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  1. MCHam

    x734 vs x739: fuel usage?

    Hi - been all over the map with regard to my next mower. Finally decided on a John Deere AWS model - we have a fair number of trees etc to mow around and my hills aren't ideal for a zero-turn. Now availability comes into the picture: X734 isn't in stock at my dealer, but they have a very low...
  2. MCHam

    Used 2017 Deere x750, 72 hours: what should I check out before buying?

    Hi, thinking about trading in my 2010 x720 with 510 hours for a 2017 x750 with 71 hours. What should I check out on the x750 before doing the deal?
  3. MCHam

    Price Check  Deere promotions : lawn tractors?

    Hi thinking about trading in my x720 for a x750. There is a $700 promotion that expires on Monday Is there likely to be a similar promotion in March? My dealer said that he thought this will be the best promotion for the next few months. Does John Deere have a normal promotion pattern...
  4. MCHam

    Remove K-Connect incl PTO shaft: RTV-X1100C

    Hi - for anyone who has the RTV-X1100C with the K-connect system: Have you ever attempted to remove the k-connect including the PTO shaft for extra ground clearance for summer use? How hard is it to do? Thank you
  5. MCHam

    Buying Advice  Diesel mower, 60" deck?

    Hi- looking for advice on lawn tractor/mowers to consider. High-level requirements are diesel, and a 60" deck. Background Current owner of Deere X720 Ultimate, used for mowing and snowthrowing Have a Kubota RTV-X1100C on order for general land maintenance and snowthrowing (getting the Kubota...