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  1. CoThG

    YT 235C Trade In Value

    Guy at work has a YT 235C that he bought new but has been nothing but trouble. Constantly at the dealer for repair. He's fed up with it and want to trade it for Orange or Green. What's it worth?
  2. CoThG

    Cheap FEL cylinders keep bending

    Post from another forum: Last year there was an unfortunate incident where my old Massey was left out of gear and rolled about 30' down a slight incline and split in half at the transmission. 5 Months later it was finally repaired for over $10k and we just said the hell with it and traded it...
  3. CoThG

    Need help identifying this bolt on MX6000

    I have a brand new MX6000 and while poking around the belly, I found this bolt that has a free floating pin in the middle. It's not painted grey, so I doubt it was installed by the factory. It's located on the centerline, just forward of the transmission. Forward of this bolt, the front drive...
  4. CoThG

    New MX6000

    My new MX6000 is home. It has factory third function valve and three rear remotes. Rears are loaded with Rimguard. Still waiting for the bucket level indicating rod to come in at the dealer.