members on line any time I log in, evidently a bunch of people have you on ignore.:cautious:
  20. J

    1974 MF150 Diesel Won't Start Without Jump Starter

    + one on posts #1 & #2. You need to methodically report what you try and change/results of each.
  21. J

    Starter for 04

    Fan belt for 08 Deere.
  22. J

    My beloved Duramax needs help.

    I wouldn't approach dealer that worked on it until the problem has been found and solved. If you complain now they will only say bring it to them then regardless what they find they'll say it wasn't caused by what they did before.
  23. J

    Yanmar ym2000 no start

    click here to see how Yanmar handles glow plug duty. Do not use ether again,it can blow a gasket,bust a piston or worse. But since you did and it didn't hit with ether, check out that link above. If thermostat is working I think it is money well spent having a pro look at it. Someone might...
  24. J

    unsynchronized transmission

    I start in a lower gear then after getting out of tight quarter, shift to higher gear on my 801 without stopping. Same for towing something heavy. Going uphill is a little harder and if towing up hill it's really hard but with practice can be done. Ever once in a blue moon I growl a gear but...
  25. J

    Bulk Feed Trailer

    I find that folks underestimate the effect rats and mice have on livestock feed. I once leased hunting rights on a place where I would take my grandsons. When we arrived to dove hunt one sweltering hot September day the farmer and his hired hand were scooping corn off the floor of an out...
  26. J

    Shop ideas to consider

    An overhead trolly with electric winch will be used more with each passing year. Mine was an afterthought and cobbled togeather with founds and freebees that doesn't support alot of weight but is a back saver. The older you get the more you appreciate help with lifting and carrying. I've had a...
  27. J

    B1750 starts but won't move, just makes grinding noise when clutch is let engaged.

    Throw-out bearing failure normally prevents disengaging clutch which drives propeller shaft that in turn drives transmission and pto. On standard shift,geared tranny the tractor would continue to move along if it were in gear and clutch pressed. To start narowing down I would see if propeller...
  28. J

    Which animals you think you could beat in a fight

    Says you. My brother was wondering how many eggs one of his geese was sitting on so he concocted a plan. He would go near her waving his jacket to drive her away and hold until I could count the eggs. ,,,,,,,,,,She didn't run off as planned ,she plowed in flapping wings, biting and squawking...
  29. J

    Which animals you think you could beat in a fight

    If y'all could be talked into a rematch I'd place good money on you and not be disappointed by who lost. It would be worth losing money just to watch. 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣
  30. J

    Grapple, fire and food plot ?

    Mentioning food plot and hilly terain that can't be farmed makes me think wildlife is you priority. I doubt what you want to do will improve the land for wildlife and could possibly harm it. It's my understanding Wi is home to deer,moose and elk which are browse animals. Any time you consult a...
  31. J

    Help !!! Fire Ants !!!

    Since it's so expensive and breaks my heart pouring it on the ground,in the garden is one of only a few places I use Jack and sugar.
  32. J

    What are the signs of rototilling when it's too wet?

    How things tie up N has been told,peated and repeated so many times I figure everyone already knows "how it is". For some strange reason wood and green plants where I live didn't get the memo. I've used and showed others how to use practices called huglekultur and keyhole garden where...
  33. J

    Weird Honey Bee Activity

    Interesting hobby I know zip about but could there be a colony of African Bees in the vicinity? Maybe something you should speak with local beekeepers about.
  34. J

    What are the signs of rototilling when it's too wet?

    If tractor tires become mired in mud it's to wet. If you can't see the tiller for dust it's too dry. Finding ambient temperature and wind direction just right can be more allusive.
  35. J

    OK, how much gas did you spill in 2023?

    When I tried using EPA approved cans I spilled my share. Now that I have a hoard of old school cans I spill 2 ozs annually.
  36. J

    What are the signs of rototilling when it's too wet?

    Just gas it and go,we will never know the difference. Your experience tilling your soil at various moisture levels is worth more than our wags when we have no hands on experience with it.
  37. J

    7 way Trailer plug

    I don't have a clue what that is supposed to be for. First I'd check owner/operator manual or ask dealer what application that is for. If it's supposed to be for tail,stop and turn signals plus brakes,I'd either cut wires and run them to a common 7 way or buy male part from dealer then go to...
  38. J

    Farm Truck Gets a Home Paint Job

    Way to go! The world needs more of that kind of "take the bull by the horns and do what it takes". Considering what it costs to have cars painted these days I'm willing to bet you just inspired some backyard jobs.
  39. J

    What happened here to my tire?

    I thought sure we would hear that having a bunch of hot air onboard is all you need if liter fluid or compressor isn't available.;)
  40. J

    So God made a Farmer

    I knew Paul Harvey was special when I saw my grandfather who was 30 years his senior listening to his radio broadcasts. He broadcast this in 1965 and it sounds like it could have been yesterday...
  41. J

    If you have a barbed wire fence, then you must have this stretcher..

    That type stretcher works well but since I already have a come along in all my tool boxes this costs less and saves space in tool boxes.
  42. J

    Banning a member

    Now that's funny🤣,I don't care who you are. I had a friend that owned a print shop and his brother in law would go get the bible to prove points. He "borrowed" the bible without bil's knowledge and from then on some of the old boy's favorite verses read different. Actually took a while before...
  43. J

    Banning a member

    In part that might be but if you visit a coffee shop where regulars meet to discuss life you will notice what some individuals say "go's in one ear then out the other" of most around the table. IGNORE BUTTON. As for banning,moderating and such by establishment owner,it's rare but swift and final...
  44. J

    Banning a member

    Maybe instead of banning we could have something different. When you have 100 ata boys you get a smiley face , if you get 1 aww s**t it wipes out 50 ata boys.
  45. J


    I remember dad chaining logs to the wheels of his F-20. He layed logs on ground in front of tires. He ran ropes through pulleys to the clutch and brakes then drove it like a mule. It was spooky when the old tractor reared up like a horse but it got the job done. I saw the hand crank get away...
  46. J

    Need Chipper/Shredder/mulcher for stringy material

    You need a pto driven hammer mill with changeable screens. I occasionally see used ones for sale. After we bought larger tractors the H Farmall was used for amongst other things, a hammer mill. At 26 horsepower the governor often came in while feeding ear corn and alfalfa so that tells you...
  47. J

    DIY septic tank and drain field?

    Take a look at this for another solution. //
  48. J

    What to do with all these boxes?

    I cull most while choosing sturdy ones the right size to NEST inside another. That allows a good stash that only occupies a small amount of space. The remainder are used as you suggested,filled with leaves,paper or other material on ,Huglekultur piles or shredded for compost. I make "corrals"...
  49. J

    lost nuts!

    I was searching for words of condolence as I opened this tread. What a relief to find you were talking about your snow blower rather than your person.
  50. J

    Banning a member

    If an antagonist can be taken off the ballot to prevent them from being voted in,can the boss remove subject of this thread form ballot to prevent him being voted out?
  51. J

    Banning a member

    I've wondered about that as well. At first I thought it should be clear cut but I'm starting to believe offenders might just take their foot off the gas shortly before crossing the line,keep it sucked up a while then repeat the routine. I spect more are banned or given time outs than we...
  52. J

    Satoh 650G Ignition Coil resistor

    Let me run out to buy a service manual and I be right with you.
  53. J

    Clear cutting half arsed, why?

    Folks wanting to dictate what and how neighbors use their property organize HOAs to satisfy the fetish. A HOA near me foreclosed on a resident claiming his new F-150 violated bylaw that forbids a truck to be parked overnight within confines of the neighborhood.
  54. J

    Clear cutting half arsed, why?

    I kept getting a message saying "page can't be found,try agin later" which is exactly what I did. I guess the server or whatever was hung up in it's own underwear. I'll delete the duplicates. You can take my word I wasn't running my post count up, I could do that like the regulars do by...
  55. J

    Clear cutting half arsed, why?

    What blows your skirt up Sig very well might be viewed with distain by that landowner. Matter of fact I guarantee people who don't know an AR-15 from an AK-47 from a M-16 think you are a hate monger and traitor that should be jailed in the cell next door to an orange monster. As for people who...
  56. J

    MF 135 Runs beautifully for 30 to 45 minutes

    I'm not a fan of replacing parts before tests prove old one is bad but I make exception for condensers. If the tractor had a tune up including condenser recently I'd give odds the new condenser was bad from factory (many are these days). To confirm or eliminate fuel as cause try a couple...
  57. J

    Dog stories

    I have more dog stories than you have time to hear so I'll tell one with a theme you've heard several times but this one has an interesting twist. Five year old half lab my brothers family raised from a pup had never once showed aggression despite being prevoked on several occasions. The dog...
  58. J

    Crack in wood stove

    Metal repair is one of my fields but even I understand cast iron can't be welded with same filler as commonly used for steel. Unfortunatly the filler color contrasts to the parent metal. Nickel alloy rod for stick and wire,silicon bronze for gas braze. I suppose paint would cover it ok. I...
  59. J

    Never knew what a Texas U Turn was

    Navigating Texas can be interesting when road/street has multiple names/numbers which is about 50% of them. GPSs often calls street one name while sign says something different and guy who gave you directions earlier called it something else.
  60. J

    Troubleshooting John Deere 650 not starting

    You can have starter tested at most auto parts stores. 12.3 is only 70% charge so you need to make sure battery is at least 12.6 after tractor has been used an hour or more. Cranking at 12.3v long term will ruin the starter.
  61. J

    To till or not to till 😁

    Assuming you have space I recommend manure be dumped in piles/rows,kept moist,mixed/turned when steam slows until bulk is significantly reduced THEN placed where you want to plant and grow. As best you can move material on exterior of old pile to interior of new pile while turning. Here's...
  62. J

    Sorry, wrong number

    The hearing aid doesn't surprise me. My wife has a watch that monitors and communicates vitals ,sleep habits and physical activity to her doctor,takes and dials calls to contacts plus something new she finds every day.
  63. J

    A better way to kill moles and gophers?

    I haven't seen anyone shooting bottle rockets recently,are they banned? Those will go off under water.
  64. J

    A better way to kill moles and gophers?

    A couple of TBNers with a six pack and 🪛🔧⛏️🪚🔩⚙️ could probably change that in a hurry.
  65. J

    Eye Brow for Metal Building???

    I don't understand your concern about rust. Just don't expose cut edges or treat those that are. Zee flashing below eve,simple shed above door and diagonal 2x brace on both sides of door and you have it covered. How far out do you want cover to extend?
  66. J

    Drainage for wet area near the river

    This sounds like a natural spring that surfaces where there's no slope in land for drainage. Is there possibly a berm,dam or hill that can be cut?
  67. J

    A better way to kill moles and gophers?

    When kids were home I tried to keep working cats and dogs from being family pets in case they fell victim to hazards of their job. Rat Terriers I mentioned earlier are too mean by nature for kids anyhow. Electrified booby traps are effective in reducing likelihood of attacks on small animals...
  68. J

    Help, scammers attacking my email

    The main rule is never click a link in an email unless you are 101% sure it's legit then you might think twice. It's an ever changing environment that becomes more sophisticated by the day. Mail and wire fraud was at one time high on the list for law enforcement agencies, now you can see...
  69. J

    A better way to kill moles and gophers?

    In part you can thank me and my heathen buddies for inability to buy powerful fireworks now days. We drilled a hole for fuse in 1.5" pipe ,screwed a cap on pipe,packed it with black walnuts and KA-BOOM we had ourselves a bazooka. Couple pieces of wood and baling wire for handles so one of us...
  70. J

    A better way to kill moles and gophers?

    A couple of Rat Terriers (two is better because they are competitive which makes them work harder). Ear scratching,belly rub,a treat and good boy is all it takes to train them. It's best taking dogs out at night because gophers are nocturnal. Dogs hear them moving and/or pick up fresh scent...
  71. J

    The Value of Getting Outdoors....

    Thank you deserteagle71 for facing an enemy so many didn't and still don't acknowledge. Your comrades become fewer each day,I pray they are never forgotten.
  72. J

    The Value of Getting Outdoors....

    I had a paid subscription to Texas Monthly for years then dropped it because of hate mongering and race-baiting sprinkled throughout otherwise fine articles like the one linked by op in first post. The outdoors is a wonderful classroom for kids plus mental therapy for kids and adults.
  73. J

    Drainage for wet area near the river

    Your question is directly about tiling the area but as TBNers are famous for I question your reasons for doing it. Nature needs diverse habitat and the type you describe is found most places. Unless you have pressing need for the 2 acres I'd say leave it be and don't spend time and money...
  74. J

    Wiring diagram for MF 65 Gas model

    Coil gets 12v from starter solenoid while starter is engaged and reduced volts from ignition switch after starter stops. Starting at coil,trace wire(s) back. If there's two wires on coil, one to solenoid and one to ballast resistor, the one on ristor is where problem lies. Make sure ignition...
  75. J

    Need feedback on idea: Portable forge from an old dirt scoop

    I use a propane forge because it's less expensive to operate, cleaner and easier but you shouldn't because "you wouldn't get to practice welding nor have use for the scoop". 😒
  76. J

    orange tractor talks

    Gos to prove one who talks too loud and long eventually find themself hung up in their own underwear. ;)
  77. J

    Laundry Washing Machine Lint Filter & Septic Field

    Few things can equal opportunity to use mirrors and lights for profit as sewage disposal. A couple of examples out of hundreds. When laws were passed in most counties in Texas requiring arobic systems,it was also law that systems must be periodically serviced and inspected by licensed...
  78. J

    Weak trailer brakes. Sure could use some ideas here!

    At this point is it safe to say (A) you know how wires are supposed to be routed (B) all contacts/connections are good (C) you have tested for consistant voltage drop at mags (D) truck has towed another trailer with similar set up to assure problem is with trailer ? With those...
  79. J

    Using wheel spacers to adapt to different wheels / bolt spacings / brands?

    " I was wondering if other brands are cheaper or generic wheels are available?" Price generic and other brands to find out. ;)
  80. J

    Massey Ferguson 165 Clutch

    First I'd like to say a MF165 can do the work of 2 tractors built in the far East and have lots of life left over. The ONLY caveat has to do with diesel engine. Like it's gasoline counterpart the diesel engine is good as they come but are super expensive to rebuild when they wear out. Point...
  81. J

    Weak trailer brakes. Sure could use some ideas here!

    Ya'll have me worried with warnings of series wired so I need to know how someone could make that mistake. I realize there are multiple ways of bringing + and - to each mag but in simple terms the + wire would go from 7 way to + wire on first mag,the - wire on first mag would run to + wire on...
  82. J

    Weak trailer brakes. Sure could use some ideas here!

    I believe all the bases have been covered but the bases are often evasive when it comes to trailer wiring. Since faulty ground accounts for most trailer light and brake problems let's solve that once and for all. Braze a 1/4" brass bolt head to trailer frame and connect ground from 7 way to it...
  83. J

    Neighbor's cattle in yard

    This is clear cut case of cattle owner thinking the woman can't do anything about it so therefore he doesn't think it's necessary to do anything. The solution,contact someone with trailer and experience a distance form the lady to come haul a few to his place and keep them until notified. You...
  84. J

    Something's eating my birds

    Keeping dog in house at night AND a motion sensor at coop conected to alarm or light in house is an exelent way of teaching dog to alert you when he smells,hears or sees something around the place. When alarm gos off grab gun and dog to go investigate. Kid was late to school,teacher asked...
  85. J

    Something's eating my birds

    There are no silver bullets when it comes to protecting a place against varmints but dogs are a good place to start. Between dogs' sense of smell and hearing nothing in the vicinity escapes them,you just have to show them you are interested and reward them when they alert on intruders.
  86. J

    Here's your sign...

    Not only do I disagree , I believe your in-laws need their a$$es kicked. Mothers ,especially aged mothers suffer enough depression without more inflicted just for some jazz-axes' entertainment. Give me their address I'll send them pants with pockets cut out for occasions when they are bored.
  87. J

    Outdoor Hydrant Maintenance

    It's the result of metal contracting. Overtightening packing nut on new hydrant has the same effect.
  88. J

    Ethanol Free Gas

    I don't recall the name but a guy that frequents tractor forums works for the agency that oversees forest fires in California. His full time job is maintaining equipment and supplies stored at remote locations. He replaces gas as part of routine maintenance. His bosses have tried for years...
  89. J

    cutivator help

    Good news is that plow is the same type modern farmers use ( 3 or 4x as wide behind large tractors). Bad news is that it takes 50 plus horsepower to pull it while performing intended purpouse of initial ripping unplowed soil. You could remove 2 shanks,install small sweeps and do a nice job...
  90. J

    Real questions that you would like to get an answer…

    I have several rounds on hand for all my guns but if the police and/or D.A. ask how many were for home defense my answer will be none. I don't have gun(s) and amo staged to confront another human but I do keep some handy in case I need them quickly to dispatch an animal. No sir,I wasn't lying...
  91. J

    Vineyard hiller build thread

    I tip my hat to you for the whole project,you did well. Most row crop implements require "stabilizers" to prevent/minimize the exact problem you are experiencing. I've seen many tractor from the factory that don't have pins for stabilizers but the brackets and pins are radially available...
  92. J


    A 140 isn't enough horsepower to do meaningful work. I'd get at least 30 horse and feel better with 40. Regardless of horsepower it can do more work with disc type turning plow compared to moldboard. Two things make a lot of difference when choosing a tractor. Whether you plan to use a...
  93. J

    Trashy Ads

    Seeing those ads wouldn't bother me near as much as if one of my kids wore them.
  94. J

    Pecan Shaker

    Wupping on trees with a ball and chain reminds me of a man who climbed trees and used willow poles to beat green pecans off for his family to pick up thereby getting pecans before others could. Pecan buyers got wind and refused to buy them and it took year for trees to recover. Hire a...
  95. J

    Bearing buddy-greasing intervals

    Real BBs have a spring and indicator to prevent overfill. I would expect 1 pump after 4 trips to be adequate.
  96. J

    Water line leaking - how to find it

    Same as overhauling tractor engines,there's pros available to do this. Do what you know how to earn money to pay some that knows how to fix leaks.
  97. J

    Windows Defender reporting TBN as unsafe

    My thoughts exactly about clicking buttons on anything I don't understand.
  98. J

    Tractor battery issue

    Search this forum for CLICK, battery,no start,dead or such and you will find enough reading to to last you a spell. I could repeat all of it but I might miss something. :unsure:
  99. J

    Need advice for truck anti-theft device

    Liability lawyers have made it hard for Home Depot to control merchandise theft but they came through for my neighbor's employee when he shot a thief in their parking lot. Neighbor stopped at Home Depot and his crew stopped their van farther out in lot to wait. Thieves pulled up and proceeded...
  100. J

    Need advice for truck anti-theft device

    There's no reasonable way of deterring tow trucks but there's countless ways to make it difficult so thieves move on. I could leave keys in the old truck I pull heavy equipment trailer with and doubtful anyone would steal it but equipment on trailer is real attractive. When I installed aux...
  101. J

    CraigsList vs. Facebook Marketplace

    Any time people interact there will be disagreement and attempted cheating. Add those to people who are there strictly for entertainment and it becomes a study in human nature. I ran several ads on FBMP and CL when I moved and there were days I considered burning it ( I actually took many...
  102. J

    Trashy Ads

    I have no problem with ads at TBN. It chaffs me when pop ups ask if I want to chat interfere with ordering merchandise.
  103. J

    Trashy Ads

    No but I want to warn you about young women targeting old men in the parking lot at Home Depot. They approach asking for assistance with dead battery or flat tire then make body contact while being over friendly. First thing you know they are gone along with old man's watch,wallet and anything...
  104. J

    25 Acres worth buying hay equipment?

    Let someone else do it on shares and sell yours along with theirs.
  105. J

    1351 gophers caught in the last 13 year..... 140 in this year alone.

    Stock the place with wild hogs and fire ants to rid it of gophers and many other creatures.
  106. J

    Poison Oak Everywhere!

    First and foremost make sure it's poison oak then use products marketed specifically for killing it and read the label,,,,twice. Some chemicals kill it but are less effective and/or efficient than others. Some kill it but kill desirable plants as well. Heavy grazing is hands down best...
  107. J

    CraigsList vs. Facebook Marketplace

    I don't understand why FBMP doesn't get rid of that stupid "Is this still available" button since so many complain about it. FBMP also make's things worse by automatically forwarding "are you still interested" responses. Dropping those would make lots of folks happier.
  108. J

    Can fire wood be too dry?

    OMG,Ben Told and his stepbrothers I Heard and They Said are the biggest liars in the country,never believe anything they say. The drier wood is the more btu and less creosote it yields.
  109. J

    What to drag behind a disc?

    I've worked overgrown land and watched several others and never saw a single pass do it all regardless how many implements are being dragged. The conventional apporach is mow or disc,let the elements break down stubble and soften clods then disc again and possably third time to get it right.
  110. J

    Is this shop trying to rip me off?!

    Have you not took time to price the clutch online? Maybe you should.
  111. J

    Buying Advice Auctions?

    I've had good experience hiring a used equipment dealer I've known a long time buy for me at auctions I can't attend. I've also put in an order for equipment I'm not in a hurry for and they buy it when he has room to haul it. Reputable auctioneers have seller aggrenents that say certain...
  112. J

    Help me save money on an addition.

    Do you have electric miter saw,table saw,pneumatic nailer(s),compressor,10 guage extension cord(s), shop fan,spare trash cans,push broom and work lights? If short one or more it might pay to get tips on bang for the buck. Here comes one already. Old Kirby vacs have larger motors than ordinary...
  113. J

    Bronze Brazing Nuts to Plaque

    Well gosh if that's the way you feel maybe you should stop "thinking there must be a better way and looking for suggestions".
  114. J

    Bronze Brazing Nuts to Plaque

    If I understand the finished piece ,how bout brazing a flat head brass screw head on instead of the nut? Put molding clay on wood where screw holds need to be then press plaque with screws into clay to mark precise spot to drill holes then counter sink holes. Wood in contact with plaque will...
  115. J

    Cylinder Count? Are you a winner, I mean looser..... :- ) For your outdoors needs.

    Looking at it from that prospective I only have a few cylinders in operation ,several others don't run at the moment so thiose don't count. Next week a few cylinders will trade places so I should be fine.
  116. J

    I don't know how I got along for so long without a tractor...

    I was born on a row cropping farm,owned and operated countless tractors but never had a fel until I bought a 1994 20 horse Kubota with fel this year and found out the loader had almost caused it to split down the middle. I'm in the process of getting it operational by fabricating parts Kubota...
  117. J

    CD player and radio for the shop

    Thank you to everyone for your input. That I even considered using 18 ga solid wire must be laughable to those who understand sound systems. Probably laughable that i would mess with 4 components and bunch of speakers that would fill the trunk of a car but I'm frugal and having modern...
  118. J

    CD player and radio for the shop

    A friend moved into a new home that came prewired with sound system and gave me his old equipment. He gave me 8 speakers but no cable or wire. I will buy cables for connecting equipment together. Speakers will be spread throughout a 30 x50 building so will require several feet of wire. Amp...
  119. J

    Does anybody build custom trailers anymore?

    There are small shops on ever corner around here building trailers. I would ask one of them if they will build what you need.
  120. J

    Tomato plant life expectancy

    I grow tomatoes outdoors in NC Texas. You will have healthier and more productive plants starting new plants than carrying old plants through a second production cycle. You can get a second crop or even 3 or 4 but the effort isn't worth it. If you want to try some plants I suggest using...
  121. J

    LT1000 starter solenoid getting hot

    After I read op's follow up post I feel confident you nailed it tomplum. OP you should adjust the valves before doing anything else. A perfect battery and starter can't start the engine while valves are out of adjustment.
  122. J

    What did I do wrong drilling these holes?

    Some times it works for me and other times I'm not so sure. If I'm not in a rush I hit the hole with a large tip so it gets hot before heating surrounding metal more than i can prevent. Put soft fire brick on front and back then let it cool. As for lubricant, I've found keeping bit from...
  123. J

    LT1000 starter solenoid getting hot

    Two most likly things to cause post and cable end getting that hot is high resistance contact/connection or starter pulling more amps than it should. Since the possability of high resistance is cheapest to eliminate,we'll do that before replacing starter. You cantry everything following except...
  124. J

    CT440 electrical arc

    Hey barny,do you know what a D19 is? Don't feel bad,many don't know what a ct440 is either but if you tell them you'll get better responses. If one of these ct440s have an electric clutch or other device that draws a heavy load,you might want to make sure it's disengaged.
  125. J

    Towable pressure washer/30min water source

    I like it. Here's my trick for burning stumps. A metal sleeve 2 or 3 times taller than diameter. 2 metal 5 gallon buckets stacked with 1" holes around circumference 2" from ground. Metal barrels. Metal flashing rolled into a cylinder larger than stump and held with sheet metal screws of...
  126. J

    Runs for 10 minutes, then fuel supply slows

    " " When I disconnected the fuel line before the first filter, the fuel slowly dribbled out. I shot some compressed air up the line, and the fuel poured out as expected. It was good for a while, but then the problem returned." Vacuum has already been discussed and I assume you removed tank...
  127. J

    tips for smoothing trench

    Pile of imported soil,wheel barrow and a shovel
  128. J

    Little fire at my in-laws

    Firefighter grandson said several roadside fires popped up and they tracked them to a trailer parked at guy's house that pulled it there with blown out tire.
  129. J

    Need backhoe subframe front-mount fabricated. Kubota B2910 / B7800. Suggestions?

    I'd attack it on three fronts , #1 Trying to find the parts or complete subframe for sale #2 Trying to find someone willing to let you measure their subframe and make sketches. #3 Look parts up as you did previously and this time look toward bottom of parts list for a statment to the effect...
  130. J

    Test Glow Plug Relay and Timer

    One at a time in no particular order and may as well check other circuits while the meter is handy.
  131. J

    Cleaning creosote from a smoker

    Using seasoned wood produces less creosote to be deposited on meat and cooker. If your cooker is belching dark smoke it's making access creosote and imparting bitterness to meat. If you aren't 100% pleased with your smoked meat I suggest trying meat cooked in a Cuban Cooker,aka Caja China so...
  132. J

    T264 Phantom Starting

    Lawyers that caused idiot proofing widgets to be required should have been standing in rain with you to relish their work and paid the bill for you.
  133. J

    What about a section for threads that should be repeated again?

    I think your proposal is a great idea, unfortunately many members,most newbie inquirers and forum bosses don't think it's a good idea so it can't happen. Members don't like it because it limits opportunity to comment. Newbies don't like it because it requires effort on thier part to take time...
  134. J

    how to build your own custom backhoe subframe

    B1750hst. Subframe only extends 8" passed bellhousing connection resulting in cracked & warped coupling plate, busted out bellhousing holes,shattered clutch/pressure plate and damaged propeller shaft. If I succeed in repairing damage I will use info from this thread to fab brace extending to...
  135. J

    I am a New used Tractor Owner

    Congrats on finally getting a tractor. Looks like you been lurking for quit some time so you probably know this already. Since it is a Kubota with fel I advise educating yourself about subframe reinforcement often required to prevent $$$ damage to tractor. Click here for a thread addressing...
  136. J

    Help !!! Fire Ants !!!

    You are 100% correct but what they did accomplish was almost wiping out Red Harvester ants and countless other creatures. Horned Lizard diet relys on Red Hearvesters so they were nearly destroyed along with Hearvesters. The only reason some escaped is because Fire Ants weren't in Rolling...
  137. J

    Help !!! Fire Ants !!!

    Once people get a hard on for something (Fire Ants in this case) and fail on first attempt to get rid of it nostrils flare,eyes narrow and jaws lock on the bits. Scorched earth crusade ensues leaving little chance of turning them around. Broadcasting poison of ANY KIND for ANYTHING is not...
  138. J

    How long does an engine coolant heater need to be plugged in?

    Variables such as ambient temperature and shelter make a lot of difference in required time. Heater in lower hose only works when there isn't a t-stat at upper hose blocking circulation. Water warms as it expands pushing colder coolant in engine out to be replaced by warmer coolant. Not the...
  139. J

    how to build your own custom backhoe subframe

    First and foremost I tip my hat to dfkrug for sharing hard earned experience on a subject that needs all the help it can get. I have a recently acquired B Kubota which suffered consequences of fel without adequate sub-frame. It's bad enough poorly designed tractors an attachments were sold but...
  140. J

    Good Post Score

    Congratulations,now you have 1003. 5000 is worth 1 atta boy and 5 atta boys earn the TBN lifetime achievement award celebrated with food,fun and music. Be informed that an aw-shucks wipes out an atta boy and an aw-crap wipes out 2.
  141. J

    Propane tractor

    Any gasoline engine will run on propane and most can be switched back and forth with a couple on twists of valves. I have a propane 800 Ford we bought new in 1959. In addition to desirable features you mentioned propane engines can set unused for months then start and run like they had been...
  142. J

    Can lawnmower blades be sharpened with the bevel on the bottom?

    :ROFLMAO: That's a goodun , ROFLMAO
  143. J

    Fly control for cattle

    No and can't say as I'd want to, sounds like rabbit hunting with a Bazooka. I try to handle my cattle with as little stress and risk of injury as possible. 75% have flop ears and if agitated will kick,fight,charge into and climb fences but I can put them in the corral by myself with a feed...
  144. J


    You my friend are part of the problem in thinking it should be every man for himself and allowing those we pay to enforce the law set on their butt doing nothing. Law enforcement has become an agency to be weaponized against political foes instead of serving all citizens. Everyone whether old...
  145. J


    There is a limit to size chores that can be explained in 25 words. It would be wise spending a few dollars on a work shop manual. The money saved surfing the net isn't worth the hassle plus you have pictures and can re-read steps as needed.
  146. J

    S650g ignition coil questions

    Things can't be so bad you can't afford a mechanic. I have to hire professionals to do several things for me and I wouldn't dream of cutting my own hair using instructions from people here.
  147. J

    What is enough HP?

    I'll take a different approach and leave it to others to post links. As for advertised horsepower,make sure tests are by same people using same standards. Operator experience plays a huge role in how much work gets done,how much fuel is burnt and most importantly for how many hours per $ spent...
  148. J

    S650g ignition coil questions

    11 "something" volts to coil tells us there is no resistor UNLESS you are keeping it secret that coil has 2 wires connected to incoming side. Charge battery,use a piece of cardboard such as from a cereal box to clean points then see how much spark you have.
  149. J

    S650g ignition coil questions

    There isn't a silver bullet answer covering not start situations. Did you use starting fluid? How many volts coming into coil? Have you checked point gap? Have you cleaned contacts? What is max distance spark will jump? If an engine with less than perfect psi compression sits for years...
  150. J

    Litter whisk?

    Not that particular brand but I've had a couple that were handy for pool deck and patio. Due to limited capacity they are not much help with Fall leaves. I use mower with bagger in open areas and blower-vac-shredder in beds for Fall clean-up. Up to a certain quantity of leaves it's beneficial...
  151. J

    L3560 with cab. How would I know if I'm close to rolling over?

    It isn't necessary to have sat on a tractor much less operate one to know there's a fair amount of hogwash and poor advice being passed around here. Espouse less danger operating small tractors on hills compared to larger tractors because there's less distance to fall isn't what I call...
  152. J

    Wiring - Power, from the battery on...

    You say you are an old hand then say this and this? Surly you jest by saying you can't follow the red cable from battery to termination point and/or don't know what the part red cable connects to is called. I don't intend to come across hateful but this smells like laser cat toy.
  153. J

    Roof leak

    If your reason for having multiple roofers look at is to accumulate free advice how will you know good advice from poor advice? Have the most reputable roofer you can find inspect it and stop asking for bids you have no intention buying and surfing the net.
  154. J

    Small trailer deck suggestions

    There are no long lasting treatments available on plywood nor deck wood these days. If you anticipate future needs for treated lumber and are willing to put in some labor I have a suggestion. Watch Craigslist ,FB Marketplace,Nextdoor ect for someone offering a deck free for removal. If the...
  155. J

    Used Tractors!

    The owner may have set it on fire in a fit of anger after learning Kubota no longer offers parts for it.
  156. J

    Please explain this difference between diesel and gasoline engines

    Unless you have ideas about improving the design it isn't important. What is important is keeping engines in their power band as much as possible. One reason diesel engines have a reputation for longevity is because a high percentage has traditionally been operated by professionals and...
  157. J

    Safe to pull trailer???

    Try it,that's how we found out.
  158. J

    Paint source/brand/type

    Evidently LittleBittyBigJohn and Wrangler. :giggle:
  159. J

    L3560 with cab. How would I know if I'm close to rolling over?

    Take baby steps while learning your tractor rather than pushing the envelope based on what you pick up on the web.
  160. J

    Belarus 250AS won't shift into gear when running.

    That tractor was submerged in water before or while parked,split it and replace everything.
  161. J

    Busted bellhousing on Kubota B series

    Right you are. Here and other places people ask what tractor they should buy. My opinion is 4 cylinder 2000 or 4000 Ford for 40 to 60 horse and 4020 Deere for 100 horses. Bought at fair market price according to condition then restaored to like new costs 75% less than new,will last the rest...
  162. J

    Kubota L2050 Wiring Harness

    Most diesels,including 12 valve 5.9 Cummins are about the same way. I honestly believe Kubota hung all those wires and plugs on tractors to generate income off harnesses. Ever plug and connector is another place for potential voltage drop or total disconnect and there's a bunch. When is the...
  163. J

    Busted bellhousing on Kubota B series

    This thing is turning out more educational than originally thought. A new chapter in the saga opened yesterday. I ordered a few parts and was informed parts have been declared obsolete. Parts for a 25 year old tractor built from 1988 through 1996 already obsolete? IMO that speaks volumes...
  164. J

    Kubota L2050 Wiring Harness

    If I needed to rewire any Kubota prior to those with a computer I would not go to expense of buying a harness. Reason being Kubota hung 3x as many wires and connectors on their tractors than it requires to run everything on tractor. Stated differently 75% of wire is decoy and/or redundant that...
  165. J

    Ct445 starting problems

    If removing starter is that unappealing I'd suggest using HEAVY jumper cables from a fully charged battery to starter lug and chassis ground. Make certain pto,lifts and such are not active and tractor is in neutral plus wheels blocked to avoid being run over. If that causes it to start you'll...
  166. J

    Won't start after recharging battery

    One of the worst cars ever was Chevrolet Vegas sold in the early 70s. Many Vega engines were beyond repair before car was paid off. Bad doesn't commence to describe it's reputation. I took interest in a Vega at an impound auction in mid 80s. I was on pins and needles as I watched to see if...
  167. J

    New member tractor advice

    If there's a local landowener,farmer or retired farmer that will help you choose that's your best resource. Otherwise you sould find a dealer you trust. As you can see in my profile I'm an old iron fan. All my old tractors are in lite use by me and family and seldom need anything other than...
  168. J

    Busted bellhousing on Kubota B series

    Thanks pms ,I may as well add some 223 xc rods to the assortment from Stoody. I plan experimenting with some for this project and others later on. I guess I'm trying to disprove what I said earlier about diyers only needing a few choices.:)
  169. J

    Busted bellhousing on Kubota B series

    Yea the ability to buy specialty rods in small quaintly is the reason I acted like a kid at the candy counter. I believe you are correct about moisture in rods. Popular believe is that 7018 is the only (or at least primary) rod requiring oven storage. Not that I'm in a position to demonstrate...
  170. J

    Cutting power use to the bone.

    I don't know how the remainder of country handles energy but there's countless rips (retail energy providers) basically brokers in Texas. You are allowed to change rip once per year or pay a fee for breaking contract. Choosing a rip is a minefield. If you use less one month than agreed on...
  171. J

    Won't start after recharging battery

    WHAT! Your dad could be prosecuted for exposing a minor to hazardous materials. Do you remember how to use plasti-guage?
  172. J

    Won't start after recharging battery

    I'm sure you did a fine job of making sure batteries were good by doing that,what were you checking out while moving the 69 Boss 429 to a different parking spot? ;)
  173. J

    Won't start after recharging battery

    Holy crap Runner not many people are old enough to have ever seen a 70 Buick,much less worked on them. :unsure:
  174. J

    Soft cab enclosure for winter.

    If you need something to keep you warm long enough to plow and blow or set out a couple bales and don't care what it looks like I have it. Use 2' x 6' 100% cotton material like denim or other flame resistant cloth for skirts covering engine to rear fenders so engine heat is directed onto...
  175. J

    Busted bellhousing on Kubota B series

    Thanks gentlemen for the encouragements and suggested procedures. It's too hot for torches and such so I'll be in the land of midnight sun for several days. They didn't have Stoody products locally so I went online. Some pretty interesting products I'd never heard of so I bought some I...
  176. J

    Won't start after recharging battery

    Only the size of one's wallet and shop limit number of tools they could own. Very seldom do batteries pass tests using a multimeter and still fail a load test. Stated another way I often see battery testers recommended to people who don't know how to use a multimeter. I can only recall once...
  177. J

    Busted bellhousing on Kubota B series

    I must agree Kubota isn't much but I bought this with eyes open. I sold some mickey mouse implements that came with it for almost as much as I paid for the lot and still have tractor,fel and 3 point mower. Quit? Give up? Not unless I can't find a way to fix it for less than $500 and 10 or 12...
  178. J

    Won't start after recharging battery

    Check,charge,clean,tighten,test and jump. Might as well have the battery load tested. 🦜
  179. J

    Rotary Cutter 60" or 72" for 27 PTO HP?

    There's a saying about putting a silver studded parade saddle on a jackass. Are you saying this would be like draping draft horse harness on a Shetland pony ? 🐎
  180. J

    Rotary Cutter 60" or 72" for 27 PTO HP?

    ^^Words of wisdom, I recommend you heed them and add years to the usable life of your tractor. I'll make it so you can use common sense and your judgement in making this decision instead of letting strangers make important decisions for you. Beg,borrow,rent or steal a flail mower to mow your...
  181. J

    What's your favorite Air Fryer Recipe?

    Hot wings,more accurately hot legs because we buy drumsticks instead of wings. Fried fish isn't as good as pan fried but ease of set up and clean up more than makes up for the difference. We are shopping for a convection oven to allow larger dishes.
  182. J

    Need quality trailer wiring kit.

    Present day consumers wouldn't recognize quality if it jumped up and bit their a$$. Present company is no exception as witnessed by their fondness for Harbor Freight. It's all about price so only a fool would use high quility components to make a kit just to have it sit on shelves collecting...
  183. J

    Busted bellhousing on Kubota B series

    That's helpful,thanks. I tried wrangling information about metal alloy out of Kubota but their AI wasn't any help and dealer said "a good welder knows how it should be welded". Yea and reputable mfgrs know what alloys are used in their products.
  184. J

    If you were in Alaska for the first time, where would you go and what would you do?

    Funny you should ask,we are flying to Vancouver in two weeks for our second trip since 1999. First trip we took a 74 Bronco on the Marine Hi-way and was spending alot getting it off of and back on boats so we wound up storing it and hiring locals for ground transportation as needed most of...
  185. J

    Busted bellhousing on Kubota B series

    It is cast iron and yes those are a couple short nickel welds so someone tried fixing in the past, ,very wel might have caused additional cracking. Pre and post heat is a last resort due to size of housing and additional disassembly required. Housing is 10 gauge,as a % , how do you think...
  186. J

    Busted bellhousing on Kubota B series

    I bought a Kubota B series with bad rattle when clutch is used and here's what I found. Propeller shaft worn in slight taper. I haven't removed pressure plate and clutch disk for a better look but I expect piolet bushing is gone and end of crankshaft where bushing was likly worn to match...
  187. J

    Are people lazy, don’t know how to help or scared of liability.

    Every passing day society becomes more and more like frightened cats up trees with barking lawyers on the ground. If you think it's bad in your neighborhood ,go to NYC to see how bad it will be soon.
  188. J

    Kubota offering online parts

    Si-fi predicted decades ago that robots will rule the universe. I've til yet been able to talk to anything besides AI at Kubota.
  189. J

    Air-conditioner is running forever?? check the capacitor first before spending a lot of money.

    Gawd I hope none of those people I charged for coil cleaning don't see this and get upset because I overlooked to install a fresh capacitor.
  190. J

    Interesting observations...

    Face it,some are natural born mean motor scooters ,some are real go-getters , you are both and the remainder of us are neither. :sleep:
  191. J

    Kubota L3000DT Clutch housing

    How bout ouch housing clutch $5,300 for a 20 horsepower B series Kubota? I have one in surgery for welding as we speak.
  192. J

    Briggs opposed twin 20hp Craftsman LT1000 bogging down

    THAT IS THE FUEL PUMP. The secoud line coming from crankcase delivers a pulse each time piston goes up then down. Inside cap w/4 screws is a thin rubbery diaphragm that can stretch or get a pin hole. The diaphragm is fairly generic and interchangeable so you should be able to find one...
  193. J

    Lawn tractor starts with jump but not without

    That depends on answers to questions asked in posts 2&3 you haven't responded to. I could lose my shade tree mechanic's union card for revealing this dark secret but unlike fortune tellers and Ouija Boards no one is born with ability to see and tell what ails machines without first doing some...
  194. J

    LA175 starting issues

    I agree with tomplum,compression is too high. Adjusting valve clearance to spec should get it going again.
  195. J

    Horrific ATV accident

    I offer prayer for family,friends , responders and the girl's full recovery. I hope mom has good support through this.
  196. J

    Thank you kind tractor experts!

    I commend you and others that use the search function. I didn't know cramming garbage bags beneath seat is a no no either.
  197. J

    Neighbors Sue for Horse Manure Pile Smell

    IMO lawyers and judges smell much worse than horse manure. Since you have hired an attorney make him earn his outrageous fee. Ask if you will recover his fee if you prevail in court. I'm surprised that officials showed up and gave opinions in the past. I've talked to lawyers about taking...
  198. J

    AC not cold enough, compressor cycling a lot

    Eating crow isn't called for,it's acceptable to ask questions on the web before doing any troubleshooting. It's near requisite to say routine cleaning and maintenance is up to date just to find if anyone sees through the false statements.
  199. J

    Values for old tractors

    You will find folks at a site called "Yesterday's Tractors" are a lot more into old tractors than here at TBN. Supur As are the most sought after.