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    Rim replacement

    Well I’m not sure if my tractor is vintage or just old. I have an early 70’s John Deere 301j. The rear wheels were filled with calcium when I got it. Now one rim has corroded and needs replacement. I am looking for advice on what rims will work and where to find some. Currently I have steel disc...
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    Deere load control leak

    Hi all I'm new here so be gentle, I have searched but haven't found a answer so I will just ask I have a Deere 301A with a large leak from the load control shaft. I need to replace the o ring on both sides. Do I need to remove the bushings to get to the o ring? how is that done? Looks like it...
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    aging Deere

    Good day all, I have owned mu 301A for almost 10 years. It has been a great labor savor on our small place but now it is showing its age. Some of the systems on the tractor is foreign to me but to keep it in good condition I must learn to wrench on what need attention. I found this site trying...