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    1850 Coming up for sale

    Hi gang, I'll likely be parting with my 2000-ish Power-Trac TSM Slope mower 1850 this spring, likely on the market in April, looking for input on price or interest. About 1700h, well maintained ready for work. No mower will accompany this machine since I'll be keeping the converted flail mower...
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    FYI: 2445 in TN for sale
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    Rk55 chains?

    Hi Anyone running chains on a 55? Looking for size and brand recommendations. Thx
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    Buying Advice  Belly mower and rear pto question

    Hi all Lots of equipment and experience but I'm newly in the market for a 20-30 hp (engine) property maintenance tractor and have a usability question. The terrain is suitable for 2wd and belly mower. The tractor is likely to see 3-400h/year. Used or new is fine. I'm after a hydro trans...
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    Rk55 backhoe 8.5

    If any rk55 owners have an interest in a backhoe attachment, I'm planning to let an unused one go soon. I bought it with my rk55 in January and have only used it to test getting it on and off the tractor. I added an excavator to my lineup and the bh is just going to be idle. PM me. Can load...
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    Rk55 radiator screens

    Loving this tractor so far. 60h Is it just me or is it really a pain to get to the screens that protect the radiator? Lots of grass fluff from mowing went to clean out and the pre-screens are hard to get out of the way and also tons of debris made it between the screens and radiator...
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    1850 for sale in NC

    Not mine. Power Track Slope mower - farm & garden - by owner - sale
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    Rk55 forestry hardening

    Hi all Recently got my new rk55 home and I am planning on doing some low grade hardening to prevent damage when I work in tight places mostly in the woods or field margins. Other than removing the turn signals and mirrors before they get ripped off the hard way... Anyone got ideas of...
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    Rk55 hydraulic side link

    Hi all I'm ordering the hydraulic top link and hose kit (thx for the info gunny) for my rk55 which will arrive with the 3 rear remote setup. I would like to get a hydraulic side link too. Has anyone sized up the link yet? Thanks
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    Rk backhoe bucket configuration

    Hi all, Poking around for backhoe bucket options before my rk55 is ready. Anyone know what set up tym ( pin size/spacing) uses? Thanks
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    1850 coming up for sale

    I won't be finished with it until January but I am planning to sell my 1850. We're finishing up a job then I'll do any needed maintenance. Once complete I'll post pics and pricing. No known issues. Great machine. Scope of work is changing so a more traditional tractor will work for me(so will...
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    Rk55hc new owner

    Hi all, Just paid for a brand new rk55hc. I'll pick it up in a couple of weeks in Martinsville, VA. I've owned a lot of compact equipment, but this is the first new/warranty I've had on a machine or vehicle. Just thought I'd say hi, I usually live in the power trac and terramite sections of...
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    1460 For sale at pt: Won't last

    On the used pt tab at power-trac.Com PT1460 w/ attachments?0 Rough Cut Mower, Stump Cutter, Light Material Bucket標ell taken care of$16,000
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    1850 oil pressure

    Hi gang Replaced the oil pressure sender and oil cooler tubes and am suspicious of the gague reading. Can some of you guys w the deutz power plant let me know what 'normal' pressure is? Reads 60 or so at idle now. Thanks!
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    T6 upgrade to twin cylinder loader

    Hi all I recently upgraded my T6 1998 to the dual loader bucket cylinder like terramite went with on the t9. Just thought I'd share a picture. I'd already replaced the bucket with a skidsteer tilt setup from Titan. So I've got 15+deg side to side like a 6way blade. And can pick up any...
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    Power-trac truck

    This retired uhaul truck got a bridge here in NC that w call the can opener. Now, box cut down, I have a 26'bed that'll haul two 425s or as in the pic a 425 and terex a few attachments. The blue on the far side is half an 11' utility bed used for tool storage.
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    Manual pto on /off valve?

    Anyone with a pre-12v pto valve, the manual handle operated one... What is the intended position for ON? I think mine is not stopping where it should and causing some trouble in flow. This is on the 42x mystery machine. It's by my right foot and off is handle vertical, on seems to be 90...
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    PT 4xx trades lift arms for backhoe

    Ok, front hoe A Davis trencher bh is being fit up in the front of my power-trac mystery machine. Built to complement my existing Kubota powered 425 and share space on my dovetail truck, this unit was earlier converted to a predator engine and will now be honda gx630 powered. The excavator...
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    Signs of corporate life

    Website is finally getting back online. I hope the company is going to be able show stability and support great products.
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    1850 starter and battery

    Hi all I'm not near my 1850 and need to get a battery for it... Any body know what size fits the bracket? Also, the Bosch starter is circling the drain....please let me know what a good replacement is! Thanks AG
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    Stump grinder losing power

    Hi all My stump grinder lives a pretty harsh life. Yesterday's heat may have lead to a problem. Losing power, rpms are about right but the tool stalls even when engaging in light work. Is there a rebuild process for the internals? Thanks for any help.
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    New tricks, old backhoe - T6

    I acquired a 98 T6 over the winter. Added a flow divider and 3 new circuits to the machine. 1&2 are on a 2 spool joystick valve and operate 1- grapple/4n1 type attachments for the loader. Plus, 2-tilt (side to side but curl) making it a 6way loader. The rear got a new joystick handle w two...
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    Track drive control with a joystick?

    Hi I'm making a crawler on rubber tracks and I am hoping to run both the left and right tracks using a two spool joystick valve. Any reason I shouldn't? Should I add a crossover relief or counterbalance valve? And special plumbing or other considerations?
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    Fuel selection for engine in mobile application

    I'm building a traction unit that will be a tool carrier and hydraulic power unit for forestry and farm operations. The engines are honda gx family electric start, often with recoil backup. The machine will often be stationary and close to people, at times in covered but not confined...
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    pt attachments on other traction units

    After a few years w pt attachments that, to me, have stacked up well to other manufacturers while handily beating them on price (looking at you toro), I've converted a few different tool carriers/traction systems to use the PT quick attach setup. First was a magnatrac mh5000 dozer. It's now...
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    Delivery from Tazewell?

    Increasingly, during the winter, I'm repurposing and customizing small equipment and attachments... This sends me scurrying all over to round up candidates and parts. I'm willing to pick up from power trac and deliver attachments to the nearest fastenal in Bluefield WV for shipment or if along...
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    Quick attach and grapple select option

    This post is intended to help power trac owners add a select function to choose when your knee knocking lever tmactuates the quick attach (qa) cylinder OR another cylinder function (ex: grapple, 4n1 bucket, tree shear, mini hoe...). Problem : at times it is difficult to change the attachment...
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    Closeouts at Bailey hyd

    Not sure if any of you are contemplating upgrading, repairs or changing your pt hydraulics but Bailey has some useful discounts on components... grabbed a 2 spool joystick valve and selector for pretty cheap... Happy new year Andrew
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    PT1850 Lift Capacity

    Can anyone answer if the 1200# lift capacity is relief imposed to try to keep us from killing ourselves on slopes or if it is a physical limitation elsewhere? Of course, I ask bc I'd like to nudge a little more lift out not a lot, but a few hundred #.
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    Leak at brake at left front wheel 1850

    Hi gang Putting away the 1850 yesterday I heard the telltale clicking of a stray brake pin. By the time I parked it and looked back there was a trail of hydraulic. The leak is by the adjust on the left front and the whole hydraulic brake assembly wiggles. Leaks when released. No leak when...
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    New to me 1850

    Hi gang I'm heading to scope an 1850 with hopes of bringing it home. I've got 2 42Xs so I'm familiar with the power trac... But also completely aware this is a different animal... I have run plenty of other Slope mowers so testing the tilt setup and performance I feel ok w...but input...
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    So I've wondered about this before both for power trac and magnatrac (I operate 2 of both)....if there's any interest in an owner gathering, I would be glad to host at the campground we operate. There's good options for non - camping all around us. Plenty of dirt to try out tips and tricks on...
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    Fuel line setup 4xx

    Hi gang On my older mystery pt the fuel tank is integral to the engine shroud and there are 2 fuel lines ports piped and 1 drain. Any one with this config able to show/tell how those are supposed to be connected to the filter? One looks straight forward, the other is pipe that is just open and...
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    Hydraulic chipper conversion

    I have a Dr chipper that had an 18hp engine driving a centrifugal clutch with two v-belts turning the chipper wheel. Engine is dead and I've got a bunch of machines with similar hp available to hydraulic pto. I've sized a motor to deliver the rpm&hp to the system, my question is, can I...
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    Power trac lift arms on mini dozer

    Here's a quick note on the application of pt loader arms on my magnatrac mh5000. This little dozer cane to me with 50hrs on a blown kohler command 25...not a drop of oil in sight... Had a 875# backhoe sticking off the back. I repowered work a Honda gx630 and found out instantly that the bh was...
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    Wheel motor:wheel size rule of thumb?

    I'm curious if there is any guidance available to determine the maximum wheel size that a wheel motor should be matched to for direct drive. I'm repurposing fairway mower wheel motors that were driving 26" diameter wheels (rim& turf tire). In the new application, they'd ideally be driving 30"...
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    Pt425d: modification 425 to Kubota 25hp diesel

    I've not been shy about my dissatisfaction with the original loud, hot, thirsty robin eh72. And that was before it blew with less than 350 well maintained hours....and subaru failed to stand behind the warranty. I replaced that unsupported gas guzzler with a thrifty Kubota d662 as an...
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    Power-Trac 421.667 upgrade questions

    So I got some help from the forum on identifying an older pt. Compelling answers were given for it being a 418, 422, & 425. So I averaged them and will call it a pt421.667. Which is accurate enough since it's getting a predator 670 honda gx clone engine. I'm now asking for help upgrading it...
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    Identify this older pt?

    Help. I recently acquired this pt... The owner got it when he bought a fencing company out... He said he thought it used to have a kohler in it... But there's a 18hp vanguard in it now.... Or there was until this morning... Any way body width is 22" and it has a flat gas tank built in the...
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    Attachment weight 425 422

    Tazewell sent me these when I bought... Perhaps useful to others 4-in-1 Bucket 280 lbs. with pallet 48 Mower 315 lbs. w/ pallet 48 Brush Cutter 440 lbs. w/...
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    Cylinder Sizes

    Hi Folks, I've recently pulled a terramite t5 from 1985 from under a collapsed barn. The engine is gone and pretty much all the hydraulics, except the slew cylinders and torque motor. The machine is in good shape, I've had it sandblasted and it's no repainted and I'm getting the engine...
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    Robin EH72 KIA

    Tough week on the 425. I'm pretty sure 350 hours is on the low side for these thirsty tropical loving engines. My well maintained one just vanished all oil without a trace and ate it. The timing could have been better, but I won't miss its drinking habit. I've pulled it and we'll figure out if...
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    Finish Mower deck trade?

    Hi Folks-- I bought a 60" finish mower deck with my PT425, hardly use it. For transport reasons, I'd like to swap it for a 48" finish mower deck. If any one is up for that...and has a good shape 48" finish deck for the 4xx series, lemme know. Might also trade it toward a Power rake or other...
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    Help w/ 425 mods and PTO add-ons

    Hi Gang-- After about a month w/ the 425, and about 70 hours on the clock, I'm still thrilled with the purchase. I do land maintenance, event site work, trail and race course construction/maint. Of course, that's in addition to the trailer shuffling, lifting, mowing and tooth brushing. <--I've...
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    New PT-425 Owner Intro

    Hi Gang--I've appreciated the exchange on the PT forum and relied on this info in my decision to purchase a PT-425 last week in Tazewell. After some training and showroom time, I convinced Terry and his cohorts to stuff all my new attachments and tractor in my small trailer and cavernous Dodge...