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  1. beckmurph

    Is this a scam?  L6060 add on FB

    This L6060 is advertised by a dealer on FB. Looks like a heck of a deal, if true, for someone looking for an L6060.
  2. beckmurph

    LA304 Operator’s manual

    I have a manual for la304/364/504. B2320/2620/2920 B3200/3300su Free I’ll mail it to you.
  3. beckmurph

    Bug dejour

    Wheel bug. Sitting on my tool chest.
  4. beckmurph

    LandPride 3rd function valve on LX series

    I am attempting to install the LP 3rd function valve on my LX2610. I was expecting the control valve to be mounted on the right loader support as seen on other Kubota’s. But, the instructions have the valve mounted on the left loader support, on the inside of the support. This had me...
  5. beckmurph

    Buying Advice  Kubota B2650 to LX2610

    I sold my B2650tlb and the new LX2610tlb will be ready this next week. I had “guessed” that the fel on the LX2610, LA535, would have more lift than the LA534 on the B2650. According to Kubota’s online brochures, I guessed wrong. Am I reading these charts wrong?
  6. beckmurph

    Comparison  LX3310

    Stopped by the Kubota dealer to look at the LX3310 TLB. I have a B2650 TLB and wanted to look at the LX series for comparison. The fuel filter is similar to a Racor fuel filter. It’s in the same place as the fuel filter on the B..50’s, but much larger: and the hydraulic filter is just...
  7. beckmurph

    App update

    When will the iphone app be updated. This app does not work when iphones are updated to 11. Sent from my iPhone using TractorByNet
  8. beckmurph

    B3350SU TLB

    I saw this at my dealer today:
  9. beckmurph

    is this a DEAL...

    2008 John Deere 3520 Or a misprint?
  10. beckmurph

    B2650 Observations

    LA534: Very smooth response. Far better than the B3200 that I had. :thumbsup: Fuel consumption: With 10 hours on the tractor since new 05/15/15 it has used less than 5 gallons of fuel. About 4.5 gallons. About 7 hours cutting brush and heavy weeds with a...
  11. beckmurph


    He has not posted since Nov 2013. He was really active on here for several years. He might have been the first member to mention Barlows in Somerset, Ky. At least it was the first time I had heard their name.
  12. beckmurph

    Comparison  B3350 vs JD

    I happened to run across this on YouTube and found it interesting. I don't know if it is a fair comparison or not. I found it interesting concerning the B3350:
  13. beckmurph

    eBay/Craigslist  A Bargain?

    :licking: This looks like a good deal for someone looking for an RTV and a BX: KUBOTA TRACTOR & RTV400
  14. beckmurph

    Look what I found

    :laughing:Best Condition===2O o5 Kubota Bx2230===$$$1954:cool2:
  15. beckmurph

    Backhoe  That didn't take long

    :( Or BH77 problems I changed the oil, filter and the HST and Hydraulic filters on Monday. I have 52 hrs on the B3200. After I got everything squard away and cleaned up my mess everything was ok. On Tuesday I checked all the fluid levels and all was well. I then noticed that the BH boom was...
  16. beckmurph

    Happy Happy

    :p Greasing the u-joints on my rotary cutter and rear finish mower have always been frustrating to me. I could never get the grease gun fitting to go on the u-joint grease fittings. The blasted driveline:mad: covers blocked my view and access to the fittings. So today, I needed to grease these...
  17. beckmurph


    :D Pardon the lousy pictures, but it was from a phone. This looked to be a MasseyFerguson compact tractor. All I could really see, was that it had a 232 loader on it. So I really have no idea what brand tractor it was. I don't know if you can see it, but there was one chain across the middle of...
  18. beckmurph

    Buying Advice  Unintended consequenses

    On a B3200: If you should decide you want to upgrade the dynamo to an alternator, then that will create a little problem. I recieved the new B3200 week before last and as I was looking over it for the first time I was checking the oil in the engine. Looked and looked and could not find the...
  19. beckmurph

    B's and Backhoes

    I have been looking at the B2x20's and have a few questions. I noticed that the boom on the b65 backhoe is not curved. The b77 on the B3200 beside the B2620 had a curved boom. The boom on the BX25 is curved also. Isn't the B2x20 series fairly new in design? I also noticed that even though I was...
  20. beckmurph

    Individual Rear Brakes

    So what is the purpose of this style brake? I hadn't thought of this until JOHNTHOMAS started talking about his Number 14. I just had to see one in person, and there are 3 pedals on one side :confused:. Why?
  21. beckmurph

    Kubota's HST fan protection

    I have discovered that Kubota's $39, plus tax and shipping, HST fan protection does not work.:confused3: Thought I would start the New Year out right and change oil and filters on the BX25. Changed the engine oil and filter, then changed the HST filter. I had loosened up one side of the "skid...
  22. beckmurph


    I would like to know how to contact Bro-Tek. I go to their web site and fill out the comment section and hit submit button, but Microsoft says this is not a valid domain name. I look up there items on ebay, and there are no items for sale. Help?
  23. beckmurph

    BX25 and Check Chains(long)

    Setting up and using a brush cutter on my BX is frustrating me. I am having a problem with the front skid plates on the cutter digging into the ground. I have tried to level it as per the instructions in LandPrides manual, but their terminology and explanations are very lacking. I still can't...
  24. beckmurph


    Has anyone bought one of the new Boomer SCUT's?
  25. beckmurph

    How to:

    Move these piles of dirt with a BX23/24/25. I don't have a BX, but would like some solicited advice about how to move this dirt. If you only had the TLB and a rear blade: what would be the best approach to moving this dirt over the hill and making it somewhat level?