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    L2900 GST Shifting Problem

    Hi. I have several Kubotas - none particularly modern - but all working fine until just recently. Then the ~ 1990's vintage L2900 I have had for 10 yrs had a circlip come loose inside that made it so that the PTO could not be disengaged. It is a known problem on this model. Kubota has an...
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    What do you use to ... ?

    ,,,,,,,,,Reset a threaded knob - like on a gearshift, etc. It seems they are originally set with some rigid but weak glue compatible with plastic and metal.
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    Cant figure out where to put this so I chose the most viewed forum: ,,,Anybody know whether adding a little anti freeze to a diesel fuel filler supply tank will inhibit water in the bottom from eating a hole? Thanks, ,,,larry
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    Can anyone shed some light on this???

    A Gyramor related to the 127, but not it. Can anyone fill in the blank? :confused2:
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    Fasteners ETC

    Lots of time you find yourself looking for the right fastener, washer, nut, etc. Heres a company with a great selection that will sell by the piece on line. An order above $50 is shipped free. ... When you see the selection and prices it isnt hard to get there just to have frequently used items...
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    Want to Buy a B9200 HST

    This tractor has the combination of features I am looking for. Does anybody know of one for sale. AG tires are preferable. Accessories not critical. ,,,Thanks! ,,,,,,,,larry
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    NEED another TRACTOR

    About every year I wind up fighting with the weather and time during hay harvest. Regardless of planning there usually comes a time where both the tedder and the rake have to be ready to use instantly - either concurrently by 2 operators, or back and forth in sequence by one/me. The baler must...
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    This would be nice. In real life however the clientele is then relegated to being so diluted that the company can do anything it wants as long as enuf of its products sell to keep it in business. The issue of the other thread was, more than anything, one of common courtesy. On the surface...
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    Calling 7520 Owners

    I thot Id start this for an airing of experiences and questions common to this model. I have a 2006 7520 4wd and at times Iv wanted to know about what others are finding. On mine it seems I am about to replace the fuel filler tube that goes from behind the seat down to the tank. It is leaking...
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    Chain Bargain

    Southern States CoOp. is selling some very nice GR70 [transport] short link 1/4" chain in bulk for $2.29 per foot. The 11K# 7520 will not stretch it short of jerking ... and will stretch 5/16"GR43. This is the best bargain on chain Ive seen lately. Quarter inch transport is over $3 at TSC and...
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    Under Engineering

    As a corollary to a similarly named thread, I think it would be interesting to share some experiences of part failures on our tough, made for work, tractors and related machines. It may even provide useful information to the manufacturers ... So -- oooIs it always your fault when your tractor...
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    Bucket Review

    Quite a while back I got a Loader Buddy bucket for specialty use. I recently had some logging done and had the opportunity to really try it out on the terrible mess left behind. I was very impressed by the amount it would bring out of a tangle by just pushing in and lifting .. and then carry a...
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    Freezers These Days

    Whats with home freezers these days. Older freezers would do 20 Below. Now its -5 and maybe -10. This leaves no performance margin at all for good preservation. I had an older one, bought used, that I ran it for an additional 20 yrs myself. It would do a solid -20F til it wore out. We...
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    $$ - Bolts vs Food

    !! ... Been looking at fastener prices and its a shock. Theyve gone up a lot more than food or clothing. What does this mean for our farmers.!? larry
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    Best Bucket Shape for General Use

    I was wondering what shape of conventional style bucket people have found to be most capable and versatile for the broad range of functions they use their loader for. I dont mean best for a specific function ... altho it could be. I mean "does everything well enuf that, in comparison of all...
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    g vs q

    Just seeing if "g" comes out as "q" in post titles.
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    Pet Peeve?

    Just thot it would be fun to have a thread to bring up substantive issues of design that we think compromise the full utility or general function of tractors. These can be broad issues or those prevalent in only a few. Could the nicest features of all have any chance of being consolidated in a...
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    Help! Mighty Mouse Nibbled Kryptonite Maybe

    My BX1500 has a serious problem. Everything on the tractor is working perfectly except the transmission. Im running SUDT and the level is right - fluid clear and clean. Never a problem until yesterday when I noticed that pushing the go pedal for reverse in hi range caused the tractor to...
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    Best Bucket Edge Steel??

    Anybody know what is the tuffest most bend resistant steel for a cutting edge? Im asking because my 6' Mahindra bucket has a 1/2 x 6" edge that is very tuff -it will flex a loong way and come back to shape. Whereas my experience with Woods buckets is that they have spaghetti edges and bend...
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    Do L3450s have bad engines?

    After several years and 2000hrs on an L2550 we upgraded my wifes tractor to an L3450 with 1700 hrs bought on eBay. The 3450 engine did not sound good like the one on the 2550 always had thru years of rough treatment. We wanted the greater power on the familiar platform, while retaining the 2...
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    USED the 7520/ML275 today!

    Downed a 30" oak. Scenes of the carnage. Pictures went in in reverse order. Best if you enter links and hit "previous images" for each. It was a blast except for working...